1995 AM General Hummer Fuel Filter 8 Cyl 5.7L Fram

This Part Fits the Following OEM/Substitute Numbers:
23300-11090, FF636, G6371, GF254, GF660, GF892

Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Block CC Engine CID
1995 AM General Hummer V - 8 Cyl 5.7L 350
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$24.02 CAD
$28.82 CAD
Brand Fram
Part # F24G3727
Condition New
Warehouse B


  • FRAM, G3727, Fuel Filter
  • Unit box product In-Line Fuel Filter
  • FRAM
  • FRAM Filtration produces a wide variety of quality oil filters, air filter and fuel filters, as well as many other automotive components such as PCV valves, crankcase filters and transmission modulators. With research and development, manufacturing, and marketing locations in North America, FRAM employs state-of-the-art process controls and automated inspection equipment's to assure that their auto parts are made to meet rigorous internal and customer requirements. Some plants have also earned a number of quality certifications including ISO 14001 and ISO/QS 9000. Today FRAM is known as America's number one oil filter brand, and the FRAM team continues to manufacture and market a variety of quality oil, air and fuel filters, as well as many automotive accessories such as PCV valves, crankcase filters and transmission modulators.


    Fuel Type
    Primary Or Secondary
    Inlet Outside Diameter
    Mounting Type
    Outlet Outside Diameter
    16mm X 1.5mm
    Fitting Type


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    package quantity
    2.41 in
    2.41 in
    4.60 in
    0.35 lb
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    1. 29 May, 2018
      good fit and excellent quality
    2. tnpfan
      05 May, 2015
      Works fine.
    3. Taylor Calhoun
      26 Apr, 2015
      Worked perfectly for my 2008 F150. The filter arrived quickly and I was able to get this changed in a few minutes. There is a tool required to free the original filter so do look into that. I used a screwdriver and some tips from a YouTube search. I have only had the filter installed a few days but no problems so far.
    4. Shane
      18 Apr, 2015
      Item fit , good price
      06 Apr, 2015
      thanks outstanding part great price and fast shipping great seller
    6. Dan
      05 Apr, 2015
      Nice Quality Product. It came complete with joining clips and ant-static wire, I would have rated it 5 Star except for the fact that the unit that I received was maybe meant for a short wheelbase vehicle whereas I have the long wheelbase so had to stretch things to make it fit.
    7. Robert Garcia
      01 Apr, 2015
      I just installed this in my 1997 Nissan Altima, so far is good. The installation was super easy. I haven't really done any driving with it as I just installed this recently. From reviews that I've read, this filter seems to be top notch. I'm sure it will do its job.
    8. Karl Ernst
      21 Mar, 2015
      A good filter to replace that old funky one. I'm sure mine was nasty inside.
    9. scout
      02 Mar, 2015
      Good product good price
    10. NobodySpecial
      02 Mar, 2015
      I used this as a replacement for the stock filter on an Arctic Cat 660 snowmobile. Perfect fit! FAR cheaper than the dealer part.
    11. Armen
      12 Feb, 2015
      Very best!!!!!
    12. Joe
      29 Jan, 2015
      Perform maintenance on my vehicle and found these here at much better price. Arrived quickly and now good for couple of years.
    13. tvdonkey
      29 Jan, 2015
    14. Pete Adams
      27 Dec, 2014
      Good fit, may be an easy install with getting drenched in fuel.
    15. raulm.
      17 Dec, 2014
      Excellent quality and very fast shipping.Thanks
    16. James B Deatsch
      11 Dec, 2014
      I disdain Fram but how bad can they screw up a fuel filter?
    17. Max Harlan
      01 Dec, 2014
      Used on a Diesel Massey Ferguson Tractor. Fit well.
    18. Austin Bergerson
      27 Nov, 2014
      Worked good
    19. R. Stoffel
      19 Nov, 2014
      Fit perfectly!! Exact replacement for stock fuel filter.
    20. ShallNOTBeInfringed
      19 Nov, 2014
      Cheaper than the wix.
    21. Al
      26 Oct, 2014
      The correct part.
    22. RagenRat "A man's only as good as his word !!"
      05 Oct, 2014
      FRAM G8219 In-Line Fuel FilterVery nice part and quality made you will not be unhappy with this purchase, works great as the manufacturer intended.I have been using mine for some time now and it's still working GREAT :-)Buy with confidence.RagenRat
    23. Plain Truth
      30 Sep, 2014
      Fit perfectly.
    24. Bobby Duncan
      14 Sep, 2014
      I know Fram products well and trust them. Great service from the seller too!
    25. Snugglebutt
      10 Sep, 2014
      Fit our truck perfectly..already running much better! now just to get the fuel pump i will be good to go!
    26. Kenneth S.
      27 Aug, 2014
      It's a fuel filter that fits my 82 320i
    27. Fernando Espindola
      08 Aug, 2014
      Worked perfect for my 97 Toyota Camry- 4-cylinder model with 175K and still running. It's not easy to do it yourself thanks to the location- I would recommend let a pro do it? This could be deemed "knuckle buster"
    28. ben
      30 Jul, 2014
      Fram knows this filter does not come with the correct clips that's because they are usually a dealer item that cost $6 at Ford don't try to file down the clips they give you the line will pop off and leave you stranded or cause a fire auto tech for 20 years.
    29. Daveyland
      30 Jul, 2014
      its a fuel filter
    30. Rod Zabel
      27 Jul, 2014
      right part
    31. thebestjaspreet
      18 Jul, 2014
      A filter worth its price. I was experiencing some loss of power and fuel mileage was getting low. I changed plugs etc and try a lot of tuning etc but when this filter was installed replacing stock filter, the 2000 Camry was responding like a Ferrari and it was a significant improvement in engine performance which will help in better mileage also.Shall appreciate the improvement in mileage also.A good product by FRAM for 2000 Camry LE .Will buy again for next periodic change.
    32. Ricardo Santorsa
      14 Jul, 2014
      VERY VERY GOOD!!!!!
    33. cj
      13 Jul, 2014
      its a filter it works
    34. Rudolf P. Koger
      10 Jul, 2014
      Met expectations
    35. TheTerrorBeyond
      23 Jun, 2014
      Do yourself a favor and save some money by replacing your fuel filter at home. The installation is very easy, as there are two hoses that clip onto the filter via specialized clips.Here's how to replace the filter on a Chevrolet Trailblazer:This is much easier to do if you jack the car up and support it on jack stands.1. Open the hood and remove fuse 41 (fuel pump fuse).2. Start the car and let it stall out.3. Attempt to start the car a few more times to drain the line.4. Remove the negative battery terminal.5. Put a pan under the fuel filter (located on the driver's side of the car, in line with the gas tank - almost under the driver's seat).6. Reach under the car and press the tabs in the holes in the plastic clip assembly on the gas lines. A little gas WILL drain, so BE SURE that there is NO flame ANYWHERE near the car, and ensure that nobody is smoking or anything.7. Let the fuel drain, then reach back under...
    36. Christopher Galus
      16 Jun, 2014
      I am happy that it installed easy and had no problems since. Good price and it showed up fast enough for me.
    37. Barry "Kinau"
      09 Jun, 2014
      It's a shame that the description didn't include the outside diameter of the inlet and outlet filter pipes. It would have been helpful to know if the filter would fit into either 5/16 or 1/4-inch inside diameter fuel lines.
    38. Knight Music Limited
      13 May, 2014
      Great product, good quality, fit and price. Absolutely must do replace when changing the fuel pump. Would highly recommend over off brands.
    39. jv
      07 May, 2014
      too bad that i never had a chance to use this filter on my car due to a car engine that went bad
    40. Thomas Rhoades
      05 May, 2014
      Love me some Fram.... It proceeds its Rep... i highly recomend Fram.... Go G Go Fram... Yay! Woot Woot.. HaHa
    41. B-MAN
      19 Mar, 2014
      I recommend replacing these fuel filters every 30,000 miles. If you do so, it will be a lot easier to replace due to corrosion issues.
    42. Matt arriola
      17 Mar, 2014
      Just replace, super easy, just gassy and intoxicating. Outside job. Or open garage. So cheap.. good to know your fuel filter is handled, and clean!
    43. Loreliza S. Painter
      12 Mar, 2014
      It will fit fine but it is bare metal/not painted. The tractor it will be used on is stored outdoors. I am sure it will rust up pretty quickly which will not effect it performance but will effect it service life. Why is it not painted orange as pictured? I will most likely have to break out a can of paint and give it a coat before installing so I do not worry about it rusting through.
    44. Abraham G.
      08 Mar, 2014
      Everything was great... It came on time and the price was great!!! And it was cool that they sent new screws with the items :)
    45. Boomer
      08 Mar, 2014
      Pretty simple filter. Tube can accommodate 5mm or 7mm fuel line hose. Buy a bunch so shipping doesn't kill you
    46. Cody
      08 Feb, 2014
      Came as described. Would gladly order another if I needed. The old one I took off finally stopped up on my 1997 Expedition after 312,000 miles. Not bad for factory equipment. :D
    47. Matty B
      17 Nov, 2013
      Worked on my 1999 Hyundai elantra. It has been installed for over a month with no leaks and it seems to work ok.
    48. Forrest
      14 Nov, 2013
      Perfect fit and function for my '91 Honda CRX Si. Easy installation. The engine, she's purrin' like a kitten, Cap'n.
    49. Evan C. Ahrens
      07 Nov, 2013
      It's a fuel filter, not much else to say. Fram has the quality you would expect for maintenance items.my go to choice.
    50. George Leroy Tirebiter
      01 Nov, 2013
      The location of this filter was on top of everything and easily accessed. That made buying this filter a pretty straight forward project. The filter looks well constructed and heavy duty. The stock hoses are tough to get off from being on so long. Make sure you lube the inside of them when you put them back on so the next owner can remove them easier than you did.
    51. mike
      18 Oct, 2013
      What can I say?!!? It's a fuel filter and it fits on my 1966 Oldsmobile Cutlass 4 bbl Quadrajet, It works.
    52. Skys2
      12 Sep, 2013
      It's an fuel filter . . it fits my ride and it's decent quality . . sad to say will have to toss it away in 10 or 15k miles
    53. Loves to troubleshoot
      02 Sep, 2013
      buy this one. you will have to torq down gas lines and this one can take it.heavy duty base , body , and bolt lugs
    54. Bobby McGee
      23 Aug, 2013
      Was the correct part and worked like a filter should. FYI, if you are using this on a 97 Kia Sephia, good luck disconnecting the bottom hose... a simple filter change took almost an hour, need to reach it from the bottom of the car between the firewall and engine.
    55. David B. Guenin
      22 Aug, 2013
      This product was perfect for my '94 Cutlass. Quick and easy to install. I will definitely stick with Fram for my fuel filters in the future.
    56. Antonio R McLeary
      13 Aug, 2013
      My original fuel filter is seated in a holder bolted to the passenger side engine compartment fender well. The new filter housing is slightly different and does not have the same 'snug' OEM fit of the FRAM filter I replaced. Odd as it carries the same product number (?). Although I am sure the quality is fine and that the filter will function as required, I may just bite the financial bullet on my next tune up and purchase the filter from the dealership. I try to stay away from 'bending' or 'adjusting' things too much as my vehicle is 27 years old.
    57. AutoPartsWAY Customer
      11 Aug, 2013
      Put this in a 96 Jeep Cherokee. Fit just fine and I'm guessing it is filtering like it's supposed to because my car is still running
    58. rob
      05 Aug, 2013
      The filter arrived in the time frame advertised. It was in good shape. It's in the car and working well. Thanks for the great service.
    59. James Joseph Ward
      02 May, 2013
      Fram filters supply priceless protection of your fuel system.Use of this product helps you avoid costly repairs. Highly recommended.
    60. Vic
      26 Apr, 2013
      This fuel filter assembly was for a 1995 Saturn SL2. I purchased it because it cost a lot less than the one from the dealer. It fit right in and there were no issues.
    61. neil haytonn a hayton
      08 Mar, 2013
      you where the only company who would post goods by mail instead of expensive courier many thanks for your service neil
    62. Mr. Phun "Don"
      06 Mar, 2013
      This was a perfect replacement fit for my 91 Honda civic si. Just be careful when removing the old one. I broke a Banjo fitting on the fuel pipe the comes from the firewall. Had to have one made up(100.00). Other then my Own mistake this is a very good filter.
    63. hawaiiannovice
      03 Mar, 2013
      Fits a 2000 Toyota Sienna. Located under the airfilter housing. Can only fit one way so no improper installation can be done. The inlet will not fit the outlet. Will order again. Carton says to replace every 15,000 miles. AutoPartsWAY saves me a trip to driving to a auto parts store.
    64. subwo "Subwo"
      13 Feb, 2013
      Changing out the fuel filter IAW the owner's manual on my car is the reason that my car still drives great with 250,000 miles on it.
    65. richard bradshaw
      06 Feb, 2013
      Perfect fit, easy to change on my 95 Jeep Cherokee. I would recommend this to anyone, saved me time and gas money going into town to an auto parts store. I live in a rural area 15 miles from nearest store.
    66. JJ
      31 Jan, 2013
      The fram C1191A' s on my engines are FUEL. filters, not air filters. So if I order these here, will I get the correct part?
    67. juan hernandez
      28 Jan, 2013
      our fuel pump for our '99 dodge grand caravan needed changing its recommended you change the filter when you change the pump for our dodge we had to abuse the pipe on the van that the long hose goes to because it was 6 inches too short
    68. fracosobx
      23 Dec, 2012
      exactly as described and received quickly. what else can i say when the product is what i wanted with satisfaction
    69. M. Morine "Kukaepe"
      12 Dec, 2012
      This fuel filter is the correct one for my 1978 FIAT 124 Spider. It is a universal filter and will probably work on many older carburetor equipped cars with smaller engines/fuel lines. Nice that it is clear as you can see if it is getting dirty and time to replace it.
    70. Rick in Va Beach
      10 Nov, 2012
      This FRAM filter replaced a GM fuel filter that failed mechanically and leaked from the forward (outlet) side. After removing the GM filter, 2 O-rings and 2 plastic ring size pieces, which are an integral part of the GM filter, stayed on the fuel line. That explained the reason for the GM leak. Hopefully, FRAM will hold up better.
    71. Aerofool625
      03 Nov, 2012
      Installed on my '87 RX-7. Autozone doesn't carry it, neither does Advanced Auto, and neither does NAPA. Fit perfectly. Installed about 5 months ago.
    72. gio
      23 Oct, 2012
      Product fitted for just a month. Build quality and design seems to match my original fuel filter that was replaced. Product was Made in Israel. So far, it's not creating any problems. Fuel mileage seems higher and engine has less rough idling. Just can't believe this only cost $15.
    73. Steven T. Snyder
      05 Sep, 2012
      This filter fit my 2001 Subaru Outback 2.5L perfectly. The black painted (powdercoated?) finish is nice, and seems to resist gasoline (as it should!).The only issue I noticed is that the inlet tube dust cap was split when the filter arrived. It was possible for dirt or other particles to get in while being stored or shipped. However, it was the inlet side so it doesn't matter. The dust caps are discarded before installation.
    74. Gary A. Adams
      31 Jul, 2012
      Filter arrived in 3 days, and was much better quality than the Israel made products available at the local parts stores.
    75. SoCalBiker
      20 May, 2012
      It fits and works fine but it is not the OEM style fuel filter that you remove from your vehicle. This is a silver slender style filter. Regardless it gets the job done.
    76. Larry D. Lemacks
      29 Apr, 2012
      The gas filter came fast and was what I order. It fit good and it looks like it will last a long time.
    77. Gearz
      30 Mar, 2012
      Fram always has made a good filter and the quality is also very good for the price.I looked up the OEM part for the vehicle and it was double the price.
    78. Richard Lee
      19 Mar, 2012
      I'm giving it four stars because I'm sure this would work well if I can ever change it. Gave up after 20 mins of deciding how I was going to remove the old one. The filter is mounted on the firewall in my Eclipse. You will need long arms, good quality flare wrenches and a third hand once you remove everything that surrounds it. This includes the intake inlet. Standing on a stool, dove into the open space and did everything possible I could but couldn't get the darn lines off.
    79. RickM
      18 Mar, 2012
      Perfect fit/replacement for OEM filter. While a small pair of pliers was helpful at releasing the special fuel connectors consider purchasing special fitting tool if working with fuel lines is a regular occurrence.
    80. Surferguyzzz
      14 Jan, 2012
      This Fram P8043 Fuel Filter fits the Cummins Diesel Engine on my CASE 580L Backhoe, and some other Cummins Engines. AutoPartsWAY saved me a trip to local automotive store that might or might not have this needed filter, saving time, and money!
    81. Frank M. Centa "FMCenta"
      03 Oct, 2011
      I purchased this filter to replace the existing filter because I changed the fuel pump. It installed easily with no leaks. Recommend to all mechanics to replace their fuel filters whenever an in-tank fuel pump is replaced.
    82. HBCUScholar
      14 Aug, 2011
      I bought this fram fuel filter for a bargain and it was the only place I could find this model that I need for my Toyota Camry 2001.It was shipped fast,boxed properly, and it didn't have a single defect. I will now shop at AutoPartsWAY for more of my auto parts needs
    83. Bayside_Master
      27 Jul, 2011
      Its the right one for My car & less than half the price of Autozone or Advanced Auto Parts so great deal.
    84. J. Shanks
      23 Jul, 2011
      I am glad to be able to order parts from AutoPartsWAY...I usually save several dollars compared to the local parts store and the free shipping makes it even better.
    85. Colerex "Cole."
      21 Jan, 2011
      This filter is made in Israel and i buy any filter over ones made in China. Quality is very good comparing to other filters i used in the past, i was trying to find Bosch filter but i guess they don't sell them anymore because no one have them.