1991 Toyota MR2 Fuel Filter NPN

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Vehicle Prod. Date Range
1991 Toyota MR2 Fr:01-00-90
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Brand NPN
Part # NPN1621393
Condition New
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  • Production: 01/1990-
  • In Line with Bracket

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    1. Cosa
      06 Dec, 2014
      The fuel filter looks identical to the original 20yr old original filter it replaced. The new filter included two new crush washers needed for proper installation.The one caveat is that while AutoPartsWAY stated the filter works on a 1994 ES300, I didn't notice the "Notes: Production: 08/1994-" my 1994 was produced in 9/1993. The included mounting bracket underwent a design change which will not work on the older production models. For earlier models, the proper mounting bracket is included with filter W0133-1628511-NPN.Luckily one can remove and reuse the old mounting bracket on the new filter just fine.I was surprised at the amount of black gritty debris that came out of the 20yr old filter after it was removed and drained before disposal. I have noticed no difference in fuel economy or performance with the new filter.