1995 Ford F-250 Air Filter 8 Cyl 7.3L Fram

This Part Fits the Following OEM/Substitute Numbers:
25099849, 33-2062-1, A1236C, AE8127, AF1236, AF25742, MB-906051, PZA-226

Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Block CC Engine CID
1995 Ford F-250 V - 8 Cyl 7.3L 445
1 In Stock
Best Price:

$46.94 CAD
$56.33 CAD
Brand Fram
Part # F24CA7438
Condition New
Warehouse B


  • FRAM, CA7438, H.D. Air Filter
  • Oval Air Filter
  • FRAM
  • FRAM Filtration produces a wide variety of quality oil filters, air filter and fuel filters, as well as many other automotive components such as PCV valves, crankcase filters and transmission modulators. With research and development, manufacturing, and marketing locations in North America, FRAM employs state-of-the-art process controls and automated inspection equipment's to assure that their auto parts are made to meet rigorous internal and customer requirements. Some plants have also earned a number of quality certifications including ISO 14001 and ISO/QS 9000. Today FRAM is known as America's number one oil filter brand, and the FRAM team continues to manufacture and market a variety of quality oil, air and fuel filters, as well as many automotive accessories such as PCV valves, crankcase filters and transmission modulators.


    Outer Diameter Top
    12.98 (major)
    Inside Diameter
    Inside Diameter Top
    9.67 (major)
    Bottom Inside Diameter
    Flexible or Rigid
    Grade Type
    Outside Diameter
    Outer Diameter Bottom


    bar code
    package quantity
    6.54 in
    6.26 in
    13.26 in
    2.00 lb
    Information on technical characteristics, the delivery set, the country of manufacture and the appearance of the goods is for reference only and is based on the latest information available at the time of publication.
    1. Robert Huard
      30 Jan, 2024
    2. 15 Apr, 2018
      very good price for quality
    3. Douglas B. Wilcox "Old Handyman"
      30 Apr, 2015
      Product was exactly as described. Name brand and fits as designed. Price much better than can be found locally.
    4. Bloose
      25 Apr, 2015
      Over the years I have become less and less of a Fram fan. I'm starting to change my opinion though. I've always felt that for disposable air filters, Fram's are decent. I've moved to oiled cotton gauze air filters in many cases though. I think though, for stock applications where the extra air flow really isn't important, it's hard to beat a good disposable air filter. I think they will trap more and smaller particles than a cotton gauze filter.What has changed my mind about Fram filters in general are their oil filters but this isn't really a review about oil filters.
    5. Louis Mednick "Lou In Reno"
      23 Apr, 2015
      It's a Fram. It does what it's intended to do.
    6. Philip T
      17 Apr, 2015
      It's an air filter, no issues so far.
    7. SL1M in Florida
      11 Apr, 2015
      Just as described damaged box but new filter for a few dollars in savings. The whole concept of needing to spend 9 - 14 dollars every 4-6 months in order to get better gas mileage is kind of bitter but still a necessity. This filter works like oem without gm's patents. It was an easy buy for me. highly recommend and would advise you to look at yours. Just hope yours doesn't look as brown looking as mine did before replacing.
    8. B-MAC
      08 Apr, 2015
      fits perfect in 2008 kia sorento lx
    9. John
      07 Apr, 2015
      This did not fit my 2011 Dodge Journey. The 'fit checker' said it did. Beware.
    10. Andrew
      05 Apr, 2015
      I have used Fram products for 35 years and they have never failed. Always fit right and a great value.
    11. David n doan
      31 Mar, 2015
      Fit perfectly in my s40 2000.
      29 Mar, 2015
      Perfect fit for my 1997 F-250 7.3 Powerstroke
    13. B. McColley
      25 Mar, 2015
      Exactly what I needed. I wasn't sure if I would find the filter I needed at the store so I ordered via AutoPartsWAY. I'm glad I did.
    14. Ron Riley
      22 Mar, 2015
      Installed a couple of thousand miles ago, all is well. I've used FRAM filters in the past, never had a problem.
    15. MARSHA Z.
      21 Mar, 2015
      Good price and seems to work. Engine is running stronger with the new filter. Used on a 65 mustang aftermarket air cleaner.
    16. ontarget "_.O._"
      21 Mar, 2015
      As boring as it may be to review an automobile air intake filter, I just want to say that it fit right it without any issues. I'm really not a serious motorhead, so I can't tell you whether it has improved the engine's breathability by 10% and increased horsepower by 5%. Nevertheless, I have used Fram air filters in the past and am sure that this will work just fine.
    17. Ray
      09 Mar, 2015
      Improved car intake as advertised
    18. Bobkat Enterprises
      25 Feb, 2015
      perfect fit and quality
    19. VG "VG"
      25 Feb, 2015
      Good product
    20. Dj Smiley Of Las Vegas "Smiley"
      23 Feb, 2015
      Had it for two years in my 01 expedition i just changed it and it didnt look half bad being in a desert enviorment the inside was spotless and it did what its suppose to do.had my car for 3 years and i replaced first one when i bought suv and after a year was so dirty i dont think good airflow was getting to engine now with this yellow cone its not like paper that gets flimsy and clogged with dirt it repells it and idk if thats a good or bad thing but my engine always had good power starts up strong and when i changed it gets a couple more miles per gallon.worth the extra 5 bucks
    21. Disney Nut
      20 Feb, 2015
      I have these on my subscribe and save so I make sure I change my car air filer and not forget about it. Fits my 2003 Explorer perfectly.
    22. "PRO:MOD"
      19 Feb, 2015
      Filter as described....great price and fast shipping....and that all equals up to AutoPartsWAY standards!, you cant go wrong with buying any Fram product as have used them for over 40 plus years!, perfect fit on my '99 Chevy Suburban C1500 5.7 V8 gas engine!, And unlike someone stated on a review there filter was black, this filter came to me as pictured in the Fram orange tradional color on the rubber parts....never seen a black Fram air filter!, AutoPartsWAY beat any local stores price by almost $8 and i didnt have to go get it...which saved money...and with AutoPartsWAY prime it was free 2-day shipping! Thanx a million again AutoPartsWAY!
    23. TGS "bhiveman"
      19 Feb, 2015
      Great buy and an exact fit.
    24. NT
      17 Feb, 2015
      Can't remember which vehicle I got this for. Whichever one it was, they are all working fine, so its good.
    25. David Ronquillo
      15 Feb, 2015
      Excellent product. Fast delivery.
    26. michael d
      15 Feb, 2015
      fits fine
    27. Logan M. Tanner
      14 Feb, 2015
      Cheap and perfect.
    28. Paul J.
      12 Feb, 2015
      I got this Fram extra guard air filter CA7730 for my Mustang, for important routine maintenance, to keep up my car's performance. And I this one was from AutoPartsWAY's warehouse deals, a new filter, with a little box damage. A great place for a bargain.
    29. WP Hurst
      08 Feb, 2015
      Excellent transaction, Quick delivery, Product as stated. Highly recommended!
      07 Feb, 2015
    31. The dude
      29 Jan, 2015
      Fits the car i bough it for, AutoPartsWAY makes it easy for me to get the right parts with its garage feature.
    32. Sam Arnold
      29 Jan, 2015
      Quality Fram filter
    33. Issam Soweif
      28 Jan, 2015
      Tanks A+
    34. Chipper "Chipper"
      03 Jan, 2015
      Have been using these Fram CA6690 filters for a 2004 Toyota 4Runner for a few years now; seem to be as good as OEM... engine's not complaining.
    35. ron novak
      31 Dec, 2014
      No issues, works as it should. Hard to find in auto stores near me
    36. Scott C "vintage bikes"
      30 Dec, 2014
      Hard for me to say 'I love it' because it's a run-of-the-mill maintenance item, but it's sturdily built and sized perfectly (the car I need it for requires it to fit perfectly because the outside of the filter is exposed, so any gaps could result in a wet filter).
    37. Frankie
      30 Dec, 2014
      I drive a 2005 Chevy classic/malibu, and it fit my car just fine. I don't know what the other guy was talking about, it's not bigger, just the corners are squared, while the original malibu filters are rounded. Even with this, it still fits with a little elbow grease, and some optimism.
    38. Daniel Salgado
      27 Dec, 2014
    39. Jorge
      22 Dec, 2014
      Not as good as a Mann Filter. But it still does the job.
    40. robert arick
      22 Dec, 2014
      as discribed
    41. David Roddick
      20 Dec, 2014
      Perfect fit for my mustang and the price was hard to beat. Some folks want to complain about Fram products but I have never had a single problem with any Fram filter and I've been using them for 25+ years.
    42. B. Cohen
      10 Dec, 2014
      Works as expected and replaced the old filter with no problem, highly recommended.
    43. victor Rodriguez
      10 Dec, 2014
      Works well and catches lots of debris as well as helps to maintain good gas mileage.
    44. '98 Camry Driver
      05 Dec, 2014
      I live on a gravel road 1/8 mile long, where I sometimes have to drive in gritty dust, coming and going ... it gradually rises up to coat my engine compartment with shiny grey dirt, rock dust. And when the engine is not yet warm, it's temperature sensor and valve directs air intake to be pulled up from the exhaust manifold area, down lower on the car's engine, closer to the dust coming up off the tires and road. Also there's a lot of pollen here in the Spring & Summer which helps clog it up. So I use upgraded air filter changes, every 10-15,000 miles, BEFORE I can actually see a lot of dirt on the paper. If I see some dirty areas begin to appear in the bottoms of the folds, for me it's time to change. I'm sure it's mostly nano-grit trying to get through. Maybe I'm obsessive but my 16-yr-old engine is still very tight, perhaps as a result of this and other upgraded maintenance intervals.Some people claim that a filter can filter better when it's becoming dirty ... dirt...
    45. RoHo
      05 Dec, 2014
      works great,,,at a great price
    46. Dad in Alaska
      05 Dec, 2014
      I replace my filters every 6 months here. $10 x 2 / year x 10 years = $200. Engine rebuild $2,000.Do the math.
    47. Michael Freebird
      22 Nov, 2014
      great filter. Cheaper than Walmart!
    48. KL
      22 Nov, 2014
      This filter does an excellent job, in my opinion. Consistent Fram quality. I change my filter twice a year to keep things from clogging up (my vehicle has slightly less than average mileage). I really like the Fram brand. I use their oil filters, too.
    49. Nicholas Hopkins
      12 Nov, 2014
      I had no trouble installing this and it worked as it was designed to do.I do not think anyone would have any problems.
    50. Steven G Antisdel
      12 Nov, 2014
      Good price, I love that i can get everything on AutoPartsWAY!!!
    51. Sweet Sam
      03 Nov, 2014
      Ordered this for my aging Isuzu Rodeo. Exactly the right size. A good bargain, too!
    52. John Timmermeyer
      24 Oct, 2014
      fast shipping product work and does what its suppose to do
    53. George Santos "George Santos"
      24 Oct, 2014
      What can I say, it's an air filter. It fit my 2012 Nissan Frontier just fine. it didn't catch on fire. it didn't choke up my engine. so I'm happy with it
    54. this guy
      23 Oct, 2014
      Its an air filter. I don't know what else to say about it. From is a good but standard trustworthy brand.
    55. Lance
      22 Oct, 2014
      Seems to work fine for a 95 Camry. Very good deal with AutoPartsWAY's Save and Subscribe deal. Got this for less than $8 (and that's WITH CA sales tax).Will most likely purchase again when the time comes to change the filter again.
    56. BEK DARR
      20 Oct, 2014
      great product
    57. Art
      11 Oct, 2014
      Excellent no problem
    58. T
      09 Oct, 2014
      Good Product OEM fit for 1996 Dodge Dakota 3.9 liter
    59. n2padres "Marc"
      06 Oct, 2014
      Perfect fit and great price with coupon. Better than going to local auto parts store!
    60. James C. Kirby "audio guy"
      06 Oct, 2014
    61. robbo
      05 Oct, 2014
      bought this for my 97 RAV4. repair shop wanted about 3 times the price I paid on AutoPartsWAY. the fram fit perfectly and looked identical to the old filter i took out.
    62. Jason Gomez
      03 Oct, 2014
      Always replace this same exact brand and Air Filter every 20k has never let me down easy to replace, good quality and great price for a 2007 Cobalt 2.2 LS
    63. LJRossPhoto
      03 Oct, 2014
      Installation was pretty easy on my father's Honda Ridgeline. Quick tip: I believe it's the same for all Hondas, but the air box bolts are both Phillips and Hex. Don't even try to get them off with a Phillips screwdriver. The Honda dealership tightens them with an impact, so you'll just strip the screw out until you realize you could've just used an 8mm Hex socket. You'll need a 3-4 inch extension to get down in there as well. There are 4 bolts holding the air box in place. 3 of them are visible from the front of the car, and the last one is hidden down on the drivers side of the air box (this is what the extension is for). Once I had the top of the air box off, I threw the old air filter in the garbage can and vacuumed all the sand and dead bugs out from the bottom of the air box.
    64. ReviewMan
      29 Sep, 2014
      quality filter at a great price
    65. Harmless Gryphon
      22 Sep, 2014
      This is a replacement filter for some Dorman aftermarket airbox products. It's an air filter, and arrived in good condition.
    66. Crystal
      19 Sep, 2014
      I bought this for my 2002 Camaro Z28 but it came 3/8 of an inch too wide and did not fit into my vehicle. I will be returning this item to get something else that will hopefully fit.
    67. Bobby Duncan
      14 Sep, 2014
      A great product and great service!
    68. Mike Rock
      13 Sep, 2014
      It fit excellent.
    69. EBO
      08 Sep, 2014
      I bought the Fram CA101 to replace the air filter in a Generac backup generator. It's listed several places as a direct replacement for the Generac OC8127 but it's slightly smaller both in inner diameter and height. I had to force it into place.
    70. Sudarshan
      05 Sep, 2014
      The standard air cleaner element which I have used for years in my Scout II. Has always worked well and lasts long (typically 2 years and 3000 miles on the dusty dirt roads I usually drive). Seals excellently and is worth the price over lower quality brands.
    71. squawker
      03 Sep, 2014
      Fram has always preformed as advertized and work well doing its job as needed
    72. Default Reality
      28 Aug, 2014
      Exact replacement for my 1981 Chevrolet C-10.
    73. Tyler Tufano
      27 Aug, 2014
      Great replacement filter for my 96 camaro!
    74. Garrett Mccutcheon "Student of the World"
      22 Aug, 2014
      Fit like a factory filter and has held up well over the last 30,000 miles. Good for my engine and good for my wallet.
    75. V. Hallsten "Puppet Mom"
      16 Aug, 2014
      Fit well. Happy! Thanks!
    76. Ken Anderson
      16 Aug, 2014
      Snug fit but I am using it inside a 1956 Chevy oil bath breather. I get to keep the vintage look without the mess and aggravation of trying to maintain an oil bath filter element.
    77. C. O.
      09 Aug, 2014
      exactly what I needed
    78. Rizzo "Jim"
      04 Aug, 2014
      I bought this for my 1992 Dodge Dakota. It went in without any problems, and actually seems to have cleaned up the rough idle at stoplights.
    79. Barry Petrucci
      02 Aug, 2014
      Perfect fit and does the job.
    80. TJ092561
      30 Jul, 2014
      Package arrived without problems. Fit my Onan 4 KW generator perfectly.
    81. Paul Ratazzi
      25 Jul, 2014
      Half the price of the oil change place, and I ordered it while sitting in the car during an oil change. Didn't feel right about asking them to let me scan the barcode on their package, so I had to search a little. '97 Acura CL 2.2
    82. Tim
      20 Jul, 2014
      Works just fine on my 1989 Toyota pickup (1990 dolphin motorhome). Thought about buying a fancy filter, but I just don't put enough miles on this rig to justify a reusable filter.
    83. DocWizard
      09 Jul, 2014
      The filter just barely fit in my Escalade. It took up every cm of space inside the filter holder. I guess that is where the "extra" in extra guard comes in. Seems pretty well made like most Fram products. This was certainly an easy way to procure the item and the cost was about the same with tax at a local auto shop, so I will probably order it again when it's time.
    84. Frank
      08 Jul, 2014
      This is one piece of maintenance anyone can do. Some people swear by oil based filters, but I'm not a fan. Instead, you can change one of these a little more frequently then suggested and get similar results for lower cost. Plus, they provide better protection to the engine. Perfect fit for my 2005 V6 Mustang.
    85. Richard D Blalock
      08 Jul, 2014
      Fits well and works great!
    86. David "Dave"
      05 Jul, 2014
      Well its a truck filter. Fits like its supposed to. You could buy this in Walmart for a few cents cheaper, but hey AutoPartsWAY has been good to me and Prime is AWESOME. Whether or not this filter gives me better gas mileage or makes my truck run better I have no clue. Its a filter. Made of paper. Not rocket science. But I recommend this brand.
    87. Case
      24 Jun, 2014
      Everyone is familiar with Fram products, I know I've been using them for years. I've always been satisfied with Fram. AutoPartsWAY is normally cheaper than most stores and I enjoy the easy shopping, not using my gas. That's why I love "Prime", part of their service includes free shipping on most items that I get.
    88. JB
      23 Jun, 2014
      Works well, and installation was straight forward. Installation took less than 10 minutes to complete. I would purchase again and recommend to friends and family.
    89. L. Stemke
      22 Jun, 2014
      I tried to find this filter in a couple of stores and struckout. Then I thought "Why not try online"? It was easy to find the right number of filter for my car and buying it online is a cinch. Just make sure to buy one as soon as you put another one in the car. Then it will be ready to go for your next smog inspection (I failed a smog inspection solely based on not having replaced the air filter first). DOn't be afraid to do this yourself. IT is one of the easiest things for anyone to replace.
    90. Two kids mom "scienceteachermom"
      18 Jun, 2014
      I am actually not commenting on the filter, but on the fact that the AutoPartsWAY site will tell you that this will fit your 2013 Mazda 3. This is ONLY true if you do not have the Skyactiv version of the Mazda 3. The filter itself is fine. However, I did end up having to go the dealer and get the 2013 Skyactiv version, and the seal along the top of the Mazda version is much more flexible (almost like a gasket).
    91. John W. Dins
      18 Jun, 2014
      This filter is expensive locally, like all parts for my truck. So this was a good option to save some money for a good, Fram filter.
    92. David "Dave"
      15 Jun, 2014
      Fits a little snug in my 2010 Dodge Charger. Had to push down on the intake box pretty hard to get it to close, but it fits. I'm not skilled enough to tell whether or not this makes my car run any better or improves the gas mileage. Just know you have to change them when they get dirty and this was the one that my car takes.
    93. Joseph R.
      13 Jun, 2014
      Bought this for my 2001 Tundra, I replace the filter often, I have a quarter mile gravel drive and kick up lots of dust. Works as described.
    94. Eznug "eznug"
      10 Jun, 2014
      Nice Filter, Nice metal frame. . what else can i say? it's good quality, easy to install for anyone. #
    95. C. Crank
      01 Jun, 2014
      I ordered the filter because the OEM filter on my Toyota was full of crud. My car only has 19K miles on it in ten years but It is very dusty here in Honolulu.I have used Fram products since my Nascar days. They have always been top notch in my book. (I was a pit mechanic on the super stock cars.)But when I removed the OEM filter, it was tight in the filter box. When I installed the Fram filter. Much to my surprise it was not a tight fit at all. I rechecked the part number and it is the right one. Now you know these filters are held in the filter box with just two spring clips, so I was not too happy with the fit. I managed to get it to work eventually but I am still not happy. Maybe Fram is not paying as much attention to detail as they did before. Maybe it's an inspection issue at the plant.Fram makes a great activated charcoal and baking soda cabin filter though. I bought one for this Toyota and the air inside the cabin is a lot cleaner. Less dust...
    96. S. Whitaker "superman1979"
      30 May, 2014
      this is a great replacement for the stock air filter on my 2010 camaro rs. for being such a common replacement item, for some reason it is almost impossible to find locally. Drove to 4 different auto parts stores with no luck. the god for online retail.
    97. Modestkit
      30 May, 2014
      I purchased this Air Filter for a 2000 Volvo S40. It seems to work. Before buying, I checked other listings online. Those were less than the AutoPartsWAY list price but more than the AutoPartsWAY Prime list price. I would order again when I next change my oil.TLDR: Prime rate is less than other online competitors.
    98. Jay The Common Man
      28 May, 2014
      This filter worked very well for my 1997 Geo Prizm - no issues getting it installed. Delivery was fast enough as well.
    99. M. Khera
      27 May, 2014
      Fit perfectly, and it is deeper than the OEM filter, thus, more surface area for filtration. Also has the metal mesh on top to prevent it from bending.You should always double check with the manufacturers website before trusting what AutoPartsWAY says about what will fit your vehicle. In this case the FRAM website catalog: [...]
    100. bill
      26 May, 2014
      Great price, shipped right to my door ! Shopping for air filters has never been so easy, so quick, so painless! And all of them cost less than they would if I went to a discount store. Where I usually can't find all the filters I need.
    101. Danny Krieger
      25 May, 2014
      I have had good luck with Fram filters. It is well made and fit perfectly. At a good price.What else is there to say.
    102. Craig Schow
      21 May, 2014
      I bought this Air Filter for my 2010 Nissan Sentra, it seems good quality and fits perfect. Absolutely no complaints here.
    103. K Parisian
      13 May, 2014
      Fit perfectly.Quality filter material.Low price.Prime delivery in 2 days.Much lower cost than having a mechanic over charge me for a 2 minute fix.
    104. Mr Moss
      12 May, 2014
      Old air filter was dirty. This fit great mileage is up 8%. Very happy with product would buy again for sure.
    105. Cheryl
      09 May, 2014
      worked perfectly. couldn't have been more pleased. works great. saved some money vs going to an auto parts store to boot.
    106. Professor H "1AutoPartsWAYreviewer @ gmail . com"
      04 May, 2014
      Fits perfect. I hadn't changed mine in three years. Never thought it would get that gross. I was wrong. It was a dirt bag. And it had a bunch of little flower petals all on it. Hundreds of them. I had been parking under flowering tree all season. Petals went everywhere. Dirt stayed in filter thank goodness. Will be changing more often now that I know
    107. Michael Jones
      23 Apr, 2014
      I've almost always purchased Fram filters for most of my cars. They work good, are of decent build and quality, and I've never had an issue with them. Only time I've ever used am more expensive filter like a K&N was in a motorcycle.
    108. SMtireman "SMTireman"
      22 Apr, 2014
      I've always liked the quality of Fram products. Brand preference - cheapie filters may do the job but past experiences make me feel that the fram is a high quality product that always fits properly and protects my vehicles engine... air, oil, gas, transmission... if there's a filter I would prefer a Fram.
    109. seenya sista
      21 Apr, 2014
      No problem with the fit. Good for even more than 12,000 miles for sure. Took my old one out of Corolla 2000 after 14,000 miles and mechanic told me I could have gone another 5000 miles at least. It also was Fram.
    110. Zach Ostrosky
      21 Apr, 2014
      This product is a very good deal! It fit perfectly into my 2004 Ford Explorer XLT SPORT 4.0L Flex Fuel. It did take a bit of moving the air box a bit to get it to seat properly but it gives a great seal
    111. Robert Diaz
      03 Apr, 2014
      Shipped promptly and was as expected but for a fraction of the brick-and-mortar cost. Will buy again when the time comes.
    112. Wding2000
      01 Apr, 2014
      After four year dealer maintenance plan, I decided to do some basic work myself for my 2008 Audi A4. Bought this for replacement at 48,000 miles. The product looks sturdy and quality built. It took some efforts to have this replaced, definitely more than other cars I owned before (Honda, Acura), but it is doable. Youtube video helps.
    113. rfgcmg "RFGCMG"
      24 Mar, 2014
      Filter arrived on time and in new condition, would likely given a better rating if I was able to instal it. Unfortunately, this particular filter (Fram CA10084) doesn't fit my 2009 Hyundai Sonata GLS 2.4L L4.If you have a car like mine what you want is the Fram CA10083 filter (its got orange trim with a yellow line down the middle of backside of the pleats), this was the exact filter found in my car and worked well.***A tip for anyone looking for car air filters, AutoPartsWAY (at least on their Non-Mobile website) has a drop down menu that appears when you look at auto-parts, it asks for a bunch of basic details and lets you know if the part will fit your particular vehicle. I highly recommend using it, if I had it would've saved me the cost and hassle of buying the wrong filter!
    114. Knox
      23 Mar, 2014
      To me, this appears to be a decent air filter. I do not know how to compare one filter to another but it works for me especially for the price.
    115. disturbeds10
      21 Mar, 2014
      Beats the price from all local parts places and beat rockauto! Can't complain about it one bit. Fits like the last one I used LoL.
    116. C.B.
      20 Mar, 2014
      Nice filter. Nice large gaps between the pleats. Should flow pretty well. Hopefully I can pick up a mile an hour or two at the drag strip.
    117. Ian Koenig
      09 Mar, 2014
      Fit easily and works well. The filet lasts me about six months in Wisconsin weather. One thing I do is take it out every three months and knock some of the bigger debris out.
    118. T5 Kyle
      03 Mar, 2014
      Good for '66 Mustang 5.0 w/ mid rise intake and non drop air cleaner. What else is there to say.
    119. Johnny
      01 Mar, 2014
      Love the filters & the price, but did not like getting my order of 6 one & two at a time over 2 weeks
    120. Gut4bid
      27 Feb, 2014
      replace air filter once a year.it fits well in a 93 VW Mk1 cabrioletno issues.will buy another one next year.
    121. Tony Smith
      23 Feb, 2014
      Great air filter for an early 90's model Chevy S-10. The fact that I didn't have to make a trip to the store to get it was even better.
    122. Max Carver
      21 Feb, 2014
    123. Beldar
      21 Feb, 2014
      Easier to buy on AutoPartsWAY than try and find it in store. The air box on my Durango is poorly designed and the air filter is much harder to change than it should be
    124. DougsBro
      12 Feb, 2014
      Works for me, year after year. Nothing more needs to be said. This is just to fill space. Buy FRAM!
    125. Major P Hudson
      07 Feb, 2014
      A very hard to find filter for our 1982 Pontiac Trans Am with the Crossfire engine. We bought the car new in July 1982. Filter fit perfectly.
    126. Jeff
      21 Jan, 2014
      Mine was dirty and the oil change place tried to charge me 40 Dollars for a replacement filter! Always buy online, boys and girls!
    127. Mac
      20 Jan, 2014
      Very fast shipping and well packaged. Good price. It is a bit difficult to change on my older Buick, but still significantly cheaper than the Dealer or 'Oil Change Places'. I personally prefer Fram over other brands
    128. vegas massimo
      18 Jan, 2014
      Whoo hoo ... an new air filter... wow don't buy them diamonds give the gift of air flow.. nice clean paper, lovely shade of orange for the gasket.. now what to do with the old dirty filter.. maybe sell it on ebay. ??
    129. BVG "Bill VG"
      17 Jan, 2014
      This is a quality filter. Been buying them here for some years now.For my application it is a stock style fit for 1998 Acura Integra LS
    130. randy
      17 Jan, 2014
      thought i would save a bunch of money but walmart now stocks these filters and i did not have to buy a case to get the same price
    131. Anne Turner
      09 Jan, 2014
      Was great for price. Not top of line but great bang of your buck. Would buy again for sure. T
    132. jb
      08 Jan, 2014
      Gotta love the orange! Fits well in the housing and seems to filter well, not sure how to compare it to others.
    133. HDFREAK
      21 Dec, 2013
      Fram air filters are a way better product than their oil filters. Very strong and a bunch of pleats. Highly recommended.
    134. cosmokramer
      17 Dec, 2013
      Not much to say here. It popped right in to my Mustang and seems to be working fine. Would buy again.
    135. MSB
      17 Dec, 2013
      I didn't notice any crazy improvement in fuel mileage or operation but I am quite happy to know the engine is getting cleaner more unrestricted airflow based on what the old one looked like. The filter is a direct replacement and drops right in. The price here is real good for this product and is the same one they sell in local parts store.
    136. The Toad "Toad"
      09 Dec, 2013
      No more making 2 trips to town and finding out the name brand parts house don't have what u are looking for............or even the big discount joints that always have what u are looking for but the $2.99 one is out and they make u buy the $11.99 one...........WHY because u are there and don't want to go to 2 or 3 other places to find what u are looking for .......use the Subscribe and Save option and u will save moola on the shipping and have it delivered up to 4 times a year or 2times a year..........U HAVE MORE CHOICES with Subscribe and Save..........The Toad..
    137. AutoPartsWAY Customer
      27 Nov, 2013
      The filter is sturdy and well built.The fibers in the pleating appear dense, tightly woven and seem to do a good capturing particles and dirt. I have been using this brand and model of filter in my Saturn VUE for a few years and it performs well. I intend to continue using this brand and model when I need to replace the air filter again.
    138. Mitchell
      15 Nov, 2013
      Good filter at a good price... I love getting a deal and this was one. I think the KN filter are too expensive and don't like cleaning them (had one on a previous truck). I like the idea of having a fresh clean filter, to each his own.
    139. Rich Peluso
      05 Nov, 2013
      I chose AutoPartsWAY based on my lack of time to physically find the product in stores for this 12 year old Benz.. The product is a good replacement for the original Merceds Benz product at about 2/3rds the cost of the original product.
    140. Andrew "k"
      01 Nov, 2013
      This is a decent quality filter. It's easily the same quality you'd find at an auto parts store. It fit in my 2006 Civic perfectly with no issues. If you own a Civic, you want to change the air filter yourself. It couldn't be much easier - six clips and drop it in. There are hundreds of YouTube videos on how to do it. Beats the heck out of paying your mechanic $75 to do something you can do yourself in 5 minutes.
    141. Jimmy Meatballs
      30 Oct, 2013
      Fast shipping, direct fit replacement, cheaper than letting a mechanic do it. Change often to ensure good clean airflow to your engine!
    142. Nate
      29 Oct, 2013
      What's to say, really? I did notice a slight improvement in gas mileage over the previous filter, but it's always hard to say if that's caused by the air filter or not. In any event, it's worth the cash to keep any contaminants out of the huge amount of air flowing through a ford V10.This was for an E350 chassis RV with 6.8L V10.
    143. Elizabeth
      25 Oct, 2013
      Just as described, fit, and works great. We bought this for our 1998 Dodge Ram Van 3500 and it fit perfect.
    144. A. Elwood
      25 Oct, 2013
      Well made, good price and fit perfectly.Would highly recommend over OEM filter due to more pleats in filter material.
    145. Anastasia Protopappas
      18 Oct, 2013
      The product page says "This fits your 2002 Mercedes-Benz C32 AMG" but it seems the AutoPartsWAY database is off, as these would not fit a 2002 Mercedes-Benz C32 AMG. They are several inches too big.
    146. 1 Critic
      15 Oct, 2013
      Ordered this to replace the original filter in the wifes car. It was made as well as the original and just as easy to install. I have used Fram filters pretty much since I started driving and have been very satisfied with their quality products.
    147. Jason Webb "Jdubb"
      11 Oct, 2013
      Easy replacement for my stock filter. I would recommend this if your looking for an inexpensive but quality air filter replacement.
    148. Dan McG
      05 Oct, 2013
      It is a normal Fram air filter.I bought four (4) of these air filters for my 1982 Ford Thunderbird, 255 cu (4.2L) V-8. They are no longer manufactured by Fram and I wanted to get them while they were available.As of 05 October the site only shows two left. So if you need them you better get them.
    149. Michael E. Wilson "mwtx"
      02 Oct, 2013
      Fit my 99 Mercury Cougar just fine....no complaints. Buying filters through AutoPartsWAY is always the best price....i do it for all my cars.
    150. D. Veracity "Mac Guy"
      02 Oct, 2013
      This is the standard cabin replacement filter for a 2012 Camry SE 4 Cylinder and it works as well as the original which I replaced at 15K miles...I was in Toyota getting my 15K miles service, when a technician approached another customers and advised them their air filter was dirty and needed replacing, cost $45...so that motivated me to check prices at the car parts stores, but they didn't have the correct model, so i ordered it on AutoPartsWAY, it arrived next day (really quick), fit perfectly (used a YouTube video to show me where it goes and how to replace it) and all's well...saved $35 or thereabouts. Yea! What's not to like.
    151. Trav
      02 Oct, 2013
      Very Well Made I Really Like Fram Filters.Better Than The Cheap Aftermarket Filters Out There.Will Buy Again.Thanks
    152. MrJole "Mail Man"
      27 Sep, 2013
      It's simple. If this model number t fits your car it will work just fine. Replaced mine 5000 miles ago and had no issues. Best price I was able to find.
    153. David de Bree
      17 Sep, 2013
      It's an air filter! It fits and it works! Not too much you can say about an air filter for your car.
    154. Mak8907
      16 Sep, 2013
      Works fine and fit my xl7 perfectly.13 more words are required for a review so I added this useless sentence to suffice.
    155. Justin F.
      15 Sep, 2013
      Replaced the old air filter. Fits the 04 Jeep Liberty V6. Belt was in great condition when it arrived and works well. Cheaper then local auto parts store. C4
    156. John Mueller "johnfixesstuff"
      09 Sep, 2013
      This was a good fit for my 2004 Toyota Sienna XLE. One thing to note is that the filter is not marked as to the orientation it should go inside the air cleaner assembly. The side of the rubber gasket that has the groove on it goes down and the long edge with the notches in the groove go towards the front of the vehicle. You can't get the cover back on with it incorrectly assembled but it would be nice for them to print on it the orientation. Good quality though. Visit my blog at johnfixesstuff.blogspot.com and search for air filter to get instructions with detailed pictures on how to install this filter on your Sienna.
    157. R. Long
      06 Sep, 2013
      I have always used fram filters. it fits and works as it should. with my car now almost twenty five years old, I can find these in the store anymore.
    158. Steve
      03 Sep, 2013
      bought this for my 2008 Sentra. It fits and does the job like any of the other filters out there.
    159. Kris "Mountain Wizard"
      02 Sep, 2013
      I buy these at about 1/2 the price of the Auto parts stores or even Walmart prices.I change mine out regularly as they are so inexpensive. Whenever I pull them out and see that they are showing much dirt, I hold them up to a light and if the light is very much dimmed by the filter I toss in a new one. These fit well and have a nice amount of coated filter paper. I have previously bought ones that seemed to use uncoated filter paper or were of lighter weight construction. I have yet to see any that appear better in construction regardless of price.I would run the K&N filters except I read the performance reviews and was not impressed with the amount of dirt that passes through them. So for less work and money I replace mine often. For the price of a K&N oiled filter I can buy enough of these to last longer then the car will.
    160. ScreenQueen
      31 Aug, 2013
      Buying one of these at an auto parts store or AutoPartsWAY is SO inexpensive. Installation takes two seconds. Yet most people think you need some special knowledge to swap these out. Open the hood. The air filter is in a plastic housing. Sometimes it simply opens with holding clips. A few *might* require a screwdriver (at most).Open the lid of the housing. The dirty filter just lifts out. It's not connected to anything. Put in the new filter and re-fasten the lid and you're done. The job takes under one minute.Keeping this clean is important to keep your car running smoothly. Change it out twice a year yourself. Maybe an extra time if you live in an area where there's a lot of dirt, or you do a lot of driving.Dealers and repair shops charge you more just for the part, and then usually another $20-$30 to install it (just because that stupid repair book says 0.25 or 0.5 hours -- what a scam). Do it yourself and save a lot of money. And FRAM is one of the...
    161. James Chernut
      31 Aug, 2013
      I'm not sure how you mess up an air filter but if this is the one you need go ahead and get it. It fits perfectly into my air filter housing in my 1992 E30.
    162. Oranges "with Cheese"
      30 Aug, 2013
      This easily replaced the filter in my husband's 2008 Ford Fusion. It was an easy drop in replacement and looked just like the one we took out. Very satisfied.
    163. Jdoggy
      24 Aug, 2013
      Not much to say about an air filter really but it is s solid fit. I usually use Fram, they are cheap, work well and retaining the sealing edge shape and the fold spacing very well.. An Air Filter is a simple component that does nothing more than ensure the air getting sucked into your engines fuel/air intake system is clean with as little restriction as possible. However, not replacing it on a regular schedule can cause a lot of harm. If you let junk get into the air intake beyond the filter it can prevent your engine from getting the air flow it requires, hurting both performance and fuel efficiency. You also run the risk of damaging expensive components like the throttle body and sensors or even more severe, damage to pistons and cylinder walls over time. Spend a few bucks now and keep your engine breathing the way it was designed to.
    164. Mr. D "Mr. D"
      24 Aug, 2013
      I have been using Fram filters for years , never had a problem they always fit . This one went in my truck , I went to the dealer for an oil change and he brought me my dirty filter and said you should change this ,he said it would be 20 bucks for the filter and 10 bucks labor. I said you already took it out why would you charge me labor , he said he had to , I told him to put it back then and purchased my filters from AutoPartsWAY now for less than 10 bucks . I it takes a 30 seconds to change an air filter in most cars.
    165. woodie
      20 Aug, 2013
      I was in need of an air filter for my car and didn't want to pay the local Jiffy Lube for a cheap filter and high price so I checked here on AutoPartsWAY and found this Fram filter for a great price and ordered it. Can't go wrong with a Fram.
    166. Michigoon "tech geek"
      18 Aug, 2013
      Installed in my '04 Dodge Neon (2.0 SOHC), and it's a perfect factory replacement. I'm not going to pretend there's performance gains or fuel mileage to be had- and absolutely nobody should be making such claims about the Neon. This is an almost comically large air filter for a 4-cylinder engine in stock form, so unless you're hooking up a turbo kit or boring out the cylinders, this filter is more than anyone needs.
    167. Stroika
      15 Aug, 2013
      I was looking to do a tune-up on my '94 Olds and decided to pick up this filter. It was cheap, and it's a Fram so you know the quality is good. well made product and I would recommend it to anyone.
    168. William Stamper
      11 Aug, 2013
      Easy replacement but tricky to find. Works perfect. Couldn't find at any local department stores should have started online first.
    169. SanJoseBuyer
      10 Aug, 2013
      good filter, does what is it supposed to do, fits exactly on my Nissan sentra 2010.Cheaper than competition, same value
    170. Billy Bob
      08 Aug, 2013
      What can be said about an auto part? Other than the part was the correct one! Have ordered about 10 different parts for four different cars from AutoPartsWAY, and so far, only a filter wrench was incorrect...and AutoPartsWAY returned my money before the part could have arrived! So will continue to buy parts online.
    171. Lisa Kearns "Lisa Kearns"
      08 Aug, 2013
      Every time I get my oil changed, they tell me the air filter is dirty and needs to be changed (for $20). Usually it's not that dirty, but this last time it did look like it needed to be changed. Money is tight, so I told them I'd have to do it next time.I came home and checked with AutoPartsWAY, and found this Fram air filter that seemed to fit my 2009 Chrysler Town & Country van. Thanks to reviewer "Scott from Detroit", I knew it would fit, and ordered it.It came today, and I installed it in less than 5 minutes. It fit perfectly in the plastic housing, and I'm very pleased. It was super simple to install, and I'm glad I didn't pay the oil change guys $20 to do the same thing.
    172. Makivante
      04 Aug, 2013
      Fit into my 2003 Saturn Ion 1 perfectly and replaced a very dirty/worn-out air filter.Was simple to put in and I hope my car is happy about it now that it can breath fresh air again.
    173. SEC123
      31 Jul, 2013
      This fit my Protégé5 just as it should. I spent a couple dollars more for the Fram name, but based on reviews of other buyers felt that the extra money was worth it. Installed in less than 5 minutes.
    174. C.M "Spelunker"
      31 Jul, 2013
      Hello. Just writing about my experience with this filter. If you own a 2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid, it will not fit your car. Again when you choose, "Will this fit my car?" It says it will fit but it will not. The size of this filter is way too big. Thanks.
    175. invictus
      30 Jul, 2013
      Standard filter for 2001 Honda Odyssey. Replaced during routine maintenance. Fit was perfect and price was reasonable. Functions as a filter should.
    176. PLevand "Fun with Technology"
      28 Jul, 2013
      Looks sturdy and will filter the air well. I have used Fram filters in the past and they do not fall apart. Works like it is supposed to.
    177. Paul
      24 Jul, 2013
      I purchased this for my 2007 Toyota Yaris 4-Door Sedan after reading so many reviews here saying that they installed it in their car without a single issue. However, none of these reviews ever mentioned that this air filter is for putting in the ENGINE, not the cabin air filter (behind the glove box).I'm giving this product 4 stars because it is probably a superb filter for the engine. It would be 5 stars if the product title clearly stated it being an "in-engine" air filter, and added at least one or two more pictures of the air filter in use or near the installation point of an engine. The only reason I purchased this one was because I typed into AutoPartsWAY "Yaris cabin air filter" and this was the #1 result.If you want to see a video of the difference, check out these two videos on YouTube:A) How to replace a Cabin Air Filter on a 2008 Toyota Yaris 1.5 by Shane NelsonB) How to Change Air Filter Toyota Yaris HTWL by Leonard SmithThe...
    178. Notes Admin
      23 Jul, 2013
      I chose a Fram filter for the reliable quality, however AutoPartsWAY's "will it fit" feature selected the incorrect filter for the car. I had to return it...
    179. Jean Valjean "5haggy"
      22 Jul, 2013
      Here is the problem with Hyundai Sonata (NF generation). During 2009 (not only) certain components and parts have changed and even the same year models doesn't fit the same parts, specially the Cabin (A/C) Filters...and what not.Your 09 Sonata might have: PART NUMBER SIZE (IN) SIZE (mm)a) 08790-3K000-A 9.89" x 8.71" x 1.18" (251.20mm x 221.23mm x 29.97mm)b) 08790-2G000-A 10.31" X 9" X 1.31" (261.93mm x 228.6mm x 33.33mm)Before ordering a new filter I think it's a good idea to measure the old one or the tray opening behind the glove box and figure out which one do you need.According to manufacturer website FRAM CF10381 is 08790-3K000-A.Also TYC HYSOFCCU is the exact match for 08790-2G000-A.If measuring is too complicated for you than you can figure out which one you need based on your car manufacturing date as shown below:Hyundai Sonata Cabin Air Filter1999-2003...
    180. Robert Serrato
      18 Jul, 2013
      The description is perfect and the 'does this match my vehicle' tool was SO helpful. Packaged perfectly and the filter is easy to install. Follow instructions on YouTube or in a shopbook, and it's really simple - no special tools required!
    181. anonymous but true "anonymous but true"
      15 Jul, 2013
      ...you can change your car's engine air filter. Why compare to a major appliance? Just because you have to open something to get to it. In the 2006 Mariner Hybrid, lift the hood, look near the battery and flip open the 2 clips holding the filter cover down. Remove the old filter and insert the new. Replace the cover, latch the clips and lower the hood. Cost me under $8, while dealer wanted $30-40.If you are replacing this, you probably also need to replace your Hybrid battery filter. Do that yourself, too. See my other review for details.
    182. Paul K
      06 Jul, 2013
      Came in a timely manner. It's a typical well-made Fram product. There are more expensive, better ones out there, but a good deal on a air filter. Will buy again.
    183. Cindy
      30 Jun, 2013
      Easy installation (as per auto manual instructions). Works as expected. No complaints, will purchase again. Installed in to a 2006 Ford Mustang V6 4.0L.
    184. B. Bergin
      29 Jun, 2013
      This is a perfect fit at a fraction of the cost of an OEM filter for my 2006 MINI Cooper S. Another review complained that it didn't fit his 2006 MINI Cooper base model, but it's not the filter Fram lists for his vehicle. This filter fits perfectly and takes all of 5 minutes to change on the right vehicle. When you order a filter visit the filter manufacturer's website first and make sure you're ordering the right filter and you won't have that problem!
    185. Tom A. Mack "Macktractor"
      28 Jun, 2013
      This item did the job for my Cadillac. It is hard to get at and I wanted to have the filter when I had to rear the left fron engine area apart to replace a parking light that the dealer wanted $100 to replace. The bulb cost me $4 and I did the job myself replacing this air filter in the process.
    186. Adam Leech
      28 Jun, 2013
      At the dealership they wanted to charge almost $70 to change a simple filter, which lead me here. It take under five minutes once you get the process down. Putting the top on the filter can be tricky at first, but it saved considerable money for minimal trouble.
    187. Scott from Detroit
      20 Jun, 2013
      Fit just fine in my 2009 Chrysler Town and Country 3.8L, no complaints here! The procedure to replace it was quick, easy, and tool-less on that make and model.
    188. G. Harcourt "Ghsat"
      13 Jun, 2013
      The old filter did not look too dirty - that is until I tapped it. On my Q45 replacing the air filter is so easy. This filter dropped right in. I marked the side of it with the date - better than relying on this old failing memory of mine. Air pressure in tires, oil/filter changes as per manual (generally longer intervals than 3,000 miles these days) and clean air filter ought to be a good thing to do for your faithful companion; and just maybe those actions will reward you with a little better MPG measurement (or as they say these days - "metric").Good price - fast delivery - perfect fit. I am pleased.
    189. Rich
      11 Jun, 2013
      As I write in most of my product reviews, we live in a remote area of Montana and AutoPartsWAY Prime with 2-Day Free Shipping is a sweet deal. And it is not only that, Montana business gouges Montanans badly--a poor product selection here is just a bonus :-(.AutoPartsWAY gets us what we want quickly, reliably, and with the Free Shipping...and at prices that would make most big cities shudder.The products sold on AutoPartsWAY are first rate quality (I have used Fram Filters for many years) and I continue to be surprised that no matter what it is that I need, I find it on AutoPartsWAY, place the order and forget about it until UPS arrives.And then there are your Customer Service People...awesome. Every time I call, chat, or email the response is quick and the issue handled. After running retail stores for over 36 years, I have to say that I am glad that I wouldn't be up against you, your company, your products or your service because it would be quite a challenge to out-do you since I have...
    190. MIKE DE LUNA
      03 Jun, 2013
      This is a great price for this filter. Almost 50% off the usual prices at WalMart or Autozone. The Filter filters out the dirt and bugs that come with driving an internal combustion engine vehicle. Would recommend this filter to help your engine remain efficient and productive. I love this filter so much, I want to marry it! No seriously, I would marry this filter. Orange trim, firm white cotton fibers for filters. A little wine and jazz music...I love it way too much.
    191. Payerman54
      28 May, 2013
      Filter fits & functions fine. Sometimes hard to find for a Ridgeline so I order a couple at a time along with air filters which are even more rare :-).
    192. Aaron Madden
      25 May, 2013
      fram is the only brand of automotive filters I use. The price was right and speedy shipment. This product works great and its the only brand I will use on my vehicles.
    193. Phillip
      24 May, 2013
      Fits my 87 Honda Accord LXI perfectly! Seems to be normal Fram good quality. Not much else you can say about a filter.
    194. ben whisler
      19 May, 2013
      perfect fit every time ....fram all the way came in a timely fashion very easy and quick to install recomend it to all
    195. Ian M. Peery
      10 May, 2013
      Perfect fit for my 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer ES. I've stuck with Fram since buying the car in 07. I have never had any issues with their products.
    196. Kindle Customer
      07 May, 2013
      Fast shipping. Perfect fit for mazda 6. I have always liked fram filters and found them cheaper than at local stores. They have a sturdy plastic casing which helps them last longer than other filters I have tried in the past. Must buy!!!
    197. Scrappy
      04 May, 2013
      A great product for a great price. It fit my Suburban and was cheaper than what the dealer offered. I would buy it again.
    198. DW from UMN
      28 Apr, 2013
      cant say more. affordable price, handy shape and requiring normal tools to put on my car. have yet to tell if filtering is effective, but it is my second purchase and I replace the first one 4 months after installation just to show my mom how handy I am, the discarded filter looks like it did its job--dirty outside and clean inside.
    199. Keith Jones
      24 Apr, 2013
      Keeps dirt out of my Toyota Echo Engine. I don't reuse old ones by cleaning. I just buy a new one once a year.
    200. Todd
      23 Apr, 2013
      Looks and feels like the air filter I took out of my Endeavor to replace. Looks well made and should do a good job of trapping dirt. Price on AutoPartsWAY was good and free shipping with Prime can't be beat.
    201. inkster
      22 Apr, 2013
      I used to buy replacement filters at my local auto parts stores (either O'Reilly's or NAPA) but when I saw this on AutoPartsWAY at a significantly lower price and free super saver shipping I couldn't resist. So if you don't need it right away then use AutoPartsWAY and save some bucks. By the way I have a 2006.5 (aka2007) Kia Optima LX V6. I also ordered a cabin filter (not Fram) at the same time at significant savings. And Fram is a big name, their products are good quality and fit perfectly.
    202. CitznFish
      15 Apr, 2013
      This phallic looking filter fits my 2004 F150 perfectly. No complaints. I just wish Fram included pictures of naked women with their filters.
    203. Julie Ann Haggard
      12 Apr, 2013
      Perfect fit! Saved me $20 by installing it myself, which by the way is v e ry easy!! Don't be intimidated! Buy the part and do it yourself! Oil change place wanted $29.99. I paid 7.52 and had it installed in 3 minutes!!
    204. aconsumer
      11 Apr, 2013
      My local Jiffy Lube offered with $20+ for changing filter so I checked around and found out this Fram CA8040 with less than six bucks! I followed the Honda owner's manual rather than the video clip from this AutoPartsWAY. This is my first time changing filter by myself so at first, I was confused with the video for which side should be up. Anyway, the side with silver and orange is for air flowing side (where the hole with the pipe). Oh, I saw that there is a $2 rebate offer for up to two filters purchase so I ordered two more. I have enough filters for next ~36,000 - 90,000 miles and I guess that's the max life of my old car ;)
    205. Vendben
      09 Apr, 2013
      This is a very good air filter to use and the pricing on it was excellent (50% off). Can't be beat.
    206. Fernando
      07 Apr, 2013
      I use always use the Mopar air filter which is 15 dollars at the dealer. Finally I decided to try out the Fram air filter. I noticed it uses high-quality for it's air filter. It is made very consistent and well made to increase the performance of my car. Also it only took 5 mins to install on me 01 Dodge intrepid also the filter is made in the USA can't go wrong with that! Cheers!
    207. Sy
      01 Apr, 2013
      This will fit the Malibu Maxx. For some reason Chevy decided to not put any filter, or even make one, for the Malibu Maxx line of cars. There is a slot behind the glove box once the glove box is folded down, but alas, it is empty. So onto my journey I went to find the perfect fit. Well this is it. This fit in there perfect and works GREAT. The car smells so much better and it is so nice to know that all this Florida pollen is being trapped before we breathe it. It may cost a little more than cheaper filters but it is a way better filter in both design and function over any other cheap filter.
    208. wj
      27 Mar, 2013
      How can you beat the air filter being shipped straight to your door? Fit my sonata perfect and the price was great when I purchased it.
    209. GMP-geengineer
      26 Mar, 2013
      I buy a lot of Fram air filters. I have 8 cars (including the kid's) and always use Fram due to the parent company (Allied Signal) reputation and the fact that I haven't ever had an issue with fit or function
    210. Eric Rogers "chairman6807"
      26 Mar, 2013
      It's a Fram Air Filter that I had some trouble finding locally. This tends to be one of things that either work or don't. This is a top quality item. Was quite reasonable. Very pleased all around.
    211. C. J. Petrosky
      24 Mar, 2013
      I've used several of these Fram filters in my 2005 Pontiac G6 and they've always gotten the job done. They were the cheapest filter available in my home town before I started buying in bulk online. The quality is good enough and it does filter the air without causing too much air restriction. Sure, there are better filters that are washable or offer better air flow but for folks that just want to maintain their cars with something "good enough" these filters are just fine.
    212. BG "BG"
      18 Mar, 2013
      Bought this for a toyota camry 2009. The air filter has rounded edges on three sides and triangular edge on one side. Make sure the triangular edge is facing the car cabin and the passenger side.
    213. edward yeoman
      18 Mar, 2013
      it fit and works is the right color and a few other things to get to the required 16 words ???
    214. stoneye
      16 Mar, 2013
      This filter seems to last the longest and is the best price I have found. I will contian to use these filter on both my car and truck.
    215. Dario Lopez
      16 Mar, 2013
      This product work excellent, it is the same as the one selling by manufacture company or the one that call original and better price.I fully recommended and save a lot of money. Better price, at your door and excellent back up with AutoPartsWAY.
    216. Dogula
      04 Mar, 2013
      Fram makes great products. I have used them for many years. As an automotive engineer and car fanatic, I appreciate well made products for my vehicles. I don't understand how someone can order the wrong part number for their car. I knew what part number fit my car before I ordered and really didn't need the AutoPartsWAY fit guide. And in my case the fit guide was spot on anyway. There are many automotive websites that you can check your part numbers before you order from AutoPartsWAY or anywhere else for that matter. Rock Auto is one that I use a lot.
    217. R. Zou
      04 Mar, 2013
      It's a good quality. easy to replace it. Compare to the original part, it is a little to put in. It need a little bit push, but it's still fit.
    218. anonymous
      03 Mar, 2013
      Received air filter yesterday and it is exactly what I needed! Got an old truck 1 week ago and knew that I wanted this filter...it is the exact item that the truck had asked for and saved me a trip to the auto parts store. It also saved me money and will help extend the life of my 1995 pick up diesel truck! Thanks, AutoPartsWAY :)
    219. David
      01 Mar, 2013
      This air filter fits my Generac standby generator and costs a little less than the Generac brand. It was received on time.
    220. Mechanicc
      27 Feb, 2013
      I bought 2 of these Fram filters for my 1982 Corvette with corssfire injection, and they fit 100% right and work very well. I will gladly order more for replacements when I need some again.
    221. lugnuts
      19 Feb, 2013
      Try finding these old filters around town is next to impossible. This was very fairly priced and fit perfectly. Exact replacement to the original
    222. Pamela
      19 Feb, 2013
      This filter is rectangular exactly like the photo. The filter is not round as the description would lead you to believe.
    223. Ivan J.
      09 Feb, 2013
      I had to order this online, due to the fact that I drive an '87 car and some stuff is not locally carried by my parts store.It works good, no complaints!
    224. KurtisB
      06 Feb, 2013
      Overall satisfied. Good airflow and filtration. Does reduce odors as advertised. I will likely purchase this item again. Be sure to consult your owners manual before installation.
    225. LowCarbZone "lowcarbzone"
      04 Feb, 2013
      Clean Air filters improve engine performance and I like to keep a spare in the trunk, ready for the next time I am getting the oil changed and the mechanic recommends a new one. The price on these is better and I save the time spent going to the parts store to pick one up.
    226. thejmjohnson
      04 Feb, 2013
      Basic air filter. Nothing real fancy but who needs fancy? Does the job it should. Easy Installation. Plus saved money versus having oil change place install.
    227. hawaiiannovice
      03 Feb, 2013
      I am a Fram believer and could not find this at my local Wal-Mart. Since I have the AutoPartsWAY Prime, I stuck this order in for free shipping. Fits my 2007 Aveo. I also unbolted the bottom half of the air cleaner housing since I can't wipe it with it being pocketed, rinsed the sand out with water, then dried it off. AutoPartsWAY is my one stop, no driving store.
    228. JF
      31 Jan, 2013
      Cheaper and Better than NAPA, just as good as MOPAR dealer sold. The best are the Fram Air Hog reusable though.
    229. Jon
      24 Jan, 2013
      Worked as expected. I would buy it again if needed. I now have K/N on all of my vehicles. Good value.
    230. Maxim St. Pierre "Maxim St. Pierre"
      20 Jan, 2013
      I bought this for my 99 Corolla LE -- fits perfectly and very easy to install. It's much more preferable to get the filter here on AutoPartsWAY and do it yourself than pay the guys at the garage an arm and a leg to do it for you.
    231. R. Rudd
      16 Jan, 2013
      This air filter is a replacement for my 30KW, whole house, standby generator. This unit is manufactured by Guardian and has a V6 Ford engine in it. The unit is water cooled and developes a constant 125/250 volts for my home which includes a four ton air condition. The filter is equal to the OM filter which was installed by the seller.
    232. conecrusher
      15 Jan, 2013
      A great replacement filter, got rid of that nasty, musty smell in the HVAC system. Watch the video on how to replace it, and then prepare to spend a half-hour on it the first time you do it, as you really can't see what you're doing. Remember to press in the sides of the filter and slide it in at an angle behind the retaining pieces, and it will slide right in. Miss the retainers and it will fall down in front of the mounting position, and then you gotta dig it out. Now that I've done it once, I am confident I can do it in 10 minutes next time. All the plastic does scrape your hands and knuckles a bit- no big deal.
    233. Craig V. I.
      15 Jan, 2013
      A quality air filter for my Corvette, and a lot less expensive than the same brand locally. It fit perfectly and is doing the job.
    234. alftred mendez
      14 Jan, 2013
      I put it in my car a passed emission test with not problem works very well i suggested to my friends.
    235. Zerauskire
      12 Jan, 2013
      Recieved filter and it looked ok. My biggest issue however is that it doesn't fit my car as stated. I have a 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe 3.5L. I made sure to enter my vehicle information in to AutoPartsWAY just to be sure it would fit. It said that it was for my car. Went to put it in and noticed that it didn't line up just right. It left holes on all of the corners of the housing exposed.After some checking on other sites like AutoZone.com. I realized that this is the wrong part for my car. The Fram part number for a 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe 3.5L is actually CA9798.Luckily AutoPartsWAY didn't require me to send it back to get my refund because shipping costs would have made it pointless.
    236. Book Lover
      08 Jan, 2013
      Have had trouble locating this filter in our local store. Ordering online was a breeze since it arrived two days later, was exactly what we needed, and works just as it should. Highly recommend!
    237. Adam
      31 Dec, 2012
      I recently installed this on my 2007 dodge caliber, it fits well and is easy to install. Would recommend for the price!
    238. Skaizun "Tennis Nut"
      17 Dec, 2012
      It turns out that the filter was too small for my '91 Volvo 740, but, I put in some foam "shims", so that it would be acceptable. The price was right and came with free shipping, so it was cheaper than my local auto parts retailers and department stores. Don't know why it was wrong, but, it's not the seller's fault, and all's well that ended well, so I'm not complaining.
    239. Jerry Adams
      06 Dec, 2012
      I have used these filters for years. They are very effective and sturdy. They fit very snuggly - preventing air leaks around them. Very pleased to use this product in my S430.
    240. Bob G
      29 Nov, 2012
      The Fram CA9501 air filter did not fit my 2001 Prius without modification. The gasket is thicker and it was necessary to swap it with the gasket from the old filter in order to close the filter box lid. Not too difficult to do.
    241. Kevin Akitake
      26 Nov, 2012
      Purchased filter because the description said this filter is for vehicles put through severe service and off-road use. My vehicles fall into the category of severe duty and occasional off-road use so I figure I try it out to see what was different from Fram filter CA7421 which I have been using previously. The filter is the same except this one has a sheet of foam on the bottom of the filter probably for extra filtering. The foam seems to add a little more thickness to the filter, but I had no problem getting it to fit. I see no difference in performance so I guess the filter must be working as efficiently as the previous one.
    242. Rex
      14 Nov, 2012
      The cost is much less here than in an auto parts shop if you can even find it locally. This is for a 1983 truck so it would need to be ordered anyway. It was pacaged very well so it came undamaged.
    243. edu
      11 Nov, 2012
      it is exactly what I expected and fit my truck perfectly, I am very pleased with my choice tank you
    244. V. Itenius
      08 Nov, 2012
      Installed it in just a few minutes without any tools in my 2009 Mazda6. The fit was absolutely perfect and snug, and it even had a better construction quality than the initial OEM filter (better and more solid frame, metal mesh for added strength). Instructions are included on how to install it properly as well.
    245. AZCharles
      04 Nov, 2012
      I choose the Fram filter mainly for price and other reviewers. I always grew up with the Fram name as child and the quality seems to still be there. You could pay double for a high intake filter but for average use this fits the bill perfectly.
    246. C. J. Petrosky
      02 Nov, 2012
      I installed this air filter into a 2008 Audi A4 (B7 model) with the 2.0T engine. Comparing this Fram filter to the Audi/VW filter that came with the car, the build quality and materials seem about the same and this Fram filter actually has a metal mesh on the top that wasn't present on the Audi filter. It's possible that it might restrict the air flow a marginal amount compared to the original filter but probably makes it more sturdy as well. Installation was a snap and the filter fits easily into the air box, the car is running happily.The biggest plus with this filter is the savings, it's half the price of budget filters at local auto parts stores and about a third the price of what Audi would charge. The box suggests replacement in 12,000 miles, but you'll want to adjust that depending on the environment you operate in. I'm in a somewhat dusty climate, we'll see how long it lasts. I'll try to remember to update this post when I replace the filter.
    247. searsro
      29 Oct, 2012
      Item arrived promptly (thanks AutoPartsWAY Prime!) and was just as advertised. The filter actually looked nearly identical to the filter that was installed from the factory. It was nice to have directions included in the box. I used a hybrid of directions from the box and directions I found on a Honda Odyssey Owner Club forum. Installed quickly and perfectly.
    248. W. Moyer
      20 Oct, 2012
    249. ANDRES C
      15 Oct, 2012
      I bought it to my Jeep Compass 2008. It worked good. I recommend it. My SUV have a best performance.
    250. Tracy McKibben
      11 Oct, 2012
      What's there to say about an air filter? It's the right filter for my vehicle, the price was right, and it was delivered to my doorstep. What's not to like about that?
    251. Danny M Murphy
      07 Oct, 2012
      Great brand, you can always trust Fram. I had a lot of problems finding the correct air filter for my 1989 Plymouth Acclaim. It fit just like the orginial one.
    252. boomer "Boomer"
      06 Oct, 2012
      Ordered this Fram engine air filter for my 2004 Saturn Ion coupe. I got tired of getting ripped off at the mechanic's shop for them to install a non-Fram engine air filter and then charged ~$50. Easy to install, perfect fit, helps my car perform more economically. Packing, shipment and delivery were per usual AutoPartsWAY...without incident and timely.
    253. Tuscan Jim
      01 Oct, 2012
      Never change an air filter at a dealer - you can do it yourself in 3 minutesFram quality is same or better than OEM
    254. StraightScoop
      23 Sep, 2012
      I admit I am a Fram fanboy. However, the product appears to be well made and fit is never an issue. I have used BlackStone labs to examine the oil contaminants in a few different vehicles while using Fram Air and Oil filters. The reports always suggest that my filters are doing a good job as external contaminants are always low with trace amounts.
    255. StraightScoop
      23 Sep, 2012
      I admit I am a Fram fanboy. However, the product appears to be well made and fit is never an issue. I have used BlackStone labs to examine the oil contaminants in a few different vehicles while using Fram Air and Oil filters. The reports always suggest that my filters are doing a good job as external contaminants are always low with trace amounts.
    256. C.T.R.
      31 Aug, 2012
      I have always used Fram filters because they do their job well in my opinion. I usually find that the cheaper air filters tend to be more flimsy and made of material that would let some smaller particles get through, and honestly the more expensive filters aren't any better than these. These are top quality filters that are priced reasonably.
    257. Minwoo Kong "Enthusiast of IT"
      25 Aug, 2012
      I usually change filters around 1 1/2 year or diagnostics with my eyes.When I pick up the filter and look through it under the sun, if i can see some bright light on filter, then It is still clean.when I see some dark dirt on the filter.. then that's the time for changing.They states that "increase of horse power" but.. it feels same as before I change.Well maybe for some newer cars than mine (2001 mitsubishi galant), but it does work fairly great.As a filter.. filtering most of the dirt before they reached to the engine... great item.
    258. Stephan S.
      16 Aug, 2012
      I had a hard time tracking down an air filter for our 2004 Saturn Ion. AutoPartsWAY to the rescue!This filter does it's job. The fit is good, the price is right and the car is sucking air just fine.
    259. David Vega
      16 Aug, 2012
      This item replaced the previous cabin air filter in my 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe. With the dealer and local auto shops charging much more this was much cheaper but a much better replacement. The filter itself combines natural carbon and Arm & Hammer baking soda. This alone made me get it.The package came in the usual Fram packaging with instructions and was shipped quite fast. Upon taking out the previous cabin air filter in the Santa Fe, it does not seem so apparent on how the new one goes in since the old one was totally dirty and black on both sides. Luckily the package comes with an instruction sheet that shows you the direction of the filter into the housing.install takes less than 5 minutes and immediately one notices a difference. After running it for a few days, no one complains about the musty smell any longer. The carbon/Arm & Hammer properties provided in the filter actually make a big noticeable difference.I'm surely to get this from this point on.
    260. EleganzShopper "EleganzShopper"
      15 Aug, 2012
      This Fram air filter works good; easy to replace the old one with this new one. It came in good condition and has worked well.
    261. ratlamp
      12 Aug, 2012
      High quality air filter for about half of what the auto parts stores are charging. Last just as long as the more expensive ones.
      30 Jul, 2012
      I've been using Fram air filters for many years with no problems. However, most online stores got wrong fitment information on this one. CA10165 DOES NOT fit 2012 Civic EX.
    263. J. Barr
      14 Jul, 2012
      This product is an exact functional duplicate of the genuine Toyota part. The difference is about twenty to thirty dollars depending on which Toyota dealer is attempting to rip off the customer. Following the instructions of my Toyota Camry manual, I had the new cabin filter installed in less five minutes. A Toyota dealer will charge over 45 dollars to do the work. This was the second time I purchased this product and will do so again in the future. It works!
    264. Life-Long Entrepreneur "Kenneth Ervin Young"
      03 Jul, 2012
      Local garages wanted $50 to replace my air filter - bought for $15 with a five minute install - what more could one ask?
    265. A. Cannon
      19 Jun, 2012
      This is a great air filter. You can get better brands than Fram, but for the money it is probably the best value out there. I checked at Walmart in the price on AutoPartsWAY was better than it was at Walmart. for the price it is worth being able to change it frequently especially if you drive on dusty roads frequently.
    266. Reiki Sessions By Carolyn "Carolyn"
      06 Jun, 2012
      Fitted perfect for my type of car. The car chart was perfect in selecting model and year type. Would refer to a friend or family member.
    267. E. T. Curtis
      22 May, 2012
      I have used FRAM air filters exclusively on all my cars since the 60's. They have always done a great job and are #1 for me.
    268. superbman101
      17 May, 2012
      Great filter to replace the factory filter. Have a 2012 mustang and this was easy to change out only 5min. The filter had a carbon layer to trap allergens. Would recommend! I bought them and got $6 off with mail-in rebates :D
    269. Jim B. "Jim"
      09 May, 2012
      It's an air filter. What else can you say.Price was very good if you went to a auto parts store. Probably close to the same price if you went to Wal Mart.
    270. G Hill
      08 May, 2012
      I was very impressed with the price of this filter. It cost much more in the stores. They even had a $2.00 coupon attached that made it a great deal!
    271. mlucey
      06 May, 2012
      This appears to be a high-quality air filter. Consistent and well made. Fit as described in my vehicle. Like this product.
    272. mlucey
      06 May, 2012
      This appears to be a high-quality air filter. Consistent and well made. This unit fit as described in my vehicle.
    273. udoobu
      19 Apr, 2012
      Fits a PT Cruiser 2008. Not reusable but at these low prices, I don't mind. Can't vouch the effectiveness compared to other brands but I've been using FRAM air filters for years
    274. Collin W. Wong
      13 Apr, 2012
      Just what I needed, without the trip to the store. The price was better than any of the automotive parts stores and it's delivered to my doorstep. Sure, you miss all of the extras, like the "Christmas tree deodorizers", but I don't have time to make the trip.
    275. Tim W
      05 Apr, 2012
      For only a little more than a "cheap" filter this has been a great product. I've had the CA8755A on my 2003 Tahoe for the past 26k miles and according to the factory "indicator" for the filter it is "like new". I've bought a TGA8755A to replace it. It seems to be almost the same, the only difference I see is that the TG is "oiled" (but I see the same mentioned for this product in some places also), and it costs less right now. Either way it is a winner. (I would pick one of these over the CA8755 or CA8756 that'll you see. Those cost the same, are lighter duty and/or old versions. It looks like this 8755A is the new "standard" model.
    276. Walitta
      02 Apr, 2012
      Perfect fit for my 2006 Ford Escape Limited. Saved quite a bit of money buying them here. Beats what the dealer would charge or even Valvoline when they change my oil.
    277. Gearz
      21 Mar, 2012
      The filter was on sale and Fram makes a good filter.The filter fits and functions well i have use Fram filters in the past with great success.
    278. evangui
      05 Mar, 2012
      This is the one. When I was searching the air filter for my 1997 Honda Civic DX Coupe, I found two with different sizes. I am glad I made the correct decision. It fits perfectly.I don't know much about the car but changing the air filter is not difficult at all. You can save at least the labor fee by doing it yourself in less than two minutes.
    279. Kevin J. O'Connor "KO"
      29 Feb, 2012
      This product looks exactly like the original OEM filter I took out of my car. The only differnce is that it didn't say Mistubishi on it. That is how close it was. A great buy at a great price.
    280. adubz44
      22 Feb, 2012
      Compared to going to your local auto part store, the price is very similar. However I love using AutoPartsWAY Prime for items like this. I know I need a new air filter, don't feel like driving to get one, order it on AutoPartsWAY, two days later I have it. Fits perfectly in my 2006 Chevy Cobalt LT. Installation took all of 1 minute.
    281. Survi
      21 Feb, 2012
      Confirmed fit in a 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid. Seems to be solid quality and fit snug. I'll definitely purchase the next one from AutoPartsWAY.
    282. The Travelin' H-Family
      20 Feb, 2012
      It's hard to fall in love with an air filter. It does what it does.But i see no reason to pay more for a simple air filter when this one by FRAM is just fine.
    283. EOppie
      10 Feb, 2012
      Bought this to install into our 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid. For those playing along, the vehicle does have a cabin air filter, the housing lives under the windshield wiper cowl.Fit perfectly into the housing. Filter comes packaged sealed in a plastic bag. I assume to help keep the arm and hammer freshness...well...fresh until it is put into service.Without the filter installed, I notice an increase in the amount of dust/pollen on the dashboard, and my seasonal allergies acting up when riding in the car.With the filter, less dust/pollen, and my nose isn't running.Filter does have a directional arrow screen-printed, which indicates proper filter airflow.After a few months, I checked on the filter and while it was still seated in the housing, the foam pieces around the sides had begun to tear/wear off. This did not seem to have any adverse reaction on the performance of the filter, just something I noted.I never...
    284. AutoPartsWAY Shopper "msb"
      29 Jan, 2012
      Bought 2 of these for my 2010 FX35. Install was a breeze and they fit perfectly. A better replacement that the OEM filters.
    285. OnTheRun
      02 Jan, 2012
      Would help to have some Wix Cross reference no. listed. This filter goes to many different products and motors. Product worked perfectly and sealed package. Shipping was fast.
    286. C. Hirshey
      29 Dec, 2011
      Great direct replacement filter for my ol' 1999 Silverado. Cost was good and much better than the dudes offer at Jiffy and elsewhere.
    287. Tommy Taco
      28 Dec, 2011
      I am Long time user of Fram air and oil filters. Fram offers a quality product and from AutoPartsWAY,tremendous pricing.
    288. G Man
      17 Dec, 2011
      Filter seems to be of good quality but it says needs to be replaced every 12,000 miles. I believe the OEM filters are 24,000 miles or longer. This filter will suffice however.
    289. E. Mendez
      13 Dec, 2011
      Replaced a dirty air filter on a 2005 Dodge Magnum. This fit the bill and was lower in cost than the local parts store. It fit just fine and install was a breeze. Higher grade replacements are available, but I replace these 2 times per year so the lower cost one is ok for my needs.
    290. Matthew D. Petty
      10 Dec, 2011
      Great filter for the 90-93 Integra. Fits in really well with no problems. It's a little cheaper to buy here than the stores so you can't go wrong!
    291. AutoPartsWAY Luvr "Bob"
      09 Dec, 2011
      It fit's my FX45. Car runs as required. Don't know what else to say it's just an air filter after all....
    292. frypan
      09 Dec, 2011
      I have been buying that from Walmart for my Toyota for years and it worked reall good, I like its quality and performance, it is now hard to find in local Walmart as they not always carry this model,good I found it in AutoPartsWAY.com, never have to worry about using another brand when cannot find
    293. Ayax J. Conde "Jack conde"
      28 Nov, 2011
      The filter worked. If fit fine and it was very well priced. I will continue to use AutoPartsWAY for my automotive needs.
    294. TigreLoko24
      25 Nov, 2011
      I bought this Air Filter because of the Great Price, plus its NEW, i definetly felt the diffrence in my truck's performance cuz the filter it had was really dirty, the owners before me i guess had never even thought about changing it. Shipping was fast also.
    295. Adam Duckworth
      25 Oct, 2011
      Fits 2004 Toyota Tacoma Pickup SR5 (Base 2.4L 4-cyl.). Easy to do yourself. Appears to be of good quality although just installed a few days ago.
    296. manysins
      24 Oct, 2011
      Fits perfectly on my 1996 Honda Accord. A couple bucks cheaper than what I would have paid at where I usually get my oil changed and the auto parts store. Does the job
    297. Don's TV and Repair
      21 Oct, 2011
      The price was great and the shipment came very fast. Was exactly as described. Out of the box and right into my pickup!
    298. tech guy
      05 Oct, 2011
      The Fram CA8997 Flexible Panel Air Filter fit my 2002 Ford Escape XLS fine. It went in without too much difficulty.
    299. Woody
      04 Oct, 2011
      It works just like advertised, but so does every other air filter. The orange rubber molding is a nice touch.
    300. NativeCandy
      29 Sep, 2011
      I ordered 2 for 1983 duel fuel injected chevy camaro. They are air filters. . . not much more to say other than that. They weren't bent or altered when they arrived and they fit like a glove.
    301. AutoPartsWAY Customer "j allen"
      26 Sep, 2011
      I ordered two of these for my two Escapes, a 2001 and a 2007.Both fit fine and cost considerably less than the dealer charges.Not hard to install.
    302. K. Mitchell
      24 Sep, 2011
      There isn't anything wrong with the product (hence the 4-stars), but I'm writing a review to warn you that it WILL NOT FIT all the vehicles that AutoPartsWAY claims it will using their "Will it fit" tool. I think Chevrolet stopped making the cab filter replaceable around 2005....could be off a couple years, BUT it DOES NOT FIT my 2006 Silverado 1500LT because there is no way to access where it should go. The ducting is still the same, GM just decided not to put an access door in and so now it is a solid piece with no access. So before you decide to buy this, go out and physically verify that you do, in fact, have access to where it will ultimately go.
    303. AutoPartsWAY Customer
      25 Aug, 2011
      This filter was about $3.00 cheaper than the same one at Advance Auto Parts or AutoZone. Plus, I didn't have to drive over there to pick it up. Thanks AutoPartsWAY!
    304. k1000
      21 Aug, 2011
      This filter seemed to be in short supply locally. The local Walmart apparently doesn't stock it, and the local Auto Parts store didnt have them, either. I decided to purchase them on AutoPartsWAY, so that I will have a few in my garage for future use. The filter appears to be high quality.
    305. Leviuqse
      16 Aug, 2011
      i dont see a difference in certain things between this and "premium" air filters, get the cheapest one. It does the job, just make sure you install it right and you are good to go!would you buy 1000 plastic spoons? or 150 premium plastic black spoons for the same price?? THEY ARE GETTING REPLACED ANYWAYS!!!toyota 2001 corolla.
    306. weekendmechanic
      13 Aug, 2011
      fairly nice filter for the money. honestly I wasn't expecting much prior to my purchase but boy did it surprise me. filter media looks solid & should do what a filter meant to do.
    307. alp1949
      24 Jul, 2011
      The Fram Filter is a great item and the price was verygood. Beats the Auto Supply Houses here.AutoPartsWAY is the greatest...........
    308. akshatp
      13 Jul, 2011
      FRAM quality at a great price from AutoPartsWAY. I prefer Mann but they didnt make this filter (or AutoPartsWAY didnt have it), but FRAM does a good job with this one. The metal backing gives it a sturdy feel, and the filter traps enough dust without choking the air flow.
    309. 1MarbleMissing
      11 Jul, 2011
      There was a time I could get these in a local national chain store. However, they no longer carry this filter even though they fit a 2008 Ford Fusion. I found these on AutoPartsWAY for much less than what I had paid for them at the store, and way less than the oil-change chains charge if they change them. When I got these I was putting an insane number of miles on my car each month. So, i was having to change filters quite frequently. If you've never changed an air filter before, don't worry, it tends to be way easier than you may imagine. And getting the filter at AutoPartsWAY and changing it yourself is well worth the effort.
    310. Michael D. Risser "MLRisser"
      02 Jul, 2011
      Would definitely recommend purchasing this air filter from AutoPartsWAY if for no other reason than it's almost $90 even at Wal-mart. The owners manual says it just "drops" in. LOL yeah right, my 2005 F-250 super duty had other plans.. It took 2 men and myself plus a step ladder to get it installed but we did it.
    311. Jim Herndon
      20 Jun, 2011
      This seems to work very well. I have had no problems with it since I installed it on my vehicle.
    312. D. White
      13 Jun, 2011
      Auto air filters are one of those things that usually don't get serviced as often as they should. Buying the correct filter on line and installing it in about 5 minutes not only saved a trip to the dealer, but money as well. A lot of the big box stores don't have filters for the Scion XA, but there was no problem getting it through AutoPartsWAY.The transaction was quick and easy and with AutoPartsWAY Prime I had it in just a couple of days.
    313. saftyrma
      12 Jun, 2011
      These Engine Air Filters fit perfectly in my 2003 Hyundai Elantra and 2008 Kia Spectra5. Installation in the Hyundai requires a little force when assembling the case but that is not the fault of the filter. The molding material looks identical to the Kia part but the old filter material in both cases is a little stiffer, probably due to age. I have no way of judging the effectiveness of these filters. I expect to buy them again in a year or so.
    314. Dr. Dougie
      04 Jun, 2011
      This Cabin Air Filter is a perfect fit for the 2005 Mazda Tribute. There is no odor coming from the filter. By replacing my old filter (WIC) with the Fram CF10137, the air coming from into the passenger compartment almost doubled in volume (the old filter had oak tree leaves in it and some mold(in less than 1 year)). Air quality is amazingly clean! I have alergies and this filter solves the problem! I also recommend cleaning the Filter Compartment with an anti-bacterial kitchen or bathroom cleaner after removing the old filter and prior to installing the new filter to prevent problems from the old filter. This is an excellent filter and I'd recommend it to anyone driving a 05 Tribute or Ford Escape. I live in south Texas and good A/C is a requirement. Total install time is about 30 minutes (including removal, reinstall, and QC for screws and screw caps).
    315. H. Ngo
      31 May, 2011
      It fits fine in my aunt's 1997 Acura Integra. The paper filter and construction was pretty cheap. For a few bucks more, I should have gone with OEM. This filter has less surface area. On the bright side, this filter fits like it should
    316. Trawlerden
      28 Apr, 2011
      First off, I like From products but am disappointed when they are not made in the USA or Canada. The relatively high price of this product does not reflect that it is manufactured in a country with extremely low wages and laughable environmental controls.Now to the installation and removal on my 2008 Pontiac G5. On the OE filter the ends of the protruding pleats are beveled at a 45 degree angle. The pleats are not beveled on the Fram filter and hang-up somewhat on installation. A little pressure and the filter pops into place. The problem will come on removal as those square cut ends will hang up on the interior of the air box. I suspect I will need to remove the upper half of the air box to remove this filter, turning what should be a quick and simple job into something that is less so.
    317. Elly
      18 Apr, 2011
      This filter fits perfectly in my 2002 Hyundai Elantra. It was really easy to replace the old filter with this one. It was one of the first things I did after buying the Elantra pre-owned.
    318. M. Jiang
      18 Apr, 2011
      This is a replacement engine air filter made by Fram. It works like OEM and even looks quite similar.My car is 2002 Hyundai Elantra with 2.0L 4-cylinder engine.
    319. Toy71Camaro
      13 Apr, 2011
      Ordered this Fram 8208 Air filter as a replacement filter for my 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer. Was a perfect fit. No issues, well made. Fram has always been good on their Air filters. Solid price at AutoPartsWAY (cheaper than my local auto parts retailers). No complaints here!
    320. dox
      15 Mar, 2011
      Unbelievable how hard this is to fit in a 2006 Chevy Cavalier. It's too wide, FRAM!!!If I had to do it all over again, I would really weaken the middle of the filter, and then smash it in there.It might be worth it to cut the filter in half, trim a thin strip off, and glue the halves back together.
    321. R. Wells
      14 Mar, 2011
      Fits my Ford Escape 2003, unlike which was supposed to fit according to AutoPartsWAY's part finder.
    322. C. Whipple "Spartan84"
      23 Feb, 2011
      Replacing the air filter in my '05 Accord V-6 and discovered that the new filter was slightly smaller (length-wise) than the one that I was replacing. It did not fit as well as the one being replaced, either. There was more movement possible in the air filter box, however, after doing my best "eye ball centering" I installed the top of the air filter box and the filter seems to be working alright. Rated three stars due to the fitment issue. But it is ok.
    323. Mike Spalding "Vote Libertarian"
      05 Jan, 2011
      This engine air filter fit my 2006 Prius perfectly. I did have to remove the rubber frame from the previous filter and attach it to this one. And I did find out the hard way that the filter is not square and it should be inserted to match the previous filter. But after 5 minutes it was installed and I saved big bucks.
    324. Patrick7904 "Patrick7904"
      23 Nov, 2010
      This is the correct air filter for the Ford Escape Hybrid, 2006.This is a difficult filter to find.I was sold the wrong air filter twice by auto part shops, so be careful, and keep your reciept.I was quoted $[...] bucks to order one at NAPA, and $[...] to buy one at a Ford Dealer.I don't remember the exact price, but it was significantly less than that.Drops right in, super easy to do yourself.
    325. Andres de Sta. Maria
      12 Nov, 2010
      I bought this air filter for my Toyota 10th Gen Corolla LE 2009. It exactly resembles the original air filter I replaced but the material of this one seems to be better than the original.
    326. D. McCall "SciArt"
      11 Sep, 2010
      Filter seems ok, but based on visual comparison, Honda's original filter is far more substantive in materials and quality (thickness, density, etc). Will be going back to Honda next time. Why take chances? Fram quality seems to be declining over the years. I also notice they no longer state "meets original equip. mfr specticiations".
    327. L. Williams
      22 Aug, 2010
      Order 2 Fram filters to take advantage of free shipping, plus got a coupon for $5 off each filter. Sa-weet!
    328. Chubb "Chubb"
      01 Aug, 2010
      I've never been unhappy with a Fram product. They may cost a little more but they are will worth it. All the Fram filters are an exact fit on all my cars.
    329. William R. Fontes
      01 Aug, 2010
      Cannot beat the price compared to local auto parts store. With this great price you can change filter on a regular basis.
    330. John Turner
      24 Jul, 2010
      I received the air filters with no problems at all. The shipping was very fast. I highly recommend this site and product.
    331. sandberg "sandberg"
      22 May, 2010
      If your car is equipped with a cabin air filter, by all means, use it and replace the filter annually. However, it will only work if you keep your car windows CLOSED. Then this type of filter cuts back on dust, pollutants and allergens. The baking soda will also reduce organic outside smells (feedlot), but not chemical smells (gasoline).Keeps the air cleaner and healthier in your car, especially on long trips.
    332. Bk Justice
      12 May, 2010
      Being a maintenance buff for our families 4 vehicles, I find AutoPartsWAY a convenient and very cost-effective source for my Fram Automotive products. Besides being priced at competitive prices with leading retail outlets, delivery to my home is the icing on the cake for me. I prefer the Fram line of products (convenience), although regular oil & air & filter changes with any brand is the key to good auto health.
    333. And So It Goes
      06 May, 2010
      After the local lube shop charged me almost $30 for an air filter for my Sonata I decided to startbuying and installing my own. Took me about two minutes to undue the four clips and replace the old unit. An easy money saver.
    334. bigg ace "bigg ace"
      28 Apr, 2010
      I have been buying the fram air filter for the life of my vehicle. I have had no problems with them. The AutoPartsWAY price is a little cheaper than in store if you get free shipping.
    335. Lazy Bones
      22 Apr, 2010
      The filter is of good quality, and I am pleased with both the fast delivery and the filter itself. Installation can be very difficult, even though the filter came with the auto manufacturer's installation instructions. The difficulty is that the manufacturer (Cadillac) hasn't a clue as to how to REALLY install it, and it can easily be installed incorrectly. The price was very good; better than most other places.
    336. Ed J. Hayes
      04 Apr, 2010
      Perfect OEM fit in my 2008 Mazda3.Save yourself money and change your air filter yourself.
    337. M. Snyder
      02 Apr, 2010
      Not the best, nut the best at a reasonable price!! I always buy Fram.
    338. John Storm
      14 Feb, 2010
      The Fram filter is very good. But for the money take a look at Mann filters. The FRAM was similar in quality but the price was much more than Mann. By the way, do not waste your money buying K&N filter products. They are good in quality but their cost do not justify there outrageous prices. Just do your research and you will see for yourself.
    339. Beantown Jim
      21 Jan, 2010
      This item perfectly replaces the stock filter on my Camry. Best of all, it has non-symmetrical edges; this is good because it requires you to place it properly in the air filter box or it won't close.
    340. T. Treibel
      25 Dec, 2009
      This is a great filter has charcoal and backing soda impregnated within the filter. I took 2 stars away for the fact in fit so tight in my Saturn Ion that I had to either destroy the filter by forcing it in or option B remove the felt on both ends then force it in. I think the filter could benefit by using sturdier material along the pleated ends and a synthetic rubber to make the air tight seal instead on felt and cardboard. Will I buy this again....probably if the price stays reasonable and then I would curse how hard it is to force it into the airbox once again.
    341. A. Hoier "adamh"
      21 Nov, 2009
      My 08 Kia Optima LX uses this filter. Just gotta say, it works, and does what it's supposed to :) I generally change mine every 10k miles or so, sometimes earlier (generally every other oil change.....). Since I'm not totally set on these new "reusable" oiled filters put out by K&N, etc. Note: They are kind of pricey on here....I get mine from rockauto, or my local parts store....depending how soon I need it.
    342. TW from SF Bay Area
      21 Aug, 2009
      Easy to install and priced right. I've used Fram products for several years and they have never failed me. Highly recommended.
    343. Johnny Wong
      29 May, 2009
      This item fits my 1995 honda accord. Fram is a excellent company making parts for any brand of cars or trucks. I would highly recommend it.
    344. Paul M. Provencher "ppro"
      29 Oct, 2008
      You may not know it, but your car has a filter that stands between you and the smelly outdoors. But after a while, the filter loses its effectiveness and will start to smell, especially if you smoke or live in places where the air isn't very clean.Take a minute to consult your owners manual for the location of this filter (mine was up under the dash on the passenger side - practically a snap off cover was hiding it) and replace it. Pay attention to the way the old one is installed and put the new one in the proper way around. You might be surprised how much better things inside your car might smell! At the same time that little piece of something that is causing a buzz when you run your fan will probably fall out when you remove the filter - that's a bonus!
    345. AMD "Queen "B""
      28 Aug, 2008
      Tried the K & N and it did give me better preformance, but at the cost of poorer mileage. Replace the K & N with the fram and my mileage jumped 2 MPG on the first tank. With he cost of fuel I have no choice but to go with the fram now. I drive a 1997 Toyota Camry and get better mileage with the fram.
    346. Drew
      24 Jul, 2008
      Same great filter as you would buy locally, just less expensive and delivered free to your front door.