2003 BMW Z4 Disc Brake Rotor - Front Zimmermann Coated

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2003 BMW Z4 Front 2.5i
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Brand Zimmermann Coated
Part # ZIC2051797
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Zimmermann Coated

  • Coat-Z High Carbon
  • Vented
  • Otto-Zimmermann
    Zimmermann GmbH is a global leader in vehicle brake technologies and is an original equipment manufacturer of high quality brake discs and components. Zimmermann products are engineered to OE specifications and are inertia-dynamometer tested to guarantee superior quality.
    Zimmermann Coated Brake Disc

    The Zimmermann Formula Z brake disc is a direct fit OE-equivalent replacement and provides a protective coating that prevents rust and corrosion, extended rotor life and improved visual appearance.
    • OE-Equivalent and Direct fit Application.
    • High carbon content disc.
    • No formation of rust at the hub and herewith improved visual appearance
    • Immediate functional capability without removal of the coating before mounting
    • German production meeting the requirements of actual Quality Management Systems
    • Well known, highest Otto-Zimmermann-Product-Quality
    Warranty Information: 12 month - 12,000 mile limited warranty.

    For more than 50 years, Zimmermann has been developing, producing and selling top-quality auto parts for car manufacturers and the replacement auto parts market. Zimmermann brake discs have proven their reliability and performance in the first vehicles that were standardly equipped with disc brakes. Their parts are manufactured on the latest production lines matching the quality criteria of the automotive industry. Computer-controlled robots and drilling machines guarantee shortest production times and ensure constant quality on a very high level.


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    1. Alexander Talashkevich
      17 Oct, 2023
    2. Thomas Herdes
      18 Sep, 2023
      Good quality brake rotors. Exact fit. Very fast delivery. Very impressed.
    3. Bryan Sookrit
      29 Aug, 2023
      Great price and product.
    4. 03 May, 2022
      These are high quality! Made in Germany with the circle 1 mark and the 90R European spec. I highly recommend these.
    5. 05 Nov, 2019
      Bought these for my Touareg and they performed fine. However a set of Zimmerman front rotors installed on my Jetta after the factory OEMs finally wore out at 150,000km have been a disappointment, starting to pulsate after only a relative short time of use. Now we are at around 26 months, they are no longer tolerable and I'm starting to look for replacements. Maybe I will spring for genuine VW.
    6. 30 May, 2019
      excellent product, good price.
    7. 25 Apr, 2019
      Great quality product
    8. 18 Apr, 2019
      I would recommend this parts to any BMW owner.
    9. 27 Mar, 2019
      5/5. Product came insanely quick and as advertised. Fits perfectly. No fiddling around. Have heard that Zimmerman are the suppliers for OEM BMW. They were stamped "Made in Germany ". No issues at all.
    10. 20 Nov, 2018
      no comment
    11. 06 Nov, 2018
    12. 01 Nov, 2018
      Look good and fit as they should. Will see how they last.
    13. 15 Oct, 2018
      Cost not much different with other brand, I like to stick with made in German for my BMW
    14. 24 Sep, 2018
      No suprise here. Perfectly suitable for everyday use
    15. 20 Sep, 2018
      Great quality rotors, but heavy for a smaller car!
    16. 03 Sep, 2018
      Good price, good product, great shipping time.
    17. 24 Jul, 2018
      very good quality
    18. 13 Jul, 2018
      own 4 MK4 jettas wouldn't use any other rotors on them,great product
    19. 02 Jul, 2018
      1st shipment was damaged and item appears to be opened. Replacement shipment was good.
    20. 27 Jun, 2018
      these rotors are an excellent balance of cost and performance. have this same set on my other Car (also VW) and they are great for light towing and long distance driving. running these for almost 3 years (15-17000km).
    21. 08 Jun, 2018
      Just installed these rotors on my Mini Cooper S. They appear to be a high quality rotor. They were the correct size and were easy to install.
    22. 02 May, 2018
      Picked up a set of these rotors for my 2007 Bmw X5. They had a shake right from new. Had to order a new set & ship back the garbage at my cost of $65 to hopefully get a $365 credit for the 2nd set I had to buy. Still waiting for a credit for the overpriced junk. Never again!!! Bought new rotors & pads from maxxbrakes for my Bmw 5 series. Less than half the cost & far better quality
    23. 27 Apr, 2018
      Zimmermann is close to the top for disc brake rotors. I use Zimmermann on my VW Passat, Audi and MINI.
    24. 18 Apr, 2018
    25. 17 Apr, 2018
      Good quality easy install. I'm very happy with this product.
    26. 10 Apr, 2018
      I find that the Zimmerman Rotors are better than the OEMs that came with my car. They are thicker, heavier and better coated.
    27. 10 Apr, 2018
      This is my 2nd set of rotors from Zimmermann. I find that they are outlasting the stock rotors without issues. They are flat and do not require any work when installed. However, room for improvement includes: 1) Rotors came with small flaws on the surface and 1 small dent. 2) The zinc coating or paint does not last the life of the rotor, I think that it should, I don't want to be removing wheels etc and re-painting rotors to keep vehicle looking good. I gave it a good rating because I believe they are good quality rotors.
    28. 19 Mar, 2018
      We need to use the amount to comment
    29. 19 Mar, 2018
      excellent disc
    30. 26 Feb, 2018
      not fix yet
    31. 19 Feb, 2018
      Top One quality
    32. 16 Feb, 2018
      I am very happy with my Zimmermann rotors for the following reasons: - Aesthetics after prolonged use (Coat Z's ability to prevent rust). - Performance (ecxellent - no issues). - Made in Germany. - No oily coating to clean off (although I clean them anyway).. I have used these rotors on my Volvo and will soon be installing them on my Audi. Remember to properly bed-in your new pads per the manufacturer's guidelines.
    33. 07 Feb, 2018
      Very good quality.
    34. 06 Nov, 2017
      Highly recommended product
    35. 06 Nov, 2017
      Excellent product.
    36. K77
      13 May, 2014
      Great replacement for 2004 Audi Allroad 4.2. Paired with Akebono ceramic pads(8 pad set) and no squeals, no dust. Great stopping power.
    37. Thakur
      12 Nov, 2013
      Amazing brakes, my car stops on a dime with these. Its hard getting in other cars because the brakes seem pretty soft. I paired these with akebono pads and SS brake cables. Great setup
    38. Renifer "Peace Loving Momma"
      24 Sep, 2013
      No noise or problems as yet.Stopping power restored to original state.They should last a good long time.Buying from AutoPartsWAY was much cheaper than ordering from a parts dealer or a shop.I would have paid double for them.I will definitely be buying Zimmermann rotors for the rears as well in the future.