1977 Buick Century Carburetor 8 Cyl 5.7L Holley

  • Features:
    • Vibratory Polished For Good Looks
    • Optimized Street Calibration That Works Out Of The Box
    • Factory Preset Electric Choke For Easy Startups
    • Quick Change Vacuum Housing Cap To Tune For Performance/Fuel Econ
    • No Unnecessary Trips Back To The Parts Store
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty
    • 100% Wet Flow Tested By Holley Technicians
    • Arrives Ready To Run
  • Street Avenger carburetors are known to bolt on right out of the box and have great features such as a quick change vacuum secondary for easy fine tuning; optimized street calibrations; four vacuum ports for all necessary vacuum accessories; factory preset electric choke for easy start ups; built-in fuel filters; and an included fuel line kit so there are no unnecessary trips back to the parts store. The Avenger series are the first carburetors to have a limited lifetime warranty. With a great warranty like that and the included comprehensive instruction manual, you can count on years of worry free service.

Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Block CC Engine Engine VIN CID
1977 Buick Century V 5733 8 Cyl 5.7L J 350
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$1,091.55 CAD
$1,309.86 CAD
Brand Holley
Part # H190-80770
Condition New
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  • 4 bbl; 770 cfm; Model 4150; Vacuum Secondary; Electric Choke; Gasoline; Dual Fuel Inlet; 1.688 in. Throttle Bore; Shiny Zinc Finish 1 Timed Spark Vacuum Port; 2 Full/1 PCV Vacuum Port~Straight Leg Booster
  • Street Avenger Carburetor; 4 bbl; 770 cfm; Model 4150; Vacuum Secondary; Electric Choke; Gasoline; Dual Fuel Inlet; 1.688 in. Throttle Bore; Shiny Zinc Finish;
  • Street Avenger Carburetor
  • General

    Primary Main Jet
    Primary Power Valve
    WARNING CA Proposition 65
    Fuel Type
    Throttle Bore
    1.688 In.
    WARNING CA Proposition 65 Message
    Warning: Cancer And Reproductive Harm - Www.p65warnings.ca.gov
    Booster Type
    Straight Leg
    Vacuum Port Quantity
    1 Timed (spark); 2 Full; 1 Pcv
    Secondary Type
    Supercharged Application
    Carburetor Type
    Fuel Inlet
    Square Bore
    Secondary Main Jet
    Without Egr


    package quantity
    8.35 lb
    Information on technical characteristics, the delivery set, the country of manufacture and the appearance of the goods is for reference only and is based on the latest information available at the time of publication.
    1. TY
      30 Dec, 2014
    2. ajones
      30 Dec, 2014
      Did NOT work for my Holley 2300 Carb on my IH Scout (1968-ish 304 V8 engine). The diameter is much too small, but the length was correct. The product description had the 2300 listed as a compatible product, however.
    3. plinkerman
      25 Nov, 2014
      First time ever that I got a plug and play carb that really worked that way. Hook it up and it worked the first time and didn't have to do anything but adjust the idle just a little bit. Been running good every since. This was a change over from a Rochester 2 barrow to this holley 2300 350cfm and it did require an adapter plate and was a real improvement for my 225 cu in dodge slant six. Added a manual choke kit but so far has started up without it even in cold weather, just a couple of pumps on the throttle and it cranks right over and starts, stays running until warmed up. I love this setup!
    4. Mike
      29 Aug, 2014
      Friend has this carb and told me about about it for my 79 ford f250 4x4 with a 460. Bolted it on and works great. Engine breathes much better. More performance (dropped my gas mileage though) all in all a great buy.
    5. Rodney Witt
      15 Aug, 2014
      Awesome carbutator!
    6. hector salazar
      20 Jul, 2014
      Excellent carburetor, I installed it on my 2005 Larson Senza 203 boat, I am very impressed on how well it runs now, it idles very well, and it has a lot more power, the boat performs as well as it did when it was brand new.
    7. Pilar Enneper "Pilar L Enneper"
      07 Jun, 2014
      Works well .
    8. Roger Erickson
      08 Mar, 2014
      I owned one like it before on my high performance big truck with a 5.0 V-8 in a Ford Ranger pickup with bored out racing engine. Forged pistons, high lift cam. My top speed 105+ mph, and 11 secs. in a 1/4 mile. need I say more.
    9. Tim
      05 Feb, 2014
      If you are running a carburetor then look no further than Holley!Over the years I have used many different brands but Holley delivers everything I need in performance hands down!unless you are going to fuel injection the truck avenger is worth every penny.
    10. OGZ
      02 Jan, 2014
      Fantastic plug and play carb for the International 345 in my 78 Scout. Only two vacuum lines needed...no emissions testing where I live so I was able to remove all smog controls and greatly simplify the routing. My stock throttle and kickdown cable assembly bolted right up, no adjustments needed. Added Holley electronic choke kit and Holley gasket 108-52, both highly recommended for easy startups and to protect the carb from heat far better than the stock gasket.Night and day difference between the stock Holley 2210 and this 7448! It feels like a completely different truck. Very well worth the money.
    11. Stuart Trent Shepherd
      24 Oct, 2013
      Awesome purchase. Put on and no adjusting and great performance. Just what the dr ordered. Would order from them all over again.
    12. Team Funnel
      18 Sep, 2013
      Old carb was badly corroded on boat. Bought this one, installation was difficult because the gas line was in a different position. Started and ran in the driveway. Went to the lake and it started and ran good untill I shut it off. Would not start. Gas was pooring into the manifold from the carb. Got a tow back to the launch. Removed the float bowl and blew air into the gas line thinking somthing was causing the valve to hang up. Havent tried it since. I hope that fixes it.
    13. Scott
      28 Aug, 2013
      Works great on my 454 engine in my 21' Ultra Boat. I highly recommend this product, has not let me down.
    14. nicholas a. ours
      20 Aug, 2013
      very nice carb, lots of cool features for simple tuning, would have given 5stars but bowls were not as shiny as I would have liked. but great product, looks good on my tunnelram
    15. SB
      09 Jun, 2013
      Unboxed it, installed it, and my car runs great.I was upgrading from a 600cfm holley unit and didn't expect that I would need to buy the $50 fuel rail.This unit has two fuel inlet ports, you will need to split off your fuel lines somehow to get to both of them. The holley rail looks nice and has a provision for a fuel gauge, but I noticed there are cheaper off-brand alternatives.
    16. S. Maldonado "smal86"
      02 May, 2013
      The Husband bought this carb to put in his truck and he has had a great time working on both the truck and the carb. It works great according to The Husband.
    17. aakhunter
      30 Mar, 2013
      JJust right for my application bolt on and go only a little adjusting done. Packaged very well and good warranty information.
    18. Jess Galiher
      21 Dec, 2012
      Bought this for my 68 327 chevy. Used a weiand street warrior manifold. Great carb for a dual plane manifold. Super smooth, very happy with the Holley.
    19. Jeff Speicher
      17 Dec, 2012
      looks good mounted on any muscle car engine good street and strip application runs good right out of the box.
    20. jordan
      15 Aug, 2011
      i had a 600 edelbrock Performer 600 on my 355 and it just didnt have the get up that i wanted .this carb changed everything performance, style, and setup. i love this carb easy to put on too. i would recommend this carb to anyone.
    21. Mike M
      11 Jul, 2011
      1970 K5 Blazer 307CI. The 450 Truck Avenger worked a lot better than 650 Spread Bores or 600 Edebrock. I think the key is most of the time is spent at low RPMs, and the smaller carb really improves starting and low RRM response and torque.
    22. Uranus Speaks "Uranus"
      23 Sep, 2010
      Nothing much to say if you're familiar with Holley carburators. The one I purchased expectedly lives up to their long-time great reputation. This specific Holley has mechanical secondaries, and as such I immediately noticed substantially improved throttle response Vs. the Vacuum secondary model the new Holley replaced.Secondly, AutoPartsWAY surprisingly provided this carburator at a savings of around $40 over several other sellers ($30 less cost and free shipping).Considering it's a Holley and receiving it at a cost around 10 percent less than the best popular sellers, that's a great deal.
    23. 40ft jersey
      21 Feb, 2010
      This is not a direct replacemnt for a quadrajet/spreadbore on a crusader 454 or 350 engine without modifications. The gas fitting is not the same size and you will need an adapter. The throtle bracket will need to be lenghtend 1" so you need a welder. And last and not least, the right front bolt is impossible to tighten with a wrench. It is under the bowl and even with the linkage removed it sucks.
    24. Edward Thomas
      05 Sep, 2009
      I bought this to replace the carb on my 1960 International Harvester B110 truck. The old one on the 266 v8 had a broken throttle plate and needed a rebuild in the worst way so I figured I should just buy a new one. Puting it on was pretty easy; the only issue there was is that the fuel line and choke cable inpute are on the other side compaired to the older 2300 models. As for tuning, the idle mixture seemed to be spot on, the only thing I adjusted was the float level, it was a bit low. The carb runns great, I expected it to be way too rich for for my 266 but it turned out to be perfect at 44ft above sea level. If you have heat issues, you may want to swing by Napa and buy a thicker mounting gasket with a bowl heat sheild as the one that comes in the box is paper thin.
    25. Andy R. Barela "ARB"
      13 Dec, 2007
      Received 1st carb. and it was nothing but trouble, it was bogging when accelerated and would idle very hi and could not be adjusted. Since it was under warranty I sent it back and received the other one a few days later. It was also sticking on hi idle, but it would run great on the road so I decided to keep it and fixed problem by filing down linkage on auto choke side of carb. Carb now runs great and has not given me any problems since. Thanks AutoPartsWAY for the quick and easy return on first product.