2003 Buick Century Disc Brake Rotor - Front ATE Premium One

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2003 Buick Century Front
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Brand ATE Premium One
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ATE Premium One

  • Premium One
  • Gas Slotted & Coated
  • Front
  • ATE Brakes
    ATE of Germany is one of the largest Original Equipment brake system manufacturers in the world, supplying brake components that are installed as Original Equipment by many premier vehicle automakers.
    ATE Premium One Brake Disc
    Elliptical Gas Slotted

    The ATE Premium One Elliptical Gas Slotted brake disc is an OE-Quality replacement with a high performance edge. A multifunctional infinite loop gas slot design diverts heat, gasses and dirt, providing maximum braking response with little or no fading.

    Original equipment quality with premium features that add convenience and enhance performance.
    • OE-equivalent and a direct fit replacement.
    • Disc made of high carbon steel.
    • Patented RotorLife wear indicator shows when the rotor needs replacement
    • Eliptical gas slot design enhances dissipation of heat and reduction in fade
    • Eliptical gas slot design looks great with aluminum wheels
    • The MetaCote protective coating formulation is cured at approximately 572°F.
    • Hightly r esistant to warping.
    Warranty Information: 12 month - 12,000 mile limited warranty.

    ATE Premium One Brake Pads

    Friction just like the OE pads they replace, plus premium features for customer-pleasing brake performance. The ATE Premium One® advanced friction formulations reduce dusting and extend pad life, assuring quality and performance equal to or better than original equipment brake pads.

    • OE engineered brake system technology assures optimum fit and performance
    • Advanced friction formulations reduce dusting and extend pad life
    • Application matched premium quality friction grade
    • Underlayer design helps reduce noise, vibration and harshness
    • Shims, chamfers, slots, wear sensors and other premium features included
    • Restores original equipment pad performance, reduces wheel dusting and extends pad life.
    Warranty Information: The ATE limited warranty (“Limited Warranty”) is issued by Continental Teves, Inc. ("CTI"), warrants that your ATE brake pads will be free of defects in material and workmanship for 12 months from the time of purchase

    ATE is the aftermarket brand of Continental Automotive, one of the world's leading brake system manufacturers. Continental has a century of experience in the development and production of braking technologies that help to achieve control over the dynamic forces that act on vehicles. As a brake supplier to the world's largest automakers, Continental can effectively leverage its engineering standards to the entire ATE line of brake products. ATE offers the most comprehensive range of premium aftermarket brake parts for European vehicle applications in North America, including brake pads and shoes, drums, rotors and hydraulic parts. For superior coverage on European brake products as well as all makes, trust the ATE advantage. A trusted brand name in Europe for 100 years.


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    1. 10 Sep, 2018
      just installed, seems to work well so far
    2. 996driver
      10 Jul, 2014
      Awesome rotors. These are a fit for the 997.1 GT3 without the GT3 price. I have gotten as many as 19 track days on these rotors, far more than any drilled rotor. Rotors are a very consumable item so I buy them when they are av available you GT3 guys will not be disappointed.