2004 Toyota Tundra Shock Absorber - Rear Monroe

This Part Fits the Following OEM/Substitute Numbers:
4851009310, 4851009320, 4851009350, 4851009490, 4851009500, 4851009730, 4851009740, 4851009750, 4851009760, 4851009770, 48510A9130, 48510A9280, 48510A9290, 48510A9300, 48510A9310, 48510A9450, 48510A9520, 48510A9530, 48510A9540, 48510A9550, 48510A9560, 4853109120, 4853109121, 4853109130, 4853109131, 4853109140, 4853109141, 4853109240, 4853109250, 4853109260, 4853109270, 4853109320, 4853109330, 4853109380, 4853109390, 4853109400, 48531A9070, 48531A9080, 48531A9090, 48531A9100, 48531A9110, 48531A9120, 48531A9130, 48531A9140, 48531A9150, 48531A9160, 48531A9170, 48531A9180, 48531A9190

Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Position Drive Type
2004 Toyota Tundra Rear 4WD
Brand Monroe
Part # R38RS55040
Condition New
Warehouse B


  • with Rear Raised Height 0 IN
  • Rancho RS5000X Shock Absorber
  • Monroe Shocks and Struts. Monroe Brakes.
    Monroe is the number one manufacturer of shocks and struts in the industry as the leading supplier to both the original equipment and aftermarket for nearly 100 years. Monroe became famous with their Ride Control brand of suspension products that starts with their shocks and struts but extends into suspension mounts, steering stabilizers lift supports and other suspension accessories like boot kits. With a wise selection of shocks and struts to choose from, Monroe has something for everyone; OESpectrum shocks and struts, Reflex shocks and struts, Sensa-Trac shocks and Sensa-Trac struts, complete Quick-Strut assemblies, complete Econo-Matic strut assemblies, Max-Air shock absorbers, load adjusting shocks and more!
    Monroe Brakes has help Monroe achieve an even higher status of the most trusted under-car expert filling in their triangle of safety more completely with extra stopping power. The Monroe Brakes line up features a complete line up of brake pads and brake shoes leading with the Monroe Ceramics series brake pads and Monroe Dynamics series brake pads, including the Monroe Pro-Solution pads and shoes, electronic wear sensors, and more.

    Information on technical characteristics, the delivery set, the country of manufacture and the appearance of the goods is for reference only and is based on the latest information available at the time of publication.
    1. 25 Feb, 2019
      Ordered 4 Rancho shocks,Quick delivery,easy install,look good and ride is great. Thank you
    2. 10 May, 2018
      Nice looking metallic finish, easy install
    3. 02 May, 2018
      Easy to install, nice looking quality shocks
    4. 19 Jan, 2018
      Came quickly.
    5. 28 Feb, 2017
      Shocks were economical and seem to work efficiently on my Hummer h3 but are completely rusty after just 6 months. Some ugly looking shocks!
    6. Grumpy442
      27 Apr, 2015
      The boots are extremely hard to get on. Tore both of them.They are 4" longer that the ones I took off. You said they fit so I put them on. Now to see if they bottom out. If they do I will be very upset and have words with AutoPartsWAY. More to follow if I can update this after I try them out.
    7. Annette I Craig
      19 Apr, 2015
      Was good just missing the rubber bushings and mounting hardware.
    8. John D. Jones "HAWKENS MAN"
      16 Apr, 2015
      Not completely paint white
    9. troy hicks
      09 Apr, 2015
      Happy, Happy.
    10. michael logan
      04 Apr, 2015
      Great shock! Only complaint about this product it did not fit quite right for my jeep but I was able to make it work
      24 Mar, 2015
      Faat and easy...
    12. Matthew
      19 Mar, 2015
      Best Shocks I have ever put on. made it a little rougher of a ride but definitely rides nice on smooth pavement!
    13. got boost
      14 Mar, 2015
      Good price & good shock
    14. Robert Numerick
      11 Mar, 2015
      I replaced my shocks on my Ford 03 Excursion Diesel with these ones and wow what a difference.
      23 Feb, 2015
    16. Michael H. Vitamvas
      19 Feb, 2015
    17. John D. Jones "HAWKENS MAN"
      13 Feb, 2015
      The paint job was not complete
    18. marioq281
      03 Feb, 2015
      I bought 2 shocks for 39.99 from AutoPartsWAY warehouse. Could not be happier. Fit my 2006 f250 fx4
    19. Anthony link
      30 Jan, 2015
      The red rubber boot has to be installed by you and it's a pain in the #%# to do. Otherwise it's a great product; works very well.
    20. Joshua Moore
      04 Jan, 2015
      I installed these shocks on my 1995 Chevy regular cab Z71 full size, and they ride like a feather. Really happy with my purchase; However, I was the lucky one out of a million that received one shock that had the bushing intended for the top in the bottom of the shock and the bottom in the top. Yes I know which end is up on a shock. The can end (bottom) was supposed to have a narrower bushing and the other end was supposed to have a wider bushing and I received on that was backwards. I did however get it sent back very easily to AutoPartsWAY and full refund, ordered another and it was perfect. Other than my bad luck this product is definitely worth the money.
    21. Milo Cope
      01 Jan, 2015
      Easy to install on my 2001 7.3 2wd excursion, but they were much softer than I expected. When you have them in your hands you can tell they have weak dampening and strong rebound.
    22. Jen
      17 Dec, 2014
      Once we FINALLY received the correct part, they have been good. We've taken it off road in the mud a few times and it was a good ride. If we weren't sent something different than what we ordered twice it would have been a much better experience.
    23. Anthony
      16 Dec, 2014
      upon research even with the manufacturer i had to find out myself head on that these are not SHOCKS! they are dampers which is not the same thing so i ended up sending them back and waiting for my refund to buy shocks for my 04 titan
    24. James H. McGee
      07 Dec, 2014
      Worked as advertised. Easy to install.
    25. Christopher Miller
      05 Dec, 2014
      Exactly what I wanted. Excellent shocks
    26. Higrpwd
      22 Nov, 2014
      Installed on the front of my 2003 Dodge Ram and it rides great. I got 100,000 out of the stock shocks and the truck always rode like a mushy car.. now it rides like a truck and I actually like it better.. I already have 2 cars.. I don't need a mushy truck. Put some Monroe sensa-trac's on the back.
    27. Rod Jeheber
      15 Nov, 2014
      Can't go wrong with "Rancho" !
    28. JULUIS02
      11 Nov, 2014
      Switched from Pro-Comp resevoirs,{because they kept leaking}, to the rs9000xl and the Ranchos are a far superior shock.
    29. J. Michael San Angelo
      06 Nov, 2014
      Great shocks, rides smooth in my 97 Ford F150.
    30. Ellis
      04 Nov, 2014
      I put these on with the RocKrawler 2.5 suspension lift and couldn't be happier. I like how the stock suspension felt and this combo is pretty close. I put them on 3 for the highway, around town, and the trails that I ride. I bump it up if I am towing items.
    31. antonio lemus-pineda
      03 Nov, 2014
      They gave my truck and it may seem ride
    32. GARY
      28 Oct, 2014
    33. Marc F.
      24 Oct, 2014
      Very smooth. .on my Silverado
    34. Adam Ober
      21 Oct, 2014
      Work great
    35. jt
      08 Oct, 2014
      Installed on my 2004 f250 diesel and they stopped my front tires from chopping and smoothed out the ride some
    36. Turtle57
      02 Oct, 2014
      The shocks were exactly what I was looking for. Other shocks that I had bought before do not compare to the quality of these. Good product and needed them badly.
    37. Evan
      01 Oct, 2014
      Great affordable shock and made my 1995 Tahoe ride much better and stiffer. It improved the handling as I don't bounce around like a boat anymore. My only complaint is that they looked like somebody already tried to put them on but who cares.
    38. HeatherV
      30 Sep, 2014
      The shock seems to be made very well. The ends are already pressed in which made the install a lot easier.
    39. Dawn
      24 Sep, 2014
      UPS guy had 2 pkgs ( I thought 2 per package) had to get 4 for the 97 Suburban I have. A bit of a conflict, and I think it was more of the UPS guy than AutoPartsWAY, or Rancho. Purposely been hitting pot holes to see just how BAD the old ones I had on were
    40. Dawn
      24 Sep, 2014
      Same as the other shocks
    41. Jerry Parker
      24 Sep, 2014
      Took these out to the desert a few months back, and damn there was some times where I was sure my truck was going to bottom out on some steep ruts. It didnt, took them like a champ.
    42. SQC
      21 Sep, 2014
      Nice Shock. I replaced my rear shocks and then replaced my front with theses. The only problem I had was my factory lower shock bolt would not fit through my new shock sleeve. I added a smaller size bolt. Not exactly what I wanted to do but worked.
    43. ca8050
      14 Sep, 2014
      So far so good! Replaced a set of KYB Gas-a-just that just felt too firm and harsh. installation on my 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ was super easy and only took about 45 minutes for the pair. I have the adjustment set on #4 and they feel great... As for durability, only time will tell but at this early stage of use I'm quite pleased.At first the price seemed a little harsh but on closer look these shocks are excellent value...Would I purchase again = YESWould I recommend = YES
    44. robert loera
      08 Sep, 2014
      Great shock! Replaced a Pro Comp on a 6" Rough Coutry lift on a 2000 GMC Sierra. So far so good!! Huge valve shaft and hefty shock!
    45. Jose trillo "el buho"
      08 Sep, 2014
      buen producto
    46. Peijae
      06 Sep, 2014
      Very good shocks for the price. I went from the rs9000 shocks to this on the front end of my 2000 Nissan Frontier and have no complains. The shock is not too soft and not too stiff, but if you want adjustability, you pay twice the price. Installed quick and now my truck feels much better. I will say I like the rs9000 better, as I can tighten suspension for highway trips and dirt road driving or soften for off roading. These shocks do not stop body roll as well, due to no adjustments. However, at $50 per shock, this is a happy medium.
    47. John Baker
      05 Sep, 2014
      A great product at a reasonable price easy installation only issue is there was no instruction manual on how to set the adjustable shocks for street to off-road, now it's just trial and error
    48. Jacob P. Van Rooyen "petevr"
      03 Sep, 2014
      Quick shipping, easy installation. Rancho has always had great products.
    49. GoneFishin "Fish4Steelhead"
      27 Aug, 2014
      Good price and fast delivery
    50. Ms*Dee623
      27 Aug, 2014
      Bro said good Shocks his truck rides way better
    51. Jason
      26 Aug, 2014
      Bought a pair (front two of four) of the Rancho RS999150 RS9000XL shocks for my GMC K1500 Suburban back in 2007.The fronts lasted about 80,000 miles and 7 years. Pretty good IMHO for a truck shock.The valving went bad on one of these (right front) and sounded like a loose front sway-bar drop link. Chased that for a few weeks until isolated the "clunk" to the body of this shock. Always replace shocks and rotors in pairs so ... installed these and set to 4 of 9 which is about right for daily driving a 1/2 ton Suburban.The adjustment seem to affect rebound more than bounce which is good when you need to stiffen (especially rears) for towing. I pull a 24' box trailer with car inside (#5500 lbs) and the adjustability of the Rancho RS9000XL shocks with SuperSprings roller shackle add-a-leafs on the rear make it all work.**Disclaimer - I have used Bilsteins on Porsche, BMW, Chevrolet and GMC and don't like them b/c of high...
    52. Tracy
      26 Aug, 2014
      These Socks Are Great. Adjustable, Great Ride, And Even Good Looking. Used On 3Rd GeneratIon Ram 1500 With 6" Lift.
    53. Phil & Jen
      24 Aug, 2014
      Best shocks for my van ever. Used on a 98 Astro AWD and it has helped in stability, and also cut the swaying done in corners a lot.
    54. Richard
      23 Aug, 2014
      Easy to install. Really made the ride smoother.
    55. MFG
      18 Aug, 2014
      Very easy to install.
    56. Anthony T.
      13 Aug, 2014
      Probably one of the better shocks that I have tried. The only issue I had was adjusting the knob (could not feel clicks). Very stiff. I pulled the knob off and put some grease in it and it's working great where you can feel the clicks while changing the settings.Huge difference from the shocks I had on previously. Highly recommend
    57. Austin Riekens
      09 Aug, 2014
      Work great
    58. Stone Imagery "Douglas L. Stone"
      07 Aug, 2014
      Bought 4 of these monotube shocks for my 2002 jeep during the Rancho Shocktober sale in October 2013.Got great price on AutoPartsWAY compared to local parts store - then Rancho sent me a visa gift card for the cost of 1 shock - good deal.If you not in a hurry, wait for Shocktober event.Shocks arrived on time and in good shape. Not too difficult to instal. Had them installed at a local mechanic for reasonable - getting the rubber boots on a little tough and they are pretty stiff when compressing, but he had all 4 on in no time.They greatly improved the ride and stability of my jeep. Got rid of body roll. Also did a new stabilizer in front at same time.
    59. Dr. Briant
      04 Aug, 2014
      Awesome ride now!
    60. Angela Maria
      02 Aug, 2014
      good nightI need to know which is the number of pieces or code for a 2012 hilux, front and rear, 70 17r 285 used rubbers, you can supply me the information
    61. Stuart
      30 Jul, 2014
      Good price, good shocks, but one of the boxes didn't have all of the parts in it. Had to find bushings and a nut for that one!
    62. john yost
      28 Jul, 2014
      These shocks are awesome! Ride quality is better than stock and it's nice for every application. Off road...on road....pulling a heavy trailer...love them!
    63. dan
      27 Jul, 2014
      I replaced some gabriel ultras with these, 97 1 ton silverado, the diffrence is awsome. The backs are next. Great shock
    64. Ryan978
      25 Jul, 2014
      I ordered 2 of these for the rear of my 2004 tacoma double cab 4WD and they have been great. They make the ride a lot smoother. So far so good!
    65. G Wilson
      20 Jul, 2014
      arrived quick, looks good, and truck rides great.
    66. John
      20 Jul, 2014
      Arrived as promised. Wish I had purchased upgraded shocks rather then these. There is nothing at all wrong with these, they are just exact replacement for my factory f350 shocks. So I spent money (not much) to make my truck exactly as it used to be.. Great service though.
    67. Pseudo Dude "pseudosite.com"
      02 Jul, 2014
      These Rancho's will give you the truck you never had. The ride is incredible. Going 70 mph on the dirt feels like magic. I set the front to 5 and the rear to 6.
    68. Keith Sowell
      26 Jun, 2014
      Arrived fast, fit perfectly, Love the fact that it is adjustable and I would recommend this shock to anyone who is in the market for new shocks at an affordable price.
    69. Edwin F Williams Jr
      26 Jun, 2014
      I have used this brand shock on my last Ford Bronco(1986) and they were great. They were still on the truck when I sold it in 1996 and bought the '96 Bronco which I put these shocks on. These are adjustable as well. For around town and highway use I keep them set on 2 and I have a smooth ride and good handling. When towing my boat I can crank up the setting on the rear shocks and this beefs up the rear end just enough. I don't do much off roading any more, but they were great for that on the old '86 Bronco, especially during hunting season, and trips down to the river fishing. They have a superior product and it last and last and last. This set will probably out last the new Bronco.
    70. bluezman714
      22 Jun, 2014
      Installed on front dual shocks on a 1981 Jeep CJ7 with a 360 motor, T18 trans, ARB Air Lockers, etc.I had some old Dick Cepeks on which were dented up really good.These Ranchos fit perfectly in the mounts. I didn't need to use any of the shims and I didn't even need to take the tires off. Even with a bad back it took me 55 minutes to install the four shocks.Napa wanted $64.95 each plus tax for these shocks, so AutoPartsWAY saved me $70 and I saved another $78 in labor by installing myself.Took it out for a test drive and the handling is better. These shocks are made in the USA BABY!I will add that those who seem to have problems only appear to be mental in nature and not any reason having to do with the shocks themselves.Update.After a few months, they work great! The prices are still $15 lower plus tax than Napa!
    71. Nunya Amslat
      16 Jun, 2014
      These are not my first RS5000 series I've bought by any means. I've put them on my CJ7, my 95 F150 4x4, my FJ80 Land Cruiser (all of them sold) and I recently acquired an F250 for work that had worn out stock shocks. I've had great luck with Ranchos on my 4x4's so why not? The ride on the 3/4 ton suspension was improved. Unfortunately I was shorted a washer from the factory so I boogered up some washers and made them work since I had to go to work right then. I called Rancho and asked where I could get a correct washer. I told the I Bought it off of AutoPartsWAY and was shorted one. With no questions asked They not only sent me a washer, but the whole parts kit for one shock (two bushings, washers, nylock nut). I already think their products are a great value and of excellent quality. But with customer service like that? I wish I could give them 6 stars.
    72. Nicholas Horianopoulos "Customers come FIRST."
      13 Jun, 2014
      Simply terrific. Perhaps way more shock than I needed for my application - a nice daily driver that I sometimes take off road into the mountain trails. I don't have a lift, tow, or carry monstrous loads. If I did it again, I'd buy RS 5000s, simply because they were cheaper - but I got a hundred dollar rebate on these so they ended up being as cheap as RS5000s in any case. Why not have the best, if you can get it for less?
    73. Old Man
      11 Jun, 2014
      I bought these back in 1984 for a truck I was building for off road use, and they were great. So thirty years later when I needed new shocks for my 2003 Dodge Dakota surf fishing truck, I said why not and bought them. These shocks were great back in 1984, and are still a great shock thirty years later in 2014. They handled the beach without a sweat, and I'm not just talking about hard packed sand, but soft lose sand with deep ruts, and hard bumpy shell. If you need an off road shock and don't want to break the bank, these are for you.
    74. Mikey
      10 Jun, 2014
      I anguished over the price for a week before I purchased. The adjust-ability sounded good but I wasn't sure how to adjust the ride on my particular application (stock '96 F250 crew cab with a very uncomfortable ride). All I can say is Wow! I'm still amazed at the difference. Never knew a stiff, jolting old truck could ride almost like a car. And so far I've only used the lowest setting. I thought I might have to stiffen the ride a little when pulling our travel trailer but made a short trip with no ill effects.Well worth the price and I would recommend these to anyone with an old truck wanting a more comfortable ride, especially if it's in real good shape. I would not have been dissatisfied paying the auto parts stores price considering the effectiveness of the product. The AutoPartsWAY price really helped me make the decision to purchase.The rear shocks are easy to install. The fronts are a little harder especially if the wheel is left on. I left mine on because eight lugs and...
    75. Steve S.
      31 May, 2014
      Our '06 Dakota (4WD, 4 door, V8, manual) needed to have these shocks put on much sooner. The ride is much more controlled and it no longer side-steps on washboarded roads. There aren't a lot of choices for shocks/struts on this series of Dakota's, but with this being one of them, it really doesn't matter. They've been on the pickup about a year (around 10k miles) and I have no complaints.
    76. Steve
      30 May, 2014
      Put these on my 04 Colorado. Much better ride on and off road. Tamed very rough rocky off highway roads.
    77. RJN
      24 May, 2014
      I have been through 3 sets of various shocks. I put on AC Delco factory replacement shocks and they were way to stiff. I thin put on Monroe Reflex shocks and they were much better, but the rear shocks were still to stiff. I finally purchased these Rancho RS9000XL shocks and they are great so far. The nice thing about them is the adjustability. We all like a different ride and these shocks can satisfy us all. They seem to be well built and I am very happy with my purchase of these.
    78. Mark
      21 May, 2014
      I bought this shock based off of forums of others who are happy....I am one of those customers now myselfvery happy
    79. Randall Westmoreland
      12 May, 2014
      Great set of shocks. Easy install on my 250. They do really well supporting the 5er. Best part they are made in the great USA!!
    80. Tim
      11 May, 2014
      Nice looking shocks, they go very well with my Rancho lift. My 05 GMC SIERRA 2500HD Duramax looks and drives a lot better.
    81. H. Poling "KC7HP"
      01 May, 2014
      This is the third set / brand of shocks I have tried on my 95 Sport. The Ranchos continue the feel of too little damping, as if they are "tired" but not as bad as the examples in the Shock Troubleshooter diagrams. A nice "feature" of Rancho is that they are designed to accommodate minor suspension lift, as on my truck.This shocks fit in place fine. The provided front upper bushings are rather plain, so I recycled the OEM parts by opening up the inner steel tube to accommodate the Rancho threaded shaft. I think either should work fine, I just like the OEM design better.
    82. Steve
      16 Apr, 2014
      I was lucky to get 120,000 miles on the original shocks (well, my guess is they died a while ago, and I just didn't realize how bad they were). I had these put in and it's like a new truck. Not too stuff, but a huge improvement in handling and ride comfort. A great value.
    83. Shea Lathrum
      14 Apr, 2014
      This is pretty much the shock to get for a TJ Wrangler, comparable with Bilsteins etc. I'm very happy with the ride quality on an 05 TJ with 3" lift and 33x10.5's. The rebate sure was nice too. The only reason I'm not giving 5 stars, is that the shocks I received were clearly returns that had been installed before. There were scratches on them and a couple had broken adjustment knobs. They didn't look like they had spent any amount of time in use, but it was definitely not damage received from shipping as they were packed decently. Rancho did send me some new adjustment knobs.
    84. James "2020 In a blink"
      08 Apr, 2014
      Please see my review of the RS5118. In trying to avoid cooking the rubber dust cover on a nearby tail pipe, I installed the rod end down. THESE SHOCKS WILL NOT WORK ROD END DOWN!!! If you do this they will offer no compression resistance and little expansion resistance either. Put them in Rod End Up or get a difference style of shock that does not demand this orientation. Properly installed they offer a firm, stable ride.Shame on whomever put this page together, and to Rancho for not providing a clearer set of instructions MAKING IT CLEAR that these are ROD END UP shocks. Period.
    85. Michael Nagy Jr
      02 Apr, 2014
      This shock completed the full lift I installed on my Jeep Wrangler JKU. All of the Rancho products I purchased in this kit including these shocks are of top quality at a great price. The install was easy and the adjustable settings make it perfect to fine tune your ride.
    86. Michael Nagy Jr
      02 Apr, 2014
      Best aftermarket shocks I have ever owned. The adjustable settings are perfect to tailor to your needs for offroad, towing or daily driving.
    87. gary bruder
      21 Mar, 2014
      good shocks like the way they make the more comfortable and handle I would recommend these shocks easy to install
    88. Michael J. O'Brien
      10 Mar, 2014
      Not really a very firm ride. Make sure not to get the longer shocks if your ride isn't lifted. yada-yada-yada
    89. JBA "jaxn99"
      09 Mar, 2014
      I put the manually adjustable version of these shocks on the rear of my 2003 Durango AWD. The shocks were original and had 100K on them. I have the Ranchero's on setting "2' currently. I took a 120 mile drive this week-end after adding the Ranchero's on the back and KYB KG5440 shocks on the fronts. I was looking for more of a car-like, comfortable ride. Didn't have great expectations since my Durango has felt very truck-like for all the years I have had it: the tires "slapped" on bumps prior to this change. The worst part has been that in Chicago some of our roads have dips in them and the truck tended to jump or skip a bit on the up side of those dips. In snow it is especially easy to totally lose control of the back end when this would happen.That has all changed now. I am more than pleasantly surprised with the ride (I should mention I also changed tires from Wrangler R/T's to General Grabber AT2 (265-70-16). So I changed two variables at once. Now the bumps...
    90. joseph martin
      06 Mar, 2014
      My 2009 Tacoma has only 21000 miles on it and the Bilstien shocks that come on the TRD package leaked oil, I found this out when I saw a oil spot on my garage floor. Toyota said they only cover them for 3 years so I had to pay to replace them, I wasn't willing to pay to put this junk back on my truck so I purchased the Rancho 7000 shocks from AutoPartsWAY. These are very nice looking and bigger and stiffer then the Bilstien's and raised the truck 1/4". These are warrantied for life also. The ride is smooth as stock even though they are stiffer bigger shocks. The rubber boots they come with give them a nice after market look and protect them for dirt.
    91. Sky-hy
      24 Jan, 2014
      my 01 f250 diesel has a much better ride than it did on stocks. the rebound is quick and it absorbs pot holes great. the ride is not harsher at all, in fact it is much better and i don't get as much body roll
    92. raj
      04 Jan, 2014
      Item was a oem replacement fit. I like the stiffness of the shock. A really good quality shock. Good for highway and street
    93. Jeeperjk
      01 Jan, 2014
      Bought for my jeep Jk because of all the great reviews. Awesome shock for the money. On road 3 all around is perfect. Off road I like to raise them up a bit.
    94. SizeKing
      27 Dec, 2013
      Put them on Dodge Ram 1500 and couldn't be happier. These are heavy duty which is what I wanted. A little stiff but that's the way they should be in my opinion. A truck should ride like a truck
    95. Nick Taranik
      23 Dec, 2013
      The vehicle these were installed spends 90 percent of its time as a off-road hunting truck. I had Bilsteins on the truck prior to the Ranchos. The bilsteins wore out in 3 years. The Ranchos perform exactly as advertised. Very good shocks,
    96. Kyle
      20 Dec, 2013
      Great ride. Love that it's adjustable. Makes my Jeep ride more like a luxury SUV. Highly, highly, recommended. Just like everyone else on favorite auto forum will say.
    97. SGTD0C
      03 Dec, 2013
      Shocks fit '04 Silverado w/ 6" Pro Comp lift easily. They are a a heavy duty shock that have nice ride quality for a lifted truck. One of the features is an adjustable dial on each shock for softer-stiffer ride control. In my opinion I have found that they adjustment doesn't really make a difference in ride quality. Installation is easy; they come compressed and with quality shock boots (if you remember to put them on). I would recommend NAPA or similar auto parts store for specifications, the rancho website is pretty good for looking up part numbers for custom applications but they do not give any product specifications. I would recommend these shocks, especially on AutoPartsWAY.com. The price was almost 60% cheaper here than from NAPA.
    98. Devon Hamilton
      20 Nov, 2013
      Bought these a set of these shocks for my '03 F150 that has over 120k miles. They were quite easy to install, the removal was more difficult then the install. The crazy thing is there is not one lick of instructions I could find in or on the box, even going to Rancho's website the installation manuals cease to exist. However it is for the most part self-explanatory, the only thing is that the shocks don't seem to have any tension on the piston, so they can be pulled apart by hand. And after a couple minutes of reading some online forums I found that is normal. So when installing simply extend the piston by hand, so they stretch long enough to install them. Again I found no instructions so I tried to replicate how my OEM shocks were installed as far as how the nuts and bolts were installed.As far as the product and ride, it's very nice defiantly an upgrade from my OEM shocks, that with my new tires my truck is riding smooth! I gave it 4 out 5 stars because again no...
    99. Jim Gibson
      19 Nov, 2013
      Fits great and works well.Great replacement to OEM shocks. Vehicle handles and drives better than when it came from the factory.
    100. Holly Red "Holly"
      07 Nov, 2013
      I bought these for my 97 Jeep TJ with a 3.5" short arm lift. These replaced the original shocks installed with the lift. I am extremely pleased with the improvement in ride and control. I did consider more expensive shocks, but budget was a factor and now that the new shocks are installed I do not believe more expensive shocks would be noticeably different.I did not realize how bad my old shocks were, good job Rancho
    101. Jeremy G.
      07 Nov, 2013
      Great product, easy install and 2/3 the price of any Aussy retailer which is very said. Just remember to watch which way you put the top bushes the top and bottom are slightly different external diameters to fit the chassis and washers. Packaging was very good with no damage what so ever.
    102. AutoPartsWAY Customer
      05 Nov, 2013
      These shocks are awesome. I have installed them on 1992 k2500 with 6" procomp lift. They have smoothed out the ride, and also allow me to make them stiffer when I am towing or carrying a load. I would recommend these to anyone. I replaced an older set of rs9000 on the front and rs5000 on the rear. AutoPartsWAY's service is also outstanding.
    103. Shannon Epps
      27 Oct, 2013
      Love the adjustability ! I was skeptical at first . But what a great shock ! I dialed them up and the ride was definitely and off road setting . I had to turn down for every day driving . Have not adjusted for plowing yet , should be awesome !!
    104. Ron
      24 Oct, 2013
      Put them on my 03 h2 improvement in all areas handling and ride adjustable ride for all conditionsGreat shocks at a fair price
    105. kingriver
      22 Oct, 2013
      these came with new bolts for installation on the rear,all in all you are buying the name ... these new ones you have to install the stickers yourself but golly gee.
    106. Cobber74
      15 Oct, 2013
      My trusted mechanic recommended these for my 91 Jeep Wrangler that I drive primarily off-road. I'm very please as they ride excellent, look nice, and were a good value.
    107. Festiggio
      16 Sep, 2013
      Bought this for the rear of my 2005 Wrangler Sport. The old ones came out fine with a little Liquid wrench the night before removal. Please note that the passenger side is more difficult due to the exhaust and gas tank being so close in proximity. I recommend having a few socket extensions available of various lengths to be prepared. This was simple installation right out of the box though. The only other things to keep in mind are as follows:-These shocks aren't pre-loaded so they won't extend when not in place and don't require zip ties in the package to keep them from extending like the factory units. They are much harder to extend than compress, which is how they function for absorbing (small) bumps.-The boot that comes with this is not installed over the shock rod. This is necessary as the rods won't last long without that protection (maybe 2-5 years depending on road conditions driven). I installed mine by pulling the boots over the upper pin, and lubricating...
    108. Festiggio
      16 Sep, 2013
      Bought this for the front of my 2005 Wrangler Sport. The old ones came out fine with a little Liquid wrench the night before removal. This was simple right out of the box though. The only things to keep in mind are as follows:-The stock rod end will turn freely once the nut holding it secure has been loosened a little. You may need additional tools to grasp the tip of the rod to prevent it from turning (as is the same with other shocks but is nice to know about when planning) when loosening the nut.-These shocks aren't pre-loaded so they won't extend when not in place and don't require zip ties in the package to keep them from extending like the factory units. They are much harder to extend than compress, which is how they function for absorbing (small) bumps.-The boot that comes with this is not installed over the shock rod, but that takes 5-10 seconds. This is necessary as the rods won't last long without that protection (maybe 2-5 years depending on road...
    109. David O'Connor
      15 Sep, 2013
      I bought these shocks because my stock shocks on my WJ were going out. I have loved them ever since i put them on. installation was very easy. The 9 different settings on stiffness has been awesome. I would definitely recommend these.
    110. M. Hamilton
      15 Sep, 2013
      What can I say - after years of using Rancho shocks in my GMC full size van I got them for my '99 Tahoe too. This time, however, I decided to try Monroe 58606 shocks for the rear axle because of the additional coil springs.But back to the Rancho shocks: there are many online reviews which say that the ride is "trucky" or "bumpy". I really cannot confirm that! The Ranchos actually respond very gentle when they get a slow push (like when you pull from the road onto your driveway) but they will respond harsh when they have to take a fast, highly energetic compression.Summary: for highway and light duty offroad use you probably get the best bang for your buck by picking Ranchos. If you want to further improve your rear axle, take a look at the Monroe Load Adjusting Shocks but ... keep Ranchos on the front axle!
    111. Kelly
      02 Sep, 2013
      If you go 4 wheeling or just drive on the streets, these shocks do the job. Really take care of the sway in the corners! It is a truck so it rides a little stiff, not bad enough to make it an unpleasant ride.
    112. jason kingsmill
      29 Aug, 2013
      The shocks are exactly what i was looking for. They did have a couple touch up spots as they are reman. But overall great price on a great set of shocks.
    113. Darren
      29 Aug, 2013
      Great upgrade from OEM shocks. I bit more initial float (expected in an off-road biased shock) but great control and damping after. I can't wait to put the new tires on, head up to the sierra and try them out off road.2006 Dodge Durango Ltd 4x4 5.7l
    114. Martin Taylor
      29 Aug, 2013
      Cant get over the difference in the ride on my Jeep, I would highly recommend these to others who want a better riding experience in a Jeep.
    115. Mr. Mark
      24 Aug, 2013
      There's a reason these are the most popular for anybody venturing off the pavement. Easy to install, great ride quality, decent price, can't ask for more!
    116. PzBx
      24 Aug, 2013
      One of the two shocks arrived in an open box and was missing its red protective boot.Will have to buy a separate boot at extra cost!Disappointed.PS: more, the shocks that were shipped seem to be old stock shocks, and were not fully operational. Seem to have lost some of their pressure, contrary to another 2 I bought at the same time, that were new stock and fully operational, fully pressurized.
    117. sailor
      20 Aug, 2013
      I put two of the Rancho 9000's on the rear of my F250 2004 diesel truck. I had pulled my 35 ft 5th wheel to Alaska and noticed the trailer seemed to bounce a lot. I put on the new shocks for the trip back to the lower 48. I started out on the highest setting of 9. It definitely made a big difference. I eventually turned them down to 7 which I felt was a better ride and still stopped excessive bounce. I love the shocks and would recommend them.
    118. Brick Simpson
      09 Aug, 2013
      If you are like me and you have to have the best , well ... Here they are ! Hands down the best on & off road mix you will get anywhere ..
    119. Don Swearingen
      27 Jul, 2013
      Gives my jeep less tire bounce. I haven't had them on long enough to see how long they last but they went on quickly and seem to be working well.
    120. RAPR
      25 Jul, 2013
      my 2011 F250 rides much better now with these shocks. nice being adjustable too, so I can stiffen up the shocks when pulling. other reviewed complained there were no instructions. if you need instructions on installing the shocks...you have no business working on your truck.
    121. Steve Athas
      21 Jul, 2013
      I installed these on my 2006 dodge ram and they made a noticeable difference over the monroe reflex that i had on there.
    122. Retired37
      19 Jul, 2013
      They do what they are designed to do, provide a stable ride. Easy to install. Great replacement for the original shocks.
    123. mk
      13 Jul, 2013
      Installed them on Procomp lifted gmc sierra to replace old shocks. Truck rides way better and the shocks look cool in silver
    124. william tharalson
      24 Jun, 2013
      These shocks replaced the originals at 37,000 miles. The originals were never adequate, and they did not improve with age. I was surprised that I set the front Rancho shocks at their maximum setting, but that gives the best control. The rear shocks are set about halfway. Installation was straightforward.
    125. mac schramek
      20 Jun, 2013
    126. Craig B.
      13 Jun, 2013
      Paired with the RS66013B Rancho lift kit, this is a fantastic product for my Jeep JK. Great ride quality. Stiff but not rock hard. Easy on the wallet and looks great!
    127. realmccoy
      07 Jun, 2013
      Bought these for the front of my 2000 GMC Envoy. The old shocks were Bilsteins, and they were completely shot. I had a nasty bounce over dips in the road that made the vehicle rock back and forth and it felt unsafe to drive. These shocks (along with new rear shocks RS5124) fixed my problem. If you're looking for a firm, truck-like ride, look no further. Excellent shocks at a great price on AutoPartsWAY!
    128. Capcyclone
      04 Jun, 2013
      Rancho products are almost always quality and this is no different. I didn't replace my motor mounts quickly enough - so my front shocks were taking the abuse. I replaced the motor mounts and then added these shocks to my front end and WOW what a difference.On top of it, with the included shock boots - these even look good too. Easy installation, though no instructions were included in the box, but they are just a shock - so they were easy to install. Highly recommend!
    129. Brian Keller
      20 May, 2013
      My gas charged KYB shocks on my 97 Suburban weren't gas charged anymore, so I bought these. These are too soft, not a whole lot better than what I had. Maybe good for offroad, not for highway.
    130. Omie
      03 May, 2013
      Good product. It was a great improvement from the original equipment. Only took an hour to switch everything out with the new shocks.
    131. Mike B.
      18 Apr, 2013
      Such a difference compared to the factory Rubicon shocks on my 2008 Unlimited. Love the adjustability, I adjust them all the time based on what I am doing. 2 of the boxes were missing the shock decals which sucks because no one carries them. Not life or death but they are pricey and I expect my darn decals!
    132. Chris Shaffer
      17 Apr, 2013
      Shocks ride great and fit like factory.They go great with the 3" Rancho Sport Suspension lift. I couldn't be happier with them!
    133. Miguel A. Montalvo "HANSHI MIGUEL"
      01 Apr, 2013
      Got these items for my Hummer H3 2006, right from the beginning felt the difference in comfort and driveability. Started to drive in the 5 position for street use and runs smoothly. Highly recommended this shocks are the best, and they looked sporty...nice!!!
    134. Shaun H.
      28 Mar, 2013
      really like these on my 60 series landcruiser, quite a lot of adjustability and pretty cool with the wireless controller
    135. James Fletcher
      26 Mar, 2013
      These shocks performed flawlessly. I forgot they were there. Not too stiff, not too loose. Now my springs extend fully.
    136. Pegvas1
      24 Mar, 2013
      I've used Rancho for years always made ride better. Fit perfectly, no install problems. All replacement parts required, threads bushing everything matched
    137. Jeffrey
      24 Mar, 2013
      These shocks are great on my 2001 torsion twisted sport trac 4x4 i would definitely recommend them for anyone looking for and off/on road shock for a decent price.
    138. Pegvas1
      24 Mar, 2013
      Used Ranchos for years always satisfied with results. fit great, easy install. all replacement parts included, correct threads and bushing
    139. Brian
      16 Mar, 2013
      Finally decided to replace the original shocks on my 1995 F150 4x4 with 100K miles. The Rancho shocks did not change the ride characteristics of the original Ford factory shocks. That is exactly what I was looking for. And, the Rancho's are priced much lower than the original Ford replacement.
    140. JimSFCE
      10 Mar, 2013
      No problems installing these on my truck, were a direct fit. For the price, they look good and have 9 adjustable settings.
    141. DB
      01 Mar, 2013
      Installed on '04 Chevy Colorado 4WD 12 months ago.First impression: If you LIKE your truck to ride like a car, you'll HATE these shocks. They are FIRM! Not harsh, but you feel EVERYTHING.After 12 months: They're still firm, but they are still NOT harsh! All four wheels stay firmly planted, even with no load. Add 400-500 lbs & the ride softens very little. Either way, the rear doesn't dance around on rough roads & rail crossings.Stays composed bombing around the back roads, doesn't beat you up on the highway, don't turn to mush under a load, what's not to like!BTW, 4WD front shocks have a threaded stud top mount. A reciprocating saw makes removal quick & easy. Otherwise a painless bolt-on.
    142. MaxPayne
      02 Feb, 2013
      These shocks have great potential but are way too bouncy. Seems like they do a great job dampening the truck during compression of the shock but when it it uncompressing (truck is traveling back up) it doesn't dampen it at all and the result is a bouncy ride. I replaced them all with fabtech performance shocks which i love.
    143. soler
      28 Jan, 2013
      I've had these shocks on several trucks now. I do not like the OEM shocks Dodge puts on their HD trucks. I have a 4x4 dually, and the ride with the OEM shocks is terrible. The Cummins engine is HEAVY, and I like these adjustable Ranchos because I can put the front ones on setting 6 or 7 and leave it. And the rears I usually leave on 1 or 2 unless I'm hauling or towing. Night and day difference over the OEM.There are other shocks that might be better than the Rancho adjustables, but I really like the price and verstility of these.
    144. AutoPartsWAY Customer
      26 Jan, 2013
      Made a huge difference in the ride. Great that they are adjustable. Set the front on 4 and rear on 2.
    145. kymz123
      15 Jan, 2013
      Great Deal Thanks Would Recommend to other buyers as safe reliable and honest to deal with shows good business example.
    146. Kalei
      12 Jan, 2013
      I put these shocks on the front of my 2WD 2002 Ford Excursion with 7.3L Diesel and they have noticeably improved the ride. Front wheel was bouncing and tire has visible cupping, front was diving on turns and braking, and generally poor handling. This behavior has improved greatly after installing the shocks. It looks like the shocks are well made and I am happy with them. For some odd reason, the Rancho website does not have a part number for RS5000 for the rear of my 2WD. But, it looks like O'reileys and AutoPartsWAY.com both have a part number for the rear Rancho shocks. That's a little confusing. I will buy the rear shocks from who? when I find the best price with free shipping. I will also further improve the handling by installing a Rancho steering stabilizer.
    147. KEigan
      09 Jan, 2013
      These shocks make a significant difference, these are the only shocks capable of holding the wheels on the road with varying load. I've had other adjustable shocks and these are by far the best quality I've ever owned.
    148. shaggy
      09 Jan, 2013
      I was shocked to see the shock. I believe I will rebound from my shock. Then I was shocked to see another shock... shocking...
    149. TJM Foundation
      07 Jan, 2013
      I like Rancho shocks but I have a lift kit and this shock is to short.I can't return it and now I have 2 shocks that are just sitting around.
    150. Jason
      05 Jan, 2013
      The shocks work well. They were difficult to install on the rear of my Sport trac. With a bit of perseverance I got it done.
    151. clstans
      24 Dec, 2012
      Works and looks great! You cant beat the quality of Rancho products, they really smoothed out the Jeep Wrangler ride.
    152. AutoPartsWAY Customer
      18 Dec, 2012
      I bough these after a friend had his these are the best shocks i have had i love the way you adjust this shocks beats the air shocks and air bags all to h-ll thanks for the Excellent service
    153. Troz "TheTriza"
      06 Dec, 2012
      put 2 of these on 99 dodge ram 1500 4x4, very smooth ride. eats up bumbs and ditches, Go Ranchooooooooo Go
    154. meg23
      05 Dec, 2012
      Fixed my rough ride down the road. Really worth the effort of replacing the old ones with these. Thanks alot!
    155. DH Dad
      26 Nov, 2012
      If your looking for a smooth ride run these on number 1. Using them on 2001 Dodge 4x4 on the front with a leveling kit and it finally rides good. Also removed the front sway bar to free up the front end which worked great. These are the only shocks I will run on lifted Jeep Wranglers that I have built besides custom valved Fox shocks. Pro Comp and rs5000's have given me the worst ride.
    156. Cuninguni
      25 Nov, 2012
      Great part, performs very well as any Rancho. White appearance isn't good, if compared with chrome plating one (chrome looks like more sophisticated).
    157. Bear
      19 Nov, 2012
      Perfect fit on my 2000 WJ Jeep GC to replace originals. Easy to adjust to 7 out of 9 for every day stiff road driving. Takes 10 seconds for each one to adjust down to 2 or 4 for off road :-) And the white and red is a good contrast colour for the black duco :-)
    158. Sean R. Sullivan
      28 Oct, 2012
      Great shock that provides a smooth ride for hard working trucks. Great job stabilizing while loaded and not too soft to make you feel like you don't have positive control. Just stiff enough to keep the tires on the road. Great overall choice for a pickup truck like my 2003 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD.
    159. Paradise lived
      25 Oct, 2012
      Installed in no time, I liked the adjustment option, no instructions but google is your friend. I would order again but hopefully I wont need to for a long time.
    160. ExtraStep
      17 Sep, 2012
      Great item on my Durango. Hardest put was putting on rubber boot. Big deal. Will purchase again when needed in the future.
    161. Razer
      08 Sep, 2012
      Can't beat ranchos when comparing to oem shocks. These went on my 3rd gen dakota, and they are definitely a better ride. Stiffer and stock shocks, but thats my preference. Great for on and off road!
    162. gpdd
      30 Jul, 2012
      If your looking for a luxury comfort ride, your up the wrong alley. But for the price of these shocks, I have to say I'm fairly impressed. I picked them up for my 2003 Durango, and in 2 hours had them on and out for a test run. My Durango was used, 80k miles, still with stock shocks. I've had these on for a week now, and they feel as if the truck just came off the inspection line. Like I always say, you get what you pay for. If your looking to return your truck to it's original glory, without paying some chain workshop an arm and a leg, these are a great buy. If you want luxury, your gonna have to pay more, that's the way the world works. Worth every penny and the amount of time it took to DIY.
    163. ocelectrician
      13 Jun, 2012
      [[ASIN:B000CB7GAY Rancho RS5274 RS5288 Series Shocks just installed rs5000 shocks today and wow what a difference they make.not to mention how easy they were to install , im not much of a mechanic so i was a little timid to jump on the installation after i bought them. after staring at them for a couple days i thought i would check it out, long story short easiest thing to do! just a couple wrenches and a sockett set. right away just backing out of the driveway no more swaying from side to side.i am in construction and enjoy getting off the beaten path on the weakend and i think these shocks will do the trick!
    164. K. roy
      07 May, 2012
      good shocks...I like the rubber shields better than the hard plastic.Just wondering why I have to put them together? I would buy again!
    165. Ron
      04 May, 2012
      The shocks showed up in good time, new as listed. Sealed packages containing hardware, however 1 rubber bushing was missing from 1 shock. PIA to find another in the shop when i needed it.
    166. Driddle
      10 Mar, 2012
      I bought these for my 2002 Ford F-150 FX4 and they have been great so far! These come factory on my truck and they are great with bigger tires and heavier wheels. I put them on a few months ago and i havent had any problems so far on or off road. i love em!
    167. B. Short "Purchaser Extraordinaire"
      24 Feb, 2012
      Quick ship - easy swap out in my 2005 Ford F-250 SD Diesel. Couple notes - no directions on installation (dont really need em if you do your own automotive work) no hardware for installation - I knew this was the case but product description does not offer this information. Not a direct factory replacement for the FX4 package for your Ford. Item has soft boots not hard plastic dust covers, so it might not be the look you are after.
    168. J. Person
      02 Feb, 2012
      These shocks are first rate. The adjustment works very well - from pillow smooth to getting off the ground over speed bumps. I've been off road a couple of times and they perform well. They look great too. They went on very easily on my Jeep TJ (after a little work to get the OEM shocks off). I recommend lots of PB Blaster, particularly on the rear shock bolts.
    169. S. Townsend
      06 Nov, 2011
      I bought these as replacement shocks for a 2000 F150 and found them to be very easy to install myself. The ride was a definite improvement over the previous set of bargain shocks installed by a repair shop. I use the truck mainly for hauling material like lumber, trash, and mulch and so far the shocks have performed well.
    170. GeorgeB
      11 Oct, 2011
      went great on my F250 superduty. Glad I went with this, much better than Fords version of Ranchos. Glad I got these instead of the 9000's. Who wants to adjust their shocks all the time, fine for what I tow and do with my truck.
    171. Kevin Campbell
      20 Sep, 2011
      I purchased these shocks to replace the worn ones on my old Ford Explorer. Installation was easy to perform. The ride with these shocks is dramatically improved over the original shocks. I'm very pleased with them. The price was great on AutoPartsWAY.
    172. r. traynor
      11 Sep, 2011
      replaced some old worn stock shocks after 150,000 miles, and these seem very solid. i can tell a difference in ride quality and braking is improved. a very good product.
    173. eagle1la
      27 Aug, 2011
      This was really a great product and was as advertised. I had a very fast and easy installation and afterwards I found Rancho shocks to deliver a smooth ride.
    174. Keviiinnnnn
      25 Jul, 2011
      I have these installed in my 03 tundrathe rears are easy to install took about 5 minutes for both sides.the fronts can be a little tricky make sure you read the instructions and if you dont know what your doing do a search online. but once you know how to install them and have the right tools they go in easy.i love how you can change then stiffness on them on the fly.i have taken them to the desert a few times and out to the mountians for hunting and they have held up just fine.i have 33's and they dont rub at all.great product if your just trying to get the leveling kit.
    175. J C Harper
      01 Jan, 2011
      I bought a pair because I replaced my torsion keys (2004 2500) aka leveling kit, 1500 torsion keys, and needed a longer shock. Shopped around, AutoPartsWAY beat everybody by $20.I'm not a novice but I'm not an expert mechanic. I put these on myself with ease and was blown away....Awesomeness...Would buy anything Rancho makes. Heavy duty, excellent quality, and sharp looks with the red boot.Will be ordering more of these for my Bronco!
    176. R. Burrell "Tito-Mars"
      05 Sep, 2010
      purchased these on AutoPartsWAY for my CJ7. they work great . they give my Jeep the perfect ride. amazxon ships fast and their price point beat all the normal Jeep suppliers. one shock was received opened and its boot was missing. no big deal to me since i don't use the boots.
    177. B. Ryan
      27 Mar, 2010
      Really smoothed out the ride on my 2004 Z71 Tahoe both on pavement and in the dunes on the beach. A great upgrade from the stock Bilsteins!
    178. Dan'ger "Dan"
      25 Jan, 2010
      Since there's not a whole lot of choice when it comes to a GMC/Chevy truck with a Rancho brand 4" lift kit, this shock is great!
    179. A A
      01 Dec, 2009
      Great performance for the price tag.i would buy again after this one go dead.
    180. Christopher Eric King
      30 Nov, 2009
      These shocks effin rock! Beats the stock ones by a long shot. Shocks were received extremely quickly. Within 2 days if i'm not mistaken.
    181. T
      25 Sep, 2009
      Shipped very quickly. Exactly as expected. A little help from the manufacturer on the installation on the boot would help, but I found advice online to help slide it over the shock (a little grease).
    182. Tr@v
      17 Jul, 2009
      The shocks from Rancho fixed the problem I had with my 2001 Mercury Mountaineer. The problem I had of nearly losing control of my truck when I hit bumps while driving into a curve. The tires really hold the road well with the 5000's. It isn't as smooth as I had hoped but it's an "All Terrain" shock. One can't expect it to ride like a Cadillac.
    183. Steve S. Morris
      23 Jun, 2009
      Nothing outperforms the Rancho XL Series shock absorbers. I have driven many vehicles with different brands of shocks and these are by far the finest ever. They provide an incredible ride with "user ride settings" which is a must if you go from on to off pavement driving! These shocks look awesome as well, due to their larger size! Five Stars in my opinion!Go Rancho :)
    184. A. J. Kennedy "Sailwin"
      12 Jun, 2009
      I love these! Worth every penny. I drive a '94 GMC 3500 Long Bed Crew Cab, and with these my ride has transformed into a smooth, agile, "car-like" riding beast! My only complaint is with the air controls. Not worth the money. Mine only lasted a year. And I had them set at the same setting 99% of the time. Just set the deial on the shocks, and you'll be happy!!!! Enjoy the transformation these babies will make!!!
    185. M. Foster
      01 Feb, 2009
      This product actually arrived ahead of schedule and fit perfectly. They were very easy to install. It was a good product for a great price. I'm very happy with this purchase. I'd do business with them again. You just can't beat these prices.M. Foster
    186. Craig Underhill
      16 Dec, 2008
      My 1998 Ford Expedition 2WD was very scary on a windy day, near impossible to keep on the road, now with my new Ranchos installed it drives GREAT even in 30mph wind and rain we had last week.The cost of these was very reasonable and installation was simple, product included all hardware and mounts, no instruction sheet.
    187. Joshua R. Jobe
      10 Apr, 2007
      Excellent product!!! What more is there to say. The factory installed shocks on my 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 have always been soft for a truck. I finally got tired of bouncing all over the place when going over bumps or just even pulling into my driveway. The Rancho shocks are built strong and now the ride is the best it has ever been.