1995 Mazda Millenia Air Filter 6 Cyl 2.3L Full

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Vehicle Block CC Engine CID
1995 Mazda Millenia V 2254 6 Cyl 2.3L -
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  1. 31 Oct, 2018
    Fit good iron side support make it more rigid Fast delivery
  2. 08 Oct, 2018
    A medium grade filter good if you replace in regular intervals
  3. elmusico
    16 May, 2014
    The only think I would complain is that the one i got didn't match the color of the picture. The one I got is different in color but perfectly fits any Honda Civic 89. Someone would say "who care the color" and that's right, it's just that you always expect to have the product you ordered to be the same as the picture. Anyways it came in a box like the any other you can find at the store, the shipping was fast and delivered on time.
    04 Nov, 2013
    Changing out the passenger air filter on a Honda Element is way easier than you think. It's like my little brother's ex wife. It/she sounds complicated and expensive, but in reality, it's/she's cheap and easy. A quick internet search can show you a video on how to use your fingers to pop the top off and insert the tool. You can throw away the air filter when it gets dirty, you can't do that with an ex-sister-in-law.
  5. Ted "Ted"
    16 May, 2013
    Could not tell the difference between this air filter and the original Honda filter it replaced. Good price, no need to pay more. (Probably fits some other Honda models as well, use the AutoPartsWAY garage check for your specific vehicle)
  6. Blueblur1984
    17 Dec, 2012
    Not much to say. It fits like it's supposed to and works fine. Personally I feel that the washable air filters are worth the extra money in the long run but she insisted on the cheapest filter available. I would check out a company called spectre first and as long as this item is 1/3 the price or less it's worth it to go cheap.
  7. Steven D "Steve D"
    31 May, 2012
    AutoPartsWAY really gave me more for my buck! While you buy this same product from your local car repair guys who are out to rip you off. Please if any autoshop guy tells you you need a new air filter please!!! Save your bucks and buy this one!
  8. jssjrprime "John"
    25 Apr, 2012
    I bought this for my 2002 BMW 325i (E46) M54 engine. Fits the stock air filter box perfectly. An air-tight fit is key to fuel-injected engines that have air flow sensors. Proper intake air flow is essential. This is a perfect OEM fit and performance is excellent. Because of the high amount of air flow the BMW engines require, a clean air filter is a must for best performance and optimum gas mileage. I let my air filter go unchecked, and wondered why my gas mileage was 15% lower, all due to a very dirty air filter!Installation is simple: Install up into the air box top, upper half of the assembly, NOT in the lower, bottom half of the box. Simply install orange foam-side down, with the filter ribs going UP into the upper, top half of the air box. Push orange foam seal into the lip evenly all the way around to ensure a secure seal when the spring clips go down. Also, make sure the air box seals down to the bottom half securely before engaging the retaining spring clips around...
  9. dhanson865
    18 Jan, 2012
    It was 55% of the cost of the name brand filter (on AutoPartsWAY or in the local auto parts stores). It has less pleats and a fuzzier cloth like texture vs the name brands more pleats and a more paper like flat texture.Does it work as well? Will it last as long? So long as it's even in the same balk park it's a win at roughly half the price.It'll probably work as well until it starts to clog. It'll probably clog sooner. If you live in a dusty area get the premium filter. If you travel dirt roads or it gets muddy on the main roads often (which will turn to dust) get the better filter. But if you don't put a lot of miles on your car or don't see much dust consider getting the cheaper filter.