2003 Chevrolet Cavalier Disc Brake Kit - Front and Rear Transit Auto

  • Features:
    • Exclusive G-Coating avoids corrosion
    • SIM Exclusive low-resin Semi-Metallic formula eliminates brake fade and glazing for optimal braking power
    • TQ OE-matched friction material gives our brake shoe the ideal balance between tensile and hardness and provide consistent wear, long life, and quiet operation
    • Exclusive G3000 heat-flowed castings steel give our rotors the ideal balance between tensile and hardness and provide consistent wear, long life, and quiet operation
    • INCLUDES: 2x Front Coated Genius Disc Brake Rotor (Both Side) + 2x Rear Coated Genius Brake Drum (Both Side) + 1x Front Semi-Metallic SIM Brake Pad Set + 1x Rear Top Quality Drum Brake Shoe Set
    • Kit variations : K8A-100082 K8A-105045 K8A-105524 K8C-103059 K8C-103075 K8C-103078 K8F-102261 K8F-102500 K8F-103193 K8S-102293 K8S-102586 K8S-103297 K8T-102736 K8T-102899 K8T-103589 KGA-104194 KGA-104303 KGA-104561 KGC-102219 KGC-102221 KGC-102223 KG
This Part Fits the Following OEM/Substitute Numbers:
120.62034, 121.62034, 122.62034, 123.62034, 125128, 126020, 24886140, 4401799, 4886140, 506, 5580, 56140, 636, 636B, 7385, 74886140, 80107, 85080, 9746, AD7385, BD125128, BD125128E, BD126020, BD126020E, BD80107, BR5580, CMF-D506, D506, GCR-5580, GCR-85080, NB636, PD80107, PF7385M, PF7385X, PR5580, QE7385M, SS7385M, UP7385X, YH140762, YH140762C, YH141530, YH141530C

Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Position
2003 Chevrolet Cavalier Front and Rear
Brand Transit Auto
Part # KGS-102212
Condition New
Warehouse E

Transit Auto

  • With 225mm x 45mm Size Drum
  • Transit Auto offers the most comprehensible brake kits on the market. The unmatched braking performance coupled with longer lasting components make our brake kits the best sellers in every category. Transit Auto kits are the go-to kits for thousands of reputed mechanical shops in North America and are now available to customers.
  • Transit Auto
  • Packaging

    13.60 in
    14.19 in
    8.27 in
    28.76 lb
    Information on technical characteristics, the delivery set, the country of manufacture and the appearance of the goods is for reference only and is based on the latest information available at the time of publication.
    1. Ghislain Grenier
      09 Jul, 2024
      Fast delivery ??
    2. Darryl Macarthur
      08 Jul, 2024
      Exact oem fit and a great price!
    3. Normand Allard
      08 Jun, 2024
      Is what is supposed to be., perfect remplacement
    4. jim sporbeck
      27 May, 2024
    5. Jennifer Graham
      20 May, 2024
      Front rotors fit fine, back had to be turned down almost 1/2". I did search on my select vehicle and this kit came back in the results as a fit. Now they don't? We had already installed the front rotors and pads so could not return the kit when we discovered the back rotors were almost 1/2" too big. Thankfully my BF is a machinist so took them into his shop and turned them down. Now they fit, but if he had not been able to do that I would be out $300. Second issue is that they are "guaranteed not to squeak for 20k kms"? Say what? wow, pretty shoddy that wasn't an up front acknowledgement and likely why so cheap. Will see how long these last.
    6. Sheldon Warford
      01 May, 2024
      Looks like good quality haven't installed it yet. Fast shipping.
    7. Roman Teliszczuk
      21 Apr, 2024
      The parts arrived Quickly and of very good quality. They fit perfectly on my model car.
    8. Geoffrey Sale
      20 Apr, 2024
      Excellent rotors and pads. The anti rust coating is excellent, and works as advertised. I will buy again from Autopartsway
      13 Apr, 2024
      Right parts for the right price
    10. Jean-Sébastien vanier
      09 Apr, 2024
      Fast shipping good Product and the Price is pretty cheap ??
    11. Mike Herchak
      24 Mar, 2024
      On time as quoted
    12. Roger Thompson
      17 Feb, 2024
      Very fast delivery and higher quality then expected! very satisfied!
    13. John Armstrong
      14 Jan, 2024
      Good price fast delivery fit the vehicle perfectly
    14. Jim Stewart
      07 Jan, 2024
      Great quality, price and fast delivery
    15. Dave Williams
      22 Dec, 2023
      Parts all in good shape On time delivery No problems so far
    16. Roman Teliszczuk
      14 Nov, 2023
      Parts came in sonner than expected. All parts fit perfectly except for the pad slider hardware which were not wide enough for the vented discs. Other than that, discs and pads were perfect. I simply used the old stainless sliders.
    17. Barry Colbourne
      25 Oct, 2023
      Great product for the price
    18. Clément Asselin
      19 Oct, 2023
      Les disques de freins ne fittait pas. Ils entraient trop vers l'intérieur et accotaient sur le caliper. Pour régler le problème, j'ai ajouté un washer de 2-3mm d'épaisseur sur chaque boulon du hub pour permettre au disque de frein d'entrer à l'intérieur du caliper. J'ai vérifié la marque et le code du produit et selon internet il est compatible avec mon vus ! Pas de problèmes avec les plaquettes.
    19. lucien potvin
      03 Oct, 2023
      exacly what i need and very fast delivery . i recommend . very satisfy ,
    20. Aaron Laudi
      30 Aug, 2023
      I can't comment on the durability of these, but the pads are slightly problematic fit-wise. They had to be ground down/modified to even fit and slide.