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    • HVAC Filter Cleaner
  • K&N part 99-6010 is a 32 ounce pump spray bottle of HVAC Filter Cleaner. K&N HVAC Filter Cleaner is the only cleaner recommended to clean K&N HVAC Filters. K&N 99-6010 eliminates and cleanses particles from the surface of the K&N HVAC Filter so it can be washed clean with water.
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    • This is a Universal/Non Application Specific Product. To install this part, you made need to cut, weld, or make other modifications to your vehicle.
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Brand K&N
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  • HVAC Filter Cleaner
  • K/N HVAC Filter Cleaner is the only cleaner formulated to clean K/N HVAC filters. HVAC Filter Cleaner works to cleanse particles from the surface and can be washed away with water. Complete instructions are included
  • K&N Engineering, Inc. provides reusable cotton gauze filter technology products for automotive applications. Its products include air filters, such as stock replacement air filters and universal air filters; intake kits, including air intake systems, injection performance kits, and high flow intake kits; and oil filters and marine oil filters. The company also offers various performance products and accessories, such as filter wraps, cleaning accessories, custom assemblies and lids, top air filters, crankcase vent filters, covered crankcase vent filters and valve cover adapters, flow control air filter assemblies, filter minder, and marine products. In addition, it offers various accessories, including carbon fiber composites; snowmobile products; off-road, UMP air box, and VW carburetor air filters; fuel injection air boxes; injector stack filters; kart filters; plenums and weber adapter; custom air cleaners; industrial and small engine air filters; fuel injection line air filters; air horns; air filter accessories; scoop air filters and cone air filters; air/fuel ratio monitors; flywheel/rotor pullers; and fuel filters. The company offers its products to automotive, motorcycle, marine, industrial, and military markets. K&N Engineering, Inc. was founded in 1969 and is headquartered in Riverside, California with an additional office in Warrington, United Kingdom; and the Netherlands.


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    1. Zachary
      18 May, 2014
      The squeeze bottle is far superior to the spray. There is less waste and better placement of the oil on the filter with more control of amount and placement when re-oiling the filter. I had to order this online since the auto stores did not carry the squeeze bottle and never heard of it. I bought 2 bottles so as to have a spare on hand
    2. Michael D. Adams
      15 Nov, 2013
      This does the job. Don't use anything else and spray lightly a little goes along way. Clean your MAF Sensor each time you clean your filter for a boost of power and smooth idle. I have been using K&N now for over 10 years and put them in all of my vehicles race or stock. They work well for me.
    3. STAIT
      06 Mar, 2013
      This is an excellent deal if you have room to Keep it far cheaper than buying from auto store. i would recommend buying one Kit from the auto store so you can use these to refill the smaller bottles it makes it easier.
    4. A. Bello "seek knowledge over plain information"
      10 Apr, 2011
      The job of the K&N spray oil is to insure long life and good filtering qualities from your *intially* expensive air intake filter. So far my Volkswagen "plate" filter has been swapped onto a second MK4 Golf that I bought (this time a GTI), and in total the filter has been filtering over 120,000 kilometers of dust (some 75,000 miles) with no problems and no costlier (in the long run) OEM paper filtering media. Maybe that doesn't sound like a lot of miles in the States, but believe me, here in the year-round hot, humid, dusty, really dirty, pothole ridden and salty Caribbean roads, that is truly a lot. My car is turbocharged and is expected to suck in way more air than "normal" cars.NOTE: If intending on air delivery for this oil, I recommend instead buying the squeeze bottle. This aerosol can is registered as an explosive hazardous material NOT suitable for air shipping of any kind.
    5. Michael Ross
      12 Aug, 2008
      I clean my filter every 15k miles and I am still on my first kit that i have had for well over a year. It does a great job and the filter looks brand new sfter you have completed the clenaing process. Pays off for itself in no time. I would recomend to anyone!
    6. L. C. Lambert ""Motorhead""
      27 May, 2008
      This is a "must have" for any K&N filter or CIA kit. I even use K&N's kits for other "wet" air filters. If you want to getthe full life out of your K&N, this kit is a must-have. Remember to follow the instructions so as to not harm the filter element when cleaning.Cheers,Lance "Motorhead" Lambert[...]
    7. J. D. Desborough "Collectintexan"
      28 Mar, 2008
      This is the most economical way to purchase filter oil for your reusable air filters! Simply load into a squeeze bottle and apply. Beats the price at your local part stores any day. We have a K&N filter cleaning day where we invite the whole family over for a cook-out and clean everybody's filters! We also purchase the K&N air filter cleaner in the gallon jug!
    8. Steven Brown "computer engineer"
      16 Jun, 2007
      I love the squeeze bottle ... the aerosol bottle just sprays everywhere and is harder to control quantity and where it hits. It also seems harder to judge when you have applied to much, or too little.With the squeeze bottle, you simply apply an even amount along the ridges on both sides of the filter and allow time for the oil to soak down into the fibers of the filter.This way, you can start with a smaller amount and if it isn't enough to "soak to the middle" you know you need more, and can judge how much more based on how much you applied the first time and how much white space is left. After time, you start to get a good feel for the amount of oil needed to re-oil the filter.K&N filters are also specifically distributed with a spec sheet showing the amount of oil needed, and this information can also be viewed on the K&N website. For instance, my car's filter requires 1.24oz of oil to re-oil the filter.With the squeeze bottle it is...