2005 Chevrolet Avalanche 1500 Suspension Ball Joint - Front Lower Moog

  • Features:
    • PROBLEM SOLVER® GUSHER BEARING -- Metal-to-metal design provides strength and allows grease to flow through bearing surface for reduced friction and long life
    • STRONG AND DURABLE -- Ball studs are heat treated to match or exceed OE requirements to inhibit premature failure and improve fatigue strength
    • GREASEABLE SOCKET -- Reduces corrosion and wear by allowing new lubricant to flush contaminants
    • ABSORBS IMPACT -- Belleville preload washer helps keep the bearing package tight as bearings wear
    • EASY TO INSTALL -- Precision tolerances for easy installation and steering alignment giving you a perfect fit right out of the box
    • COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE -- Available for foreign and domestic nameplates
  • Backed by superior materials and rigorous testing, MOOG® ball joints deliver reliable performance you can count on. MOOG problem-solving innovations ensure fast, hassle-free installation.
  • Suggested Purchase Quantity: 2
    • Most jobs typically require 2 of this item.

Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Position
2005 Chevrolet Avalanche 1500 Front Lower
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$59.42 CAD
$71.30 CAD
Brand Moog
Part # M12K6693
Condition New
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  • Ball Joint
  • Press-In Type Includes Oversized Stud Ball Diameter For Superior Load Carrying Capability
  • MOOG K6693 Ball Joint
  • MOOG produces the complete steering and suspension package making them the ultimate to undercar solutions. MOOG's leading-edge engineering, metallurgy and manufacturing, along with long-lasting, problem-solving performance, have earned the trust of technicians. Through MOOG's broad range of Problem Solver, Asia-Spec and Euro-Spec steering and suspension parts, MOOG offers comprehensive coverage that provides the latest in domestic and foreign applications. No matter what the service occasion, MOOG provides the problem-solving innovation and precise engineering needed to restore like-new steering and handling to today's vehicles.
    Some of the most popular MOOG auto parts consist of tie rod ends, control arms, ball joints, stabilizer bar links, strut mounts, coil springs, suspension bushings, steering parts and so much more.


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    Castle Nut Included
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    1. 18 Nov, 2018
      This is a good product
    2. 13 Nov, 2017
      Fit well, installed without incident.
    3. RSnyderJr
      30 Apr, 2015
      A+ - just as advertised - exceeded my expectations - will buy again!
    4. Kent Szpak
      29 Apr, 2015
    5. Jeff Emmerich
      25 Apr, 2015
    6. Phil G. Thompson "Family Craftsman"
      25 Apr, 2015
      Installed these on our 2006 Honda Pilot. Beware, you'll need a pretty beefy hydraulic press to remove the old ones and press in the new ones. These ball joints are very well made and have a unique grease system (see the Moog website). I would definitely buy them again.
    7. Dustin Spears
      25 Apr, 2015
      Werks great great shipping speed thanks!!!
    8. Bill
      18 Apr, 2015
      Exact match, easiest ball joint I've ever replaced.
    9. FV
      15 Apr, 2015
      Exceeds OEM quality and made in Japan. Has grease zerk too! DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN (ZERK) AAA+++
    10. susan wright
      08 Apr, 2015
      It fit perfectly
    11. ReDxSiLLy
      07 Apr, 2015
      Make sure you get a ball joint press that will work with the Aspen...the one I rented did not and ended up just pounding the living crap out of it to get it out...not fun, but did the job.TIP: When you install the grease fitting, it works out well it you point it towards the inner front to make it easier to grease.
    12. andrew angelone
      05 Apr, 2015
      quality parts
    13. Scott B.
      04 Apr, 2015
      This ball joint worked great and it was a very reasonable price.
    14. checkoutmuhhat
      02 Apr, 2015
      Great product, exact fit, just be careful putting the dust boot on. I had to press it on and when I took the press off the first time I ripped the boot; couldn't figure out any other way to get it on. I haven't found the boot for sale just by itself so I am now the proud owner of a second UBJ just so I could get the boot (can you do something about that Moog?). Also on the boot it is marked for which side goes on the inside, so keep an eye out for that. Pressing the UBJ in is a huge pain in the butt, so be ready for that. One of the UBJs I ordered was missing the zerk fitting, but I ordered it from the warehouse deals side so I can't blame it on Moog, I guess AutoPartsWAY didn't notice the missing piece when it was returned. Also the zerk fitting is a weird size, went through two different packs of zerks and none of them fit on there. Had the UBJ on for about a month now, did some light offroading, very pleased.
      31 Mar, 2015
      genuine moog parts. delivered on time
    16. Country Livin
      30 Mar, 2015
      Fit my 97 Forester perfectly.A tip for separating the ball joint from the hub.Loosen and remove the hub thru-bolt that secures the ball joint into the hub. With the car safely on jack stands and supported, jack the control arm up at the ball joint stud. Slip the largest socket that will fit between the widened opening due to jacking the control arm up, between the knuckle and the control arm/ball joint. once the socket is in that recess, lower the jack, the spring tension in the suspension will pop the joint loose and allow you to pry it the rest of the way out.Watch youtube videos for specifics. Using this method these installed in under an hour. They came with new hardware too.Don't skimp on some flybynight chinese import parts. Spend the few extra coins and grab these moog joints.
    17. Hector E. Rodriguez Jr.
      27 Mar, 2015
      Moog.. absolutely the best, just like OEM. Thanks.
    18. ChilnVilan
      27 Mar, 2015
      Exact same part, brand new, great Moog quality at half the price of my local parts store. The install shop had no problems installing.
    19. Sean fritz
      14 Mar, 2015
      So far so good
    20. James E. Moberly
      10 Mar, 2015
      Great product, fit perfectly. I did have a issue with the boot. The upper ball joint boots pressed right on after installing. I used my 60 ton press and a bearing race fixture to press the boot. This lower ball joint boot would not seat at all not matter what I tried. So I ended up putting silicon around it except on the back. That way any excess grease will blow out the back away from the brake disc. The upper ball joint I can understand why it is not pressed on at the factory because the joint is screwed into the upper control arm, then the boot is installed. The lower ball joint does not have that issue so it should be pressed on at the factory. Years ago they were - in the 70s
    21. Osama Ziadeh "orangeG8"
      07 Mar, 2015
      I did 2 months before I sold my envoy and it made the car handle like new. My shocks at this point was about 1 to 2 years old, with less than 10k miles, I would recommend if you have the money to replace this with the shocks. It is also grease-able so you can grease it every year and it will last a lot longer than the non serviceable ball joints.
    22. rudolph m munoz
      06 Mar, 2015
      direct fit easy to install. I have bought this brand before and it has all ways out performed and out lived other after market brands.
    23. Catherine K.
      04 Mar, 2015
      These are the exact fit for my '09 Z71 Colorado, replaced uppers at same time, huge difference (better) in handling, braking, everything. Truck only has 42thou. Miles, but it's a V8 4x4, stock ball joints where pretty tired. You will have to loosen the axle drive nut and pound the axle towards center of truck enough to clear lower ball joint.. Brass drift or large gear puller may have to be used, again just enough to clear lower ball joint, DO Not have to remove axle completely from hub. Plan on replacing all chassis/suspension parts with Moog, I'm that impressed.
    24. palehorse24
      04 Mar, 2015
      Fit my 2004 Ford F150 4x4. Great quality at a terrific price. The zerk fitting is a nice addition to keep it properly lubricated. The removal and installation was not too difficult with my cordless impact wrench and a ball joint removal kit I borrowed from Advance Auto Parts. The impact wrench is a must as it would not have been fun with a regular wrench or ratchet. Highly recommended.
    25. James E. Moberly
      25 Feb, 2015
      Excellent replacement ball joint. I have always used moog ball joints. AutoPartsWAY is a thrifty place to get them.
    26. Pasquale J Gallelli
      18 Feb, 2015
      Great product by Moog...Great price from AutoPartsWAY compared to local automotive supply houses...
    27. DRC
      17 Feb, 2015
      So far so good should last longer than the 18year old OEMs
    28. hardlymoving
      13 Feb, 2015
      Moog is a trusted company that provide high quality parts that fits perfectly. Never had any problems with Moog parts.
    29. Mr. Garcia
      13 Feb, 2015
      Top quality strong durable ball joint... moog is the best.
    30. Alden Brom
      12 Feb, 2015
      Tip for installation on 2002 Civic EX Coupe (other body styles and trim probably the same):The grease fitting with elbow will not clear axle. Remove the nipple valve from the elbow and install that directly onto the ball joint. This will allow you to connect the grease gun and properly grease the ball joint and will clear the axle by a few mm.
    31. erin peterson
      10 Feb, 2015
      i did not need it after all but still saved it for when i need it. well packaged and it was the right product for my vehicle.
    32. Czkrebbs
      09 Feb, 2015
      Perfect fit for my 07 z85 4x4 Chevy Colorado
    33. Adam B.
      09 Feb, 2015
      Exact fit for my 2007 dodge ram 2500 4x4 diesel. Quality Moog product at a fraction of the price of the auto parts store.
    34. 2Yellowdogs "2yellowdogs"
      05 Feb, 2015
      Installed on my 2001 Chevy Lumina. I can only give 3 stars because the first set of ball joints only lasted 25000 miles. I did speak to Moog customer service about this and they will cover the first set on warranty. I will continue using Moog. Hopefully these last longer.
    35. A. Westfall
      26 Jan, 2015
      They pressed right in. I had a harder time getting the 13 year old ones out.Working great 2001 Nissan Xterra
    36. Yote
      12 Jan, 2015
      Boot could be better, can already tell this unit isn't gonna last as long. Probably fine for street cars/trucks, but go genuine toyota parts for offroad rigs.
    37. Cynthia
      06 Jan, 2015
    38. Heather
      29 Dec, 2014
      was exact replacement for my 94 f150 2wd 5.0 xlt. Have been using now for 7 mths and have had no problems or issues with them. The Zerk fittings are a little cheap for my liking but, Zerk's are nothing different that any other brand. The ball joints seemed heavier and better quality than the ones offered at part store. I replaced uppers and lowers on both sides all at once. Shipping was on time and packaging was good too!.
    39. Icky
      16 Dec, 2014
      Great product, I was very satisfied with the quality
    40. McGuivr
      16 Dec, 2014
      I ordered a pair of these. One was made in Japan and had no grease fitting, the other was made in US and did have a grease fitting both seemed like good quality, much better than the AutoZone POS that I replaced twice in 20,000 miles. Be interesting to see if US or Japan lasts longer.
    41. Dig
      13 Dec, 2014
      Very Nice Ball Joint for 2002 Honda Civic LX. For easy install go to AutoZone and use their loan-a-tool program, if you do not own a Hydraulic Press. They have the Manual Press part number 27023 and you will also need the correct adapter kit for your vehicle, also available on the loan a tool program. Check out gear wrench model 3916D for a high quality ball joint separator and changing these out will be painless.
    42. ken padgett
      30 Nov, 2014
      Great item and fit right
    43. AutoPartsWAY Customer
      30 Nov, 2014
      Excellent product
    44. OhBoyTimm
      23 Nov, 2014
      Perfect upgrade for my nissan titan lower ball joint. Can't beat Moog quality. Install fitment was just fine. I am happy it comes with a new pinch bolt. As they should be replaced when ball joints go out.
    45. M. Lee
      19 Nov, 2014
      Work as expected
      16 Nov, 2014
      Fit perfect
    47. muegenv6
      09 Nov, 2014
      bought this for 2006 honda crv, product looks solid and heavy duty compare to oem but ride feel changed overall to a more truck like than before.
    48. Chloe Stinson
      07 Nov, 2014
      Fit was a bit snug but I blame that on the knuckle, not the ball joint, as size was the same as the old one to my eye. I didn't take the time to mic it since I was able to get it fully seated after cleaning the knuckle mounting area with emery cloth and using some chassis grease to help ease the installation. Replaced the other side with one of these earlier this year and so far it's holding up great, so I ordered the same part for this side.
    49. JLO
      05 Nov, 2014
      Very good product well built has all hardware needed , Recommend to anyone .
    50. Wayne J. Denham
      02 Nov, 2014
      Good price and as described. 4 out of 5 stars only because the product was not packaged well with other items and came open in shipping. Fortunately was able to find the hardware
    51. lizzard
      31 Oct, 2014
      Love the moog parts always fit great quality
    52. Glenn
      31 Oct, 2014
      Perfect Fit and USA made !
    53. Thomas W.
      27 Oct, 2014
      Only way to get camber correct!
    54. Jeff 2 "Jeff SR."
      24 Oct, 2014
      moog number one in suspension great buy
    55. MaryAnne L.
      21 Oct, 2014
      Half the price of local stores. Quality looks good. Install directions really didn't explain too much but it's a ball joint so it should be self explanatory right? Except the snap ring on the top was 3/16 of an inch above control arm which I would of thought it would sit against the arm and also the grease fitting placement was in line with the snap ring so the grease gun tip could not be put on the fitting. I ended up using the short fitting from the upper and bending the snap ring to fit the groove in the ball joint. I made it work. I don't understand how other people used the longer grease fitting.
    56. crossalchemist
      13 Oct, 2014
      FOX THUNDERBIRD:I have a 1984 Fox TBird. These are the correct ball joints for the Fox-Birds. Fox-Bird ball joints are slightly taller than some of their Mustang cousins, which can cause some confusion. Do not use ball joints that are not the same height and width as the ones that were originally installed with your spindle/hub assembly or your may experience both figurative and literal pain.Unfortunately, Fox-Bird ball joints being taller than standard means that the ball joint press you rent from the local parts store will not help you. Unless you have access to a wider press, it is not worth your time, tears, and fingers to do this yourself.Also, if you are doing the ball joints, you probably ought to do the bushings, which are impossible without a press, torch, AND a fair amount of time. Your best bet is to either: 1) Return the ball joints and bushings you've bought and get the pre-assembled control arm set from Late Model...
    57. Subardude
      11 Oct, 2014
      Purchased in May, lasted mid way through October of the same year before the boot tore and began failing.Hard to tell whether or not environmental factors came into play, but the ball joint from a local parts store has been on twice as long and isn't showing any signs of fatigue.However, I've used numerous other Moog suspension components in the past with great success. So considering I may have gotten a lemon, and I do a fair amount of gravel road driving, it gets 3 stars
    58. scott
      03 Oct, 2014
      They are being installed as I write this review, great quality part, delivered on time for a great price.
    59. john martin
      02 Oct, 2014
      Worked great on my 2008 1500 ram made in USA I've seen this brand sponsor NASCAR good enough for them good enough for me! Cheaper the auto store
    60. rb
      23 Sep, 2014
      perfect fit
    61. Brady Wilson
      22 Sep, 2014
      Will not purchase any other brand (everything coming from China, and is of poor quality)... I do a lot of mechanic work, and Moog is the only brand I use now.
    62. Mitch Leonard "Mitchy Mitch"
      11 Sep, 2014
      These ball joints are great. I put a set in 100,000km ago and definitely didn't grease them as often as i should have. There was maybe an entire winter i went without hitting them with grease. They held up. I replaced them this summer with a new set. The passenger side was still good. The driver side had a little bit of noticeable wear. It was not loose enough to pull in and out, but you could definitely feel a wear slot in the ball itself. Great fitment. Comes with cotter pins and snap rings for ease of install.
    63. Ian
      25 Aug, 2014
      Great quality.
    64. Bill
      22 Aug, 2014
      i do like the Moog components. Well made and easy to install. Will stick with this brand.
    65. tmoss77
      17 Aug, 2014
      Amazed that I could find American made parts cheap for my 1958 Chevy. These replaced the original ball joints and no issues reported with the new ones. Also AutoPartsWAY had them the cheapest!
    66. F.J.
      12 Aug, 2014
      Perfect fit for my 2002 Ford Range Edge.
    67. Keur
      10 Aug, 2014
      Works well
    68. paul judd
      09 Aug, 2014
      work great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    69. DANY M.
      16 Jul, 2014
      very good
    70. Uzoma Humes
      11 Jul, 2014
      Stable so far
    71. Vince
      05 Jul, 2014
      The old ones were shot, and without grease fittings. The replacement are great with the white lithium grease fittings. Excellent
    72. Brandon
      05 Jul, 2014
      So far so good got this for my 98 toyota 4runner been about 3-4 months since I've installed and it's still holding up well, although oem is what everyone should go with, you can't beat this price FYI this doesn't have the 555 mark on this also make sure you know what you are getting go to moogs website to determine what part # you need either drivers or passenger side ball joints
    73. Jabin
      04 Jul, 2014
      this is a fixed camber caster kit. has six posSitions. ranging from positive camber mo caster. to caster no camber. both positive n negitive of both. directons say use iether .5 or 1.0 degree depend on wich one you use but onlyone came in package. n i dont know wich one.
    74. Acholla Onyango
      02 Jul, 2014
      Good quality product and was a good fit for my car. Exactly as described by seller.
    75. S. B.
      28 Jun, 2014
      Great quality replacement for OEM. Moog lived up to all expectations of quality and having everything included for installation (incl. adhesive). Not the easiest job, so make sure you have the right ball joint press and collets to fit the joint on installation. I followed other's advice of finding the appropriate size pipe nipple when the press kit I had did not have a collet that fit this joint perfectly.
    76. Frank Rodriguez
      03 Jun, 2014
      There are many other Brands to choose from but I chose Moog because it is a name they is well know and so far they are working great and have no complaints.
    77. Bobmay
      03 Jun, 2014
      Yup, I would look up Moog before all the others. A bargain, considering the cost of a whole new factory spindle assembly (the thing that hold the wheel bearing/hub, and bolts to the lower strut (shock).On this application (2nd Gen CR-V), BE SURE to read the barely-readable orientation marking/writing that's molded into the dark/black dust boot ("inboard" means face that side towards engine). u "just" press out the factory joint and press in this one, using a kindof beefy C-clamp that comes with adaptors (and u need optional adapters). You can buy, but I rented the tool at a popular auto parts store. Be sure to get the other box of Honda-specific pressing cup adapters- it makes for a mild puzzle-piece challenge getting the "stack" correct. Open the C-clamp _all the way, almost till out of threads.I dont advised hammering this thing in. Sure, _maybe pound the body side when the threaded ball side is free, but if you hit the grease cap, or worse, bend...
    78. Deano
      01 Jun, 2014
      The material is very strong I was able to take off and on multiple times until nut starts to deform from my impact gun. the threads held strong not like the cheaper other brand with the same part #.except for the "M" in front of it. I have a 1993 Accord and it was loose when I put it on so I kept on cranking my Impact on it Turns out it doesn't fit unless you don't follow the instructions and turn the washer the wrong way. Since it didn't fit as designed the long term effect might be disastrous but the short term was great, now the camber is within specification.
    79. Edwin D Eames
      30 May, 2014
      I only buy moog after replacing ball joints numerous times. I worked on a stock car team and we only ran moog parts as well. cant beat them and they will outlast your vehicle
    80. Jerome C.
      29 May, 2014
      Just what I ordered. Moog is a well known brand & this was a good all around deal. Glad to access to AutoPartsWAY.
    81. Buzzard Bait "bjornburton"
      24 May, 2014
      Nice ball joint, and includes the clamp-bolt. I've used these before and they work well. Not all ball-joints have Zerk fittings, but these do. The fitting provided is a right-angle. In case you want to use something different, these ball joints are drilled, but not tapped, for 1/4-28 UNF. This makes for a nice seal using the supplied thread-forming fittings, but these fittings can also be used to tap the hole for a conventional 1/4-28 UNF tapered.
    82. amc
      16 May, 2014
      The part has a good material and construction. I installed them and I had no problem so far.I will buy this brand again.
    83. Rezzy
      14 May, 2014
      these ball joints are working great. they hold the grease very well. paired them with the upper ball joints from MOOG. very pleased.
    84. Georgeous
      04 May, 2014
      MOOG makes great car parts and this ball joint is no different. It arrived fast and in great condition. Installation was easy, should last a long time as I have experienced with other MOOG products.
    85. Ryan C. Mercer
      25 Apr, 2014
      Moog is my go-to brand for aftermarket parts, these ball joints lived up to the quality I've come to expect from Moog.
    86. Ryan C. Mercer
      25 Apr, 2014
      Moog is normally good, no they are normally great however I had one of the bolts break at around 20 ft lbs of torque, well lower than what the service manual recommended for my vehicle. Upon examining the bolt it was clearly just a bad one (had a small void). Deducted 1 star just from the inconvenience.
    87. E.T. Pierce
      25 Apr, 2014
      I bought these along with lower ball joints (K8411). They were correct. The uppers (K8412) were listed as fitting my truck. NOT!!! I had everything torn apart and not even close! I believe of the correct ones is K8546.AutoPartsWAY was awesome with the return and refund.
    88. William S. Murray
      19 Apr, 2014
      Been on my F150 for several months now with no problems. Was the best deal I could find around for the price.
    89. Stephen W.
      17 Apr, 2014
      Seems to be a quality part. It took to long for it to get to my home. I can not give any further advice with the slow shipping.
    90. J.Caldwell
      07 Apr, 2014
      Easy to replace, easy to maintain, and easy to live with. Day and night difference in daily useage. Glad moog picked up the ball where OEM's dropped it by using cheap non-greasable units.
    91. DeeMee
      25 Mar, 2014
      Fit was perfect. Ball joints look to be larger in diameter than the OEM product. I like that it has a grease fitting. Made in Japan with good quality. You won't be disappointed in these. I expect they will be good for another 200,000 miles. Just hope the rest of my truck lasts that long.
    92. Fernando Aranda
      12 Mar, 2014
      This part is well constructed with high quality. Exceeded my expectations, especially at the lowest price compared to the local auto stores.
    93. Fernando Aranda
      12 Mar, 2014
      This part is well constructed with high quality. Exceeded my expectations, especially at the lowest price compared to the local auto stores.
    94. performance 2000 Toyota tundra
      10 Mar, 2014
      each ball joint had a thick but flexible boot which seems to be high quality and each one also has a grease fitting and a pin hole for overflow of the grease allowing you to flush grease through the joint keeping it clean.
    95. Tom Friedman
      20 Feb, 2014
      Perfect fit. Helped tighten up the front end of my 1973 Cuda. Greasable fitting, nut,, cotter pin and boot included.
    96. Timothy S Hicks
      10 Feb, 2014
      Ordered 2 of these and found out they were both left side only. Went to local auto parts stores (3 different ones) and they only had left side. Finally got one store to do research and found out right side is special order? Also all 3 stores showed they had right side but they were actually all lefts.
    97. doityourself
      10 Feb, 2014
      Not much to say but other then they are ball joints. I will say though Moog is my first choice on any suspension parts.
    98. Ravioli
      04 Feb, 2014
      Fit better/finish was better than original parts,the C-clips are heavy duty, i ground the backs so mytool could flex them open enough to install.Nissan 4x4 crew cab 3.3L 2001.
    99. Tom Friedman
      02 Feb, 2014
      I received 2 upper ball joints for my 73 Cuda and they were complete with all the parts shown in the picture. Install was smooth with the correct socket and an impact to unscrew the old and screw in the new.
    100. ClutchCustoms
      07 Jan, 2014
      quality product fast ship very durable i put moog on all of my vehicles since they are the only to hold up to punishment and abuse beyond normal wear and tear highly recommend
    101. Jer Gradia
      15 Dec, 2013
      Price was great. Arrived on time. Parts came as advertised but boxes were open. Worked great all tho not an exact replacement.
    102. Titewad
      06 Dec, 2013
      Top quality part. Installed myself after getting a rental tool and saved hundreds in labor. A how to video is on you tube.
    103. Peter D. Schuller
      27 Nov, 2013
      I replaced many of the suspension components on my 2004 Nissan Titan, and had not previously used Moog. I have been very impressed with the quality of their products.
    104. scott edward bradley
      09 Nov, 2013
      Lowest price..best quality. I work in the automotive repair business ase certified mechanic..We use moog products and have never had a premature failure ever..I can't even get these at our main local auto parts supplier for near this price.
    105. J. Meng
      09 Nov, 2013
      I'm not a big fan of replacing pressed in parts. This one was difficult at first with the ball joint press I rented. But I was also figuring out how to use the press correctly when I was installing it. The easiest way to install this ball joint was to press a little, back off reposition the press and continue pressing. It eventually went in with ease.
    106. Rockin Rog
      07 Nov, 2013
      Excellent Price, Original Moog Parts for Dodge Dakota 2001, fit was great and again wow the price! These were the same as buying from my local shelf but at half price so yeah...Unfortunately I cut the middle man out but on some things I can't afford not to.
    107. P D N
      06 Nov, 2013
      Overall a quality lower ball joint that fit like it should. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because the dust/grease boot doesn't come attached and is not easy to seat down on the lip. I had to use a large diameter socket and drive it down with a hammer. The first time I tried I didn't have a large enough socket and ended up tearing the dust boot.
    108. Matt Hinrichs
      05 Nov, 2013
      Moog is the best brand in the world for suspension parts. These things are bulletproof. This is the cheapest price on the internet.
    109. Michael Schloss
      01 Nov, 2013
      Ordered for my Corvette, perfect fit, Came as described. Greatly improved handling, and ride of the car! Only installed 4 weeks, but they feel better the OEM.
    110. C. Russell "Engineering Physicist, Philosophe...
      24 Oct, 2013
      This item DOES include a grease zerk as shown in the picture, but even though it's a right-angle fitting it still sits high enough when fully seated that it may interfere with the drive axle on 4wd vehicles. On 2wd there would be no issue.
    111. Jeremy Tillman
      22 Oct, 2013
      I'm not sure what I was supposed to expect from this? My original ball joint broke and I needed to replace it. Not sure how anyone is supposed to critique it.
    112. MCBazil
      22 Oct, 2013
      This installed easily enough with the aid of a hydraulic press and makes the ball joints greasable. The stock joints on my 2002 Dodge Durango were not. One thing to keep in mind when installing is what will be in the way once installed; I installed one of mine at a slight angle which makes it more difficult to attach the grease gun.
    113. Rodd Price "Rodd"
      22 Oct, 2013
      MOOG is one of the best in the business when it comes to suspension replacement parts. If you own an aging 90s model Lincoln, Grand Marquis or Crown Vic that has the old OEM sealed joints that squeak. Replace them with these greasable type throughout your suspension and make it last another 20 yrs. :-)
    114. myootnt
      07 Oct, 2013
      The ball to knuckle stud is a few millimeters longer than the stock unit making it very difficult to re-assemble, I was unable to get it back together without bending the bearing seal shield on the axle. Other than that, the unit comes with full and accurate installation instructions and torque specifications, don't skimp, pull it all apart as they say, which leaves the upper ball ready to change, too, might as well consider doing both.
    115. jody
      02 Oct, 2013
      Great price and Moog quality. It doesn't get any better. Plus I believe even free shipping too. I've only had installed for a few weeks but so far so good. I could have bought another brand but you get what you pay for.
    116. Henry Pace
      24 Sep, 2013
      The part is the most top rated in the market It is a top of the line part that is known by mechanics to be better than OEM. I strongly recommend this part to anyone needing parts I got them in 1 day less than 12 hours later. Thanks AutoPartsWAY you made my day.
    117. Gphi
      21 Aug, 2013
      I had placed these on my 2002 VW Jetta. Did a lot of research on which ones to buy found you can't loose with the Moog brand. A little more expensive (not too much) but worth it. What is nice is that these are greaseable, so you could continue maintain them throughout their lifespan. The mechanics appear to like this.
    118. MACANIC
      15 Aug, 2013
      You can't beat these for quality auto parts. Perfect fit every time. Great parts from and old name in the game.
    119. Jason
      01 Aug, 2013
      Perfect in every way. Very good product that exceeds OEM specs. This fits 2002 Tacoma 4WD, I had no issues or problems, fast ship.
    120. Cranky most of the time.
      29 Jul, 2013
      Love these ball joints. The van drives soooooooooo much nicer with them. BTW the van had 187k on it and the ball joints were shot.
    121. Brendan
      29 Jul, 2013
      Compared to OEM and many aftermarket lower ball joints, these seem way overbuilt and solid. They were a little difficult to press into my steering knuckles; got one side in fine, had to take the other to a shop after it went in at an angle.The picture is not quite accurate, as they are greasable and slightly bulkier. They sit about 1/2" or so above the steering knuckle fully seated.Overall, I'm quite pleased with the build quality.
    122. el cheapo gringo
      20 Jul, 2013
      quite easy to install. need to ensure that the grease fitting is positioned so that you can easily apply grease to it. hoping that it is reliable as the original ball joint which lasted for 10 yrs.
    123. johnnyb588
      19 Jul, 2013
      I can't really say anything negative about this joint. It's very well-built (better than OEM, it seems), the price is more than fair, and install is a cinch. If you think your LBJ's are running out of life, REPLACE THEM. This particular Toyota design fails catastrophically. It doesn't happen extremely often, but I've seen it more than once that a LBJ will completely fail and send the front of your vehicle straight into the ground. A lot of people swear by OEM for LBJ's, but as far as I can tell, the manufacturer of these Moog joints is the same as the manufacturer for many of the other Toyota joints on the market, including the OEM joints (555).BOTTOM LINEThis is a high quality product that is well worth the price if you are seeing wear on your LBJ's. You don't want those to fail with this design, as a failure will result in MUCH more significant suspension work.
    124. johnnyb588
      19 Jul, 2013
      I can't really say anything negative about this joint. It's very well-built (better than OEM, it seems), the price is more than fair, and install is a cinch. If you think your LBJ's are running out of life, REPLACE THEM. This particular Toyota design fails catastrophically. It doesn't happen extremely often, but I've seen it more than once that a LBJ will completely fail and send the front of your vehicle straight into the ground. A lot of people swear by OEM for LBJ's, but as far as I can tell, the manufacturer of these Moog joints is the same as the manufacturer for many of the other Toyota joints on the market, including the OEM joints (555).BOTTOM LINEThis is a high quality product that is well worth the price if you are seeing wear on your LBJ's. You don't want those to fail with this design, as a failure will result in MUCH more significant suspension work.
    125. johnnyb588
      19 Jul, 2013
      My lower ball joints on my 1999 Tacoma were finally showing some age, so I decided to replace them and the uppers before I had a catastrophic failure. These Moog UBJ's are a quality product, but they can be a beast to install if you don't have the proper equipment (a press). There are ways to get these things seated without a heavy duty press, but I wouldn't recommend them if you value your sanity. The stock uppers on my Tacoma were smooth, while these are grooved to ensure a good, solid seat. The grooves require a considerable amount of force to be applied in order to get these things in, something I didn't have the tools or the time for. I ended up taking the old uppers out and just bringing the arms into a shop where I had them press the new uppers in for a small fee.BOTTOM LINEThis is a solid product that seems every bit as good or better than the OEM joints. It's well worth the money, but the install can be slightly challenging without the right...
    126. Mr.T
      17 Jul, 2013
      Parts were cheap and good quality. Restored front end suspension on 2000 f150 4x4 using mostly moog parts. Got a ball joint loaner tool from autozone. Saved a great deal of money with AutoPartsWAYwarehouse "like new" deals. Savings paid for front end alignment.
    127. cofffffeeeeee
      24 Jun, 2013
      Bought these for my 1999 Ford Explorer XLT, as they were listed as "oversized," hoping they would hold up a bit better. They are definitely a bit heavier duty looking than the stock/OEM one, and didn't cost much more. Lots of potholes and garbage roads where I live, so hopefully these last longer. Easy to replace if you get a ball joint removal tool and have some free time.
    128. Paul
      19 Jun, 2013
      Easy installation on Nissan Y11, will work on Nissan B15 and Nissan Almera. I was looking for something better than the Three 5 brand, i came across MOOG, did my research and this model works.
    129. Carter
      15 Jun, 2013
      Moog parts are far better that factory parts. These ball joints are made in Japan and the arm that the tie rod hooks to is a lot stronger that the factory part.
    130. B. Pirie
      02 Jun, 2013
      I've used various brands of ball joints, and so far none come close to the quality of the Moogs. My experience with other Moog parts has been similar. If Moog makes the part I want, Moog is what I buy.
    131. KZ
      29 May, 2013
      I purchased these for my Tacoma 4X4. Compared these to other crap sold by some of the automotive stores (Advance and Auto Zone) These were far better in price and quality compared to stuff they sold. Install was fairly easy and these appear of good, solid quality.
    132. random
      20 May, 2013
      The price for these quality ball joints is great. I had to replace the ball joints on my vehicle. The quality of Moog and the price for these was the reason I chose them.
    133. Russ
      16 Apr, 2013
      I can't speak to the product on performance yet as I haven't installed them. They are the right fit and they were packages well with the lower ball joints. I chose a 4 star only becasue I haven't ran 30K miles on them. I like that they are greasable. The boot is loose of the ball joint and you can actually see the joint itself. Upon installation, I believe I'll have to seat the boot myself and insert the grease nub... I'm glad they are greasable because, as all 4 wheelers know, we like to play in the water a bit... My main points of satisfaction are as follows:1. They are Greasable2. I get to install the boot and grease nub (I can see the quality of the ball joint, seems legit)3. They are GreasableOh did I allready say that?!I'll update this review after install. Note to people that don't do a lot of work on their vehicles, you need a press for this specific ball joint.
    134. Sang I. Ra
      07 Apr, 2013
      Installation went smoothly with the help of a local parts store that lets you borrow a c clamp press. I bought a impact wrench from AutoPartsWAY which probably saved me a good 45 min of manual turning of the c clamp.Having zerk fittings let you easily grease the ball joints using a grease gun. No grease leads to dry ball joints which leads to faster wear and tear.These ball joints are made in the USA so no cheap Chinese steel is used here. Time will tell how long these will last. Judging by the looks they seem well built.After the ball joints are pressed in use the correct cup to press the bushing firmly into the ball joint using a hammer. Strike the cup until the bushing is seated correctly all around.
    135. chuck
      02 Apr, 2013
      I put these ball joints on my Ram 4x4 2500. Install was pretty basic with the correct tools. Ball joints fit perfect. No problems.
    136. Dark Light
      29 Mar, 2013
      Don't let the dealership or auto service folks tell you you need to replace the entire lca to replace the lbj on a 2003-2009 Toyota 4Runner! This ball joint is a direct replacement for a 4th gen Toyota 4Runner. It fits perfectly and AutoPartsWAY got it to me very quickly. I know this will be the last lbj I will need for my truck.
    137. Chris
      05 Mar, 2013
      Easy install and great design with grease fitting much better over stock sealed design. Moog makes great products and very recommended for any vehicle
    138. Hugie
      08 Feb, 2013
      I have about 4000 miles on my 82 vette with no problems. I did the research and this seems to be the best for the money!
    139. wes
      26 Dec, 2012
      Good solid part all the peices were there and I liked having the grease fitting included.I'd recomend this product .When I bought king his I replaced Upper and lower ball joints on both sides. I've recently had to replace one that had wear issues, considering the amount of rough conditions and milage I put on I will probably stay with this brand when it comes time to replace them again.
    140. Nathaniel W. Jones
      23 Dec, 2012
      Item was a great replacement for the original. Worked great. Moog is the best when it comes to chassis parts.
    141. Robert E. Busbee
      23 Dec, 2012
    142. El Campo
      17 Dec, 2012
      Got these from AutoPartsWAY as the price was amazing (less expensive than cheap Chinese made ones form Auto Zone, Napa, Oreilly's). MOOG is known for being great quality and these were no exception. Included ALL parts from the grease zerks to the seals (which you cannot buy on their own anywhere)and Made in the USA. Grease zerks threaded in perfectly the first time (unlike many other non MOOG suspension parts that I have purchased through the years). Fit my 1972 Chevy C10 2 wheel drive perfectly. Would definitely buy again.
    143. GearWolf
      08 Dec, 2012
      Moog makes a very stong and thought out design, sturdier than AcDelco or dorman, plus grease fittings with FULL 360 rotation
    144. Russ Huguley
      04 Dec, 2012
      Not the funnest job to replace ball joints. But this one fit and tightened up my steering nicely. Now I don't have to wobble the wheel back and forth.
    145. AK Trucker
      28 Oct, 2012
      Good quality parts, great price.Make sure you have/get a Mopar ball joint socket.Plan your project around the delivery time.
    146. Chuckie410
      05 Oct, 2012
      I replaced Upper Control Arms; Lower Ball Joints and an inner Tie-rod end in addition to this Pitman Arm on the front-end of my 1998 F150 - all with Moog parts and all fit exactly as advertised with no problems.I was pleasantly surprised to find "Made in the USA" on each of them.With the new parts in and the alignment done, I really noticed the tighter, quieter ride.
    147. L. Culp
      10 Aug, 2012
      This is a better unit than the original as it has a grease fitting to keep it lubricated. I had a machine shop remove the old joint and press the new one in place...$25 well spent.
    148. Matthew
      25 May, 2012
      The grease fittings made a bit of a tight fit, but everything works as expected. I bought a press for the job, and ended up using it with some attachments rented from advance auto to get the job done.It was part of a strut replacement, as well as replacing the lower control arm bushings. So considering the entire front suspension was in pieces in my garage, figured it would be a good time to do the ball joints too.Don't forget to grease-up the new ball joints (and put the grease fittings in before you put the knuckle back together).
    149. Kingofnothing
      23 Mar, 2012
      Not sure why site here is saying this part doesn't fit Ford Ranger other than that it lists the Mazda clone only. Other auto parts store list this Moog stock number as the lower ball joint for 2WD Rangers. The 4WD use a different part. Make your own calls to local parts stores to compare prices and verify this part number for your Ranger. Price here is considerably better if you can wait for it to be shipped. Moog is reviewed as better quality hopefully preventing any short term failure of the part. I will edit this should anything come up with installation or shortly after.
    150. EJ "EJ"
      28 Jan, 2012
      Well worth the money. Still less expensive then buying anywhere near where I live. Twice as sturdy as the OEM ball joint.If I could choose 6 stars I would.
    151. David Turner "Loxmyth"
      14 Sep, 2011
      Saved Big Bucks by Buying from Amazom, $25.00 on the Pair + Installed Myself and Saved $900.00 on the Labor.Love AutoPartsWAY. com
    152. ricomania "ricomania"
      15 Aug, 2011
      I purchased this ball joint, it works fine, just as any product should from Moog. However, the name on the part was Japanese chassis part manufacturer 555. Quality part, comes raw, should have paint applied though for long term rust prevention I think.
    153. JRobert
      03 Aug, 2011
      My car rides and handles much better with the Moog's installed. I'd gone with a cheaper set before and they didn't last too long-about two years or so. I can already tell a huge difference with quality Moogs-I'm glad I spent a little extra money to get quality this time-I can sure feel the difference with the way my little Honda handles.
    154. Carlos Cortes Gomez
      28 Mar, 2011
      I own a Jeep Liberty 4x4, with suspension lifted and with some other modifications for off-road. In general terms I can say that the Mopar ball joints didn't last considering the off-road activities. I installed them one year ago and no problems at all. They are a very reliable product.
    155. gwcohn
      17 Sep, 2010
      Part made by Federal Mougal which is a respected brand name. Included all necessary bolts and hardware. Seems to be of excellent quality and made in Mexico rather than China.
    156. wasted years
      16 Jul, 2010
      i only use moog for replacement suspension parts. they are made way better than any factory parts and come with greese fittings so you can greese them and they will last longer unlike factory cheap parts with no greese fittings. best of all they are made here in the U.S.A . and made of high quality materials unlike the cheap stuff from china, made of cheap metal ,that breaks,cracks,strips out, bends and gets busted in half . nothing like made in U.S.A parts. buy moog your own safety and others safety is worth the price .
    157. Rich C
      22 Dec, 2008
      Great price and shipping, moog Is a excellent product, saved about $ 30.00 dollars total buying from AutoPartsWAY.
    158. Bob "I wish I had a pair of Bongos"
      17 Nov, 2008
      Got a torsion bar 4WD T100, T 100, T-100, Tacoma etc. toyota? got death wobble shimmy or steering wheel shake? Check all your front end parts, if nothing is turning up bad, pull an upper ball joint. I could not get ANY movement out of them while mounted, but when I pulled one it was as loose as a bell clapper! I did all 4 (11 year old truck) and now it tracks like a train.This is not a big deal job to do in the driveway, you don't have to pull the halfshaft either, you will need a 27 mm wrench to install the new Moog joint as it's castlated nut is larger than the factory one. (1-1/16 is the same size and will work too) other than that make sure the wheel is free hanging and be prepared with a jackstand to support the knuckle. oh yeah, you need to disconnect the shock & swaybar end link to let the lower arm to droop enough to clear the ball joint stem out of the knuckle. And I do recommend replacing upper & lower together, and in consideration of the age of ANY torsion bar toy...
    159. M. Gavett
      08 Oct, 2008
      Did some research and Moog comes highly recommended. We bought two of these and received one as pictured and one that looks like an over seas knock off with a smaller round removable dust boot. Both in original Moog packaging. One was missing some of the mounting hardware and AutoPartsWAY is tough to deal with when it comes to issues. We had to install these the next day so the option to return and get a replacement was out of the question. Now we have one really nice ball joint and one that the dust boot keeps lifting up. Looks like we might be replacing that one in a short time. Buy local!!! look at what your getting so you can see if all the parts are there and if they are the same part. I can not recommend buying these sight unseen.I would recommend the Moog branded part as pictured, very nice well made part... Good Luck.