2018 Jaguar E-Pace Engine Coolant / Antifreeze Genuine

  • This Original Equipment Manufacturer part is the same part that was made & installed by the car manufacturer at the factory where the car was produced.

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2018 Jaguar E-Pace
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  • Concentrate
  • 1 Liter
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    1. 12 Mar, 2018
      OEM bmw blue coolant
    2. garreth
      27 Apr, 2015
      worked well in my 05 Element. Needed about 1.5 gallons for a radiator drain/fill
    3. madspeed
      13 Apr, 2015
      As the Mercedes ads say....." The Best or Nothing". This is the best antifreeze you can get to treat your German engineered automobile the way it was designed to be treated!! Please spend the few extra dollars and get this genuine Mercedes antifreeze and not the part store junk!
    4. SHARON G.
      03 Mar, 2015
      If you own a Mercedes benz, the dealer ship wants double the price for the identical product. With free shipping this a great buy. I will definitely buy again and again. Super fast shipping is a plus too.
    5. Benjamin R Kearns
      19 Feb, 2015
      This is the only kind of antifreze that can be used in a honda goldwing. At a much lower price than buying directly from honda.
    6. AutoPartsWAY Customer "Omie Gots to Know me"
      09 Feb, 2015
      Why take the risk of corrosion, possible damage and thousands of dollars in repair costs when for only a few dollars more, you can have the original product that is -designed- for your vehicle!
    7. Andrew "k"
      18 Nov, 2014
      This is the only coolant I recommend for your Honda vehicles. Yes, it's expensive, but it lasts a long time and it will keep your cooling system immaculate. Keep in mind that Honda specifies silicate-free coolant which eliminates most aftermarket coolants. This coolant is a 50/50 pre-mix, making coolant changes very easy for novices. Honda actually recommends avoiding doing a coolant flush, so a simple drain-and fill is actually your best option to refresh your systemt. Make sure you properly "burp" your radiator by letting it run after filling with the radiator cap off so all of the air circulates and bubbles out. If you leave air in the system you'll have inadequate cooling and you also probably won't get any heat in the cabin.
    8. Dave
      29 Nov, 2012
      Why go to the dealer and purchase this when you can save money by ordering this online and saving money at the same time. Great to have around to top off , along with having it around if you need to flush your coolant or service the thermostat.
    9. A. Eric Brewington
      28 Dec, 2009
      This will be a short review. Own a BMW and need antifreeze/coolant? This is it - this and distilled water. Get your water at Wal-Mart ($0.83 per gallon). USE ONLY GENUINE BMW ANTIFREEZE/COOLANT. Use something else and you will regret it.