1997 Dodge Dakota Air Filter 8 Cyl 5.2L K&N

  • Features:
    • Designed To Increase Horsepower And Acceleration
    • High Air Flow With Excellent Filtration
    • Clamp-On Washable and Reusable Air Filter
    • Malleable Flanges
    • One Year Limited Warranty
  • K&N's Universal Air Filters are designed and manufactured for a wide variety of applications including racing vehicles, radio-controlled cars, generators, snowmobiles, tractors, and other applications. Regardless of the angle or offset diameter of the air intake, there is probably a K&N Universal air filter for your equipment. All filters are constructed with ultra-strong molded pliable rubber flanges which absorb vibration and allow for secure attachment and can also be stretched for up to 1/16 of an inch (1.5mm) to fit in-between sizes. K&N universal air filters are washable and reusable.

Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Block CC Engine CID
1997 Dodge Dakota V 5211 8 Cyl 5.2L 318
12 In Stock
Best Price:

$88.60 CAD
$106.32 CAD
Brand K&N
Part # K33RU-4680
Condition New
Warehouse B


  • Universal Clamp-On Air Filter
  • Round Tapered; Base OD-6 in.; Top OD-4 in.; Flange ID-4 in./L-1.75 in.; H-7 in.; Centered; Rubber
  • Regardless of the angle or offset diameter of an air intake; there is probably a K/N Universal air filter for your equipment. K/N universal air filters are washable and reusable.
  • Universal Clamp On Air Filter
  • K&N Engineering, Inc. provides reusable cotton gauze filter technology products for automotive applications. Its products include air filters, such as stock replacement air filters and universal air filters; intake kits, including air intake systems, injection performance kits, and high flow intake kits; and oil filters and marine oil filters. The company also offers various performance products and accessories, such as filter wraps, cleaning accessories, custom assemblies and lids, top air filters, crankcase vent filters, covered crankcase vent filters and valve cover adapters, flow control air filter assemblies, filter minder, and marine products. In addition, it offers various accessories, including carbon fiber composites; snowmobile products; off-road, UMP air box, and VW carburetor air filters; fuel injection air boxes; injector stack filters; kart filters; plenums and weber adapter; custom air cleaners; industrial and small engine air filters; fuel injection line air filters; air horns; air filter accessories; scoop air filters and cone air filters; air/fuel ratio monitors; flywheel/rotor pullers; and fuel filters. The company offers its products to automotive, motorcycle, marine, industrial, and military markets. K&N Engineering, Inc. was founded in 1969 and is headquartered in Riverside, California with an additional office in Warrington, United Kingdom; and the Netherlands.


    Oil Included
    Filter Is Pre-oiled
    Flange Length
    1.750 In. (44mm)
    Flange Offset
    0.000 In. (0mm)
    WARNING CA Proposition 65
    Base Outside Diameter
    6.000 In. (152mm)
    Item Weight
    1.600 Lbs. (0.7 Kg)
    Machine Washable
    Filter Material
    Cotton Gauze
    Air Filter Large End Diameter
    6.000 In. (152mm)
    Item Height
    7.000 In. (178mm)
    Prop 65 (C, R or CR)
    Number of Flanges
    Top Style
    Automotive Item Grade
    High Performance
    Package Contents
    1 Air Filter
    Top Material
    WARNING CA Proposition 65 Message
    Warning: Cancer And Reproductive Harm - Www.p65warnings.ca.gov
    Flange Angle
    0 Degree
    Package Quantity
    Round Tapered
    Top Outside Diameter
    4.000 In. (102mm)
    Package Material
    Frame Design
    Filter Re-Oiling Amount
    1.57 Oz (47 Ml)
    Flange Inside Diameter
    4.000 In. (102mm)
    Prop 65 Warning Label
    Flange Type
    Package Type


    package quantity
    6.38 in
    6.38 in
    11.00 in
    1.59 lb
    Information on technical characteristics, the delivery set, the country of manufacture and the appearance of the goods is for reference only and is based on the latest information available at the time of publication.
    1. 18 Mar, 2018
      I have used K&N filters on many vehicles over the years. Always high quality and perfect fit. One note about this particular one; there are two small bolts that mount the filter to the top cover of the air box. Check to make sure they are straight up, the ones on mine leaned in a bit. Easy to straighten, then it fits perfectly.
    2. Jeffery Burst
      02 May, 2015
      Got His for my 1992 camaro rs. There isn't an actual cold air intake kit for my car so I made a redneck one. It works great and can feel a pretty big difference
    3. John Cummiskey
      20 Apr, 2015
      Works great.
    4. humphrey
      25 Mar, 2015
      the usual K&N high quality. just be advised that the included foam gasket can only be used with this K&N filter, since this K&N filter has a mating groove on the rubber surround part. otherwise you'll have a heckuva time trying to get your quarter-turn clips to close if you try to use the foam gasket with a different brand of filter. "ask me how i know".went with K&N at the premium price because i don't know if the off-name brands would last as long. my previous K&N lasted over 20 years and was still good, i just got lazy, didn't feel like washing it. for the IROC you do need to buy 2 of these, there's just one filter in the box.
    5. Fidel Rodriguez
      16 Mar, 2015
      Bought this to replace an improperly sized one that came with my cold air intake kit I got a while back when my car was new. This intake filter was big and beautiful. Works great. There aren't too many companies today, whose product you can buy and just not worry about the quality because the name guarantees it. K&N is one of those companies. Bought at a very good price from AutoPartsWAY and delivered swiftly.
    6. tb3
      04 Mar, 2015
      Put these on the k & n typhoon intake on my g37. The filter that come with it are not open in the front like these. Definitely lets more air in plus looks badass !!
    7. Billy Gathright
      26 Feb, 2015
      Works great
    8. Nicholas L.
      16 Feb, 2015
      Nice air filter, but does not fit my 1988 Toyota 4Runner 2.4 2L-T Turbo Diesel, LN61 Chassis, RHD
    9. sid
      15 Feb, 2015
      Quality is pretty good. Have seen .15 -.25 improvement in milage.
    10. Justin Smithwick
      15 Feb, 2015
      I have a K&N on both my F-150 5.4Ls so always gonna stick with what is supposed to be on there
    11. Wulk025
      03 Feb, 2015
      I have always liked K&N filters. Now its not like I needed to put this on my 1991 7.3 IDI. As the old diesel only move about 440 CFM of air. But I do like to be able clean my own air filters.
    12. feng zou
      28 Jan, 2015
      very good
    13. CJDMOON
      26 Jan, 2015
      I replaced a 10 year old K&N with this one and I did not realize how worn out the old one was. I wont wait 10 years next time!
    14. orangewirenut
      22 Jan, 2015
      Perfect, just as described. Thanks for another great deal.
    15. Jon Hartman
      16 Jan, 2015
      Wish the filter had been more competitively priced but its still a decent deal. Love my FIPK Cold Air Intake!
    16. Michael D Rutter
      07 Jan, 2015
      Sits a little high. Lid doesn't over overlap all the way on the bottom section on my '79 4.8L 292
    17. Quentin Bierschwale
      05 Jan, 2015
      Great filter, only reason I make it 4 stars as the rubber got hard and caused me to have to replace the previous filter from K&N
    18. fonso
      03 Jan, 2015
      This was a better deal than anywhere else. I would recommend this to anyone.
    19. Brian B.
      19 Dec, 2014
      I'm using this in my 93 F250 7.3 IDI. It fit perfectly & the engine is breathing great.
    20. Julio A M Neto
      16 Dec, 2014
      It's K&N, what else needed to say? The build quality is good, gives somewhere around 3~5hp and 10~20N. Also get you a louder sound from the influx of air to the engine, let's say that the engine gets louder but just for the driver, in a kind of bad way because it gets to be a little louder car than a quiet car.Don't get me wrong, I installed full exhaust in my M3 but this is not like an exhaust, it just annoys you a little. Very little, you have to pay attention for it. It's that kind of detail that only the owner will realise
    21. K Toth
      13 Dec, 2014
      Good quality product with 1 million miles guarantee which means that basically it can be used forever. (I am a bit doubtful on that because I used to change the air filter with every oil change, but we will see...). Only 4 star because it is expensive.
    22. Nationsmost
      09 Dec, 2014
      Great replacement. My original is over 5 years old and is bent out of shape along with the rim has shrunken quite a bit so it continues to slide off the rubber fitting. Fits perfect now & is just what I needed.
    23. lovespictures "lovespictures"
      26 Nov, 2014
      Great replacement for a foam intake liner and metal grate. Used on a Hino W04-T diesel on a Bayliner boat.
    24. Daniel M.
      23 Nov, 2014
      great product fair price
    25. Charles B. Gardner
      11 Nov, 2014
      Fit was perfect into my air cleaner.
    26. kawai
      03 Nov, 2014
      Nice filter
    27. john c herb
      02 Nov, 2014
      its knN eough said
    28. Dmh
      12 Oct, 2014
      As orderedGreat
    29. Jostein Andersen
      11 Oct, 2014
    30. helen2007
      05 Oct, 2014
      really nice. useful.
    31. K. Baltz
      26 Sep, 2014
      Holding up okay, but the rubber is fatiguing fast. I have notice the same thing on other designs also.
    32. Brian Stromback
      17 Sep, 2014
      Well worth the money!!!
    33. Ross Dixon
      06 Sep, 2014
      works exactly as intended, it was a big success (^_^)
    34. Ramona Mendiola
      31 Aug, 2014
      My car ran a lot smoother once I changed the filter. Now I have a spare in the event this one needs cleaning.
    35. Arturo Risley
      30 Aug, 2014
      Have always loved K&N. My dad always got either a filter or intake from K&N when he got a new car regardless if it had a new stock one. They are a very reputable brand. Just got this one and the difference I can tell from this is that it feels as tho my engine isn't suffocating for air anymore. Before for example it felt as tho there was a rubberband attached to my car so it had to pull away from it and now it just glides. Might just be in my head but works for me lol. Put in my 91 Acura Legend.
    36. sergio mauricio gonzalez gomez
      26 Aug, 2014
      Good morning good product very good delivery and product quality has left me very satisfied I hope to make new transactions, thank you very much
    37. KP
      20 Aug, 2014
      Came just as described, perfect fit into my car. Clean and safely packaged. No issues and a happy car :)
    38. Chris Chamberlain "Techno-Geek"
      18 Aug, 2014
      Does as it is advertised
    39. Dajeep Isungry
      12 Aug, 2014
      It fits a '92 XJ perfectly. I just installed it, so I don't know what kind of performance I'm going to get. Perhaps I'll update my review in the future.
    40. Chris
      04 Aug, 2014
      Although an expensive solution, this filter offers a perfect fit for anyone using the comptech ice box intake on their B18 Civic or integra. This filter bolted right up to my comptech intake arm on my b18c1 and even has a little bolt on the end to fit in the comptech box. This filter will also work as an OEM replacement. I noticed an improvement in sound quality over the previous foam filter I was using. if you like induction noise on your Vtec engine get this filter. Pricey but worth it as far as effectiveness and ease of service.
    41. Seth C.
      01 Aug, 2014
      Fit right on, shipping took a while though
    42. Shaun L.
      31 Jul, 2014
      worked great but muffled the sound of our mini a lot.
    43. Buris
      15 Jul, 2014
      My engine is slightly anemic, it's a newer 4 cylinder with under 200 Horsepower. It's nothing special.I've heard of many people taking the base model 2014 Dodge Avenger (AKA my car) and putting in K&N cold air intakes, with some great results both in power and mileage. I'm far too cheap and inexperienced to buy a cold air intake kit and set it all up, so I decided I'd rather just nibble at the notion of improving my vehicles performance. I came from the assumption that any improvements wouldn't be noticeable, and I was proven wrong. The car, in general, responds more aggressively, the increase in acceleration is quite nice seeing as beforehand I couldn't feel any G's while holding the gas pedal down. Now, I feel like I'm driving a smaller V6 as opposed to a 4 cylinder. You can actually hear the car breath now, which is a 'breathe' of fresh air, seeing as how dead and mechanical it used to sound, (it doesn't sound any louder, it just sounds better).PRO's:...
    44. Eastern Iowa
      08 Jul, 2014
      Great size for a 1 barrel ford carburetor. Does not come pre lubed.
    45. NOWELL E.
      07 Jul, 2014
      Received featured.Good product quality.Recommend purchase
    46. Robert Knowles
      30 Jun, 2014
      Changed my rear exhaust and the engine was missing until I added this. Can hear and feel the gains. An easy upgrade.
    47. Howie592
      27 Jun, 2014
      This is an excellent air cleaner. It installed relatively easily and was a straight replacement for the original factory filter!
    48. AutoPartsWAY Customer
      14 Jun, 2014
      bought this for my vintage vespa scooter w/ dellorto carb. the angle and length of filter fit perfectly in frame.
    49. Eric S.
      04 Jun, 2014
      Works well on my 2002 mini cooper s cold air intake system. Better than the foam crap they sell with it.
    50. B52Driver
      02 Jun, 2014
      Ordered a K&N filter for my Buick Grand National, shipment was fast and easy.Great product, also use one in another sports car I own.
    51. S. Oliver "Even the gods to are fond of a joke"
      23 May, 2014
      I had to play around to get this on in the place it was on the car but worth it.
    52. Poorboy
      21 May, 2014
      I bought this for my 2001 dodge 3500 with a 24 valve cumins diesel. It works but don't expect to see a change in fuel mileage or a noticeable amount of hp difference. Basically it just saves you mony in the long run by not having to keep buying filters.
    53. DARII
      07 May, 2014
      I had the dealer install my K&N Filters which they did not charge me. I got in the car and noticed an immediate performance improvement. It was very noticeable that it was more responsive. I could not be more pleased.
    54. Abdullah Y. Farhan
      30 Apr, 2014
      used this on my 1994 Jeep cherokee project, the filter did help the engine to breath better, i dont have to say much.. the name K&N speaks for itself@!
    55. JRJim
      25 Apr, 2014
      It improves the performance adding more power to the engine. It works, and the installation was so easy because it has the same form like the original.
    56. Kelly-K
      12 Apr, 2014
      Great for the custom intake for the G8 Gt say Kelly K of Shiftn Steel Sport Riderz so get your today!
    57. Jonathan Pina
      12 Apr, 2014
      Put this in my 1997 Acura Integra LS model. (DC4) No hassle. Although I find that it sounds different oppose to the stock air filter. The stock air filter actually sounds like a growl like a short ram. And this does not. But I got it for performance not sound right? Great filter buy do not think twice.
    58. REBCO
      07 Apr, 2014
      Works exactly as advertised. More power from the engine and better gas mileage (marginally). I recommend this product as I've used them in several cars.
    59. patti a peltier
      20 Mar, 2014
      The filter is really nice, however, the end has a hole in it for some reason. I ended up just plugging the hole with a bolt with washers and silicone to seal it.
    60. B-MAN
      19 Mar, 2014
      It seems to work pretty well. I've noticed a little better pickup, but I also replaced a clogged fuel filter and a bad EGR valve, so who knows.
    61. Daniel K. Koonce
      17 Mar, 2014
      One the best filters I have ever used, K&N products are the best. Hope I will not have to buy another one.
    62. David
      11 Mar, 2014
      I purchased this as a second filter to swap out with the first one while it gets recharged or cleaned. It fits perfectly as it is an original K&N part, not an aftermarket part. priced a little less than at the shop I had the original intake installed at.
    63. Herman N Soriano
      09 Mar, 2014
      Only 3 stars because this is not what I was looking for. I wanted a slim profile air filter but the base for this one is to wide and barely fit under my hood. 2006 sti
    64. Shaun Mohan
      08 Mar, 2014
      No noticeable performance gains, but a good investment for a car you own and plan to keep as it saves you money in the long run vs disposable filters
    65. clark1
      06 Mar, 2014
      I bought this for an 07 Focus. This is the one that AutoPartsWAY said would fit it but several years of the focus have sealed units and can't be replaced. Didn't know that till it was to late.
    66. Rob Headley
      05 Mar, 2014
      I chose this rating because I looked over my K&N air filters but have yet to try them out on my bike so this is as high as I was willing to go without test riding the bike
    67. Dave
      19 Feb, 2014
      I finally found a filter that wouldn't rub the battery box in my Samurai. It has a Harley CV carb & the big round filter it came with was rubbing on the batt. box.There was a big difference after I got this one. It is getting now getting much better air flow!
    68. mfdockery
      16 Feb, 2014
      Using this one in a Hyundai Starex Van in the Philippines and the increased airflow is a plus with the diesel engine. Used to get a small amount of smoke when under hard acceleration and now none. Also when it was in for the emission test it was about 20% lower on HC than the previous year.
    69. norman millar
      30 Jan, 2014
      Fits perfectly and has improved my mpg I have used these filters on all of my cars and always the same results perfect
    70. Brandon N. Wirtz "Reviewer on Youtube and a S...
      29 Jan, 2014
      This drastically reduces the resistance to air intake, and give a turbo that nice "whoosh" sound. K&N are easy to clean and are a trusted name. I have had Spectre's that were probably the same performance wise but for some reason don't clean as well, so I don't get the same life out of them.
    71. focus
      28 Jan, 2014
      Purchased the mention filter,AutoPartsWAY service & pricing Excellent! As for the filter it works great give the car better air flow thus better pick up. Wish I could upgrade to the K&N Apollo system.
    72. Randall B. Smith
      14 Jan, 2014
      I bought this it came very fast and it looks super cool unfortunately however I bought the wrong size but I will buy the same style of air filter.
    73. Koshman
      11 Jan, 2014
      This was the required filter to replace the one supplied with my CAI. Mine original was damaged while working on the vehicle, and this fit right in its place perfectly.Couldn't ask for anything more.
    74. Harold F. Crowell
      07 Jan, 2014
      Yamaha Road Star owners of the '99 thru '06 carbureted models love these things for replacing the original air cleaner and filter.
    75. Asaf
      04 Jan, 2014
      very big element- try to build a cardboard or paper model to make sure you have room for it.Large filtration area and amazing air-sucking sound ! use it on CJ 8.
    76. Ghengis-T
      28 Dec, 2013
      Product was delivered quickly, It's a direct replacement for OEM filter & was a perfect fit. Gave it a sniff out of the box to make sure it had been pre-oiled. Yup.Install took me all of about 30 seconds, no gains performance wise, except the typical benefits of installing a clean air filter. More responsiveness, better MPG for awhile, etc. Be sure to buy a K&N Filter Service kit to go with this, you'll want to wash > then oil it every so often.
    77. Mercyme "librarydownthestreetpayingforbookson...
      17 Dec, 2013
      Great replacement for the one I had for the past 2 years.I will buy again, and again. This filter has always been one of my favorite on the market. I now have two, so I always keep one cleaned and ready for use.
    78. Thomas J. McCabe
      15 Dec, 2013
      Replace pickup OEM filter with this one. Fitment is not OEM but, still works and does the job. Considering hte cost of an OEM style filter, this one will save me $$$ over time just not buying the old paper filters.
    79. JimShorts
      07 Dec, 2013
      K&N filters have always been a quality part. Perfect drop in, easy to clean. DO NOT OVER OIL when cleaning. Even a really filthy k&n flows better than a new paper filter. And for the guy saying he couldn't 'feel' any HP gain....what did you expect??? That you'd FEEL 2-3hp??? Yeah, it's NOT a full intake system, those are expensive compared to this. This, combined with a QUALITY catback exhaust will make a HUGE difference.
    80. H. Brickey
      06 Dec, 2013
      Installed this on a 98 Jeep Cherokee with homemade air ram out of 3" exhaust (required removal of stock air box). Very noticeable improvement in performance.
    81. Nick
      05 Dec, 2013
      KN 33-2370, I have KN's in all my vehicles. This one is for a 2012 Camry and I'm sure it will fit the 2011 and perhaps the 2013. In installing these in Toyotas you will see a cotton/carbon mesh filter that is not removable in the top of the airbox. Its a post filter and I believe it has something to do with emissions on the newer Toyotas. You can't remove this filter, nor should you. Buy installing the KN filter you will eliminate the large cotton/paper filter in the bottom of the tray that is removable. This filter is a denso brand filter typically, and is very restrictive. When you get the KN you will notice that its not quite as tall as the OE filter and thats normal so don't be alarmed.After the installation, your computer will need to re learn itself and it may take as many as three key starts for it to understand that its now getting a bit more air. I'd say within three days you would notice and improvement. Some have noticed improvement immediately. Most drivers...
    82. Nevzat Peruhan
      02 Dec, 2013
      This product is genuine. "AutoPartsWAY.com" site of the excellent quality of service. Affordable price. The car's reactions based on the original filter was better. Cars idle in order to study entry. Black smoke output very reduced.
    83. Coach
      25 Nov, 2013
      Instant power surge after installing the K&N air filter on my Opel Combo 1.3 CDTI.Bought this via FSSG to Singapore and it's value for money compared to getting it from workshops and AutoBacs which retailed at least SGD $130.Only worry is the washing and oiling part which i plan to do so at 10,000 KM instead of the recommended intervals.In summary, this is a great buy for it's price.
    84. Tommy P. Blas
      25 Nov, 2013
      get product! this also fits the 2014 infiniti q50 and installation is quick and easy. all you need is a screw driver to remove the clips holding things together. a true drop in air filter
    85. Chuck Stefanosky
      24 Nov, 2013
      My Yamaha 2001 Raptor 660 did not have an air filter when I purchased it used. This one installed with out an issue. You will need to purchase an aftermarket air filter spacer to install. O got one on E-Bay for under ten bucks. Filter is washable so should not have to purchase another one in the future.
    86. i'm_your_huckleberry
      10 Nov, 2013
      Bought it to replace the smashed one in our mustang. I've always been a fan of k&n filters. Whether or not it improves hp or fuel mileage I don't know.
    87. mike wagner
      04 Nov, 2013
      Love it! I install these filters on all my vehicles. With them comes more power, better MPG, and less hassle. Thanks K&N.
    88. jonathon patrick zink
      04 Nov, 2013
      K&N air filters speak for themself. Expensive, but very high quality. Even better, this one fits a unit of heavy equipment and even at the price was less money than the original equipment paper filter from the dealer. I am probably imagining things but the diesel engine seems to run better with this filter to boot!
    89. Cody pine
      04 Nov, 2013
      Let's a lot of air in, and probably some dirt ;) just make sure you clean it every so often and your good. Only got k&n because is was the right "custom" size.
    90. Stormy
      28 Oct, 2013
      Cheaper than factory the factory Ford replacement and reusable! The K&N makes more power can be cleaned and sounds great.
    91. 912guy
      25 Oct, 2013
      Product does axactly as it is advertised...I can tell a big difference in my cars response...I am happy with it!
    92. Cblaine
      18 Oct, 2013
      These filters last a long time, especially if you remember to occasionally take the time to clean them. I found it important to buy the filter cleaning kit so the oil coating can be applied.
    93. S. WANG "Douglas"
      16 Oct, 2013
      I installed this on my 2014 E350, immediately after installation, I felt better acceleration. Don't know the MPG change yet, will come back and update
    94. jc
      11 Oct, 2013
      I bought a aem v2 intake, but the filter it had originally plugs so fast, I bought this one for it, and let me tell you immediate difference, it even passes ca smog with it. Since the aem is ca emissions legal so the smog guy does not say anything, I use this filter and it works. Add a helix power tower throttle body spacer, and you will gain immediate power, trust me.
    95. jeffrey folkertsma
      08 Oct, 2013
      Love K&N, they will last the life of the car, in this case, a Volvo XC90, and while I do not feel a marketable improvement in power, at least I know that my engine will never be gasping for need of air.
    96. AutoPartsWAY Customer
      04 Oct, 2013
      I bought this filter to replace the stock air filter in my car. I am 100% satisfied with the NOTICEABLE differences from a stock air filter to a performance air filter. I believe the description mentioned this is a re-washable 50,000 mile air filter, but on the warranty card, this is a million mile filter; a lifetime filter essentially, which is even better.Cost wise by comparison a stock air filter $8-9 per 3k miles or a lifetime performance filter for $41. That's ten dollars less than your local auto parts store.By example, my car drives smoother, and when I step on the gas my engine doesn't sound like it's suffocating. I recommend this air filter as a great buy to whom ever is interested in shopping for a K&N air filter.
    97. Ross Smith "NoleNation"
      03 Oct, 2013
      Got this for my old mark viii it has great fit and finish good value. Would buy again. Way better than newspaper filter it had.
    98. Thomas Nilsson
      02 Oct, 2013
      Perfect item and good quality. K&N makes items for every car. I can not find any better product for the moment.
    99. Richard Huff
      02 Oct, 2013
      A filter like this has limited uses. As a mechanic I only recommend this type of filter for crude filtering. I don't recommend this type media filter for modern electronic fuel injected vehicles. We call them the mechanics friend. As they are not effective at protecting mass air flow sensors. But for bolt on air cleaner system for off road equipment, it is easy and effective at keeping the big stuff out.
    100. olhipe "olhipe"
      28 Sep, 2013
      K&N makes the best filters period! Fit is spot on and filtration is excellent. When it gets dirty, just wash it out with soap and water and re-oil and it's good to go! Should last the life of the car or whatever it's installed in.
    101. Ronald E.
      21 Sep, 2013
      Why haven't I used these in my previous cars! It fit perfectly in my 2009 CTS. I feel that I am getting a performance boost. I have 50,000 miles before I clean it. It was only $5 more than what the dealer charged for a paper filter. Just think how much money I am going to save.
    102. W. Adam
      14 Sep, 2013
      Got it right - correct replacement for my BMW Z3 K&N intake kit. Works great. Old one out, new one in, 5 minutes.
    103. Ovide Morin
      09 Sep, 2013
      About $10 more, you never replace it and it gives you a little better performance and gas mileage, I don't know why everyone doesn't buy one. Every 5K miles, I drive the car up on the ramps, pull the air cleaner and apply the cleaning solvent. Change the oil, rinse and dry the filter, spray new oil on it and slip it back in. Sure it takes a few extra minutes but I save $20 each time.
    104. Kevin Lopes
      09 Sep, 2013
      The stock airbox for an RX-8 is really well-made, and no aftermarket boxes offer a big increase in performance. That being said, having a better filter in that stock airbox is a great and inexpensive performance and maintenance upgrade. This filter gets great airflow, the material lasts much longer than paper and plastic intake filters, and it's reusable! Any car owner should pay a couple more bucks for a replacement like this.
    105. cnam
      08 Sep, 2013
      I have used them on various vehicles for the past 15 yrs from high performance cars, SUV's and heavy duty pickups. They have all been easy to install and perform as advertised (ie. better mileage, performance and I have never had to replace them). I have only had this one for about a month and done one long trip, but it seems to be delivering as advertised.
    106. Fredw111
      08 Sep, 2013
      These filters work great and look great. I put them on my cruiser motorcycles instead of spending $250 for something that doesn't look as good.
    107. Jason
      07 Sep, 2013
      Still early, does seem engine is a bit peppier. Like that the filter is reusable even though same price as throwaways.
    108. Keith L "Keith L"
      06 Sep, 2013
      What else would you expect from K&N but the best performance. My vacuum runs like it has no filter to stop the air.
    109. JSand
      04 Sep, 2013
      Looks good and the best price i could find was on AutoPartsWAY, let alone the money they save you from buying disposable filters and you can clean this twice as often as you replace crappy filters.
    110. Chuck
      30 Aug, 2013
      It's great. Bought it for a royal enfield which is supposed to take a 45mm flange, but this is only 43mm and it fit great. Super high air-flow. Kinda wish it had a chrome bottom, but what gives?
    111. Dan
      29 Aug, 2013
      My dad gave me his old 1983 Husqvarna 181se that had a bunch of work done to it back in the 1980s when he was a logger. It had an old cone filter that comes out of the top cover and it had been smacked around a bunch so I wanted to replace it. After taking some measurements I found that this one fit what I needed. The filter fit perfectly and the saw is breathing easy again.
    112. Chris
      29 Aug, 2013
      Just a replacement to the one i have already but dont have the time to clean it, simple install/ swap.
    113. Carlos Rodriguez "crodriguezcr"
      26 Aug, 2013
      According to my estimate and previous experience, the cost of a K&N filter is equivalent to change 4 paper air filters. What I most like about the K&N filters is that I won't be discarding in the trash an air filter every two or three oil changes, so it means a saving in money and it definitely will help to the environment conservation.Additionally to the savings, after installing the K&N filter the car will sound nice and it will run with a better response in acceleration. When driving normally (not in racing mode... hehe) it can be noticed a saving in gas.
    114. GaryC
      21 Aug, 2013
      This is the sixth vehicle I have replaced the OEM filter with a K&N unit. I have been well satisfied with the performance in the prior five vehicles and expect the same satisfaction in the current one.
    115. Jeffrey Thurow
      29 Jul, 2013
      I really like the K&N Filters. Fits well in my 2008 Saturn Vue. Hoping it is giving me 1-2 miles per gallon improved mileage as well.
    116. Shalva Orvelashvili "shako"
      24 Jul, 2013
      It is what I expected! Thanks to AutoPartsWAY for changing my previous wrong order (I ordered wrong filter for my Mitsubishi FTO). This is what I need. I installed it manually and works great!
    117. Repair as needed
      19 Jul, 2013
      The original Toyota paper air filter element produced better mileage per gallon than the K&N after driving my van on a trip for just under 3000 miles with the K&N filter installed. I lost an average of 2 miles per gallon. Interstate driving at 70 mph with the original paper filter I averaged between 25 and 26.5 mpg. With the K&N filter installed I averaged 23 to24.5 MPG. I plan on reinstalling my original equipment filter!Not Impressed!
    118. Salvador B Castanon
      08 Jul, 2013
      Bought this for my son's car and it has improved performance and miles per gallon so we are very happy with the results.
    119. BOBBY BUI
      21 Jun, 2013
      it fit right in. i always use k&n products for all my cars. they cost 3 times compared to the regular one but 100000k mile and keep going.
    120. Justin Burke "primus666"
      19 Jun, 2013
      Installed with an aftermarket air intake and works great. Sounds great too, nice deep sound. Got it real cheap from warehouse discount. 5/5!!!!
    121. PK9394 "PK9394"
      11 Jun, 2013
      This is for K&N 33-2772 High Performance Replacement Air Filter reviewThe stock paper filter in the Abarth doesn't do a good job to screen all the dust and dirt entering the engine. After 7500 miles on the stock one, I see lots of dirt below the paper filer. That's no good! Since the K&N is oil filer, it should do a better job!Don't expect any performance increase or gas saving! The sound is louder but not easy notable since Abarth has a super loud exhaust!Does K&N have better air flow, I don't know! But for a long run on maintenance point of view. This filter will paid for itself! Also oil filter should do much better job to screen all these dust! I should replace it sooner!Make sure to wash the filter and re-oil by schedule, K & N say 50,000 miles. Personally think is to long. But they say so, I think is still ok. I will do it every 15,000 or 20,000 miles. Also make sure the filter is completely dry before re-install. Don't plan to have this...
    122. Aaron
      02 Jun, 2013
      I'm a total K&N guy so when I checked the air filter the day I bought it from the dealer (it was a used car) and saw that it was dirty, I bought me one. Drops right in the air box no problems. I did notice a slight increase on my mpg and throttle response but not anything spectacular. Would recommend that you clean it before the factory recommended time.
    123. BAMS
      17 May, 2013
      Install took approximately 10 minutes, you have to open the airbox and "slide" out the old (factory) filter, and then slide the new one in.
    124. Lynn Mrzygod
      12 May, 2013
      Both my vehicles, a gas powered sedan and a 3/4 Ton diesel truck, each have one of these installed. If you intend to keep your rigs for a while, this filter makes sense since after only 2 throw away paper filter changes, you will break even. The cleaning kit is pricey but necessary to maintain this filter. I was amazed at all the gunk that the kit flushed out. 160K miles and still like new compression numbers. As far far as any claims for improved mileage, I can say that I not seen any increase in MPG in either vehicle.
    125. REDABARTH
      11 May, 2013
      K&N 33-2772 is the right filter for your Abarth. DO NOT get K&N 33-2471. It will not fit your Abarth.
    126. Erick Michel
      08 May, 2013
      Ok first make sure it fits in your car. Then install it (it goes in the motor, lol. dont be confused this is NOT the cabin air filter that goes infront of the seat of your car) i bought this for my manual lancer ES. AMAZING! you will start to save on gas! buy it
    127. trent
      02 May, 2013
      i have run k&n filters for years and years, i run them from my personal cars and trucks to my dirt track cars. they make a world of difference in how a motor runs as they let tons more air thru.. i have a car dealership and recommend them to customers. in my 2012 dodge challenger it made a big difference in how it idled and ran, normally you can expect around 1 to 2 miles more to mpg but it really helps the throttle responce takes alot of the lag out..
    128. NAS owner
      01 May, 2013
      This item was a direct replacement for the OEM filter. Drop in no problem.engine ran smooth on start up, not too interested in horsepower gain plus I have no way of measuring this gain, my interest was the ability to clean and reuse the filter.
    129. V & F
      28 Apr, 2013
      The filter fits my car, and it's easy to install, just like a regular filter. I think it helps the car to accelerate a little faster when trying to mearge in the highway, but I didn't notice a fuel economy improvement though.
    130. TommyD
      27 Apr, 2013
      It's like my car quit smoking. It can breath again. I don;t know why I waited so long to just buy it.
    131. A. J. Stauffer
      27 Apr, 2013
      Used to upgrade the filter on a 1954 John Deer model 50 and really improved its performance! Specs were right on!
    132. JTR
      23 Apr, 2013
      Fram charges nearly $40 for a filter you'll be replacing in a year or two. So buy this, plus the reconditioning kit and you're good to go with little to no expenditures for the life of the car.
    133. Papa Graycloud
      22 Apr, 2013
      I just purchased a '96 Ford E250 camper van. The first trip I took yielded 12.3 mpg on the interstate. I had the van serviced (tuned) and installed this filter. I also balanced, rotated tires and inflated to 5psi over recommended pressure. On my last trip which included a stretch of hilly interstate in upstate SC, the van got 16 mpg. I am not sure how much of the improvement was due to the air filter, but I am happy with the results.
    134. Jason Luna
      15 Apr, 2013
      OK, so you read thousands of forum posts about how this is a gimmick, how paper is best yadda yadda yadda. Here is an honest review: I am a cheap skate, I drive a 97 Camry even though I am a lawyer because the mileage is good and my clients are all in jail anyway, what do they care? Like you, I browsed thousands of forum posts from tens of shade tree mechanics claiming to know everything about everything. I said screw those guys, bought the filter and haven't been happier. My driving style hasn't changed and to date my average MPG has gone up 1.6 miles per gallon, the biggest improvement is on highway speeds and long trips. Besides, I will never have to buy another filter again (hooray for the land fills), and I got a sweet sticker to put in my window that declares to the world that my 97 camry 4 banger may or may not be marginally fast.
    135. Jesus Martinez
      12 Apr, 2013
      Excelente producto recomendado al 100% muy buena calidad le queda perfecto al Optra 2011 perfectamente sin necesidad de hacer modificaciones
    136. Kevin Ottens
      11 Apr, 2013
      Great air filter in the sense where it lasts the lifetime of your car and it does seem to improve my gas mileage a little. As far as performance, I really don't feel much of a difference overall, but it still is a great product nonetheless.
    137. e90Pnoy
      08 Apr, 2013
      I bought this filter due to recommendations from friends, and from own personal research.The filter arrived in good condition. The instructions were relatively easy to decipher and put into practice. Installation was very straight forward, I didn't run into any problems that I took note off. This is in perspective of the fact I have a very minimal back ground in automotive maintenance. I am the first to say it is not part of my skill sets. I installed the filter into my 2011 e90 M3. I was a bit apprehensive due to my lack of skill/knowledge set, but as I said before it went fairly easy and straight forward.Performance wise I did not see a large gain in power. I did feel the throttle to be more responsive and easy. The car honestly felt like it was driving with a little less weight, like one would say a weight off my shoulders. Yes I realize that last sentence was a bit awkward, but the difference is a very slight subjective feeling. It is pretty hard...
    138. Richard F. "Transplant Recipient"
      25 Mar, 2013
      It was time to replace the air filter, the OEM style paper filter seemed really flimsy. The dirty one I removed from the car had a small tear with a twig stuck in it. It appeared this little twig somehow blew into the intake duct and punctured the paper, and got stuck half-way through. I suppose it was a good thing that the twig got stuck, but a lot of dust could get by the hole it made. The K&N filter has wire mesh that sandwiches the filter media - 4 to 6 layers of cotton gauze. The cotton is treated with a specially formulated grade of oil causing tackiness throughout the cotton. No twig will pierce this, and the tacky oil should stop virtually all dust and particles from getting past.I can't honestly say I feel there's more power or acceleration. But using a K&N filter gives a definite feeling of confidence that no dirt will enter the engine. The fact that it will go 50,000 miles between cleanings (under most conditions) makes it a great value.
    139. Gary E. McKiney "gem"
      21 Mar, 2013
      I have a 2007 Chinese quad this filter work perfect for my quad it was a tight fit in the air box but it worked
    140. StupidChild
      28 Feb, 2013
      Just another washable car engine air cleaner. Another way to save money by washing them out instead of replacing them every time.
    141. David W Glaza
      26 Feb, 2013
      Perfect fit for my Mustang SVO. Brought it back to life after 12 years in storage. The K&N was a great addition to my otherwise stock machine.
    142. S. A. M.
      21 Feb, 2013
      The filter fits perfectly into the vehicle's engine, feels it has a little more power and after 3 weeks of use, I have noticed even a small fuel economy.
    143. Dol
      20 Feb, 2013
      THe maufacturer has the following as the dimension of the filter, however the dimension listed by AutoPartsWAY is different. Part 33-2375 Product SpecificationsProduct Style: Panel Air FilterHeight: 0.875 in (22 mm)Outside Length: 9.125 in (232 mm)Outside Width: 5.25 in (133 mm)Could someone please help me here. The manufacturer's dimensions are very close to what I have in my Nissan Bluebird Slyphy 2008.See: [...]
    144. Alwyn R
      20 Feb, 2013
      I purchased this for a 2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid.This is an excellent filter and I have them installed on my other vehicles. This will not fit the vehicle it was purchased for. The correct filter for the Camry Hybrid is the 33-2260
    145. JT "Goodknight"
      18 Feb, 2013
      Real quick, before you buy a cold air intake for your CTS 3.6, consider that this filter and your stock airbox are also used for the 6.2 liter CTS-V. That engine is nearly double the displacement of the 3.6 and the engineers with very expensive tools on hand determined it flows enough for the 6.2 liter.A simple mod of the plastic piece in the front grill will deliver fresh cold air to your airbox intake and you can easily seal this with a foam seal around the intake.Next, remember that these filters will NOT ruin your car or warranty from oil contamination. The only way this happens is someone incorrectly re-oiling the filter and the excess being sucked into the intake. Personally, I throw my filter away after a few years and just buy another new one, by them the price is the same as paper! This filter is about half the thickness of oem papaer filters.
    146. Gator
      05 Feb, 2013
      I installed this in a 2010 Ford Escape with a 3 liter V-6. I noticed better and faster response from the first drive. I have also noticed an uptick in MPGs. Worth the price as all that needs to be done is a cleaning and re-oil every 50,000 miles. Saves on resources and land fill fodder.
    147. TurboTy
      04 Feb, 2013
      I searched and searched until I found this perfect solution. I applied this to my 4' turbo that has limited space. This was the ultimate solution. K&N is the best.
    148. Ryan Pope
      31 Jan, 2013
      Been running it for many, many miles and its doing the job superbly. Been through a couple washing sessions already and it shows no signs of deterioration.
    149. Thomas
      22 Jan, 2013
      These are great they last forever and they breath really well, this is really the only upgrade you can do to the intake on a Toyota T100. Toyota's intake on the 3.4 is near perfect this is just a bonus!
    150. Dan K
      22 Jan, 2013
      Saved time and money as a local auto parts store would have to special order it anyway probably charge more and you would have to make atleast to trips to get it.
    151. Fabio Zigliani
      21 Jan, 2013
      The vehicle goes better and the Air filter is certainly better than the OEM one I would reccommend this for any 307 owners
    152. Al Barras
      19 Jan, 2013
      I usually replace stock air filters with K&N when I buy a new car. This one on my 2012 genesis makes a big difference in drivability. Big improvement in power.
    153. torian conners
      18 Jan, 2013
      The product works as advertised. Just wish it would have given me more mpg vs. hp. Elements suck at mpg.
    154. Lee S. Cromwell
      10 Jan, 2013
      These are the best reusable air filter. I buy them for every new car I buy. The air flow is better and cleaner. Be careful after cleaning it that you don't over oil it. My 65 Corvette came with a washable foam oil coated filter in the 365HP engine. Best price on the internet. Once you have cleaned it 3 times you have equaled the cost of 4 throw away air filters. You have also saved our enviornment.
    155. PLUMMA
      08 Jan, 2013
      Hey they're the best. Can't and won't find a better filter anywhere, spend the extra few bucks and do yourself a favor and get with the best of the best!!!!!
    156. Dave
      07 Jan, 2013
      Tired of the junk paper filters, this is well made and fit perfectly - had them about 4,000 miles so far -
    157. Hugh Jaas "Hugh Jaas"
      07 Jan, 2013
      this filter, (both of them) mated with my new arc airbox, made such a difference to the car that I am thinking of keeping it instead of selling it. It delivers.
    158. aickevin
      07 Jan, 2013
      Made my car sound a little more aggresive. I drive a toyota camry so it tends to sound like I am driving a sewing machine. This filter turned my car into a loud sewing machine.
    159. John Kendall
      05 Jan, 2013
      More air flow and a bit more power !! Mileage should go up as well - I've always used K&N in all my cars.
    160. giorgi
      22 Dec, 2012
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    161. Mr. Z1R-TC
      19 Dec, 2012
      The and K&N E-3330 air filters will work with the 1978 Kawasaki Z1R-TC triangle air cleaner holder. It is not widely known that K&N did not actually make a triangle air cleaner to fit this application. The round filters were hand formed to fit the triangle holder. To make this easier, I pre-heat the filter in the sun or a 150 degree oven setting.
    162. CabelasKen
      08 Dec, 2012
      I have used K&N air filters exclusively for the past 15 years and they work great. The diesel engines use a lot of air and the air filters see a lot of bugs, dust , etc, so the air filters tend to clog quicker and really don't clean ups o well, so instead of reusing them, I typically replace them every 30 or 40,000 miles, depending on how dirty they become. No matter how dirty they become though, they are a big improvement over paper filters.. In my cars, they last about 100,000 miles before I replace and I clean them every 30,000. Mileage and power seem to be better than stock, but not as much an improvement as claimed by K&N..Ken
    163. Victor
      03 Dec, 2012
      Product was exactly what i wanted and worked perfectly for the custom air intake i made on my 2001 Ford Excursion.
    164. Bill L
      28 Nov, 2012
      Three cars and a pickup truck in my household and they all have K&N air filters in them. The initial cost may seem a bit high but over time the K&N filter will save you big bucks. Put the sticker that comes with it on your air cleaner housing to let the mechanics know you are wise to their game. Now, instead of telling me I need a new paper filter at 25+ dollars a pop, they offer to clean my K&N for 10 bucks. I just say "no thank you" - oh, well, sometimes I laugh.
    165. lc
      13 Nov, 2012
      K&N filters are worth their weight in gold. Every vehicle I buy this is the first upgrade I make. It does improve gas mileage and throttle response. And generally they are real simple to install. Once you use them you'll never go back.
    166. Jonathan
      25 Oct, 2012
      I absolutly love this filter! I put it on my 2007 Mustang GT with a Ford Racing cold air intake that comes stock on the 08-09 Bullits. I noticed an immediate gain in responsiveness and power. And being reuseable, it will pay for itself in a few months. Great filter!
    167. D & L
      17 Oct, 2012
      ...make sure you attempt to shake off as much oil as possible. The filter comes heavily oiled from the factory. If you remove the stage 2 carbon filter that is attached to the airbox, this oil will coat the MAF. When the MAF gets dirty, it causes the engine to use more fuel than necessary, thus reducing net fuel mileage. The simple solution is to install the filter, wait a few weeks, then clean the MAF by removing it and spraying with MAF cleaner or dipping it in 70 to 90% rubbing alcohol, and allowing it to dry before reinstalling. When handling the MAF, DO NOT TOUCH the metal wires. Overall, I'm satisfied with the purchase, as it wasn't much more than the stock filter the stealership wanted to sell me.
    168. bmores1
      01 Oct, 2012
      Got this for my 2000 Volvo S70, noticed a little bit more pick up and gives a little bit more of a growl when accelerating now.Great quality, have not had to clean it yet but will post an update on how that goes.
    169. Ivane Narimanidze
      07 Sep, 2012
      Bought the filter when it costed 15.53$ @ AutoPartsWAY.com a month ago.Firstly, of course that is just excellent price for the filter of such quality, which can be washed and is reusable. Even conventional air filters cost more.Using the filter for 1997's Opel Monterey, 3.1 Turbo Diesel engine. So far, very satisfied, engine breathes and runs quite well.
    170. edski
      28 Aug, 2012
      Perfect fit for the 2001 BMW X5 3.0i (M54). Never need to replace filter again. Just inspect it/clean it (if needed, oil it) every couple thousand miles.
    171. Yellowjacket
      25 Aug, 2012
      Part arrived when it was supposed to, in good shape. It arrives "dry" and no oil is included in the box. New purchasers should be aware that it arrives unoiled. You also need to order the oil necessary to make it work. K&N filters are a premium priced product and this is an additional expense that must be taken into account. I think the advertisements should have a caveat stating that filters are shipped dry and require the additional purchase of the proper oil before the first use.
    172. dmzempr
      23 Aug, 2012
      Well the good news is that the product fit my '09 Saturn Vue as it said it would. Great. Don't have to worry about that. Secondly, it comes ready to use. Even though I bought the recharge kit, I don't need it yet. I do about 15k a year in mileage so it will be a few years if I go by the 50k recharge frequency. I have 68k on the car and I'm 98% certain I still had the ORIGINAL OEM filter onboard. I figured that was enough justification to buy this filter. I will be buying one for our other car as well.Performance wise, still too early to tell. i just installed it yesterday. I can tell that at highway speeds of extended operation, my instant MPG has gone up about 3 to 4 MPG's. I go by actual though so I still don't know. After I see what the actual mileage is, I'm going to use that Sea Foam treatment to the gas and intake just to spice things up a bit.I love the decals and the extra decals they give you. If you use them, no one can miss the fact that...
    173. Eli Berry "Eli"
      14 Aug, 2012
      I recently traded my Acura TL for the more fuel efficient Nissan Sentra. It is the base model in 6spd manual. 1st gear is so tight and you can barely get past 12mph without a lot of noise. I had a K&N air filter on my Acura for the added power and fuel savings. It worked well on the Acura so I decided to get one for the Nissan. I my surprise 1st gear can go further faster while making less engine noise. I am pleased. Also im already noticing more mpg on the hwy. Love it!.
    174. DG Jazz
      10 Aug, 2012
      This is great product. It fit perfectly into my new 2012 Hyundai Genesis 3.8. This new filter has made a difference in the gas mileage. I was really skeptical at first but after having it for months now I am sure I made the right choice.
    175. Marco Calvo Navarro
      06 Aug, 2012
      After I installed this filter on my car, I had the feeling on reducction of gasoline consume. I can measure it before and after this change. Really happy about this purchase. Also, I tryed to forget to change the air filter any time that I change the motor oil and have my own filter maintenance.
    176. Darius
      01 Aug, 2012
      Currently using this on a ball bearing turbo, which previously had an AEM filter on it that melted at the base. In two years of use, no melting or signs of breaking down.
    177. Shawn from Colo
      31 Jul, 2012
      Awesome buy! Got them next day with AutoPartsWAY Prime. The were purchased for a Suzuki GS450 Cafe racer build. Fit perfectly on 34 Mikuni Carbs and easy to install. Couldn't be happier!
    178. Legend GS 6SPD
      08 Jul, 2012
      I noticed the engine's intake pulse is different. It howls like a beast. In other words, the engine inhales more air and freely. I can feel that engine response better with additional power gain which I never felt before. I can hear it loud (beautiful sound and healthy) 1st and 2nd gears especially). At 6th gear, I hardly notice, so no disturbances there while cruising.
    179. Just Call Me Hank
      06 Jul, 2012
      K&N filters are never cheap, but I found the pricing on AutoPartsWAY to be very good and with free shipping that arrives very quickly I am very happy with this purchase.
    180. Toddski
      13 Jun, 2012
      Would just like to say that the K & N filter is great I have them on my other vehicles and they arer well worth the money. They save gas, increase power and last longer than the car. If you dont have the KN filter cleaning kit you do need it. All you need to do is clean and oil the filter every 6 months and you will have that filter and benifits of the filter for life. I got a great price and rcieved the filter 2 days before i expected it.
    181. Sy
      23 May, 2012
      Not much to say, only filters I use are K&N. Great product. May cost a lot up front but it pays for itself in so many ways (never buy another filter, engine performance, fuel savings).
    182. Larry S. Vaughan "blakpantha"
      04 May, 2012
      This filter is an overall improvement to the paper one that comes stock. I do say it is an attractive air filter, it is lighter, thinner, but does do the job well. I do trust the K&N brand, and I am confident that will improve the performance of my 1997 Suzuki Baleno (Esteem).
    183. Tom
      04 May, 2012
      I have a 2006 Cobalt SS/SC that proved difficult to find an air filter that would fit from a local parts store. If they did sell the right one it cost nearly $30 and it was just a plain paper filter. For an extra $15 I thought the K&N filter would be a better idea since not only would it last the life of the car, but should also give me a little better performance. It's a smaller filter than the OEM one, but they did that I guess to get it to fit in the small fender location. Haven't seen any performance difference and my mileage seems to have gone down compared to last season, but that could be due to very worn out tires. However, I am still satisfied with my purchase.
    184. Torian
      15 Apr, 2012
      Not too many mods you can do to a brand new 2012 300 S without voiding the warranty, but adding a drop in K&N is one of them. Definitely noticed a difference. Car pulls harder above 300 and has a growl that didn't have before. This air filter allows more than double the CFM into the engine than the standard filter did. No brainer upgrade, and any novice can do it.
    185. Alberto C Canda
      10 Apr, 2012
      All my cars have the K&N filters because works like a champ and evidence of increased power and definitely makes the engine runs/performed smoother/better. Never have to buy filter anymore and highly recommended if you want satisfaction and lots of savings. Bought thru AutoPartsWAY, secured, faster and cost less...
    186. twinpipe
      08 Apr, 2012
      ordered, received in five days, and at 1/3 less than store ordered pricing! a short wait for a really good buy!
    187. H.B.
      04 Apr, 2012
      Haven't noticed a major shift in performance, but I'm already seeing an increase in MPG. I have a 2009 Corolla and averaged approx. 350-370 miles per tank. I installed the K&N Filter when I my tank was half full and still finished with almost 390 miles by the time I was almost empty. Add in the fact that I won't even have to clean the filter for approx. 50,000 miles and the filter has already paid for itself IMO.
    188. Jason Maheadsky "Bag O'Donuts"
      29 Mar, 2012
      I purchased this filter as a replacement for one that was a bit longer. It's a great quality K&N filter, just as I would expect.
    189. Kenji
      14 Mar, 2012
      Great product. Direct replacement to Volvo OEM air filter. The car produces slightly better power because of higher air flow. Highly recommended.
    190. Digs311
      09 Mar, 2012
      I bought this for my wifes 2007 Ford Fusion SEL V6 and it instantly made the mpg go up, and throttle response is much better, the car was zippy before but now its even better. K&N filters have always treated me and my vechicles great. If its got an engine or an air filter, its always K&N one everything in own.List of some of my stuff with K&N:2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.7 Hemi Limited2007 Ford Fusion SEL V62011 Yamaha Raptor 700R2011 KTM Superduke 990R2003 Honda XR70R2008 Yamaha Raptor 80Craftsman mowers (riding and push)And i got one coming for my 20 gallon shop-vac.(easier to buy one at $32 that last forever than $30 every 3-6 months)
    191. R. Sharma
      05 Mar, 2012
      Fits fine, kinda a pain to install, but that's BMW's issue not K&N...took maybe 20 minutes to install.Those metal snaps dont go down easy sometimes, thats the hardest part.
    192. James Maxwell Looker
      23 Feb, 2012
      I contacted K&N after I noticed how different it looked from the paper Motorcraft one, which is probably all I needed to know, but the customer service tech that answered my email said they don't make a standard air box filter. The only air filter they make for an American Ford Focus, 2007, is their performance air intake kit that only works with the PZEV exhaust system, which I happen to have, but I'm not super thrilled to have to spend $250 instead of $30.Anyone that has changed an air filter in the Focus has also probably thought wtf? while they were taking the from left wheel off to get to the inside of the wheel well where Ford put the air box, which makes putting it in a better spot that much more appealing. Even being able to go 50K miles with proper air flow would have been a big improvement. I hope I get the chance to get in an engineers face about this someday...I still give it three stars because there wasn't actually anything wrong with the product,...
    193. anthony link
      06 Feb, 2012
      I have owned several different styles for different vehicles, this filter is like the rest, perfect fit and good performance.
    194. private
      29 Jan, 2012
      These air filters are the best. I installed them on a 1974 honda cb350f. The engine runs better at all rpms. The only thing I can say bad is one of the hose clamps that was supplied was different and much larger than the other three clamps supplied.
    195. JimInRaleigh
      22 Jan, 2012
      I finally bit the bullet and shelled out the money for this filter.No buyers remorse at all and it fit my car perfectly.The regular paper filter normally costs over $15.This one will have paid for itself in two cleanings.Well made too.
    196. Rivadeneira Luis "Luis Rivadeneira"
      10 Jan, 2012
      I just installed my new K&N washable cotton gauze filter... as simply as replacing my old paper filter. The rubber edge seal looks a little beefier but was installed without problems. I don't feel any difference in the engine response nor the engine sound but I expect a small improvement in fuel efficiency,
    197. TinTin
      09 Jan, 2012
      When I received the filter, it was missing the cage the filter was not even sealed in the bag (look like it's an open package that being returned by customers). So I called and they replaced it right away with the brand new filter. I installed it and it felt more power and took a few more days to refill my gas tank.
    198. Michael C. Buchanan "WNC Signguy"
      05 Jan, 2012
      After reading mixed reviews about this product, I decided to try the filter in my car. After ordering the filter, I received the filter in 3 days. I installed the filter in about 5 minutes. After several weeks of driving to and from work, I have noticed that I am getting about 40 more miles to a tank of fuel. The stock air filter was like a giant bulk of paper and acted like a giant restrictor plug, and when it rained, my check engine light would come on until all the moisture left the road and the air. The check engine light has not come on one time since installation. The filter lets the sound of the supercharger be known. I am a true car guy, this product WORKS. Good luck with your K&N filter!
    199. Talleyho
      30 Dec, 2011
      The air filters fit the 3 dueces on my 1965 LeMans perfectly. I was pleasantly suprised to say the least.
    200. Azzkikr
      09 Dec, 2011
      I orderd this product after getting a quote from stealriship of $179 to replace this. It fit perfectly. Cant comment on perfromance increase but would say that i got the oil change done with mobil 1 and installed this , my car was definitely running smooth. I did see a difference in the engine smoothness, As for the HP increase cant say anything coz i havent done any tests also havent even tried to push the pedal to the floor because of the icy wether here , but would definitely recommend this. Took 10 minutes to install. No need to pay through your nose when you can do it on your own.
    201. ClLy
      08 Dec, 2011
      I thought I had some engine problems but realized the sand from driving in the outback sticks to the oil in the filter and plugs it up. So basically if you are on-road then this filter is really good but if you take the vehicle off road in dunes or sandy areas with lots of sand getting kicked up then keep a spare paper filter. I even tried keeping two of these but it plugs up pretty much on one 10km lap to prevent the vehicle from exceeding 70mph (110kph) off road.
    202. Dan C
      04 Dec, 2011
      Perfect fit for my truck quick shipment. Get good quality parts for the price of lesser quality at the parts store. this was used on a custom application with a Holly carb and works great. must have allot of hood clearance for this filter.
    203. Brian L. Fields
      28 Nov, 2011
      I've used K&N filters in the past, so was already sold on the quality. Prices in the local autoparts stores were much higher. This is an excellent deal!!
    204. Daniel J. Ocegueda
      06 Nov, 2011
      This air filter is of good quality. It made the supercharger in my car sound better, and I noticed a little more boost right after I replaced my stock air filter with this K&N filter. I have this filter installed in my car for a few years now and it is working good!
    205. Charles B. Clancy III
      25 Oct, 2011
      These filters work as claimed but are not bolt-on as expected. #s 1 and 4 have to be squeezed to fit between the carbs and frame tubes. Two, 1 and 3 as I recall, have to be severely trimmed for the choke linkage to clear.
    206. Chris
      23 Oct, 2011
      I have put roughly 5,000 miles on the filter so far. It is still clean and working great. I think in the spring I will recharge it whether or not it truly needs it. Ever since installing the filter (and removing my stock paper air filter) I have noticed better throttle response, smoother engine function during acceleration and idle, and an improvement of about 1 mpg with no other modifications made.
    207. Patrick Esteron "sunny side"
      15 Oct, 2011
      These K&N air filters are the perfect application for air intake setups. I get good gas mileage and excellent response when i need it. My filter gets dirty fast that's why i picked up another one so i didn't have to wait for it to dry when i washed and oiled it. Just put the clean filter on. NO TIME WASTED!
    208. Jag
      10 Oct, 2011
      Not that helpful for a stock engine, but if used as part of a package (free flow exhaust, injectors, set up the pump a bit) it's worthwhile. Follow the directions for cleaning, it won't take air pressure cleaning like a paper filter.
    209. Dan1976
      27 Sep, 2011
      I received this air filter in the mail and I immediately installed it because we were (family of 6) heading out to Dallas for the weekend and I needed to get the best gas mileage right away. The installation was very straight forward and simple. The upper seal attaches to the upper air box and fits perfectly. One thing I noticed right away was the throttle response. It seemed more crisp and it felt like it didn't have a problem building power as the van accelerated. Before we loaded up for the trip, I changed the oil, check air pressure in the tires and filled up with non-ethanol gas. (If I run ethanol gas, the mileage goes down and I find myself replacing sensors. Ethanol gas in my Chrysler is no-beano).My wife and I were completely surprise when we saw our mileage go from 18.9 mph to 22.3!! The filter will pay for itself in no time. I actually didn't have a problem passing anyone as the engine had enough air and fuel to make more power when I needed it...
    210. TJ Zonie
      23 Sep, 2011
      I purchased this K & N filter for my 2010 four cylinder Camry about 2 months ago. After installation I noticed a mile or so increase in gas mileage in the city. Two weeks ago I took a trip 700 miles one way from home. The trip up I got 33+ MPG. The trip home I topped 35 MPG. This mileage was not achieved in any previous trips so I can only attribute this to the K & N filter. By the way, the federal standards for this vehicle are 22 MPG city 32 MPG highway. That makes for an increase of 10% in MPG over the federal standard which will certainly pay for the filter in a short time. I have 3 other older vehicles that I have used K & N filters in for years. Their results were not as pronounced but all have shown some improvement in performance & MPG.
    211. Dan Simonds
      14 Sep, 2011
      I read on an online motorcycle forum that this air filter would fit and work good on my 2003 Yamaha Roadstar motorcycle. So I went looking and found it on AutoPartsWAY.com for the best price anywhere. Other Chrome OEM air filters for motorcycles cost between $250-$550 and are still made from plastic. I got this K&N for around $35 on AutoPartsWAY.com. It fit perfectly and has increased the power,torque, and gas milage more than expected. I`ve riden in the rain and haven`t had any issues at all. And it looks great!! I`m so very glad I heard about this filter and bought it.
    212. S. Lavric "GreyGeek"
      11 Sep, 2011
      Perfect fit in my car, replaced the OEM filter snugly. I have not measured the difference in actual horsepower, however it feels peppier and revs more quickly. I have seen about 3-4 mpg improvement in highway mileage.
    213. Kopperhed
      06 Sep, 2011
      if you are re-tuning & de-air-boxing your Suzuki Intruder 1400, these are the filters you want. Recommend Factory Pro Config 3.0 jet kit to go with.... wheelies and burn-outs are now within your reach.
    214. bevobrown
      23 Aug, 2011
      Installed on my 03 Mazda 6S (V6). Mileage has gone up about 1.5 MPG. This is a lifetime filter that only costs a few bucks more than the paper filter costs at the local parts store......why are you waiting!It comes ready to install, and will require maintenence (cleaning and oiling). I recharge (clean and oil) mine every other oil change (12-15k miles), it takes maybe 15 minutes of labor, and in the hot sun where I live it is dry within 45 minutes and ready for oil.Seriously, stop throwing away paper filters and start saving some gas!
    215. kaiserbaron "Baron's Musings"
      08 Aug, 2011
      My only concern with this order for the High Performance Replacement Air Filter (K&N 33-2358) is that it didn't arrive within the specified time. The product has been installed in my vehicle and is working as expected.
    216. Joe T.
      31 May, 2011
      Purchased this for my Nissan Sentra. However, didn't notice any MPG or Performance increase. Have run two tanks of gas through my car now and no noticable difference at all. Was hoping for a little better acceleration or increase of at least 1-2 MPG, but didn't get any. :( Maybe need to replace the entire intake system to notice any difference, but didn't find any performance or MPG increase by just changing the filter itself.... :(
    217. Rich
      27 May, 2011
      I am always going back and forth in the controversy between cotton filters and paper filters, but that's a debate held in far too many automotive forums. The thing is, these filters are just fun! You definitely notice the slight power increase after you install one. It's miniscule and is certainly not an investment by any means. But for the average person who wants to have a little extra fun without getting too involved with automotive performance stuff, this is perfect. I put them in all my cars, I clean them when they're dirty, and I've never had any problems.
    218. Ben "pilnomi"
      25 May, 2011
      This is cheaper than OEM replacement, and more "green". All cars should ship with permenant air filters like these. This is the 5th vehicle I've put a K&N in, never had any issues either with install, maintenance, or warrenty.
    219. Dennis Weddle
      16 May, 2011
      I have K&N filter for my truck, harley, and have recommended for friends to install as well. well worth the price
    220. M. Villanueva
      28 Apr, 2011
      On the off chance that someone's looking for a replacement for the Procharger filter on a 2003 Mach 1 Mustang, this filter will work. It's a little tight, but can be used instead of the Procharger filter.
    221. Daniel Cheng
      14 Mar, 2011
      Worked perfectly for my Rx-8 2006. You tube how to replace to figure it out, takes 15 minutes. I also bought the oil replacement kit off AutoPartsWAY for pretty cheap too.
    222. Walter T. Cheryba
      11 Mar, 2011
      Installed this filter on our 2007 Chrysler Town and Country van with a 3.8L V6 engine. Immediately noticed improved throttle response and an increase in the average MPG on the vehicles computer display. So far after 3-tanks of gas the actual increase in MPG is 2.5. That's a lot for this vehicle. I believe the product will pay for itself rapidly. I recommend it.
    223. k
      14 Feb, 2011
      I just installed the K&N filter in my car yesterday.I havent driven it all that much, but i did notice a drop in engine vibration when i was sitting at red light.Its just an air filter, i dont expect much noticable power output.Im just hoping for better mpg and over all engine cleanliness.Also, im being eco friendly because i dont ever have to use another air filter Ever Again.I will keep recycling this one.BestKevin
    224. S. Davis "Dad2dabone"
      07 Dec, 2010
      In my situation I find the K&N filters are very cost effective. Cleaning them and re-oiling is much cheaper than throwing away the typical filters after a few changes. The dusty conditions make filter changes important. I also like the way they always fit. Just changed my wife's out, so will have to see if her mileage creeps up a little. I expect it will.
    225. Z. Fehrmann "zsf001"
      05 Dec, 2010
      After being informed by a Honda Dealership that I needed to replace my air filter (and them informing me that they wanted to charge me +$75 to do this), I decided purchase and install this K&N Air Filter in my 2006 Honda Civic EX in an effort to save money.Included in packaging:1. K&N Filter2. A sticker to place on your air filter housing that reminds mechanics not to replace and throw away your K&N Filter (the filter is reusable: simply wash, dry, and replace when dirty).3. Instructions and care informationThe installation of this filter was extremely easy and took less than 5 minutes to complete (no tools required).Upon installation, I immediately noticed a slight change in performance in my Honda Civic. I am averaging 1-3 additional mpg per fill up after the installation.The true beauty of this filter is that it is reusable. Whenever you are due to change your air filter, simply remove your K&N filter, run water...
    226. AutoPartsWAY Customer "NAN"
      10 Nov, 2010
      I can't speak to any HP gains but I'm now getting around one MPG better than the stock filter did on our highway driving.
    227. Henry A. Boudreaux
      18 Oct, 2010
      Very pleased with the product...bought one for my dodge ram and now my 2010 ford escape v6 bought it so i wouldnt have to keep on buying one everytime i did a tune plus i like K&N Filters. Also gain 1 Mpg just from the filter would recommend a K&N Filter to anyone looking for a filter. just upset with the shipping paid for the 2 day shipping and didnt recieve it until almost a week since i ordered it.
    228. Jasco
      29 Aug, 2010
      Universal fit air filter mounted directly to the MAF after removing the stock filter and canister on my FIAT X1/9. Improved performance is probably placebo effect, but it makes the engine sound a little deeper. Also opens up the engine bay for a less cluttered look.
    229. Keim
      21 Jul, 2010
      I placed this filter in my 1993 Ford F-150. With the exception of having to oil the filter, it was just like any other filter installation. I didn't notice power gain or loss. Before and after gas mileage measurement showed a 2% improvement. At todays gas prices this amounts to $.96 saved per 16 gallons. This filter will pay for itself quickly on a frequently driven vehicle. I'll be buying these for my other vehicles.My mechanic does caution not to over oil the filter, as this will result in it collecting to much debris, and hurting engine performance.If you keep your vehicles for more than a few years these filters pencil out favorably. Improved mileage, no more filters to replace and potential power gains. Seems like a win to me.
    230. Jimmy D
      13 Jun, 2010
      It's obviously of higher quality than the standard air filter. Not knowing very much about air filters, I did not know that, not ititially, but eventually, when you clean it, it involves putting oil on the air filter. You can buy air filter oil for just a few dollars more but I just did not get any instructions on what is involved in cleaning the filter when it does eventually have to be cleaned.But looking at the quality of the product, I would say that it would apparantly work better than the average air cleaner.
      02 Jun, 2010
    232. K. Smith
      26 Apr, 2010
      I have been using K&N for years. I bought this as a replacement for my 97camaross with has a STS turbocharger. The one I had gotten got bent somehow and unusable. I would buy their product again. I plan on buying a kit for my SUV. K&N is the way to go. Its a good economic buy.
    233. ARN "JD"
      05 Apr, 2010
      This filter costs less than the Volvo paper OEM filter. It never has to be thrown out, just cleaned every 50K miles. Increase in performance was very noticeable.
    234. C. Eldridge
      28 Mar, 2010
      This is the first thing I change any time I get a vehicle. Never have to buy another air filter, better fuel economy, and better power!
    235. RKam
      22 Dec, 2009
      I have a 2007 Mazda CX-7 and it was time to replace the old air filter so I thought I go this route. I have to say it's very well made and fits absolutely perfectly. My air filter box is kind of a pain to get to and I needed help to get the tubes detached from the box so we could open it up for the replacement, but one we did, it was a snap to put the new air filter in and screw everything back into place. I'm pretty impressed with the quality of how well it's made.
    236. Armin Haghighi
      15 Oct, 2009
      I recently purchased this product for my Mercedes C280, It had some rough idle, air filter was dirty and good disposable filter for this car meats almost 20$ so I decieded to buy one of these for the lifetime for 46$. I also used STP total feul system cleaner two times. now the car barely shows any rough idle. I can't say it was STP or this filter really. It's just a filter just like other filters and if it do good for a lifetime, that's a mystery for me too. I don't know about other cars but on Mercedes I can't sense any increase in Horsepower at all. I don't want to tell there is not any, but I can't sense anything and to be honest, 1 to 4 HP increase is REALLY NOTHING. so, if you want to order this, don't fool yourself. just consider the economic side of the story and order it. as opposite of what is advertise, You'll gain no excitement with this purchase at all.
    237. Kevin Marc Roberts
      28 Jul, 2009
      if you can change a regular air filter, you can put this in your car. it took me longer to find the air filter compartment in my wife's Versa than put this in. I love not having to buy new air filters in Phoenix every year. it's so dusty here this is a must buy.
    238. Salman Bader Hassan "devil ss"
      30 May, 2009
      you will search every were but at the end K&N is the best .best regards ,Eng.salman
    239. Sandy J. Miniz
      20 Apr, 2009
      This filter has been on my car for 200,000 miles. My car has 359,000 miles now. Could last until 500,000? Great filter, noticed that the engine breathes a bit better. Highly recommended for any car!
    240. Jacob Sartin
      03 Mar, 2009
      This is just the replacement filter, so no hardware. Installation was a bit snug, but I do believe that is probably a good thing. The only thing that makes me not give it 5 stars is that since I installed the filter my check engine light temporarily comes on, but turns off shortly. But overall I am satisfied.
    241. Josh
      14 Dec, 2008
      Both my cars use K&N filters. The size of this filter fit the tight space in my engine, and is build more sturdy than the cheap cone foam filter I replaced that has foam pieces falling apart.
    242. Daniel Attila "Daniel Attila"
      01 Oct, 2008
      This is a great filter -- much better made than the disposable one your car came with and being rechargeable, it is better for the environment and your pocket book.I have not detected any noticeable improvement in performance or fuel economy since installing this unit, but I still prefer it to a disposable cartridge.
    243. briankangaroo
      14 Sep, 2008
      This product fit perfectly in my 2006 Honda Element and mileage has improved about 10% (though the old one was a might dirty) HP feels about the same. I would (and do) get one of these for every car I drive.
    244. Thomas
      07 Sep, 2008
      I bought this to put on my small bore Rochester 2G. It fits perfectly. I would recommend this K&N part also, K&N 22-8012PK Air Filter Wrap, since this is an open filter. I drilled a hole in the top so I could use a threaded rod with a nylock and fender washer inside and a wingnut with a integrated o-ring on the outside for extra security against falling off from vibration. It flows 1000cfm according to K&N. More than enough for a little Buick 225.
    245. PK88 "PSK"
      23 Jul, 2008
      I have used K&N filters on my last 3 vehicles over the last 7 years ranging from pickup truck to sport car and they do work to allow more air into the intake. On every application I used these filters, I can tell the throttle response is faster and my mileage did improve slightly - by about a mile per gallon or so.When I read some of the reviews on the various sites, some drivers say they get 3 - 4 mpg more. I've never found this to be true. If it was, with the price of gas in CA being over $4.50 per gallon, I'd think all the SUV dealers and automotive manufacturers would put these filters into all their vehicles to push their SUVs out the door - wouldn't you?Most likely, the reviewer's car was probably new and was still being broken in and the increase in 3 - 4 mpg was attributed to the breakin period along with a little boost from the K&N.I like the K&N filters and have used them for a long time in all my cars. They save a lot on filter costs...
    246. Jace Peterson
      30 Apr, 2008
      I gained 3.6 MPG and the car had a little more pep when you mash the pedal.
    247. Jonathan Peyton
      07 Jan, 2008
      This is the first time I've ever put in a K&N filter and noticed a difference. BMW 530 owners - you may read some forums that discuss removal of the U.S. ONLY charcoal emissions filter in the air-box - this is a must - you essentially have (2) air filters in front of your intake!!! European 5 series do not have this filter. Took out the emissions filter and added this K&N - NOTICEABLE increase in acceleration. Have not tested MPG yet, but I'm sure that went up as well. K&N makes great filters and they can do nothing but good things for your vehicle.
    248. N. Shone
      28 Dec, 2007
      Excellent product, fast shipping. I swear by these filters for both added power and increased fuel efficiency. I purchased this one for my '03 Suburban, and have used others in an '07 Altima, a '99 BMW 540i and a supercharged '91 Maxima. All performed flawlessly.
    249. kps
      07 Nov, 2007
      I put these on my Ninja 250 and re-jetted the carbs (not optional), and it does make a noticable difference in performance. While the EX-250 could stand to have its carbs tuned for high altitude operation (I live at about 6000 ft above sea level) in any case, these do add a little extra power, especially at higher RPMs. My bike has never run so well since installing these filters and synchronizing, re-jetting, and adjusting the floats and idle mixture on the carbs.Others have made comments about losing some bottom end driveability with these, but that has not been the case with my bike. If anything, my low and mid-range RPM performance is slightly improved as well. I suspect many of the complaints about low end performance are due to imporper carb tuning (yes, you need to adjsut the floats and idle mixture as well as finding the optimum jets) and/or needing a valve adjustment.The only drawback I see is the increased intake noise over the stock air box. It isn't...
    250. Gregory A. Dilisa "10 foot chopper"
      26 Sep, 2007
      I received this and did a simple install in my 2007 Chevy Silverado 5.3L, my onboard computer shows that I now get an extra 2 miles per gallon and I noticed a slight increse in torque.
    251. P. D. Virgin
      22 Jul, 2007
      This filter works fantastic, easy to install really woke up the engine, performance and economy increased. about 2-3 mpg on highway.
    252. J. Kamppi "jk"
      26 Jun, 2007
      All my vehicles are running on K&N filters. This is the best price anywhere. 2006 Honda Civic gained 3 miles per gallon, from 39 to 42 mpg highway driving. Shipping cost are within reason. Thank You.
    253. AutoPartsWAY53
      12 Jun, 2007
      Bought this filter for my 2005 RX-8. No problems at all. Have a K&N filter for my other car as well. You may pay a little more initially, but being able to clean and reuse these filters makes it worth it. As to any feeling of an increase in horsepower, not so much, I guess you could say it pulls a bit better once you get to the higher rpms, gotta love a rotary...9k redline!
    254. Andrew Todd
      02 Jun, 2007
      I already had a K&N cold air intake on my car and after 60,000 miles, the filter was due for a cleaning. But for $30 here on AutoPartsWAY (cheaper than Ebay)I decide just to get a new filter. The new filter brought back better air flow and performance only K&N's filters can provide.
    255. Sire Moo
      23 May, 2007
      Everytime I get a new car I put one of these in them. Performance is better, so is mileage. Different results per car(the escort was the best)
    256. G. Altman
      12 May, 2007
      I can definitely tell that I am getting a lot better airflow in my 91 camaro.
    257. Jonathan De Los Santos "jdlsantos"
      12 May, 2007
      This is one of the key elements to improve the performance in your vehicle, I was installed on a Nissan Patrol 2007 4.8 lts, And I am very happy with the result
    258. E. Adams "BigE"
      30 Mar, 2007
      Saved a little money on gas not much but a little, the throttle response is very noticeable.
    259. J. Pitman
      23 Mar, 2007
      Have purchased numerous filters of this brand before for various vehicles we've owned, and have been completely satisfied with them---- I was especially happy with the price this one was purchased for as well as the free shipping----- JP
    260. J. Beer
      08 Feb, 2007
      K & N is the best. I wouldn't use any other filter for my cars.
    261. M. R. Koester
      17 Jan, 2007
      Another great K & N filter.I have K & N filters in all my vehicles, it's the only filter I will use.
    262. Danny Lu
      04 Jan, 2007
      It fits like a glove and so far I don't have a problem with it.What I liked was it came in as pre-oiled and inside a closed bag to stay clean.The rubber fitting was a little bent when I got it but it posed no threat to my installation.
    263. Joe
      13 Nov, 2006
      This was suggested by a fellow Voyager rider, with some minor modification, this filter will fit upside down inside the origional paper filter housing. I have used K&N filters on other vehicles with great results, and need to ride more to evaluate this further on my bike.