1998 Subaru Forester Fuel Tank Sending Unit - Right Genuine

  • This Original Equipment Manufacturer part is the same part that was made & installed by the car manufacturer at the factory where the car was produced.

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Vehicle Position
1998 Subaru Forester Right
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Brand Genuine
Part # OES1822538
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  • Primary - On Fuel Pump Assembly

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    1. jeremy
      31 Mar, 2015
      Works really great, original brand.
    2. Christian
      22 Dec, 2014
      Very good
    3. Armen Martirosian
      16 Dec, 2014
      Description did not mention which side left or right, so the wrong part was orderd
    4. DADDEO
      31 Aug, 2014
      This is a Genuine KIA part, it is the sending unit/Float switch that tells fuel gauge how much fuel is in the tank. These cars (2005 sorento) are known to have these fail. when tank was about half full it shows tank empty on your dash gauge. It goes in pretty easy,on ours the tank access is below the back seat on right side. You need to remove the fuel pump , the sending unit mounts on the fuel pump assembly. My only complaint is that this seems a little expensive for what it is.It doesn't appear to be worth the price charged. I still saved money as the dealer would have cost another 300-400 dollars.
    5. david bonnell
      14 Aug, 2014
      this unit for my old car was hard to find used and a new one cost a lot.I am glad i found your co. on line and bought it from you. it was the right unit for a very good price. thank you
    6. SM2Jones
      25 Jul, 2014
      Mother in Laws 99 Odyssey's fuel gauge was not working at all. Shop quoted her $300 to fix it. Took me all of 20 minutes to pull back the carpet, remove the Fuel Pump and replace this part. Direct fit and the fuel gauge now works perfectly.
    7. Michael I. Laird
      20 Jul, 2014
      Its nice to have a WORKING fuel gauge again !!! THANK YOU !
    8. Alan Cox
      23 Apr, 2014
      The item we purchased was here promptly and worked perfect! My son's fuel gauge now works again! Thanks so much!
    9. Sarge104 "Sarge104"
      14 Dec, 2013
      This was very difficult for me to find for some reason. Considering this part covers nearly four years of Xterra vehicles I was surprised. Easy replacement and the only problem is some minor adjustment that needs to be done to accurately determine fuel level.Pro: Includes screw, clips, gasket seal, and sending unit.Con: No instructions, specifically relating to the adjustable parts on the sending unit(film).