Silicone Grease Energy Suspension

  • Features:
    • Versatile Waterproof Non-Melting Grease
    • Forms A Tough Durable Chemical Resistant Film
    • Prevents Metal-To-Metal Contact
  • Formula 5 Prelube is a versatile waterproof, non-melting grease. Formula 5 Prelube forms a tough, durable, Chemical Resistant film that prevents metal to metal contact even under severe shock loads.
  • Fitment Warning:
    • This is a Universal/Non Application Specific Product. To install this part, you made need to cut, weld, or make other modifications to your vehicle.
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Brand Energy Suspension
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Energy Suspension

  • Formula 5 Prelube
  • Formula 5 Prelube; 0.5 oz. Squirt Tubes; Qty. 3;
  • Company's initial decision over 25 years ago to specialize in polyurethane and only polyurethane, has established Energy Suspension as the most asked-for name in performance polyurethane components today. Characterized by the experienced as "As much an art - as it is a science", polyurethane continues to amaze the people who work with it. The complex and diverse nature of Energy's proprietary material requires our chemists to dedicate their constant attention to development. This devotion has produced the quality components that our customers continue to demand. With applications to fit most popular vehicles as well as a superb customer support network, ENERGY SUSPENSION is your first quality choice in performance polyurethane suspension components.

    Energy Suspension offers customers the finest polyurethane suspension components available in the marketplace today. Their policy of manufacturing in-house from the initial R and D stages, to chemical formulation, molding and final packaging allows us to control every aspect of the manufacturing process. This ability produces a genuine American-made product and gives customers absolute confidence in the ENERGY SUSPENSION name. Company pledged to continue to be Number One in quality, coverage and customer service because customers are Number One.


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    1. Marc Anthony Garcia
      27 Dec, 2013
      and works well as a poly bushing lube.I use this on my poly bushings on my tow rig, also in the re-buildable joints and conventional poly bushings in my jeep. It resists being displaced and is the best I have found so far.Make sure to be carful and do your prep-beforehand when using it because it makes a mess and sticks to everything (read: everything sticks to it and parts contaminate easily once it's applied). I put mine in a mini bulk load grease gun with a needle zerk tip and use disposable gloves.
    2. Angel
      06 Sep, 2013
      This branded formula of suspension grease is the best you can buy on the market for the price! It will outperform and marine or lithium grease that is very commonly used for suspension jobs on vehicles. I personally used lithium grease for sway bars bushings on my 2003.5 Mazdaspeed Protege and found myself re-greasing every 2-3 weeks. With Energy Suspension prelube grease, its been almost 2 months without having to re-grease my bushings. This is with drying on sunny days to rainy wet days. It really is a great product and I highly recommend this grease if you are trying to get rid of any squeaking noises caused by your suspension.
    3. roger
      11 Sep, 2012
      Rebuilt the steering and suspension on a 4X4. I was a going back and fourth about using rubber bushings or poly after reading many reviews saying that the poly bushings are very squeaky when cold. I believe that is because people are either not using grease at all or not using the correct grease. This is the correct grease. It is however VERY tacky and messy. I used this about 3 years ago and still have not heard a single squeak from the bushings.