1997 Acura CL Engine Coolant / Antifreeze Pentosin

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1997 Acura CL
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Brand Pentosin
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  • Pento A3 (BLUE)
  • Blue - Meets Specifications: ASTM D-3306. / Honda, Acura - OL999-9011, Mitsubishi Super Long life - MZ320125, Nissan Blue Long Life / Infiniti - 999MP-L25500P / Subaru - SOA868V9270 - Subaru Super K0670 Y0001/ Suzuki Super Long Life. 50/50 Pre-Diluted - No Need to Dilute.
  • 50/50 PreMix 1 Gallon

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    1. Hirschel Litzenbaum
      20 Apr, 2015
      This is an Asian formula HOAT coolant for use in most Asian nameplate cars, especially Toyota/Lexus. I believe this is re-bottled/re-labled genuine Toyota red concentrate coolant.
    2. P. Rudy
      13 Jul, 2014
      SF is really old formula for pre 2006 cars. It was the first generation g12 coolant. Pentosin ++ is far better and is known as G12++ coolant and has silicates. SF was replaced by Pentosin G++ years ago. G++ was just replaced by Pentosin E which is a generation G13 coolant. E is the environmentally friendly version of ++.I have never seen an audi VW mechanic use SF now, when time comes for a flush, they use g12 ++ or G13/ E.Pentosin makes the VAG coolants, they are OEM.
    3. Shelly McManus
      13 May, 2014
      This was for my sons 1991 VW Jetta. He recently had his radiator flushed and soon after his coolant light came on. The dealership wanted him to bring it back in. I ordered this coolant instead and just filled it up to where it should have been in the first place and his light turned off. The dealership had filled it to the low line.
    4. Russell
      05 Oct, 2012
      I have only been using G12 coolant (OEM) in my 1998 Jetta Wolfsburg with no problems except normal hose replacements. This coolant will turn a pinkish color when mixed at a 50/50 ratio..ALWAYS USE DISTILLED WATER. I was happy to find AutoPartsWAY as a source for G12. If you own an older VW with the pink coolant in it then this is the correct product for your car.