2017 Jaguar F-Pace Car Cover Covercraft

  • Features:
    • Water Resistant
    • Breathable Fabric
    • Resists Tears and Punctures
    • Rot/Mildew Resistant
    • Drill Weave Blend Fabric

Additional Fitment Information:
2017 Jaguar F-Pace
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$517.95 CAD
$621.54 CAD
Brand Covercraft
Part # C59C17920RS
Condition New
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  • Custom Reflectect Car Cover-Silver
  • Custom Fit Custom Reflectect Car Cover-Silver; 2 Mirror Pockets; w/Antenna Pocket; Size T2
  • Covercraft Custom Fit Car Covers Reflectect Silver
  • Custom Fit Car Cover
  • In 1965, Covercraft opened in a small 2-man shop in Southern California. The company focused on manufacturing custom-patterned car covers for street rods, the import sports car market and aftermarket auto parts suppliers. Covercraft is now headquartered 60 miles south of Oklahoma City in historic Pauls Valley, and has grown to a team of over 400 employees with three manufacturing locations - Pauls Valley, Wichita Falls, Texas; and Mexicali, Mexico.

    Covercraft pioneered the market for custom-fit vehicle covers and today is the largest manufacturer of custom-patterned vehicle covers in the world. Our library contains over 67,000 patterns, a number that grows daily as we constantly add new applications. Along the way we've added a wide variety of products for exterior and interior vehicle protection - seat protectors, front end masks, floor mats, dash protectors, window heat shields, trunk organizers, specialty covers, and pet travel items.

    Company has been certified to both TS16949:2002, a worldwide quality system standard, and ISO 14001, an environmental quality program.

    Still family-owned, Covercraft has always maintained the highest standards, utilized the finest materials and remained on the cutting edge of manufacturing technology, but it's our people who put "Covercraftsmanship" into everything we make!


    Mirror Pocket Configuration
    WARNING CA Proposition 65
    Antenna Pocket
    Bumper Accomodations
    Breathable Construction
    Outdoor Usage
    Attachment Method
    Full Elastic Hem
    Machine Washable
    Water Resistance


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    24.00 in
    11.00 lb
    Information on technical characteristics, the delivery set, the country of manufacture and the appearance of the goods is for reference only and is based on the latest information available at the time of publication.
    1. 08 Nov, 2017
      Very good fit. Appearance and quality are excellent. Water gets through when it rains and fine dust along with it. Leaves car dirty when cover comes off.
    2. Wendy Radovic
      26 Apr, 2015
      Fit like a glove
    3. dz302
      24 Apr, 2015
      It takes a bit longer to get that what your probably used to but it so worth it. I've never had a cover fit so well. Thanks everyone fora great product..its almost as if you made it just for my truck.dz
    4. Philip Fabian
      20 Apr, 2015
      Fits the car perfectly. The elastic on the corners helps keep it snug. Mirror pockets are in the correct location. The material seems way better than the last two $50 covers I had, which began disintegrating after 12 months. This is backed by a 4 year warranty. Seems like it should last at least that long without any issues.
    5. Michelle C. Ludwig
      15 Apr, 2015
      Awesome. Totally worth the extra money for the great fit, no-fuss, and timely delivery.
    6. vh
      13 Apr, 2015
      Perfect fit and stores away nicely. Sure hope it lasts more than 16 months like another brand I bought last year. :(
    7. Rusty_Bear
      06 Apr, 2015
      I originally bought a cheaper alternative and promptly returned it. This Noah carcover is awesome. Very high quality. Blocks the powerful California sun exceptionally well. Five stars!
    8. Librarian
      06 Apr, 2015
      Great cover for a mustang. Even in the snow it keeps my car nice and dry. The only issue is that you have to punch a hole in it for your antenna. I just took mine off since it is in storage so that wasn't a big deal for me. It stays on even in wind and rain and I don't have it strapped down with anything extra. The only reason I gave it four stars is that it is a bit pricy especially since there is no logo or anything on it but overall it's a great cover.
    9. Barbara Freitas
      06 Apr, 2015
      Excellent customer service. Cover fits perfectly
    10. Richard Previty "prevra"
      01 Apr, 2015
      As advertised, actually BETTER than advertised. A true custom fit, no bagginess, no wrinkles. A good way to keep your vehicle protected when not in use. Was a little frustrating understanding specifying regarding mirrors and antenna. Had to go to the manufacturer's website for clarity.
    11. Critterman "John"
      22 Mar, 2015
      My 3rd covercraft in 8 years, car sits out 24/7. Previous covers were the Noah version, this time I purchased an evolution. I will let you know in 3 years,
    12. wannabe engineer
      20 Mar, 2015
      I wanted a washable cover to keep the sun off of a red fire metallic Lexus in Central Florida. Until recently, the car has been garage kept since it's purchase, and treated like a show car. Due to remodeling, the garage is not available, and the only option was a car cover. I put the cover on today and the fit is perfect. Before putting it on, I couldn't put my hand on the painted surface because it was so hot. After putting the cover on, it felt warm but not hot. This was the lowest priced custom cover I could find that was light enough to be washable in a normal machine.I looked online at the Coverking Autobody Armor mentioned by another reviewer, which looks like a nice cover, but it was twice the price. I was impressed with the way it was made. I read they use WeatherMax fabric. Considering the price of the fabric, I don't know how they make it for this price, but I am glad they do.Out of the box, I love it. It's easy to put on. It looks great. The...
    13. hiflex
      20 Mar, 2015
      This cover is supposed to be a custom fit for the second generation Audi TT Quatro Coupe that begin production in 2008. While the cover fits fairly well the side mirrors have to be folded slightly forward of the locked in position to allow enough slack for the front of the cover to fully fit over the bottom of the lower front spoiler. My biggest complaint is the fit over the shark fin antenna that is fitted to all TT Coupe's of this generation. As supplied the cover pulls tight over the point of that antenna and will very quickly become a high wear point on the cover and eventually puncture the cover. It would have been so easy to put another pocket like the mirror pocket over the antenna, instead they provide a self fit grommet for a pole type antenna.
    14. GJF
      18 Mar, 2015
      Fits my 1933 fenderless Ford Tudor very well and the fabric is soft as advertised. I also know that the fabric will soften up more once washed.
    15. Doug
      14 Mar, 2015
      Cover fits the Tacoma perfectly and was very easy to put on. Material is soft but appears very sturdy.
    16. Philip Ray Bessa
      14 Mar, 2015
      I bought this for a 1968 Mustang and it fits just nicely.Rather than pulling off the antenna (no idea how to do that, honestly) to find the exact place to cut and insert the grommet, I just put it on starting from the opposite end (left rear) and pushed it down snug to find the best spot in the fabric that reached the antenna base, which worked just fine.Between pulling it out of box and getting it on the car, a lot of oak pollen and crap got all over it. After putting it on, a soft brush got it off with no problem.Also comes with a soft cord that runs beneath the car through two already-made grommets to prevent the wind from just blowing it off.
    17. M. S. Davenport
      04 Mar, 2015
      It is a very,very snug fit. The rear 2/3 of the cover is perfect.The front 1/3 is too small unless it stretches . If not for this issue I would have given 5+stars. My concern about it being too small is that although I can make it fit, the stretching required may weaken it and cause it to fails prematurely. I hope my concerns are groundless. The fit looks like it was a sprayed-on latex -incredible. It certainly is very unlikely to blow off !
    18. Gerald P.
      21 Feb, 2015
      Ideal dust cover that fits great. Good buy
    19. Studio Masters
      19 Feb, 2015
      Super high quality cover. I use it every day on my 2005 Corvette convertible. It fits perfect.
    20. Stephen Douglas
      18 Feb, 2015
      Good product well made
    21. Lionel A. Payes
      18 Feb, 2015
      We bought one for our 1997 Explorer back when we got her new now 18 years later the dash is still good as new so we got our money's worth. When we bought our 2014 Durango it was a no brainer to buy a Dashmat for it. We anticipate it will last at least 20 years. Great product, highly recommended.
    22. DC
      16 Feb, 2015
      This thing is sturdy and very well-built. Has held up well to Hawaii weather and would imagine that it would do great just about anyway. Very pleased with this. Fits snugly.
    23. Steve
      16 Feb, 2015
      Fits my 370Z perfectly.
    24. Harold E. Nutter Jr. "Harold E Nutter Jr."
      12 Feb, 2015
      Fits great
    25. John
      07 Feb, 2015
      Nice cover. Nice fit. It protects my beautiful 2007 Lexus IS350 that ought to be in my garage, but I'm remodeling my house...
    26. Steve Piotrowski
      04 Feb, 2015
      Cover was an exact fit!!
    27. Dove Brown
      18 Jan, 2015
      Love it!!
    28. Bern Miller
      16 Jan, 2015
      Very happy, so far, with cover. I've only had it on for a few days. That said, it fits my Crossfire great. Good lineup with mirror pockets. Workmanship looks good. I took a chance on this purchase. I normally don't buy unless I see positive reviews. When I bought, it had no user reviews. But didn't like the description of cheaper covers and didn't like price of high end covers.
    29. Ringo
      14 Jan, 2015
      Fits my 2007 Carrera S well. The company sent me a notification asking that I contact them to verify that I had ordered a product that would fit my car appropriately. I called there number but never got a return phone call. Thankfully the product is just what I hoped it would be an excellent dust cover that fits well
    30. Salvador Jimenez
      08 Jan, 2015
      Excellent product! Fits well and material is of outstanding quality! Would buy again.
    31. Theresa E. Scheet
      05 Jan, 2015
      When I came down to it! The road was a little rough getting the car cover but once we put it on the car he was in love with that... His 62 nova hot rod is safe now!
    32. Reg from CA
      01 Jan, 2015
      Bought this 2.5 years ago, great fit and sturdy. While I use it primarily in the garage, it still got a little dirty/dusty. Took it to a laudry place, washed it with Simple Green per instruction. I held its shape and it's almost like new now. Highly recommend it.
    33. Lucky
      29 Dec, 2014
      This cover works. The mirror pockets secure the cover when covering your vehicle.
    34. M. Parvez
      29 Dec, 2014
      Looks great. Seems to be of very high quality. Not completely sure it's worth the almost $300 price tag.
    35. Jennifer L Naccarato
      26 Dec, 2014
      Perfect fit. Doesn't pull up when the wind blows it around. Easy to put on the truck.
    36. nick conti
      21 Dec, 2014
      Fast shipping great fit
    37. gregg0
      17 Dec, 2014
      I don't know how it fits on a Ford or Lincoln, but it fits my 2013 Volvo S60 RD nearly perfect. The Volvo was within 1" on all dimensions (mirrors were a guess) vs. an MKZ. I ordered from Warehousedeals, as the used price was 75% lower then the current selling price. Nice quality & fabric!
    38. kuperlen
      09 Dec, 2014
      Great garage cover, the fit is little to snug across the bulging fenders of my 911S.
    39. Jason Jon Anderson
      08 Dec, 2014
      Fantastic cover and marvelous fabric. Fits like a glove. I recommend the "Gust Strap Car Cover Wind Protectors" on AutoPartsWAY to help hold the cover down in the middle of the car.
    40. Len Quincy
      08 Dec, 2014
      Excellent fit. Even covers the radio antenna!
    41. Samantha travels
      05 Dec, 2014
      Great fit but not smooth/tight. like Weathertech that I had on another vehicle.....hoping sun will conform it a bit better. Otherwise, it is just what I anticipated and wanted an affordable price.
    42. Paula Oczkowski
      04 Dec, 2014
      Fits perfect...great quality
    43. Frank L. Conner
      02 Dec, 2014
      Nice cover. Nothing special but fit the 996 911 great. Worth the price.
    44. Ricky C.
      30 Nov, 2014
      it does not fully fit my 996 carrera 2.
    45. R. Thibault
      30 Nov, 2014
      Nice cover. Totally Satisfied
    46. Charles Bronson
      26 Nov, 2014
      I've had the car cover for about 5 months now. It is a little long for the 2 door Ford Raptor, the bed cover is about 6 inches too long, everything else fits perfect (don't know if I bought the wrong one or what). Besides that the cover has been great, keeps the car clean and cool ( I leave the windows cracked open) in the summer. It has rained a couple of times, with good downpour and nothing got in the car. The cover was damp, and the vehicle had some dampness transfer, but water never got in or soaked the vehicle.
    47. morgan
      25 Nov, 2014
      I would give this cover 10 stars if I could, it's made that good. Great fit. Great product.
    48. Exerciser
      23 Nov, 2014
      Bought this for my 66 Mustang, in CA. Not a lot of weather but it stayed put in 3 Santa Ana winds. Which I had to put my old cover back on after each one
    49. al jay
      13 Nov, 2014
      fits just as promised; well priced. recommended
    50. Barney Pate
      07 Nov, 2014
      The color was right, the fit was right and it looks great.
    51. S. Demeritt
      04 Nov, 2014
      This is a replacement. Someone stole my old one, liked it so much I bought the same thing. This may make me look stupid, but I will pass this on for all the stupid people out there. Had a small hole (in the old one) tried to repair it with a iron-on patch. Don't do it, it may look like fabric, but it is not. It is plastic. Also worth buying the anti-theft kit and it does a good job holing things down in a strong wind.
    52. William E. Meiser
      02 Nov, 2014
      Looks good
    53. John Stovall "moose"
      29 Oct, 2014
      EXCELLENT COVER, fits very well
    54. Savanti
      21 Oct, 2014
      Great cover. Fits like a glove!
    55. redfishnc
      15 Oct, 2014
      great cover. fits perfect.
    56. Michael Woltmann
      11 Oct, 2014
      Excellent cover. NOAH fabric is fabulous outside and I'm nuts about my car. Easy on easy off. Custom fit is the way to go!
    57. monte linton
      11 Oct, 2014
      just what i wanted
    58. Sharon A Henderson
      08 Oct, 2014
      Product arrived as quickly as indicated and fits my Kia Soul perfectly! I am very happy with the purchase. It is easy to put on and take off and protects my car's paint when I have to leave it parked under trees for days at a time. I have not yet washed it, but the instructions for washing make it seem it will be easy. Highly recommend.
    59. Gregory Riggs
      05 Oct, 2014
      This car cover arrived quickly. The supplier checked to make sure I had the correct item. It fits well, is easy to put on and take off, and it works as advertised. Without rushing, I put this on or take it off in less than two and a half minutes. There is a bit of white powder visible on the windows sometimes after removing it, but it doesn't happen all the time. I suspect that is because it's new. The car is yellow, so it doesn't show up on the paint. I park the car outside, use it almost daily, and have it covered every night. I'm completely satisfied with the product and the supplier.
    60. R. Lee
      05 Oct, 2014
      Perfect fit for a 2006 Corvette convertible. Easy to select the proper size from the AutoPartsWAY website. Fabric weight is just right... not too wimpy but not too bulky. Would have given 5 stars if it had a better way of securing it to the car. It has 2 light weight plastic grommets at the bottom edge (hem, if you will) of the cover at the midpoint of the car. I guess you're expected to buy a cable and run it under the car from side to side and use a padlock to connect the cable ends... or maybe I'm missing something obvious. Not looking for a bank vault, just something to keep honest people honest. Arrived ahead of schedule.
    61. WH
      04 Oct, 2014
      The cover fits my Jaguar XKR very well but I cannot yet comment how well it stands the test of time. The material seems sturdy and the service was great.
      28 Sep, 2014
      Contrary to the description, this DOES NOT come with a storage bag! I am knocking one star off due to this.It's a good car cover in that it is thin so can be machine washed and dried in your home machines, which is very nice. It protects well though not as well against dings than something thicker. But this one folds up small and takes up much less space in your trunk. It's a great car cover!
    63. K. Kennedy "Scuba Steve"
      27 Sep, 2014
      Fit is good but I didn't like the color in my car.
    64. AutoPartsWAYjr "jr"
      16 Sep, 2014
      Fits the 2014 LEAF perfectly, including antenna, mirror pockets, and velcro access to charge port!
    65. Scott Couch
      16 Sep, 2014
      Good cover for the money.
    66. PaulDev
      11 Sep, 2014
      Nice material, however it felt a little thin compared to what I expected given the price. Time will tell, but for now I am satisfied.
    67. Albert Lum
      09 Sep, 2014
      I Bought this to cover my 2014 Dodge Challenger Shaker, I've had it for a month now, This cover looks and fits really nice, It stays on during moderately windy conditions, It also has groments so you can tie it down for high wind conditions, It's not as bulky as other covers I've used when in storage. The cover can also be washed in a commercial washer, The only thing I don't like, The material is slippery and it sometimes slides off the car when covering or removing. Besides that it's the best car cover I have used. The price point was kind of high, But after buying one of those guaranteed for life covers from ebay, ( After two months the cover started to fall apart) The seller is gone and ebay won't help. I decided to buy a Covercraft car cover, A company that has been making car covers for along time and is made in the USA.
    68. Daniel B.
      07 Sep, 2014
      Perfect fit
    69. Seabee
      02 Sep, 2014
      Dashmat was a custom fit for the Dodge Durango, but this dash has so many different contours that Covercraft doesn't provide nearly enough Velcro strips to make it fit properly. I had to purchase extra Velcro to install the mat.
    70. Bartman
      02 Sep, 2014
      Cover fits nice but lets rainwater through. Pockets for side mirrors could be half the size and still fit. Elastic in front and back makes the cover easy to install and not blow off in the wind.
    71. RR
      31 Aug, 2014
      Really good cover.
    72. Omar
      27 Aug, 2014
      Thought the fabric would be softer for the incredibly high price. Almost the same as the cheap covers. Not soft at all and seems like it will scratch my car in the long run.
    73. mario victor falak
      27 Aug, 2014
    74. Timothy D. Brooks "Timothy D. Brooks, M. D."
      25 Aug, 2014
      It fits our Lexus 430 LS 2003 model very well
    75. Chris
      21 Aug, 2014
      A bit saggy in the rear end but seems to work great!
    76. cegrover
      19 Aug, 2014
      Quality cover with great fit on my 1970 Mustang Hardtop. The antenna grommet is easy to install.
    77. Dennis Casillas
      18 Aug, 2014
      Car cover fits the Camaro like a glove with the mirror pockets and shark fin antenna pocket, keeps the Bird crap off and tree sap, excellent well made and stitched cover, have one for my Corvette and it still holding strong even after 10 years. Two thumbs up for Covercraft, great quality. Love the grommets at the bottom below the doors. I also purchased the cable and lock to secure the cover to the Car through the grommets..
    78. J. Price
      17 Aug, 2014
      I have a Covercraft Noah Custom Car Cover for my 1989 Corvette. It lives up to it's promise for dust and weather protection. Covercraft stands by their reputation and quality craftsmanship. I would recommend to friends.
    79. kfireuser
      17 Aug, 2014
      fits perfectly and keeps the car safe and sound.
    80. Vegas girl
      14 Aug, 2014
      Great fit! Is holding up well to the very hot Vegas summers. Easy to put on and take off. Love that I can secure it.
    81. leo papin
      10 Aug, 2014
      Arrived on time, fits the truck great!
    82. kenneth w. rosecrans
      08 Aug, 2014
      this cover needs to have the front and rear elastic areas reinforced...they tear easily.the stiching, all around...also needs to be reinforced.
    83. Tom Montgomery
      05 Aug, 2014
      Cheap cover. Really only good for indoor use. Not useful for bad weather
    84. paul retired military
      01 Aug, 2014
      Fits perfectly to outlander sport
    85. EgressMan
      31 Jul, 2014
      Cover fits great and the water beads on it to keep my Traverse dry and clean. Elastic straps keep the cover in place and built in "ears" fit tightly over the mirrors. One item to remember, if you have satellite radio, you can install the included grommet and put the cover over the antenna which is very high in the rear of the vehicle. I take the antenna off each time which takes some climbing but is easier than going over it.
    86. AutoPartsWAY Customer
      30 Jul, 2014
      Dash mat fits well and was a good price.
    87. Ingeborg Coffman
      28 Jul, 2014
      I am so pleased.Just received 7/28 this car for my red VW GTI. I am so pleased, the color is beautiful, but above all the way it fits, perfect like a glove. I had to cheap covers, which did no cover well, blew around ripped. Wished I had bought your beautiful quality product before. It is worth every penny. REASON: I live in Florida and use this cover every day. I park this car to golf, go to beaches and go to Disney parks. My expensive little would be to hot to handle. The cover keeps my car cool, is easy to put on, roll up and put in the trunk. My car stays so cool to the touch inside. Protects my paint job, my car looks like new inside and out. This is a investment which is inexpensive for all the problem it solves. Recommend this product highly, I have a garage and still used it, I wipe my car down every time I drive and cover that beautiful mirror finish. I have no scratches, cover protects my car every where. Sorry to say, most people do not protect their expensive...
    88. BRETT T.
      26 Jul, 2014
    89. Charles A. Cox and Jan Smith-Cox
      22 Jul, 2014
      I bought this cover because I was looking for the thickest one available and must have side mirror pockets to keep on when it's windy. The pocket seams will wear first after a few years so don't use them to pull the cover off. Great fit.
    90. James S.
      18 Jul, 2014
      Fits good, like the fabric.However, it does not have a pocket for the passenger side mirror.Other than that, worth the money.
    91. Nique422
      18 Jul, 2014
      Fits like a glove, with good protection from the elements. Goes on and off as described. Would've been 5 stars and nice if it came with a storage bag.
    92. AutoPartsWAY Customer
      14 Jul, 2014
      I never write reviews but I thought I would on this one as it exceeded expectations on my part. I have a Cherokee with a winch on the front and a 31x10.5 tire, Jerry can, and a hi lift jack mounted to the back and this fit fine. I believe it would clear a 35" no problem. Tie down holes on the bottom to secure it tightly in case of wind. Very satisfied.
    93. LarryF "FL bookworm"
      13 Jul, 2014
      Excellent product!
    94. Stephen "Stephen W. DeRuggiero"
      10 Jul, 2014
    95. Anthony J. Bailey
      10 Jul, 2014
      perfect fit for my 2008 bw 750li..easy to wash.this keeos the shine on the car for weeks at a time
    96. EASc
      08 Jul, 2014
      Great fit and fairly easy to put on the car (takes about 90 seconds after you get the hang of it - pardon the pun). Its good for small hail ... pea size, maybe a bit larger ... but not much help with the large quarter / golf ball sized hail. It may reduce the dent sizes from larger hail but doesn't eliminate them. That said, there was no claim that it would protect the car from large hail so this is for information only and not a complaint.
    97. William Kluepfel
      04 Jul, 2014
      Perfect fit for my 1984 Fiero. I opted to unscrew the antenna rather than install the provided grommet and punch a hole through the cover. Quick delivery.
    98. GPS
      04 Jul, 2014
      I was pleasantly surprised that the cover fit even better then I thought it would. Very happy with cover and perfect snug fit. Also love the side view mirror pockets.
    99. AutoPartsWAY Customer
      01 Jul, 2014
      We got this for our new Mini Countryman and it is prefect. Know problems putting it on or taking it off.
    100. Solitario "Nomadic"
      01 Jul, 2014
      I got this cover as a replacement for a previously purchased cover from The Auto Barn. Their product lasted less than a year and practically disintegrated before my eyes. This cover is much better. But... as the title suggest, it fits really snug on my Jaguar XJL. I guess the longer model really take the material to the limit. The pros is that the wind will never blow this cover away, the con is that when it rains I'd like a little give in the material just so there's no damage to the paint. So far, after a couple weeks, it's been pretty good repelling rain, dust and tree sap. The ad claimed there was a travel pouch, I never got one. For the almost $500.00 price tag I would have liked a little better fit (a little looser). It's perfect if you own a Jaguar XJ.
    101. John Willis
      28 Jun, 2014
      I normally park in a Garage at work, but on the weekends I park outside. And I live in Texas, we get a lot of 90 degree and many 100+ degree days. I wanted to protect my car on the weekends from all the UV and Heat. I researched my options and it was between this and the Noah fabric, and between Grey and Tan.I went with this because it was listed as "slightly" more protective against dents and dings (we get Hail too). And Tan is a lighter color, so I assume it will reflect more heat.So far it has worked out well. The Custom fit was more important than I realized. It prevents the breeze or wind from picking up the edges. The mirror pockets are a big help when orienting and holding it in place while the stretch front and rear edge are pulled around the ends of the car.A Big fringe benefit is that we generally have high pressure salt water wells that provide the local water supply. When the water from the grounds sprinkler system delivers the...
    102. Abbeycat
      27 Jun, 2014
      This cover is definitely worth the cost. Fits great. High quality. This is my 3rd Lexus and second cover. These covers are made to last!!!
    103. L. Jones "LGJ"
      24 Jun, 2014
      Very happy with this cover; it fits very well, and the quality is excellent. I highly recommend this car cover. I use it on my Lexus RX350, and it goes on easily and stays on even in wind.
    104. Vicky
      15 Jun, 2014
      Material is of good quality. Be careful removing cover if you have an antenna. Best suggestion would be to remove antenna when covering or uncovering.
    105. U. ndukwe "icedini"
      09 Jun, 2014
      I do not have covered parking. I've bought the 'Covercraft Ready-Fit Deluxe 380' two years in a row. Both times, they began to rip in about 10-12mnths. I now have the 'Covercraft Ready-Fit Technalon Long Series'. It's much more sturdy, durable and with thicker protecting. I recommend spending the extra few dollars and go with the 'Technolan' instead of the 'Deluxe'.
    106. MoMusicLessCrap "Musicfan1"
      09 Jun, 2014
      This is a great cover, it fits well and is fine for keeping dry detritus off the car, as I park it in my drive under trees quite often. It does not stop finer dust, nor water. NO reflection on the seller, simply marveling at price of this relatively cheap-to-produce fabric and simple assembly.(?!)
    107. AutoPartsWAY Customer
      09 Jun, 2014
      the cover fits very nicely, the cover fits snugly, the cover hugs every curve, the cover is very lightweight, I was surprised by his light it was
    108. nancy cianflone
      05 Jun, 2014
      Since the car is stored inside, we can't comment on anything weather related. It fits nicely. Good quality. Very reasonable price. The addition of the mirror enclosures keeps the cover pretty secure. I would recommend this cover.
    109. Alix V
      31 May, 2014
      I purchased this to cover my garage queen when I'm not drive it and I have to say I'm extremely happy with it. I have never used a car cover before but I have seen the ones most people use and I am extremely happy it doesn't look like those.It's not baggy, it fits tight and flows with the car. It keeps dust off the car so when I'm ready to take it out it is squeaky clean.I have been using it for a couple years now and it's holding up strong. Removing and putting it back on again several times a month and I have zero complaints.
    110. John A. Zawacki
      29 May, 2014
      I bought this cover for my 2007 Porsche Carrera S and I'm very happy with it. It fits the car very well and will work great for storing my car cover in my garage to keep the dust off of it. I would recommend this to anyone interested in this product.
    111. Mike
      26 May, 2014
      I have had many tan CoverCraft car covers over the years and never had one this color. It is more like a faded mustard color. Does not match my other Tan covers. Outside of that, the cover is really thick which is nice. A bit bulky at first, but you get used to it. Stays on great in the wind. Would be a five star if the color was better.
    112. Benedetto
      24 May, 2014
      Made of much sturdier material than other covers of comparable price, and snug-fitting. Would strongly recommend it without any reservations.
    113. Alan Smith
      22 May, 2014
      this is an outstanding cover. very well made and an exact fit for my 2011 Taurus. I would definitely recommend it
    114. Dirk Brown "DJB_74"
      21 May, 2014
      They just make the best in car covers...enough said.It's on my car that I have had sitting for nearly a year in my garage. Great buy.
    115. Robert Bagwell
      19 May, 2014
      Very bulky but when folded correctly fits in the trunk with room to spare. Didn't keep the cats off the car but protects all surfaces.
    116. david darnell
      15 May, 2014
      I've tried a few different ones this one is the best very thick stays on the car in high winds
    117. 02av8or
      08 May, 2014
      Let's face it, a Ford Windstar isn't the most common of the minivans... This is the second cover we purchased for a company van stored in an environment that sees heavy "air pollution" - Think birds... This fits great, is easy to use & well made... Plus, when you uncover the vehicle, it's ready to go!
    118. Bruce Rothermel "EBEAR3"
      08 May, 2014
      Great cover. This is the 3rd one I've purchased and they all fit like a glove and do the job
    119. Nigel A.
      04 May, 2014
      Had no issues at all with this Mini Countryman car cover. Covers everything perfectly and fits like a glove.It's exactly as described.
    120. ESW
      28 Apr, 2014
      Perfect Fit for the SS. Excellent ding resistance. I have three of these covers and they are easy to handle for one person.
    121. Fareed
      27 Apr, 2014
      It is very good car cover and fit 100% on my car and recomend it. The only issue is over price compare to others.
    122. MadTheo
      26 Apr, 2014
      This cover fits my custom early Porsche 911 with a tail perfectly. The product was delivered in a timely fashion and I am happy with the product. The ONLY issue I and my family has is the awful smell it has. I've had it for a few weeks now and the smell has not subsided. Be aware that you will have to "air" it out for a few days before having it on your car in the garage.
    123. darren downs
      19 Apr, 2014
      This was a custom size to fit the car and it fits perfectly. The material is not extremely durable so I have a small tear already from it catching on a corner but overall - I would say the value is good. They were also good to deal with as I had to have a rush order to be able to accept delivery as I live overseas and had a scheduled trip to pick it up with only a small window when I could receive the package.
    124. WSK
      18 Apr, 2014
      Let me first say you have to be very sure of what you want this cover to do. I bought it because I wanted a fitted car cover to protect my Tacoma truck from the very intense sunlight we have in Hawaii. And where I live on the island of Oahu the sun shines 98% of the days. The cover has elastic on the front and rear edges that tuck under the bumpers to help keep it in place on windy days. I also opted and bought a cable and lock which keeps the middle section of the cover from catching wind. So with that said the cover performs very well and deserves at least 4 stars. However, the seams rub against the surface of my truck and leaves a mark. Keeping your vehicle polished will help aleviate some of the friction marks. I don't drive my truck very often so when I remove the cover there is usually a layer of dust and moisture marks on the paint. Not difficult to clean off but necessary if I want my truck looking its best when I drive it. Thus overall I rate this cover 3 starts.
    125. GoodGregg
      17 Apr, 2014
      Best cover ever for my garaged classic Porsche.Mirror pocket correct...antenna grommet installed nicely (optional).Car is dust free and the cover looks great!
    126. tbone13
      08 Apr, 2014
      fits my 96 like a glove. once i figured out the best method of folding... it takes me only a couple of minutes to put it on or take it off. once i fold it, it fits in the trunk with ease. it's light and so far has kept the car clean. my car is parked in a carport so the cover is getting dirty. not looking forward to cleaning it though. overall, very happy with this product.pros:-light weight-easy install-fits snug, no concerns of flying offcons:-sometime worried about hot exhaust tip when i need to install after a driveoverall:-highly recommended.
    127. AutoPartsWAY Customer
      08 Apr, 2014
      Fit perfectly. Does a good job. Highly satisfied with this car cover. It's Super easy to put on one you get used to it
    128. Teddy
      04 Apr, 2014
      I like the cover. But. It takes some practice putting it on. Much easier with two people. I would recommend it.
    129. Winter
      27 Mar, 2014
      This is the third car cover I have bought for my CLK and definitely the best one. The fabric is heavier than the ones with a single layer but lighter than the multi-ply car covers and it is easier to put on the car as it does not blow around with the slightest breeze. The cut is perfect and the mirrors do not have to be folded in to fit the cover on the car. When rolled up it takes very little space.It replaced a CoverKing custom fit car cover that was so poorly cut and I had to fold both mirrors in against the car to put the cover on. The surface was so slippery that it would slide off the car which made it difficult for a single person to put it on with any amount of wind blowing. The Coverking car cover also developed a white coating inside that transferred to the car. I washed the cover but it did not remove this substance which is probably a waterproofing coating applied to the fabric.The Covercraft car cover took several weeks to receive but that is...
    130. Al Mire
      27 Mar, 2014
      This is my second vehicle that is protected by cover craft. The fit is good and stays on the vehicle.
    131. Scott Opiela
      24 Mar, 2014
      I bought this in June of 2012 and thank God for the 2 year warranty. The material is thin, which is nice for storage and covering/uncovering, however in brutal sunlight like South Florida it starts to break down and tear within about a year and a half of the 2-yr. warranty. I was hoping to keep from spending over $200 for a good cover but mine is outside 100% of the time and really needs a cover that can withstand this type of intense UV punishment.
    132. Michael Gollaher
      23 Mar, 2014
      The cover fits like a glove and is very easy to install and remove. Also it is very soft and easy to fold.
    133. Mike Miller
      23 Mar, 2014
      Great fit, good price. Much better than the generic covers you get at walmart or target. I would recommend for indoor use
    134. Furukawa
      22 Mar, 2014
      Was skeptical buying a car cover online since they range from $30 to $400. This one is made well and fits perfectly.
    135. Murph
      10 Mar, 2014
      We have owned Evolution car covers for 20 years. This one we bought "used", the description stating slight stitching imperfections. When we opened the box we could clearly tell it had never been out of the box, and to this day we still can't see where the imperfections are. That was a plus for us. The quality is, as it has always been, perfect. The mirror covers help to securly hold the cover on. The material is thicker than discount store, one size fits all, car covers. Also the material is such that if it were to rain, it would not soak through to the car, but rather run off. Bear in mind that all car covers when first put on the car may leave a dust residue on the car. This is not poor quality.
    136. David L Wilson
      05 Mar, 2014
      This is a good looking nicely constructed cover. Fit is great, you only need to put the mirror pockets on first and remove them last to slide the cover on or off. I use it as an indoor protective cover so I can't comment on how it is in outdoor enviroments.
    137. S. Collier "spcolli"
      27 Feb, 2014
      It's not perfect (perfect would be a little more durable and a little more water-resistant), but it's good enough. It's rip-resistant, it stays put, and it keeps the car clean (that is, the car wipes off to a shiny finish with no effort at all), reasonably dry, and--in the summer--significantly cooler than it would be if it were bare to the sun. This is my third, tailored, Noah fabric cover in five years (I now use them layered, two at a time), and it's keeping the car looking like new--which is pretty good for an 11-year-old convertible.
    138. Edward Wright
      24 Feb, 2014
      Was very impressed with this item. It fits the car and is well made with good fabric. Lots of little extras like reinforced corners and grommets.
    139. lylou20
      18 Feb, 2014
      Nice cover for our 1977 Corvette. Was a good product for the price. We like the fit and ease to put on.
    140. TNA
      15 Feb, 2014
      cover fi+NICE TOP+fits like a glove, and looks very nice. WOULD SELECT THIS BRAND AGAIN WHEN LOOKING FOR A CUSTOM FIT.
    141. Dan DelSignore
      11 Feb, 2014
      This cover fits perfectly, and does as advertised. Keeps the crap off the car, but allows any moisture to escape. Relatively thick material, but a soft lining inside.
    142. Mark Garcia
      11 Feb, 2014
      I bought this cover for my 2014 Toyota Tacoma. I really recommend this product because of the quality and the ease of installation. This cover is weather proof and very durable. It is thicker than the generic ones for sure. This is for the 4door models by the way.
    143. James Grimes
      10 Feb, 2014
      Dashboard cover was excellent color and not too heavy . Fits well and was very easy to install. Also, great pricefor what we wanted.
    144. Douglas A. Baker
      30 Jan, 2014
      Fit my 2008 Dodge Charger R/T perfectly. Included grommet for the roof mounted antenna installed easily. Keeps all the tree crap off the car. It'll be nice not having to wash the car every week, even though I don't drive it that much.
      28 Jan, 2014
      I bought this for my E350 since my wife takes the garage with her car. Great value and easy to use. I just need a way to store it easily. Like a bag to roll it up in and throw it in the trunk.
    146. Henry
      22 Jan, 2014
      This fits perfect on my '13 ATS. Easy to put on and easy to take off.Looks to be very well made.I'm very happy with it
    147. Gordon Barbour
      22 Jan, 2014
      The cover fit perfectly. It is everything I expected and more. I was a bit apprehensive at first but when it arrived and was installed I was and still am thoroughly satisfied
    148. R. Southern
      22 Jan, 2014
      The Covercraft Noah fabric covers are among the best in my experience to protect your car's finish from contaminants. They are a perfect fit for your car (I have 3 different ones for different cars) although you must specify the exact year/make/model. They will be fitted with the GPS sharkfin and side mirror pockets and for a whip antenna they include a grommet to poke a hole through if you want. These covers are the best and I wouldn't consider using anything else to cover a car outside. There's a soft felt on the inside and the durable fabric on the outside providing the protection from sun and elements. I live in northern California so we don't have extreme weather and can't comment on how it handles snow and ice.
    149. james a cozine
      14 Jan, 2014
      After ordering the wrong cover, I re-ordered and received this cover. It is of very high quality and fits perfectly - just as advertised. It exceeds my expectation and at the discounted price it's perfect for me. I highly recommend this cover.
    150. Larry
      13 Jan, 2014
      One caveat, if you live in the Pacific Northwest or a similar damp climate, watch out for mold! the cover itself really provides first rate protection, but I failed to take it off occasionally and air the car out. Rewarded with a light coating of mold on the drivers seat and dashboard. Also got a second one for my 280SE 4.5, but have learned to take it off occasionally. It is a quality product.
    151. Otto Tarkki
      13 Jan, 2014
      The cover seems to be quite strong and good quality. Anyhow I would not recommend this because of the fitting. The cover is about 2 inches/5 cm too short but there is a lot of slack at certain places. I few words it doesn't fit properly. I am afraid that because it is too large at some points the wind will move it too much and that way it will scratch the paint. The cover doesn't fit at all like was shown on the picture in the description.
    152. Kevin Gallagher
      11 Jan, 2014
      fit great, easy to put on and take off. got it prior to winter and was great protection from snow and ice
    153. Robert Black
      03 Jan, 2014
      Love it. Great quality and am using it as we speak. Keeps grime off of my car which is sitting out in the open
    154. Abdulla Ben Garmin
      02 Jan, 2014
      The cover fits perfectly and is thick enough to protect the car from dents and dings over the winter from the kids bikes and the snow blower.
    155. John L. Morton Jr.
      02 Jan, 2014
      The cover fits the car and is okay, but I was disapointed about two specific areas of the cover.1) There is no pocket or even reinforcement for the GPS antena at the back of the roof. This is certainly a point of stress concentration due to the antena, and I'm worried that the cover may tear at this spot.2) The side view mirror pockets are WAY bigger than the mirrors. The excess just flops down.This was supposed to be a custom-fit cover, designed specifically for this model car. This cover does not fit as well as others that I've owned.
    156. Kindle Customer
      01 Jan, 2014
      I usually don't like to give a five star review but I can't find anything wrong with this cover. In 1998 I purchased a costume fit cover for my new Lincoln Town Car from the Lincoln dealership and it was laid to rest when I got rid of the car. This Noah cover is made of better quality material and has a much better fit at a better price than that cover. It is very easy to cover and uncover your auto if you roll it up per the instructions. My cover was for a 2013 Ford Fusion and the cover even covers the custom wheels and has an antenna pocket. This cover will not be blown off in strong winds because of the custom fit with a strong elastic bottom. My last cover outlasted my 1998 auto and this one will also. So the price my seem high but if it last 15 years I think I will get a return on my investment. Come back in the year 2034, for a follow-up review. I would recommend Noah Custom-Fit covers to anyone looking for a cover for their car. Good customer service from Noah.
    157. B.F Michigan
      28 Dec, 2013
      Did not come with the grommet it said it would for the antenna; the description said it was included with the sale.
    158. Tony F
      22 Dec, 2013
      Fits great but wish it had a pocket for antenna on trunk lid like the ones provided for th mirrors instead of the provided grommet that I had to install which looks likely to rip out.
    159. CBE
      15 Dec, 2013
      I put this cover on my 2011 Miata yesterday - Was perfect! Especially satisfied with the overall fit, antenna and mirror pockets.
    160. Andrew D. Hobson
      15 Dec, 2013
      Cover was nice BUT did not have the spoiler custom fit as ordered. My customer feed back was removed when I brought this to the attention of seller. When you offer a product and list custom fit for mirrors, antenna, and SPOILER, IT SHOULD come that way. I ordered it because of that for the extra money.
    161. Joe Cortina
      09 Dec, 2013
      Good dollar value. Looks good and fits well and looks like it will last. Time will tell if it hols up
    162. Cheryl Clark Paine
      03 Dec, 2013
      Fits my car like a glove. And is so easy to put on, that I can do it alone ( I am a 62 year old disabled female). I love it and would recommend it highly. Keeps the leaves and element off my new hard top convertible....
    163. Marc Cucetta
      30 Nov, 2013
      I really didn't want to spend this much on a car cover,but I'm glad I did. This is as perfect a fit as you could get. I purchased this for a Corvette and it literally fits it like a glove. Most importantly, it keeps it clean. I highly recommend this cover.
    164. Tle "Tle"
      28 Nov, 2013
      Excellent fit and light weight. No bag provided to store it with. Thought this was supposed to be included with the order.
    165. Thomas conklin
      26 Nov, 2013
      fits the vehicle pretty well but a little thinner than what i was expecting. Although the garage cat thinks this is her new bed
    166. Keninca
      21 Nov, 2013
      Hugs the Miata perfectly. It does need to be secured underneath to keep the cover attached in very heavy winds.
    167. Ernest Z
      13 Nov, 2013
      This one fits like a glove just the way it's supposed to. Performance is excellant and purchase price is very reasonable.
    168. Glen Schostak
      13 Nov, 2013
      This car cover fit my Miata perfectly. nicely made and it looks good. Great price too. I would buy another.
    169. Oscar Mata
      01 Nov, 2013
      Very happy with the car cover, got it blue. Look Great, easy to use, I'll be buying one for my other car.
    170. J. Walker
      30 Oct, 2013
      I bought this cover for a 1977 MGB, the one with the rubber bumpers which makes it a little longer than earlier MGBs and thus harder to find a car cover to fit.This cover fit perfectly, and the elastic along the bottom edges gives it a snug fit against weather and light wind.It arrived promptly and the price was reasonable.5 stars to Covercraft and AutoPartsWAY.
    171. CarolSchrillo
      28 Oct, 2013
      Great cover so far. Easy to put on and take off. Fits the Honda perfectly. Much better than the last one from another company that had a seven year warranty and only lasted eleven months.
    172. mamaT
      24 Oct, 2013
      Fit great. It is a very snug fit. The only is issue I have is the pocket for the antenna is too long.
    173. Nodrog
      24 Oct, 2013
      The cover looked great and fit well, just a little snug around the mirrors. Maybe it will stretch over time.
    174. lee4095
      23 Oct, 2013
      It's sturdy but light enough that one person can put it on (the Suburban is a big vehicle so the weight of the fabric is important). It seems very well made. I haven't had it long enough to know its durability.
    175. Elmer Gutierrez
      19 Oct, 2013
      I was looking for a good cover but couldnt find one for my truck. i ordered it and it was a great product everything looks and feels great.
    176. Mark W. Ackley "Tough Teacher"
      17 Oct, 2013
      Product fits perfectly and is very well made. It has rained on the cover and it is repellant but not waterproof - I think they tell you that - but overall, I don't know what else I need in a cover. It weighs about half of what my last cover weighed and is better in quality.
    177. Richard M. Fisher
      12 Oct, 2013
      My fourth cover from Covercraft, always perfect fit to the particular car. Doesn't drape, but is custom and fits snugly. My one issue is they don't ship a bag, $ 1o extra ! But love their products.Shows off you car, even when covered !
    178. George R. Black
      12 Oct, 2013
      Great so far. This cover fits my jeep like a glove. I want to see how long it will last..You can see, right out of the box, that this cover is very well made.
    179. Jeff Curley
      11 Oct, 2013
      I have had this for around a year now and just got around now to reviewing it. I keep my car in the driveway because my other sports car takes up the garage. I was worried about the horrible Texas sun and about our few very cold and rain days. This EXCELLENT cover does the job, a year later still like new. Perfect fit too.
    180. Aksmile
      08 Oct, 2013
      I store this car part of the year - outside. This fit so well that when strong winds had blown off other car covers in the same storage lot - mine was fine - so far holding up just fine!
    181. John Gulick
      07 Oct, 2013
      This is a nice fitting cover that is easy to install and remove. However, I am disappointed that I cannot use it as a cover when and if I choose to tow my vehicle.
    182. Lee
      06 Oct, 2013
      Great experience with this car cover. It is a perfect, custom fit for the 997 model Porsche. Mirror pockets are aligned with the mirrors, windshield contour is in the right place, and elastic holds the cover snug on the car even in strong winds. I use the cover daily when parking the car at work and it has held up well to the sun and weather. It is a little bulky when off the car due to the thick Technalon fabric, but not too big of an issue if you learn to roll it up tightly. Recommended product.P.S. I am guessing that D Olson may have been the 'victim' of AutoPartsWAY Marketplace Car Accessories subcontracted sourcing. The selected vendor for my order backordered my cover and then weeks later offered to swap the order for an in-stock generic cover "of higher quality with no mirror pockets". I declined. The actual Covercraft cover (C16204TK) has the mirror pockets and fits perfectly.
    183. A. Tom "Light Talker"
      29 Sep, 2013
      This car cover is okay. Coming out of the box, note that it doesn't have it's own canvas storage bag. Nor does it have a trunk loop to catch the latch in the trunk to help secure it. But it does have the two side mirror socks which fit perfectly well over a 2013 BMW 335i. Because there is no trunk loop there is nothing to hold it taut while removing or putting it own, so it naturally slides around on the car. It does come with a string and two grommets to help secure the cover against exceptional wind.
    184. Matt
      28 Sep, 2013
      Living in Arizona the Technalon Evolution was the perfect choice for me, which was nice since the next models up were about $75-$100 higher and I didn't really need the rain protection. The material seems top notch, a nice quality fabric which is a bit like thin flannel. The best part is the fit, which is very snug with no sags whatsoever. Once installed it seems very secure. I can fully install this cover in about two minutes, and the time to remove is the same. The only downside is the size. When I roll it up, it takes up as much space as a king size comforter.
      27 Sep, 2013
      Great cover for storing my full size GMC Jimmy during the winter. Fits as expected, it is made from durable material, and will serve my purpose well, there are cheaper covers on the market, but, Covercraft makes a quality product, and you definitely get what you pay for . This cover will last for years with little care, I know this because my first Covercraft product lasted for several years. I would recommend this cover.
    186. W. Webster "webfam0530"
      22 Sep, 2013
      Item is as described. We looked at several different types of covers. We decided on this one because of the description and the price. It fits nicely & looks good on our 2013 Jeep Rubicon. Very pleased with purchase.
    187. Brad D. Smith
      21 Sep, 2013
      Excellent coverage, it fits well and it covers everything like rear-view mirrors and radio antenna. The only problem I have found is the left to right cover tie that should keep the cover from blowing off in a high wind. The cover comes with a nylon string that you are supposed to tie from the middle left side to the middle right side of the cover. My question to the manufacturer would be, how do you get this piece of string attached, side to side, after the cover is installed? Do you tie a knot on one side then tie a pie of lead to the other end of the string and throw it from one side to the other, hoping you don't damage something under the chassis during the throw?
    188. Steven Brown
      19 Sep, 2013
      Fits my Wave Runner perfectly. Material seems like it will hold up well. Appears to be made of quality pieces.
    189. Trey
      18 Sep, 2013
      I purchased this cover for my 2004 Thunderbird. Living in Florida with only a carport, this cover fits snug and is made of a quality fabric. The material breaths, but is also slightly quilted and seems to cushion the exterior from slight impacts. I would highly recommend this cover.
    190. Rod Sanford
      17 Sep, 2013
      Don't be in a hurry! Better covers on the market for the money. High end swap meat quality, OVER PRICED!
    191. Ksea
      13 Sep, 2013
      This Covercraft custom fit cover is exactly that. A custom fit cover! Fits my MX-5 2013 hardtop perfectly. Double stitched seams. Appears to be very well made in regards to the contour cuts a seam placement. The side mirror pockets and antenna pocket are in great positions. The front and rear elastic ends snap under the car and snugs up the cover. The cover material is the weight I expected. Goes on and off in a couple of minutes. No flutter of the cover in windy or gusty conditions. People have commented on how well the cover fits my car. The cover comes with a four year warranty. You may be able to buy cheaper covers. But I don't think you can get a better cover.
    192. AutoPartsWAY Customer
      04 Sep, 2013
      Bought this for use on my 1999 Trans Am and also used it on my 1995 Firehawk.It's a great cover, keeps water and dust out. Construction is very durable, in 3 years I have had no tears in the cover.I would put it on at work after I had detailed my car to keep it clean and found out that it also keeps the car cooler on hot summer days in Southern California so I'm sure the sun protection is pretty good.Pockets for the mirrors and the extra room for the High rise spoiler are a nice touch.
    193. D. Johnston "Treadmill"
      02 Sep, 2013
      Does all that it says it does, but I'd like it better if you could tell the front from the back a little easier. There is just a stenciled "Front" to indicate the front of the cover, small and easy to miss. My SLK cover from MB has an embroidered MB star which is impossible to miss, but that cover is a lot more expensive, so I guess this one is a good deal for the money.
    194. Robert M. Ring
      29 Aug, 2013
      So far so good. Two pockets for the mirrors when the car only had one. Hopefully this will hold up
    195. Tony
      23 Aug, 2013
      Great custom fit. This cover is quality!. Does its job and so far the wind has not been able to blow it off the car. Rain wetness will quickly evaporate once the sun returns. Does not fold into small bundle, but you can secure it with straps inside your vehicle's cargo area.
    196. Cal tech
      21 Aug, 2013
      Excellent car cover to keep your car clean and free of all environmental contamination. Have had this cover before on a 2005 Mustang and kept the cars exterior paint in excellent condition though the winters here in the northeast. I expect the same type of performance while covering my Challenger R/T.
    197. longdriveinacar
      20 Aug, 2013
      Pros: fits like a glove and does a great job protecting my vehicle from redwood sap and other debris that can happen when living in a forest. Cover slides on easily enough with one person and folds up nicely too.Cons: I think 180 bucks seems steep for a car cover. It does not come with a storage bag, even at this price!
    198. seattle001
      20 Aug, 2013
      The cover I ordered was out of stock.They game me the option to upgrade to a much higher quality cover at no additional cost to me.It is really good quality and I am very satisfied.
    199. TVTECH
      18 Aug, 2013
      The cover fits the boat perfectly and the cutouts for fueling and tie-downs are perfectly located.The back even has a nice piece of red reflective material for the idiot tailgating you.It was shipped quickly and i have been using it ever since!
    200. John R. Noon
      17 Aug, 2013
      Fits perfect, easy to use good quality for the price. I would purchase again. Makes car washing almost a past effort.
    201. John Kirby
      04 Aug, 2013
      The replacement cover arrived and is what I expected. Some moisture comes through from morning dew, but it keeps the car clean and free of dust. A quick wipe with detailing spay and the car looks just washed.It was lost by ups. When I emailed the company to track it at the sellers web site, I was told to call the supervisor and given a phone number. I reached by him phone by phone and asked to call back later since he was on the way to a meeting. When I finally reached him he traced the shipment and called me back with the news that it was lost. He offered to send a semi custom cover right away or order a new custom cover which would take four or more weeks. Since I needed a well fitting cover I chose to wait and now I am waiting and waiting and waiting!
    202. Juan Carlos Verastegui
      29 Jul, 2013
      This is a great product, specially the quality of the cover, great service, fits like a glove on my M3!
    203. J. Geary
      22 Jul, 2013
      Had to wait a couple of days but well worth the wait. A perfect fit. Not even the wind moves it around.
    204. Doris H.
      21 Jul, 2013
      This cover does the job, I expected a lighter more flimsy one but it is a dense heavier one, stays in place
    205. KJG
      14 Jul, 2013
      I ordered a custom car cover for my husband's Porsche and he loved the cover. It was a perfect fit. The material and attention to detail was great. Love it.
    206. Michael Kowalski
      14 Jul, 2013
      Fits great on my SEA-DOO 2000 and is easy to put on by myself. The water repellent on the material is working great. On time delivery.
    207. Lisa Otani
      11 Jul, 2013
      I ordered this cover for my 1983 380 sl and it fits perfectly. Appears to be well constructed and the material is extremely soft for an all weather cover. I highly recommend.
    208. toad
      07 Jul, 2013
      High quality cover, fit my Ford F150 better than I was expecting.Seems to be high quality fabric and very water resistant.
    209. D. Webb "Moyaoner"
      04 Jul, 2013
      I bought one of these Noah outdoor covers for my BMW 128i convertible about 3 1/2 years ago when I took delivery of the car. I have no garage or carport, so my BMW was going to be outdoors in all weather, and under sappy trees and lots of birds (as I live in a heavily wooded area). It has performed very well. After about three years I did have to replace it, as it was beginning to wear and I tore it in a couple of places while removing it when there was ice on it. That was mostly my fault. Outdoor car covers, as I've learned from experience, have to breathe and let out the moisture that collects under them, and this one does that very well. My finish, after 3 1/2 years, still looks like new, despite the harsh conditions. CoverCraft has on their website a chart that shows all their covers and the characteristics of each one for comparison. Getting a cover that matches your climatic conditions will give you best results.
    210. Tracy
      26 Jun, 2013
      Really good customer service. I had ordered a car cover and the merchant called me to let me know that the cover I had ordered was not for outdoor use and provided me with an outdoor cover for the same price. I was very happy with the cover and it fit my car perfectly.
    211. Steamed
      18 Jun, 2013
      Purchased this to replace a ten plus year old almost identical cover. I use it under an open sided shed so it is not out in the full sun but gets a lot of sun from the sides. It breathes and protects the finish without trapping moisture. I am not sure how long I would last or how well it would protect out in the open but it is ideal for how I use it.
    212. Willie
      15 Jun, 2013
      This is the second Weathershield HP cover I have owned. The first one lasted over 4 years of almost daily use and frequent washing. It's lightweight and fits very well.
    213. Perry
      14 Jun, 2013
      It fits my 2005 Corvette perfectly. So far it has just been used inside my garage for a dust cover and only for a couple months. But I have another one for an Olds Aurora that is kept outside. It has held up very well for 2 years and I would expect the same of this cover.
    214. dgavitt
      30 May, 2013
      This car cover fits my car perfectly. It seems to be very well made and very well engineered. The stitching looks strong, the underside is very soft and it has elastic front and back so it fits nice and snug and the wind won't blow it off. For the price I am very pleased.
    215. Larry
      27 May, 2013
      This is a very good cover for your truck. It wraps around under front and rear bumpers and covers nearly to the ground. I am very happy with the thickness and fit.
    216. A. Muma "amuma"
      26 May, 2013
      I ordered this cover as i live in Arizona and always cover my new model Shelby mustang as I don't have a garage. I usually burn up a cover every two years. I decided to try a better quality cover. This cover was built super, fit great and has a four year warranty. Time will tell if it is worth the extra $100.00 or not. But, it appears to be very well built.
    217. Alexzander Yanzge "Aly Yang"
      23 May, 2013
      Great car cover it protects my truck from the elements; fits exactly on truck. Only complaint I have is the fact that the winter destroyed it due to the cold it ripped.
    218. KDW
      30 Apr, 2013
      I have had this cover for about a year now. The local municipality would not let me construct a carport so I had to find a car cover to withstand the elements of Michigan. This cover fits the bill just fine. I don't drive the car in winter so I cannot attest to the difficulties of removing or placing back on the car in freezing temps but I do know the cover dries quickly after a rain, stores easily in the trunk and keeps the car out of the elements directly. I actually go through fewer car washes per year because of the cover.I HAVE HAD TO UPDATE THIS REVIEW. I HAVE HAD THE COVER 18 MONTHS NOW AND IT HAS LOST IT'S WATER REPELLENCE AND ALLOWS MOISTURE TO GET TO THE CAR THEREFOR I HAVE DOWNGRADED THIS REVIEW TO 3 STARS. I WILL BE CONTACTING THE MFR. TO SEE WHAT THEY WILL DO ABOUT IT SINCE IT HAS A 4 YEAR WARRANTY. STAY TUNED.....Between the time I got an RMA for the factory to inspect the cover I bumped it with something sharp and put a 1/2" tear in it. I am...
    219. Mark Dana Floden
      19 Apr, 2013
      Fits my jets ski perfectly..Good strong material .. Hoping it will last a long time..Stays in place and looks good.
    220. Ofelia Villarreal
      14 Apr, 2013
      I had ordered a car cover in the past threw a local store here in town. This is South Texas and that cover not only faded but would just easily rip apart. not even six months into the warranty. It was a gonner. That company replaced it and again the same thing happened.I was hesitant to order again thinking it was going to be the same fabric material that I paid $250.00 in the past.BOY WAS I WRONG................THIS CAR COVER IS TOTALLY UNIQUE AND THE ULTRA TECT FABRIC IS HIGH QUALITY. THE FIT WAS PERFECT. TOTALLY QUALITY MATERIAL. I WAS AMAZED AT THE TEXTURE OF THE FABRIC.I WAS GLAD I DID ORDER FROM THIS COMPANYI LOVE THE COLOR BLUE!!!THANK YOUOFELIA
    221. se1960
      02 Apr, 2013
      The cover is true to size. It fits my 2011 camaro beautifully. I don't even to use the rope ties. I love the gray color, it looks great. I got it in 4 days and one day was Sunday.
    222. Morgan Palmer
      29 Mar, 2013
      We love this!! very convenient zippers and Velcro compartment they thought of everything! We were very pleased thank you! Thank you!
    223. J. Donaldson "Cal-diver"
      27 Mar, 2013
      I had a cheap silver cover on the ski but rain would just seem to pass right through that one. The foot wells on the ski were filled with water and were quite dirty so apparently dust was getting through too. So I wanted a cover to keep water and dust out. So far so good.We've had a couple of inches of rain since I put the Sunbrella cover on and the foot wells are dry. So it met my needs. I will keep the cover waterproof by applying 303 Products Aerospace Protectant every year. I also put the silver cover on top (I had it so why not) to further protect my investment.The reason for only four stars is this. The OEM cover I have on our other ski really fits like a glove. It is tight and practically molded to the ski. It looks really nice and has worked well for 8 years. That OEM cover is about the same price as this Sunbrella cover which was sold as "This is a Sunbrella Pacific Blue cover custom designed by Covercraft." It simply isn't that good a fit. I...
    224. Constell
      26 Mar, 2013
      Reasonable and competitve price. Cover fits perfectly and is of good quality. Highly recommended - update to follow. I purchased two covers - one for my F350, one for my Edge. I will give you feedaback as to performance by June 2013.
    225. William A Rasmus
      26 Mar, 2013
      Half the price of the GM cover, and with a much better warranty, 4 years. Fits my 2013 Chevy Volt like a glove. The charging port opening is a very nice feature.
    226. Theodore J. Cool Jr. "Ted Cool"
      13 Mar, 2013
      A bit pricey and slow to ship but it does fit my 2007 Mazda Miata perfectly including pockets for the mirrors AND the antenna. I've had this one 11 months now and it is holding up well. Most cheap covers only last outside about a year or so. Should I need another cover I will buy this one again.
    227. bruce
      13 Mar, 2013
      nice cover, fits like a glove. Would recommend it for your car. Compared prices to other places and it was a good deal.
    228. A. Marban
      12 Mar, 2013
      The cover which was custom made to my vehicle fits like a glove.It covers the MR2 all the way around on all corners. I've been using the cover on my car for over 3 months now now and it has protected the vehicle very well. In the mornings there is always dew on the cover but it has never penetrated through onto the car. I've checked and there is absolutely no moisture on the vehicle's paint. I'm extremely pleased with the high quality of this cover. Way to go Covercraft!
    229. 11 Mar, 2013
      I was impressed that this cover nicely fits my rather obscure vehicle (Audi RS6). While I can't yet speak to longevity or actual qaulity of the fabric (very hard to judge) the cover itself seems very well made, fits nicely and has good attention to detail (mirror and antenna pockets, as well as the details for the hold down strap.
    230. Eric Edwards
      08 Mar, 2013
      It fits like a glove, and make the car look sharp while being protective. If you have a new car you care about this is the cover to get.
    231. R. Evans
      07 Mar, 2013
      Tried a cheaper cover and it didn't last a month. This is worth the price. I have a wind and heavy rain problem which this cover solved.
    232. Orlando Perez
      04 Mar, 2013
      Bought this cover for $132.00 out of $162.00 thanks to AutoPartsWAY points earned.It's light weight, but very sturdy. It holds snow, and Ice very well & rain.Perfect fit for a Corvette with pockets for mirrors. The Cons on it, doesn'tcome with Carrying Bag and under carriage cable to secure it, but provide theholes for the cable on each side. It stay fit thanks to an elastic band on thebottom of the cover. It really looks & fit like picture shown.
    233. Paul J Weimer
      18 Feb, 2013
      While this car is stored inside, I was looking for a cover that would provide a high level of protection should I need to to park it out for brief periods. This is the ticket!!
    234. Jennifer
      16 Feb, 2013
      This car cover fit perfectly and protects the car 100%. The color was just as described. Quality product and would highly recommend.
    235. Mara Spencer
      06 Feb, 2013
      not a tight fit, but made of good material. will keep kids and scratch marks off vintage vehicle in garage
    236. LMS4712 "LMS37"
      02 Feb, 2013
      It fits perfectly. The day I received this we had a snow storm and close to 0 degrees. I was able to put it on with no problems and it fit great. Very easy to remove as well, and the coverage is superior, its the noah cloth.
    237. Flyguy
      23 Jan, 2013
      Cover is very well made from high quality materials. Fits our 06 Camry perfectly. Withstood 5 months in Arizona summer heat with no discernable wear AND no scratch, wear, or paint rubs.
    238. Hanzo
      19 Jan, 2013
      Looks to be a good all around truck cover. Strong seams and a good material. Had for a month or so and use it alot. I have a 2012 F150 and it fits perfectly. Only complaint is that it did take awhile to deliver but that was noted on the description.
    239. Kathleen F. Fisher "Fisher"
      09 Jan, 2013
      This is a great product with a great price. It is much more than I expected. Material is extremely lightweight, stuffs into a small bag and fits my Mustang like a glove. Even in the worst rainy damp environment my car is dry and clean when I uncover it.
    240. Jerry
      08 Jan, 2013
      This cover fits like a glove and very lightweight. Really nice custom fit. Would like to see it available in a different color. Very satisfied!
    241. SL1M in Florida
      07 Jan, 2013
      Im giving this cover 3 stars do to the craftsmanship over all and the lack of installing a onstar antena cut out.The stiching for the side mirrors was added after the fact of designing the cover and was poorly stiched. Every time I use this cover I have to be very carefull not to pull to hard to get he mirror pockets to fit over the mirrors. Due, to the design of those pockets is poor and I just don't want to rip the stiching. Not to mention the cover fits very tight due to the fact that I ordered the one for Onstar so on but yet I had to create the antena cut and there was no 4-5 inch cut out for the onstar antena. I don't even use it so maybe I will eventually just remove it and maybe then this cover would fit easier but still tight on the vehicle.Over all, If it weren't for the lack of the onstar cutout I would have had no problem giving this 4 stars prob even 5 but do to missing the cutout for that unusual antena and that causing the cover to be extremelly...
    242. Steven Cacka
      07 Jan, 2013
      Looks great, it fits the car perfectly, has slots for the mirrors and it has ties to tie it down for wind.
    243. M. Kruger "BESTOLUX"
      06 Jan, 2013
      a very easy fit and well-tailored product... it could use more than one (1) undercarriage tie-off, or additional grommets provided.
    244. luis cruz
      30 Dec, 2012
      It is a very good cover I used for over a year and for now everything is perfect I rely liked
    245. I buy to much stuff!
      28 Dec, 2012
      I previously had a cheap one that left smear marks on the car every time you took it off this one does not.It is very sturdy.Expensive but so far worth the money.
    246. Nancy J. Cook "grandma cook"
      25 Dec, 2012
      My son loves this, he has a Mazda Miata. This fits perfectly, nice and thick and stays on even in the wind!
    247. herbiejack
      20 Dec, 2012
    248. Crabber
      18 Dec, 2012
      I first bought a very inexpensive cover that did not survive the dryer, I need a cover that I can wash and dry at home, this works well and the material and fit is excellent.
    249. LG
      16 Dec, 2012
      I've had a couple of these for different sports cars. Quality and durability can't be beat for those who keep their cars detailed and are looking for outdoor contaminate protection.Only comment for Lotus Evora is that it doesn't go down far enough on the vehicle and has a tendency to creep up. I didn't have this problem with the others so it is probably just the pattern. If not for this, I'd rate five stars.
    250. Vintagemac
      10 Dec, 2012
      Great for indoor use. Keeps dust out, protects the car. Form fits the contours of my car very well. Thanks
    251. AutoPartsWAY Customer "High Voltage"
      10 Dec, 2012
      Us Camaro owners LOVE our cars. We spend hours washing, waxing, detailing and caring for our cars, and it shows! So when the nasty weather hits and the roads are covered in sand, salt, slush and muck our Camaros usually stay home tucked away waiting for the chance to roar to life again.With all the time we spend caring for them, we want to make sure they are well protected from the winter weather (or that freak storm mid summer). This car cover is an excellent choice to keep her safe and sound. I emailed the folks at Covercraft (they were very helpful) and asked them what the best choice would be for my situation. I have a carport that is enclosed on 3 sides. The car is pretty much fully protected except for the opening you drive in and out. They told me this cover (the Noah) would be great for keeping dust and debris off of it as well as protect it from blowing rain/snow or UV rays from the opening. It can be used outside as well. Its water proof but also breathable. Its...
    252. Avid AutoPartsWAYer
      03 Dec, 2012
      I ordered this for my 1982 Datsun 280ZX despite the hefty price. My concern was how custom the cover would really be. I am very happy with this completely custom fit for the "Z" including the mirror pockets. Snug all around.I will attempt to remember to update this review annually to see how it holds up over the long term, but for now I'm very happy.
    253. Cal tech
      03 Dec, 2012
      I have had car covers from Covercraft in the past and they have always performed as advertised with excellent fit and always kept my vehicles clean.
    254. ronco
      29 Nov, 2012
      For not much less than a portable garage you would expect a cover to have more ways of securing it on..for outside winter storage i am going to cover it over with somethng i can tie down securely.it need more grommets to fasten against wind and weather.It amounts to a made well padded blanket that does fit my 77 corvette very well.for the price i was expecting more but for any price it is probly as good as you can get for a fitted blanket.I would suggest it more for inside storage than all weather outside storage and it will be fine in that enviroment.the fit and finish is nice but i wanted all weather protection and it is lacking there mainly in being unable to fasten it all around securelly.
    255. Cao
      19 Nov, 2012
      This cover fits my car very well. However, when raining heavier, it leaks a little, which could cause frozen when cold. Besides that, excellent.
    256. Joe
      04 Nov, 2012
      The Noah cover I bought was perfect for my 13 Porsche boxster. The fit was perfect. Very pleased. Very well made.
    257. Andre
      04 Nov, 2012
      This Noah Fabric cover is well made, and the fit is excellent for my car (and 1993 model, no less). Recommended for someone looking for a cover when you can't buy OEM.
    258. diputs
      25 Oct, 2012
      I'm been using Covercraft Covers for almost ten years. I'm on my third cover as they wear out from use. A good product that meets my needs.
    259. Pen Name
      22 Oct, 2012
      The cover fits exactly to the car.the material was lighter than i imagined but will do the job i need.
    260. Philip L. Edwards
      08 Oct, 2012
      Fits my 90 Mustang Hatch Back perfect. The second one one I have bought. The first lasted 3 years in the Arizona heat and sun.
    261. ESW
      07 Oct, 2012
      Excellent fit for a convertible GT. This cover traps all dust from getting thru while providing protection from other car doors in the garage.
    262. Scottie
      09 Sep, 2012
      This brand and model of car cover is well worth the money! I enjoyed five years of service from my previous cover (same brand and car model) even though it was rated for only one to two years of service.
    263. RBD
      05 Sep, 2012
      This cover is amazingly well crafted, fits perfect on the cars, folds up small and is washable. Love it. Highly recommend Covercraft Weathershield HP
    264. D. Vick "Paranormal Crazy..."
      27 Aug, 2012
      It might not be a Perfect fit...but its pretty close! Perfect material, snug fit. looks good, no gaps. Very happy that a cover was available for a 19 yr old watercraft! Waverunner works great..but covers aren't meant to last forever...and I never thought to buy an extra when we bought the machine! Oh, and it shipped WAYYYY before expected..what a Surprise!
    265. Cybermax
      12 Aug, 2012
      The custom fit is perfect. I'm really happy that the color is a light tan because the car it goes on is white. Good job.
    266. mia's mom
      08 Aug, 2012
      This car cover is awesome. It fits my 2000 Toyota Celica GTS like a glove. I am usually not one to write reviews but I am impressed with this product. The rain beads right off as well as dirt and dust. It is very light weight and so far seems pretty durable. I think it is a bit pricey but worth every penny. Love It!
    267. J. Ustick
      30 Jul, 2012
      Fits perfect and lasts a long time. My car is outside 24/7 and these covers work great. They're light weight and they do a fantastic job of keeping the dirt and grime off my vehicle.I will definitely buy one again when this one wears out.
    268. Pen Name
      24 Jul, 2012
      Used it for few months while my hummer h2 stayed in summer heat outside. No problem at all keeps the dirt out. Great proce compare to other companies sich as coverking. They charge too much for same quality and same product. Thank you
    269. A. Sandoval "NoWorld"
      20 Jul, 2012
      After one year of owning this cover, its still going strong. Rain, Sun, Snow, or Ice this is one tough mother.. Finally starting to see some small holes form around the front fenders. I live in NW Arkansas and we are always having extreme climate changes from one day to the next. I'm very satisfied.
    270. J. Tripi
      15 Jul, 2012
      Fits my 2009 Ford Taurus Limited perfectly. Delivery was quick and the product is as advertised. Price was ok but wish it was a little lower.
    271. Lemur "JD"
      15 Jul, 2012
      Not a bad product, but definitely does not stand up to wind. First few weeks I spent ways trying to get it to stay on my car. It's form fitting just not tight enough on the bottom elastic, always see it half way off my car the next morning. Finally secured it with some bungies at the four corners of the car. Now it's ok, as for protection, I suppose it's doing the job. Got to admit I expected a better product considering how much I paid for this thing 3+.
    272. NCAggie
      01 Jun, 2012
      It was lightweight and easy to store. It seems to be doing well for our car we keep outside under a carport. You have to make a hole for the antenna but that was easy and the hardware is included.
    273. Marlon R
      26 May, 2012
      http://www.AutoPartsWAY.com/gp/product/B001GEKAOU/ref=cm_cr_rev_prod_titleNoah Fabric, GrayThe Lexus Car Covers fits perfect but there are not enough tie down holes so the car cover raises at the front or back leaving center tied down, with strong winds. This is just my observation. Maybe more tie down holes and stronger.
    274. sirgregory
      08 May, 2012
      I was reluctant because I'm kind of a cheap'o but I had a cheap cover from walmart and it sucked. But I needed one due to black car being so dusty and bird torpedo'd every single morning. I ordered the wrong year at first and didn't realize how custom it was so I returned it and got the right year/model fits perfectly (not so tight to be a pain to put on and form fitted enought to risist really strong winds.I've used it nightly for 2 weeks and it's actually awesome, car is dry even after thunderstorms storms, nothing goes through and the outside dries suprisengly quick. I even recommend the added bag for it, if actually fits in the bag without fuss and bag is waterproof too (I was in a hurry a couple times and stuffed a wet (on the outside) cover in the bag. That night went to put it on thinking id have a wet cover to deal with but had a dry cover and bag with water at the bottom! Impresive!The good:Craftmanship, performance, ease of putting in on and off...
    275. piper/holly "philip 8" dig pic frame"
      20 Apr, 2012
      The cover is very well made; fits the Z4 perfectly. So easy to take on and off and makes me feel at ease to know that the cover will protect my car. I would recommend this cover to friends and anyone who would need this asset. If you are going to protect a vehicle you need to look into this type of cover from this fine company! The item was boxed as expected and came in a timely manner. Could not ask for anything better!
    276. Norman G. Mortimer
      07 Apr, 2012
      Coer worked great, good fit except mirror pockets a bit too large. Cover otherwise was of good material and worked well in rain,etc.
    277. whitestone
      12 Mar, 2012
      Ordered this Covercraft and found it to be good, drapes on the vehicle with a slight form fit, not was water resistant as I had hoped. Then I order a Coverking autobody armour for another vehicle and found I prefer the Coverking armour for fit, quality, and protection.
    278. Ali
      09 Mar, 2012
      Recently my neighbor began to construct, so my wife's car suffer the consequences with tons of dust; I bought this cover and my wife love it, fit perfectly and no more dust over the car!
    279. DA53
      25 Jan, 2012
      The biggest disappointment was the fabric wasn't really what I had expected, the fit at the rear window area doesn't fit all that tight (I have a 06 Mustang convertible).The cover will work but I wouldn't order it again, you might be happy with one but I'm just o.k with it.The question is why didn't I return it, the simple answer is, it is what it is and I should have done my home work better....not the fault of the company.
    280. Ryno44
      08 Dec, 2011
      I have had this for about a month now and it is exactly as described. It really beads up water and does not allow it through the cover. I can't grade on how well it "breathes" but so far it seems as advertized. I have not encountered real heavy winds yet. It has handled some minor gusts. It comes with a rope to tie it down but I would suggest they supply some sort of "tightening" device. I have tied it down with two plastic clips that I had in the garage that will help untie it and not deal with any knotting... UPDATE-BEEN ABOUT A YEAR NOW AND IT IS NOT AS WATER PROOF AS WHEN NEW. IT WAS REALLY SOACKED AFTER SOME HEAVY RAIN. THE FRONT OF THE COVER HAS BLOWN OFF A COUPLE TIMES IN SOME MODERATE TO STRONG WINDS.
    281. Sportster Mark "Coast to Coast"
      19 Oct, 2011
      I purchased this cover because I want to store my Bronco for part of the year and I don't have any indoor storage available. The cover is well made and of good, breathable material. It fits snugly, almost too snug. The mirror pockets are far too big for the standard mirrors on my truck, but if I had large West Coast style mirrors (which I plan on installing in the future) they would fit well. For very high wind areas, it would work better if there were additional gusseted rope eyes or loops at the corners. Other than that I am very satisfied with my purchase.
    282. Ping Wu
      12 Oct, 2011
      receive the car cover a few days ago. After wash the car I can't wait to put it on. It fit very nice even with the back mirrors on both sides. The roof antenna even has its own pouch.At the lower center of the cover, it has ring at both side so that you can use rope to tight it down.Make sure you select the right model. Be aware, even though you have your 'garage' configured and your 'parts' (i.e. the cover) is not comparable, AutoPartsWAY web site still let you order it.Granted there may be some warning message, but when you get too excited it could be over looked.It is about double the price of the non-custom fit. Overall for the car you want to maintain in a good condition, I think it is a good buy.
    283. BillyD
      12 Oct, 2011
      The Car Cover was delivered faster than I had expected. The quality was exactly as described in the sales prospective. The fit is perfect and very accurately takes into account the spaces needed for the outside rear view mirrors.
    284. R. Yusko
      09 Oct, 2011
      This cover is highly recommended!! It covers my 1978 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Perfectly!! It is also perfect for when it rains, The water just beads right off of it! I will be keeping it water proofed with some proofing spray just to keep it lasting for years to come!! They also would make a great gift for the upcoming holidays or even a birthday!!! Show your loved one that you care about him and his classic car!! If you can keep it in the garage? If you dont have a garage, Like me? This is the perfect gift!!! Thank you AutoPartsWAY.COM!!
    285. KA "KA"
      06 Oct, 2011
      I've been through many types of car covers over the years, and I know it takes a while to see how they will hold up over time and under various conditions. I bought this car cover in June 2011, and it is now October 2011. After the first few storms of the season, I feel like I can write a review.First, these covers really are "custom fit". I have a rare car and I was extremely skeptical about the custom fit claim, but the good reviews on AutoPartsWAY by others made me want to give it a try. When I received it, it fit the contours of the car almost like a glove -- not too tight and not too loose. The company even remembered a built-in "pouch" for the hood ornament. The car's antenna is retractable, so I did not have to worry about making my own hole for it.Second, the material is very light in weight, but it seems tough. The stitching quality on my cover also is superb. Even in a wind, I could tell that this thing would not likely scratch or rub the paint on...
    286. J. McWhirter
      28 Sep, 2011
      Note: This is an "initial review" - I just received and installed the cover, and have no 'track record' with it yet in terms of how it holds up. That said, I was VERY pleased how well it (part # C4001) fit my 1992 Miata. It looks much closer to a "custom fit" than a "one size fits many" fit. Construction (for the price) seems good. We'll see how it holds up over time. For this price, I really don't expect (or need, in my case) for it to last more than two years.
    287. Proud Grandma
      22 Sep, 2011
      This item is quite heavy duty and rides well. It is attractive also. We are pleased with the product. I would recommend it.
    288. J. R. Batchelder "BatmanForever"
      06 Aug, 2011
      This is the fourth Covercraft Noah car cover that I have purchased in the past ten years. They are always well made from "Noah" material that is soft, long lasting, breathing and water resistant. If you want the best custom fit car cover for your vehicle purchase the Covercraft Noah series car cover from AutoPartsWAY.com.
    289. Alex K. Corscadden
      30 Jul, 2011
      This car cover fits most of my car fairly well, the front, however, is slightly too short to cover the lower edge of the Nismo front end. The rest of the car cover fits well though, the mirrors line up and the rear end manages to cover the lower Nismo rear as well.
    290. arkem709
      29 Jul, 2011
      I bought this for my civic and it served my car so well through the ugly Rochester winters through rain, wind, or snow. Very durable and easy to stow away. The only thing you might want to invest into separately is some kind of chain or cord to tie down the cover since it doesn't really provide one.I don't know if this fits other cars, but if it does half the great job it did protecting my civic outside in the terrible weather through the entire winter then it is an excellent buy.
    291. Jeff
      24 Jul, 2011
      Car cover is a perfect fit for my car. Outstanding workmanship! However; suppier needs to include a bag for storing cover.
    292. D. Dessert
      22 Jul, 2011
      it took a while to get my cover, but when it finally arrived i was happy with it. it fit perfectly and the quality looks very good. the instructions that came with it answered all my questions about how to use it and care for it.
    293. J. Lai
      25 Apr, 2011
      Excellent car cover. I get Noah covers for all my cars since it is the best all around cover. It's also the same cover used in OEM BMW car covers.
    294. I'm a mom
      24 Apr, 2011
      For the most part, I am extremely pleased with this product. It is very easy to put on, it fits my MGB perfectly, and it keeps my car safe from *most* of the elements. I say most because it doesn't hold up to the wind at all. I live in Memphis and we get quite a bit of wind around here and it pulls the front end up and off the car every day without fail. I have jury-rigged the cover with a series of clips and bungees so that it stays on, but this is really a pain and not 100% effective. I am still experimenting with ways to keep the cover on during wind storms, but otherwise, I am quite happy with the product.
    295. eric
      05 Feb, 2011
      Great for outdoor car storage. My 2nd time owning this cover. Lasted 7 years in the sun and rain. Make sure you wash your car first to prevent scratches.
    296. B. Peet
      26 Dec, 2010
      I bought this for my 95 Camaro Convertible. It fits perfectly and we have had several heavy rains since I installed it. Not a drop of water on the car, perfect. My only compliaint is that it didn't stay put on windy days. I added another tie strap under the front of the car and its been good since. Overall, a great cover and another great price from AutoPartsWAY.
    297. Debra Cadier
      16 Dec, 2010
      this is a beautiful blue car cover. It fits perfectly. Cannot comment on the durability yet but so far, so good. It is now 2 years later so I am updating this review. What a great cover. Still in excellent condition.
    298. mike
      16 Dec, 2010
      This cover does not fit a 93 Mustang it is much too big and they said it would fit. It is a good quality cover but now I have to return it for another one and I hope this one fits.
    299. CT
      14 Dec, 2010
      This is my 2nd cover of this exact type in 2 years, but I gave it 5 stars because it held up to the elements REALLY well! The first cover was thrashed about in the wind, rain, and blazing heat...it held up GREAT! It eventually started to get some tears, and the seams started to split a bit, but considering the abuse, that's to be expected. The only downside to the 1st one was that it didn't seem to hook around the front and rear of the car enough to keep it in place when they wind would whip up. Even though the new cover is designed for the same car, they seem to have fixed the issue with the front and rear "wrap", and it now attaches in a much more secure fashion. It's easy to put on in less than 20 seconds and it keeps the car clean, dry, and free of scratches...love it!
    300. Martin Franusich "trog"
      12 Dec, 2010
      item was as listed, arrived quickly & price was very competitive. I had researched ahead of time & searched for the exact part number from the manufact. to ensure I was getting the correct cover.
    301. Michael
      09 Dec, 2010
      This is my second Covercraft WeatherShield custom fit HD cover. The first one lasted about 6 yrs which I paid over $500, AutoPartsWAY has outdone themselves again cost for the second cover $400. I can't say anything bad about this cover it performed to my expectations. I would recomend this product to anyone looking for a cover to protect thier investment.
    302. Ballard "SeaMan"
      11 Nov, 2010
      I bought a Noah cover eleven years ago for my new (then) '99 corvette. I didn't read care instructions, and washed it a few times and tossed it in a dryer (yes, it shrank a little each time). The front corners wore through a few years back (probably from tight fit after shrinking) and I continued to use it. It has served me well when the car was parked in sunny L.A., outside under a canopy (from rain) and in the garage. It served its purpose well, which is why I'm FINALLY purchasing another one as it has proved to be a good investment for protection. The grommets are nice for running a cable lock and the elastic bottom makes for snug fit. The wind will not blow the cover off (well, maybe in a hurricane).
    303. I Fix-Umm
      26 Oct, 2010
      The cover was easy to install, Fit nicely and looked good. Waxed and detailed car then covered it . Week ,10 days later I uncovered the car to take a ride on a nice day and there was moisture and water spots all over the car. Had to re wash it and no damages but not sure how well it will do being covered for months at a time.
    304. shoppin like crazy
      22 Sep, 2010
      This product was better than expected. The fabric is thick but breathable and is very nice quality. There is even a covered shaft that the antenna slips into for sun/weather coverage. The fit is fantastic. I would highly recommend this for your Bug/auto!
    305. JOSEPH "Joseph Brown"
      17 Aug, 2010
      I'll be honest, I was looking for a relatively inexpensive cover and AutoPartsWAY as usual came through. Covers get VERY expensive! This was actually a replacement cover for one that over a year had been torn up by cats. I park under a car port and we have numerous stray cats in the area since we have no dogs. I have a 2007 Solstice which is a convertible and the goal for me is to keep the little buggers off the soft top and not use it as a scratching pad!Although I did have some fitting concerns from reading various reviews, I found that the cover actually fit better than my expensive previous cover. It was just slightly large and not at all small as I'd read. The material seems soft enough and since it isn't parked in the weather when covered there have been no problems there either.This cover only has one secure point at the bottom center of each side, again no issue for me as I don't need to secure it. I decided to just remove the radio antenna since I only listen to XM Sat...
    306. Tony
      30 Jun, 2010
      I went to the manufacturers site and I was able to get the cover series that matched how I wanted to protect my car. In my case, being in southern California, by the freeway and having trees, I wanted protection from sun, dust, dirt and leaves. Weight wasn't a factor as I am not taking the cover on and off daily. I specifically wanted a cover to allow extra room for a high spoiler as my last two ripped there, so I found the exact company product code for my car. I have had the cover about 3 weeks now. It fits great and for some reason, even all the leaves that drop don't stick to it like my old covers. Great for when you take it off. The fact of finding the right cover and exact fit has made this purchase very worthwhile.
    307. J. Parra
      10 Jan, 2010
      I bought this Weathershield HP for my wife's C230 and it is the best investment I could make. The cover is light, durable and easy to put on and take off. It fits like a glove and the water and moisture beads right off. The cover is easy to store and I love the quality of the materials. The only regret I have is I should have bought this sooner!
    308. N. Hoggan
      30 Oct, 2009
      Car cover arrived quickly and well packaged. The product is good. We maybe should have spent a little more money for a softer, heavier dutier cover but this will work for a beautiful car stored in the garage....
    309. T. Dalrymple
      18 Sep, 2009
      This is the third covercraft cover I have purchased and will purchase others as needed. The cover is high quality material and well made. Seams are strong, and the fit was excellent. The price is a little higher than some other covers, but I find the quality, durability, and longevity well worth the money. Excellent USA product.
    310. Mike Hall
      01 Jul, 2009
      This product is solidly constructed and comes with large universal side mirror pockets. Heavyweight material (check the Covercraft website for properties of Technalon) -- and the four year warranty is reassuring.Nice and snug around the vehicle, covering the outboard spare tire as well. Had considered an expensive custom cover, but this works just fine.Does not come with a grommet for antennas, even though customer service from Covercraft said it did. The RAV4 has a small rear deck antenna. I'll place a plastic cone over it so I won't have to put a hole in the car cover, and the antenna won't be bent after the cover comes off.The color is a very light tan; I would have liked a slightly deeper tan but lighter does reflect sunlight better than darker.All in all, well worth the money and an excellent alternative to a custom cover that easily costs 2X.
    311. Sir Gary
      22 Jun, 2009
      Amazing how the fabric keeps out water yet is breathable. I know there are more expensive, fancier car covers but for sturdy,sensible indoor/outdoor cover, the Evolution is all you really need. P.S. Don't even think about thinking about the cheap stuff for your ride!
    312. AutoPartsWAY Customer "cyberkeys79"
      30 May, 2009
      I purchased this cover for my other car and love it. Now I am going to buy my second one for my other car. It is so sturdy yet light weight that even my wife can take it on and off the car. When it rained there was no water that got thru the cover, only at the bottom part that went under the car. Whenever it is in the hot sun the car is really insulated so that the sun doesn't seem to heat the car up as much as it does without the cover. Really satisified with this product. The price is another plus...
    313. Benjamin A Carmona
      23 May, 2009
      I purchase an identical cover about 5 years ago and it lasted all this time. I use it everyday and I recommend it highly. If it were not for my cat clawing on it, it may have lasted another 5 years. I got super fast delivery and if you are looking for a car cover for any car, get the Covercraft 4 ply cover.....
    314. Amy Horn
      03 Aug, 2008
      This is an awesome cover and my husband is very jealous and envious of it!