2005 Buick LaCrosse Suspension Strut Mount - Front Monroe

  • Monroe® Strut-Mate® mounting kits are direct fit replacements designed to complement the ride control characteristics of Monroe® struts. In addition, our full line will provide you with late model original equipment coverage. When doing strut replacements, it is important to do the complete job. This means not only replacing the struts but also inspecting and replacing worn strut mounts. Remember, worn strut mounts can adversely affect a vehicle's safety and handling. Not only are strut mounts a necessary component of the suspension system, they consist of rubber to metal bonded parts that wear out over time as well. Worn bearings may also cause noise, steering binding, vibration and vehicle pull. Strut-Mate® mounting kits can include (as applicable by OE design): Strut Mount, Bearing, Upper Spring Isolator, Lower Spring Isolator, or Upper Spring Seat.
  • Suggested Purchase Quantity: 2
    • Most jobs typically require 2 of this item.
This Part Fits the Following OEM/Substitute Numbers:
10257805, 10257806, 10257807, 10257808, 10288795, 10288796, 10363583, 10363584, 10398290, 10398291, 10410959, 10410960, 10410961, 10410962, 10422852, 10422853, 10445032, 10445033, 13503548, 142525, 142526, 22173123, 22173274, 22175165, 22175167, 22179011, 22179331, 25875709, SM5143, SM5467, SM5470, SM5568

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2005 Buick LaCrosse Front
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  • Strut-Mate Suspension Strut Mount
  • Monroe Shocks & Struts Strut-Mate 902973 Suspension Strut Mount
  • Monroe Strut-Mate Strut Mounting Kit
  • Monroe Shocks and Struts. Monroe Brakes.
    Monroe is the number one manufacturer of shocks and struts in the industry as the leading supplier to both the original equipment and aftermarket for nearly 100 years. Monroe became famous with their Ride Control brand of suspension products that starts with their shocks and struts but extends into suspension mounts, steering stabilizers lift supports and other suspension accessories like boot kits. With a wise selection of shocks and struts to choose from, Monroe has something for everyone; OESpectrum shocks and struts, Reflex shocks and struts, Sensa-Trac shocks and Sensa-Trac struts, complete Quick-Strut assemblies, complete Econo-Matic strut assemblies, Max-Air shock absorbers, load adjusting shocks and more!
    Monroe Brakes has help Monroe achieve an even higher status of the most trusted under-car expert filling in their triangle of safety more completely with extra stopping power. The Monroe Brakes line up features a complete line up of brake pads and brake shoes leading with the Monroe Ceramics series brake pads and Monroe Dynamics series brake pads, including the Monroe Pro-Solution pads and shoes, electronic wear sensors, and more.


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    1. Jeremy D. Roos
      27 Apr, 2015
      Well it seems OK but I was very disappointed it didn't come with spring insulators. The rubber pads for the springs. It says a kit but all you get is pictured so its not a kit just the mount. I notice a little chunkiness in the bearing. Could be nothing but just being new. Monroe is usually good quality. Time will tell
    2. Jason
      20 Apr, 2015
      Nice replacement part at a good price. The studs are smaller diameter than OEM, but this doesn't affect the alignment of the strut since the mount is centered in the strut tower by its shape and not the studs.
    3. OHdude
      31 Mar, 2015
      Exact fit for my 2005 Hyundai Tucson. saved $ 10.00 over local auto parts stores.
    4. John "John B Kobberstad"
      20 Jan, 2015
      Great product good price
    5. JaCoMo
      12 Dec, 2014
      I am sure it is a great product, however an assembly diagram would have been nice
    6. rickbb
      04 Nov, 2014
      Thank you
    7. eP
      12 Oct, 2014
      These weren't bad at first but after 6 months they started to faintly rattle again. I'd get the OEM mounts if I had to do it over.
    8. bighoss
      07 Aug, 2014
      great deal price was great and fast shipping
    9. damiano16
      02 Aug, 2014
      Good Fit and Price.
    10. David H.
      02 Jul, 2014
      Ordered a pair of these and installed them over 2 months ago when I did new rear struts and haven't had any issues.
    11. Pro-gun
      20 Jun, 2014
      The item suits the application for which I purchased it. I am happy with the item and I would order another if I had the need.
    12. Pro-gun
      20 Jun, 2014
      The item suits the application for which I purchased it. I am happy with the item and I would order another if I had the need.
    13. Kevin Paul
      21 Nov, 2013
      Fast shipping and awesome price! These are better than OEM parts as the bolts/nuts are thicker in diameter. I would recommend changes these as a pair.
    14. J
      16 Sep, 2013
      The mechanic installed the parts. There were no problems. Since the handling has clearly improved, the mounts deserve some credit as well.
    15. kewal
      05 Sep, 2013
      great product exceeded my expectations will buy again. Works well easy install. shipped promptly, and the price was well within budget
    16. Honolulu City LIghts
      14 May, 2013
      These fit my 1990 Buick Reatta perfectly.This mounting kit includes the upper strut mount, insulator and strut bearing.Be sure to replace your strut mounts/bearings when replacing struts.To tighten the 24mm strut nut, be sure to use the OTC 7544 24mm Strut Rod Nut Socket to hold the strut rod with a ratchet while tightening the strut nut with a 1/2 drive torque wrench. OTC tool eliminates the use of a vise grip on the polished strut piston rod which will damage the polished rod.
    17. Ronny Valente "Ford focus FAN"
      03 May, 2013
      excelente part, i installed it in my card and fits and work excelente no noise no problens of any kind
    18. In the dark
      21 Mar, 2013
      Monroe 905911 Strut-Mate Strut Mounting KitThese need replaced when you replace the struts. They wear out, they rust. If the strut is worn out, these will be too. The thing about reviewing a part like this is that it's simple. They either work or they don't work. These work!
    19. PLdamian
      09 Feb, 2013
      perfect fit 2007 ford focus had no issues installing product worked really good for me and was easy would recommend
    20. Miguel Garcia
      01 Jan, 2013
      Que pasa con el envio de este producto lo pedi hace tres dias y miro que todavia no lo han enviado ¿lo iran a enviar?
    21. Hector Valles
      07 Dec, 2012
      very good quality and construction my car is has no longer noisy from the front.it will be better if the came as a kit with all other parts to assemble the strut
    22. roy
      01 Jun, 2012
      This mount worked perfectly when I installed my new struts in my '94 Toyota Camry 2 door.Just a word of caution make sure that you look at the struts before you take them off of your car, to replace, these mounts have a very specific direction that they are mounted in your car.
    23. Mitchell Rowan "(EVIL ZJ) - (TEAM GO-N-ROWAN)"
      05 May, 2012
      As described & better than stock could ever be... Pain to install with out "Proper" tools but can be done...M...(EVIL ZJ)
    24. Hamilcar
      12 Sep, 2011
      I just used two of these to replace worn mounts (cracked rubber) on a 1993 Geo Storm. No problems with installation, pretty much a direct fit.
    25. Fyodor Dostoyevsky "gymdaddy"
      11 Jul, 2011
      I got two of these, and I was very happy with one and a little disappointed with the other one. The bearings were covered on the first one, but exposed on the second one. Since I didn't have two caps for the tops of them when I installed them, I used the one cap I had plus a glob of grease to block dirt on the exposed bearings. Still, I thought that was pretty strange.
    26. n/a
      24 May, 2011
      Fit as expected. Comes with three replacement nuts but I re-used the originals because they appeared to be better material. The ones that came with it were black alloy steel and I think they would have started to rust fairly quickly.
    27. mrprgrmr "jfr74"
      12 Apr, 2011
      It's nothing special but I have not had any issues with it in the 10 months it has been installed (2002 Galant). It did not suffer any of the quality control issues that have plagued some of my recent orders of Monroe products.
    28. Steven W. Kellner "kingpin"
      21 Dec, 2010
      My strut bearings were shot on my original strut mounts so I went with these from Monroe since they had the bearing with them & I figured why not refresh the mounts after 160K miles. If you only need the mount, these are fine, but the bearing has a plastic load surface instead of metal like the original. I don't know of the longevity of the plastice versus the metal, but I should have picked up the OEM bearings for ~$11 each instead.