2005 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 HD Shock Absorber - Rear Monroe

  • Monroe® OESpectrum® shock absorbers and struts are available for popular for European, Asian and North American passenger cars, light trucks and SUVs featuring Tenneco’s latest global original equipment valving technologies designed with the right technology specific for each application. OESpectrum shocks and struts provide an exceptional level of handling precision and control while filtering out noise, vibration and harshness. They are backed by Monroe’s Limited Lifetime Warranty and Feel the Difference™ Guarantee.
  • Suggested Purchase Quantity: 2
    • Most jobs typically require 2 of this item.
This Part Fits the Following OEM/Substitute Numbers:
12477867, 12477868, 12477870, 12477871, 15057973, 19152878, 19208627, 22064849, 22064851, 22064859, 22064860, 22064861, 22064862, 22064863, 22064864, 22064865, 22064866, 22064867, 22064868, 22400058, 22400190, 22400191, 22400192, 22400193, 22400194, 22400195, 22400363, 22400365, 22400562, 22400563, 25984613, 344385, 88983817, 89038652, 89038653, 89038654, G63675, G63959

Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Position Front Spring
2005 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 HD Rear Torsion Bar
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$97.88 CAD
$117.46 CAD
Brand Monroe
Part # M4537164
Condition New
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  • OESpectrum Shock Absorber
  • Recommended OE Application -Specific Replacement Except Electronic Adjustable Suspension
  • Monroe Shocks & Struts OESpectrum 37164 Shock Absorber
  • Monroe OESpectrum Light Truck Shock Absorber
  • Monroe Shocks and Struts. Monroe Brakes.
    Monroe is the number one manufacturer of shocks and struts in the industry as the leading supplier to both the original equipment and aftermarket for nearly 100 years. Monroe became famous with their Ride Control brand of suspension products that starts with their shocks and struts but extends into suspension mounts, steering stabilizers lift supports and other suspension accessories like boot kits. With a wise selection of shocks and struts to choose from, Monroe has something for everyone; OESpectrum shocks and struts, Reflex shocks and struts, Sensa-Trac shocks and Sensa-Trac struts, complete Quick-Strut assemblies, complete Econo-Matic strut assemblies, Max-Air shock absorbers, load adjusting shocks and more!
    Monroe Brakes has help Monroe achieve an even higher status of the most trusted under-car expert filling in their triangle of safety more completely with extra stopping power. The Monroe Brakes line up features a complete line up of brake pads and brake shoes leading with the Monroe Ceramics series brake pads and Monroe Dynamics series brake pads, including the Monroe Pro-Solution pads and shoes, electronic wear sensors, and more.


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    1. huck
      30 Apr, 2015
      Didn't work as well as expected, but still helped out quite a bit.
    2. Patrick Kelly
      24 Apr, 2015
      Worked great
    3. Mike V.
      20 Apr, 2015
      Just as good as OEM and great price.
    4. Casey F
      03 Apr, 2015
      Although I ended up buying a second installation kit from a different brand whose lines were just a fraction thicker than Monroe these worked great while I had my van. I highly recommend using plumbers tape on the installation of the caps to assure a proper seal and avoid leaks. I didn't and ended up with a very slow leak in one if the lines. Before I could track it down I had an accident and the cops took away my only home and vehicle. Can't afford another one when you're struggling on SSI as it is. But these shocks were great and a steal at this price. Go ahead and get em, you won't be disappointed like I am now without them...and my van.
    5. D G
      02 Apr, 2015
      Jump on the last two quick, you won't get another deal like this -$34 shock for $8. I expected either open box & missing hardware orcheap chinese imitation, not so. Boxes were a bit rough but lower bolt was includedand nylon compression strap still in place, correct Monroe part numberstamped on shock.
    6. Katie
      30 Mar, 2015
      Great quality munroe product as expected; however I am only giving three stars because one of the rubber isolators was missing from the hardware package, requiring a separate trip to the local auto parts store.
    7. TaiwanJohn
      23 Mar, 2015
      I bought a set of 4. They firmed up the ride as expected, but aren't terribly comfortable in my 3/4 ton Suburban.
    8. AutoPartsWAY Customer
      19 Mar, 2015
      Good shocks, perfect fit and made for a much better ride.
    9. JIMMY
      15 Mar, 2015
      Great product
    10. Tacticalsaint
      07 Mar, 2015
      Great for towing. Ol' girl feels and rides like new again.
    11. Jason a.
      01 Mar, 2015
      Great product
    12. jim jackson
      28 Feb, 2015
      Shocks came quickly but one shocks plastic tie was broken so used Gorrilla tape to hold it in place. Shocks made a big difference
    13. nuch
      24 Feb, 2015
      good prod
    14. Jack M. McCullough "dawgmanjack"
      20 Feb, 2015
      worked great for my vintage car.
    15. mario
      12 Feb, 2015
    16. Timmy
      12 Feb, 2015
      Good fit and finish. Great ride. Slight spring rate boost made the truck sit up in the front. Like when it was new !
    17. W.G.
      11 Feb, 2015
      Great pair of shocks.
    18. Jonathan
      08 Feb, 2015
      Fit great on my 1999 GMC Jimmy 4x4. The upper bolts were kind of a pain to get in as the plastic boot blocked my view and I didn't have a good light on hand. I ended up cutting the banding that held the shock compressed on one of them which made it much easier to move the plastic boot to the side and get to the screw, but it took two of us pushing very hard to get the shock compressed enough to slide onto the lower mount. Once installed there is a night and day difference in ride quality from the old ones. Feel much more safe hitting bumps on the freeway and taking corners fast.
    19. bigelke
      08 Feb, 2015
      Theyre may be better shocks out there . But these are pretty bullet proof .
    20. Mark
      08 Feb, 2015
      The back of my F150 was sagging down and I noticed it would bounce when loaded, swapping shocks I found one to be totally dead. These Load adjusting shocks fit the bill for what I was looking for. They easily attached to the stock mounting points with the all the stock hardware, ride is much improved, and the rear of the truck sits a few inches higher than before.Note that these are more difficult to install than just regular shocks because you need to compress them a little to fit, use a jack or spring compressor to help if you are not a crossfit regular.
    21. TOW "Towheel"
      07 Feb, 2015
      Perfect fit for my 2002 Chevy Blazer ZR2, As good as the OEM Bilstein shocks. I like the OEM yellow color better.
    22. Susan H.
      03 Feb, 2015
    23. Shannon D.
      01 Feb, 2015
      Would buy again good working shocks
    24. Buster "barnman"
      29 Jan, 2015
      Best deal around on these shocks. I put 4 on A Buick roadmaster wagon. I wanted to do away with the air shocks on the rear. It worked out perfect for me . Car sets up just A little higher in the rear which is just what I wanted. It really ride and handles better. Drives and rides like A different car. They also raised the front A little. I love the way it looks now and I don't have to listen to the air running. I have since ordered 2 more pair for friends.
    25. steven
      28 Jan, 2015
      easy to install, made a lot of difference in the way my truck drives
    26. kgpick
      24 Jan, 2015
      Pretty good shocks for the price. The Bilstin are better but very expensive.
    27. Mark Twain
      17 Jan, 2015
      Used on 1990 Ramcharger. Way cheaper than parts store.
    28. Gary S.
      17 Jan, 2015
      I installed a set on my 2004 Dodge Ram 4 door 4x4. Excellent shocks. I have used Monroe for 40 years on different rigs I have had, always excellent results. My Dodge had 142,000 so obviously the factory shocks were worn out, although the process happens in such a time span you really never know how bad they are. The new shocks all the way around made the Ram feel like new again. The ride is firm, but not bad and the steering and tracking actually changed, for the better. The truck has had a slight pull to the right for some time now, alignment checks ok. The shock replacement (different part number) on the front corrected that problem, how?? I have no idea.I would highly recommend these shocks to anyone wanting a more controlled ride and the price is unbeatable. AND AMERICAN MADE, all win, win.And in yellow!!!!! Anything in yellow looks great!!!
    29. Lamike
      15 Jan, 2015
      perfect, at a great price
    30. Lamike
      15 Jan, 2015
      Perfect!What a deal.
    31. John Andrews
      11 Jan, 2015
      These seem ok. I can't tell a whole lot of difference than the original equipment.
    32. Raul Riveiro
      07 Jan, 2015
      Fit great and I suppose they are doing there job, who really knows?
    33. Trailer Trash
      03 Jan, 2015
      Made the old truck ride smooth again
    34. Malcolm D Bowden
      02 Jan, 2015
      Drives like new again
    35. Shelton
      02 Jan, 2015
      Super price
    36. luis meza
      26 Dec, 2014
      They fit right and really improved the ride
    37. JoeSchmoe
      26 Dec, 2014
      Great ride and easy install.
    38. richard yoch
      07 Dec, 2014
      great product ,results, shpping
    39. MINE870
      05 Dec, 2014
      Exact fit and super easy to install. Ride great for the price. Have matching pair of front shocks by monroe on my 2000 Chevy Silverado
    40. CaliBusinessdude84
      04 Dec, 2014
      Put these on my 06 Crown Vic police car and made a great diffrence in handling and road bumps !!These are specially made for cop cars !!!
    41. ontimerentals
      23 Nov, 2014
      have them on a 74 deville and work great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    42. Jack Smith
      19 Nov, 2014
      Put these on your truck! The way they made mine ride is nothing short of awesome!
    43. MINE870
      02 Nov, 2014
      These shocks work great. I put them on my 2000 Silverado 1500 reg cab 4x4. I replaced what might have been the original shocks that had about 231k miles on them. They caem with all the hardware needed to install. They ride good for the price. Compared to what was on there its a totally different ride now. Will most likely by the compatable rear shocks from Monroe. Great shocks!!!
    44. Rrronin
      31 Oct, 2014
      Much improved ride quality and control, well worth the $$...lifetime warranty too!Don't get 'hosed' by a dealer.
    45. koreywill
      29 Oct, 2014
      Not as firm as I expected them to be for my '99 Plymouth grand voyager but still a good replacement for what I had.
    46. Ben
      29 Oct, 2014
      I put these on the front of my 1978 Dodge chassis Class B motorhome and they work nicely.
    47. lenny
      13 Oct, 2014
      Exactly what I needed
    48. Karrie J.
      06 Oct, 2014
      Dump your bilsteins and enjoy the ride
    49. BrianFromNY
      18 Sep, 2014
      My neighbor bought these for his 1999 Ford Ranger through my account. He didn't believe me when I told him that his tires would last longer and he would get a more comfortable ride when he replaced his shocks. A lot of people don't know that. The Monroe Sensa - Trac shocks are a solid choice. But if you do a LOT of off-roading, I suggest that you get shocks you could put that protective boot over to prevent debris getting in there.
    50. Marty B.
      14 Sep, 2014
      fit perfect
      12 Sep, 2014
      You can feel the difference. I don't know if I will have the lifetime warranty later.
    52. Kaje74
      08 Sep, 2014
      The folks at Monroe advised me that these shocks would fit my car. They were mistaken. However, AutoPartsWAY's Customer Service was incredible! They overnighted a set of MA702 shocks, (which DO fit my car.
    53. TheCaptain81
      03 Sep, 2014
      These shocks are amazing! Remodeling home and have hauled 10 loads to the dump between 1900-2200 lbs. with no issues in a 25 year old truck!
    54. Donald Smith
      29 Aug, 2014
      Very good
    55. Conrad
      26 Aug, 2014
      I'm proud to say I installed these myself in my 93 Volvo 240. The old part was leaking and these babies helped me get through inspection. The ride is definitely improved and for the money I spent I am very pleased. Monroe is a name you van trust and worth the money over no-name products, For more performance in handling you can spend a lot more on Bilstien or others. For an aging beauty like my 240, these were just right. They installed well and all the necessary hardware,
    56. Phil H.
      23 Aug, 2014
      Had a blown front shock in a 2005 gmc yukon 4x4. Replaced with these. Took a little over an hour and the ride couldn't be better.
    57. Range Rider
      22 Aug, 2014
      Shipped fast, installed itself (just kidding) O K, works as expected (Great) Cost reasonable. What more could you ask? Maybe FREE... LOL
    58. AutoPartsWAY Customer
      07 Aug, 2014
      excellent shock, easy instal
    59. Cheryl Livengood
      06 Aug, 2014
      Great ride for our jeep.
    60. kevin geller
      03 Aug, 2014
      Looked like a return not new also was in wrong box
    61. DAVE K
      02 Aug, 2014
      Installed these shocks with the Moog coil spring on the rear of my 2005 nissan altima and the ride is great
    62. Randall Washenesky
      02 Aug, 2014
      Just want my truck needed. Handling is back and may be better than original.
    63. Grandpa
      31 Jul, 2014
      Perfect Fit
    64. Paul Horny Jr
      17 Jul, 2014
      They were just what I needed
    65. Kyle Ambrose
      16 Jul, 2014
      These are simple to install. instructions are adequate. This is the 2nd set I have installed on 2 different Ford Falcon Wagons. They work great. Plenty of air line, all hardware needed and extra rubber seals included.
    66. steve
      08 Jul, 2014
      Installed very easy. Came in orginal Monroe packaging even though there are no mfg name or decals on the part itself.
    67. briangh54
      01 Jul, 2014
      Went right in my 2000 Dodge 1500 Quad Cab. Just remember to place the shock in the correct upright position as it will be installed, and run it full stroke up and down a few times to work the oil in the chambers before you install them. The instructions don't tell you this, but I learned this "trick" way back. It extends the life of the shock, and makes it work better.
    68. Charles Tanner
      27 Jun, 2014
      These shocks arrived and they fit my truck.
    69. john hardy
      27 Jun, 2014
      Quality item, and performs as expected. A step up from OEM. Noticed no hashness after install. Original shocks had 120,000+ on them, so it was time for a new set, way past time, that is. I've always had good results from Monroe. Improved the lack of body roll.
    70. pamela mende
      26 Jun, 2014
      Bought 2 of these thinking they were sold individually. Nope, sold as a pair which is an absolute steal. Sent 1 set back as these are for the rear only on my 2008 Honda Fit Sport. Look on Fitfreak dot com for instructions on installing them. Great upgrade if you haul over 200lbs on a regular basis in the backseat or back of your car. Installation is easy and takes less than 2 hours.
    71. woodman
      16 Jun, 2014
      put these on my SUV for towing camper. worked great!! Needed new shocks for van and decided to use these for same reasons. the extra support from springs really makes a difference in eliminating sag in rear end when loaded or towing . if you haul a trailer or carry heavier loads, give these shocks a try. you won"t be sorry. They do raise your rear end up a little but only 3/4 inch. not a big deal. ride is a little stiffer but again, it"s not that noticeable to worry about. Good firm ride.
    72. Tongie 1
      16 Jun, 2014
      Great price and what a difference they ride great.I only with they would of been installed for free yes
    73. David Vincent
      05 Jun, 2014
      Here is what MONROE SAID...The Q&A's and reviews indicate compatability with the GMC Yukon. But since I have a 2005 Yukon XL (SLT with Autoride), I called Monroe, the manufacturer and asked them if it would work with my truck. Monroe 40034 Specialty Shock (use to depletion then use 40209) will bolt onto the Extended/XL trucks but won't have all the "travel" that the 40032 will have. Monroe 40032 Specialty Shock (use to depletion then use 40050) will bolt onto the Extended/XL trucks and WILL have all the travel required for those extra heavy hauls. So that is the scoop and I hope it helps all you backyard mechanics!
    74. THoff
      05 Jun, 2014
      Makes my car not so darn bouncy but that's about all I can say. Sure does absorb those shocks though don't you know.
      03 Jun, 2014
      Major change from the worn out shocks that I was riding on. Very simple install. Works well on my 1997 ford ranger.
    76. Christopher
      03 Jun, 2014
      They did the job supporting more camper tonque weight and actually helped in body roll. Would buy them again. They are installed on a 2004 Z71 Tahoe with a 4 inch lift.
    77. Joe Neighbor
      31 May, 2014
      I had no idea my shocks were so badly in need of replacement until after I did the job. What a difference in handling. These were for a 15-year old F350. My truck wasn't bouncing around like some I have seen, just seemed that the front end bobbed too much in the hard corners. The job was quick and easy after I figured out the first one and got the right tools lined up. This purchase option was quite a bit cheaper than some others. Monroes got very high ratings from consumer review sites. I have had them on for several months now and they are great. If I need shocks for this truck in another 15 years, I'll definitely get these again.
    78. jimmy d richardson
      23 May, 2014
      I priced these shocks everywhere and bought them here because of the price and free shipping. They seem to be a good shock and I like the ride. Will have to see how they hold up.
    79. Trang Lam
      20 May, 2014
      really riding smooth , hope it last long about 5 more year at that time I old enough to retire !
    80. AtHomeMechanic
      20 May, 2014
      I bought these (plus the fronts, item #37083) to replace the old shocks on my 99 XJ. These are a perfect fit and bring the suspension back to OE specs. Super easy do-it-yourself project with great results.Some key tips on the Jeeps:- Spray all the bolts holding your shocks with PB Blaster to loosen up any potentially stuck/rusted bolts. Do this a day ahead of time to let them soak, then again before you get started unbolting.- Be EXTRA careful with the upper rear shock mounting bolts. People have tried loosening these and snapped the bolt head clean off. If that happens, it's a big problem. You will need to drill/tap for a new bolt hole, get some welding done, or even get up into the trunk to remove the carpeting and do some floor cutting with a grinder and cutting wheel. Don't be that guy! Loosen slowly yet firmly, tighten a bit, loosen a bit, tighten a bit, add more PB Blaster if needed and they should come out. When re-installing, use some...
    81. James
      15 May, 2014
      Daylight and darkThis is by far the best thing I've done to my truck. Took about 2 hours to install and got a rebate.
    82. Seriousconsideration
      29 Apr, 2014
      Perhaps it was the make and model of my car. When I ordered it did ask about make and model but did not differentiate between front and rear. I ordered 4 units. I had to send two back because the front and rear parts are different. AutoPartsWAY handled the return brilliantly. However because my shipping ticket and order ticket were wrong and the return was at the end of the promotional I was unable to take advantage of a rebate offer. (Big hassel.) Other than that, I am pleased with product.
      21 Apr, 2014
    84. Generalrem
      15 Apr, 2014
      These are good shocks at an affordable price. Installation is fairly easy for anyone with basic mechanical skills. You can't go wrong with these!
    85. John
      04 Apr, 2014
      The ride is better that the original shocks on my 250 but the shock bodies have begun to rust already.
    86. Toby Desfosses
      26 Mar, 2014
      Very good set of shocks. I have always known Monroe to be trustworthy. Shocks are holding up to my expectations.
    87. Rains
      17 Mar, 2014
      Put a set of these on my 99 jeep Cherokee XJ.They were installed along with new factory ride height rear springs. The ride is very nice on road. Lots of control at any speed. However the left rear one blew out after 3 months and 6k-ish miles. It took a pretty good pothole to do it though. Without a seat belt my head would have smacked the roof. So it was a hard hit. It was more dusk's fault than the shocks or mine. Still lousing one shock has made my jeep handle like crap. Thought I had a flat tire at first. If you off road a lot or hard choose a more expensive shock. Me, well I just ordered another set for the rear. After all the front shocks are still working great. I'll just haft to lookout for thous monster potholes. Cherokee owners, good luck removing your upper shock mounting bolts! Expect them to break and plan ahead accordingly.
    88. Bob T. "aoogha"
      08 Mar, 2014
      Well made, good price, Severe Service for extended life during normal use. Essentially same quality as KYB at much lower cost. Recommended,and would buy again.
    89. J.
      25 Feb, 2014
      Bought these for my Dakota initially for leveling when loaded but, after installing a locking differential I have found they all but eliminate wheel hop under "spirited" acceleration. :-)
    90. kamil paluch
      18 Feb, 2014
      Costs as much as regular shock and helps prevent roll on curves.Easy to replace on f150. Used ties to mount air lines.
      16 Feb, 2014
    92. phxkoolguy73 awesome fun
      06 Feb, 2014
      Very easy to install. comfortable ride on a Chevy 3500 Dually work truck at 9600 pounds. great value for the product highly recommended for value minded buyers
    93. Don Huston
      05 Feb, 2014
      I have been repairing simple things on my vehicles, like shocks, for years. I am 70 now so I went to Pep Boys and the girl quoted me $220 for 2 shocks and installation. She was obviously an idiot so I ordered these and installed them myself in 30 minutes.They were a perfect fit and have worked flawlessly.
    94. Anonymous "Ed"
      01 Feb, 2014
      I wish something like this would have come stock on my Crown Vic. It's not noticeably rougher riding with these installed. We drive with the car loaded with baggage on long trips and this keeps the car looking as though we have a normal load. It might be overzealous, but I'll say it anyway: People traveling with cars that look loaded down are targets for robbery and police surveillance. Your car handles usually noticeably different when the rear is sagging due to a heavy load. This sagging in the rear changes the alignment in the front as well, and causes changes in the driving characteristics. I'd say these should be stock in any car that has a trunk big enough to fill.
    95. AutoPartsWAY Customer
      20 Jan, 2014
      was a near perfect fit for my 2007 honda fit sport. rear suspension needed to be replaced after hauling lots of heavy things. works great, even with trailer. a must for hauling anything in a honda fit!update February 2014: still holding up great. i see other fits much newer than mine on the road and shake my head when i see them practically dragging the back end with one passenger in the back seat. such an easy fix! all you need is a jack, stand/block for safety, basic tools/knowhow. it's literally 4 bolts. a must for every fit whether or not you tow/haul or carry passengers. turns your fit into a virtual pickup truck!
    96. krang87
      19 Jan, 2014
      This can be installed by one person easily...raise the vehicle by its frame until the tires are just about to raise off the ground. Install the shock to the upper shock mount. Use another jacking device to compress the shock and install to lower shock mount. By raising the vehicle by the frame first, you are decreasing the need to compress the shock to install it, therefore making installation much easier. These shocks should be handled and installed as if they are a coil spring strut, as this is basically what these are.
    97. John Kortgardner
      01 Jan, 2014
      Great price too ! arrived on-time with 2 day shipping. Installed all 4 easily but remember to purchase mounting hardware, grade 5, prior to work because the old hardware is rusty and probably not reusable. Use lots of penetrating oil too! Jeep ride improved 100% .
    98. Linda A Oyer
      01 Dec, 2013
      Car was riding on original equipment shocks when it was manufactured 34 years ago...O.E. items were shot....car now rides "as new"
    99. TehAgent
      18 Nov, 2013
      Great shock absorber. Excellent upgrade from stock or bottom end shocks. They ride great, stiff but not too stiff. Will certainly buy these again when the time comes for replacement. I have these on the front of both my Suburban and S10; S10 has these in coil over form on the rear but I went with Reflex on the back of the Suburban.These things can handle dips at high speeds and the very uneven concrete pavement on the interstate wonderfully. The truck reacts great and handling has been improved. Potholes and other smaller road hazards dont faze these things.
    100. tad carlton
      16 Nov, 2013
      Improved ride and handling immensely. Rides better when loaded down with heavy load. Looks better than the original black shocks.
    101. Hunt Jones "Jimmy100"
      10 Nov, 2013
      Pairs of these have been on my truck (a '55 GMC) for more than 15 years, giving it an extra inch clearance for towing. They work well, simple to install, the AutoPartsWAY price is right, and shipping is immediate. Plus, the color is black, not white as shown. Some time ago, they were painted white which necessitated an owner repaint, but I presume after enough complaints Monroe switched to black.
    102. PG
      21 Oct, 2013
      brings life back to my old truck, perfect fit no modifications needed, price is perfect and cant beat the name brand
    103. Michael from OK
      19 Oct, 2013
      I have used Monroe shocks to replace worn factory shocks on about every vehicle I have ever owned. I've never had any issue with Monroe shocks and feel confident with this latest purchase.
    104. Bang-for-the-buck "Jim"
      12 Oct, 2013
      I have a 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis, and most everyone who's owned one of these cars understands that like the Crown Victoria and Lincoln Continental, almost all parts for these cars built by Ford are interchangeable. So if you have any of these three cars from 1998 - 2002, these shocks will fit all.That being said, they should be just as easy or difficult to install, and just as influential to the effect of driving. I am happy with everything about the shocks and my experience in shipping with the exception of one small thing - I would like to have gained a more firm ride from these. My car had over 197,000 miles on it when I replaced them. The old shocks had not gotten to the point of bottoming out or noisy. I just felt the ride was too "floaty" with the old shocks and was certain the new shocks would cure that.Not so. while the ride has firmed up to some degree, the ride continues to exhibit too much "float". Maybe thats the way this car felt...
    105. Greg Anshutz "PR4MNCE-S10"
      08 Oct, 2013
      Installed these on my Sierra 1500 and they made hauling trailers or heavy loads in the bed much more comfortable going down the road.
    106. christian
      16 Sep, 2013
      I bought them as replacement for our Acura MDX. Price is great but other reviews that I read make me wonder if the quality is good enough that they will hold up over the next years. No problem with the installation.Of course professional handling through AutoPartsWAY.
    107. Manuel Bento
      29 Aug, 2013
      The shocks bolted right up, but I could not reuse the factory air lines, since they did not connect to the Monroe shocks. I had to use and the reroute the new lines. No big deal, but the installation took longer than I anticipated.
    108. Texcl
      25 Aug, 2013
      I have a 1993 F-250 diesel, it's 4x4 and has 230,000 miles on what are probably the original shocks. You would not believe what a difference these shocks made. The truck drives almost as smooth as my wifes new subaru and when loaded with a 15,000lb trailer they work just as well.I'm very satisfied with these shocks and installation was a snap, two bolts each and were easy to get to.
    109. William P. Spalding
      27 Jul, 2013
      Installed these on my 64 nova, the car handles great with these installed! well worth the price, easy to install.
    110. John Pliska
      19 Jul, 2013
      I had hoped they would be adjustable so I could give my Thunderbird a more stock appearance. They help but I will have to work on the leafs anyway
    111. C. Lake
      18 Jul, 2013
      Good buy for air shocks, installation was easy, only slightly more difficult than standard shocks. I didnt use the plastic clips for the airlines, I just zip tied the lines up out of the way. The only Issue I have with these is they seem to leak down after a while.....
    112. Jaydee
      18 Jul, 2013
      Much improved body control on my 98 Buick. Still a soft ride, but pogoing is gone. I've only had on for 20k, but good so far. Also surprisingly easy to install, but be careful not to over-torque bolts.
    113. Kenneth Kirkland
      17 Jul, 2013
      put these on my 99 astro work van with 210k on it. fixed it right up, now my tires dont wear funny and it quit bouncing for 1/2 mile after each bump in the road.
    114. Stephen N.
      12 Jul, 2013
      Fits perfect even with a skyjacker aal. All black paint was nice too. These can crank up the truck another 3in maybe. Ride is perfect too
    115. Mack
      10 Jul, 2013
      I bought these for a friend. When he intalled them and used them on his Dodge truck there were no complaints
    116. Reynaldo R. Fernandez
      06 Jul, 2013
      I purchased these shock absorbers, front and rear and front end stabilizer, to replace the OEM shocks and stabilizer that came with the Jeep. I had already had the stabilizer replaced about 4 months ago and it was replaced with an OEM stabilizer but the 'Death Wobble' was still present every now and then in certain areas. I had these shocks and stabilizer installed and my Jeep drives like a new vehicle and the 'Death Wobble' has completely disappeared, so far. One of the best things I've done for my Jeep. Great Purchased and Experience.
    117. Wil
      30 Jun, 2013
      I installed these on a 2008 F-150 work truck with an 8 ft bed. They initially gave me a 3+ inch lift when measuring from the shop floor to the bottom of the rear bumper. They have about 3 thousand miles on them now and have settled, as expected, so now the lift is just under 2 inches when compared to the stock shocks. These shocks are installed on a truck with a 1500lb load in the bed every single day. They are an incredible improvement over stock when loaded. They take the weight without sagging and still manage a reasonable ride. I've put 1.1 TONS in the bed of the truck and driven 30 miles without ever hitting the bump stops. It's impossible to get them to bottom out. With an empty truck bed they are a bit bouncy but overall I am very happy...with one exception...they squeak A LOT!It's nearly unbearable, every speed bump, every time I accelerate hard from a stop, every driveway entrance, its constant. I finally figured out the cause was the piston rod itself that...
    118. dave miller
      25 Jun, 2013
      i looked for these for awhile, somehow when i was looking for something else i came across these. pain in the ass to install in my 64' ford galaxie 500 4dr. sedan. had to compress them about 5 1/2 inches. put car on ramp and used bumper jack to raise for clearance and use a crow bar to guide shock into place. but the result is fantastic, raise it up about two inches and made the ride steady and smooth. very happy camper.
    119. Martin W. Berbach
      22 Jun, 2013
      This is stock replacement for my 1957 Ford F250 pickup. They were a perfect fit. Only downside is that one of the shocks arrived with only one set of hardware instead of two sets per shock. I was able to make do with the old rubber bushings and hardware.
    120. W. Pegram
      06 Jun, 2013
      Diterect fit. If you have to haul heavy stuff in cargo area or back seats you may want to consider these.
    121. Jack Freeman
      23 May, 2013
      This was an older motor home application so I was a little worried about fit but they work great and eliminated bottom out that I was getting on rear.
    122. Nick. S
      07 May, 2013
      Super great buy and easy to install. Had all the washer and nuts included.Going with trusted brand shocks for my daily driver truck, no brainer
    123. Steve New York
      05 May, 2013
      I used this shock for a 2003 yukon denali XL. They fit perfect with the Autoride system. Taking the old shocks out was a bit of a hassle as I had to cut off one of the struts because of a seized nut due to rust. Installation was easy. The ride is excellent so far.For the rear of the autoride system, use monroe 40032. I wrote a review on those too.Very important, when you order these, you might want to order the electrical connector that goes on top of these shocks as mine were rusted out. This is the part # 88986417, and it's available on AutoPartsWAY.I paid under 200 dollars each for these shocks on AutoPartsWAY.5 stars for the price and part as a whole package.And yes they are black, not orange. who cares.Stop your whining.Goodluck.
    124. Hans Schreuder
      05 May, 2013
      Had a lot of problems driving a little bit than usual. Car seems to fly..... Fitted 4 new Monroes and car is doing well. Can drive faster than ever and reliable
    125. Rod
      02 May, 2013
      Normally i would give monroe shocks 5 stars because it's a great value in price and performance, but in this case the lower mounting holes would not line up with the cars mounting holes so i had to enlarge them using a step drill bit. They are comfortable shocks though for my particular application bilstein shocks are the premium shock to install and kyb's come second in choice. For the price on non sports cars monroes are great shocks.
    126. smokediver
      20 Apr, 2013
      I bought a used 2002 F250 diesel and it had original shocks on it. I shopped around and decided to go with a name brand for great value. I ordered front and rear shocks, with my prime membership, I had one set delivered the next day and following set within 2 days. I'm no mechanic, but have fixed minor things myself, I decided to attempt replacement myself. I read some forums before doing this and glad that I did, the nut on one was 18mm and other was 15mm. All my metric socket sets skip the 18mm, so I went out and bought a 18mm socket. Removed front tires for replacement of front shocks and for rear, just dropped the spare tire. I had all four changed in little over and hour.
    127. Heartbeat USA
      13 Apr, 2013
      Great shocks! They put the truck back to a nice ride! Only took about and hour to install. Monroe has been around forever so they know what they are doing.
    128. AutoPartsWAY Customer
      13 Apr, 2013
      This is a good quality product and that they were made in the USA, was an added bonus. I would buy them again.
    129. Paradox
      10 Apr, 2013
      Came quick and easy to install. I wasn't missing any parts and they did improve the handling compared to the old worn out shocks I had on.
    130. dmzempr
      09 Apr, 2013
      What I liked-the color.What i didn't like-the bushings/washers that come with the shocks. They seem to be small in size and girth compared to the OEM's. Does that mean anything? I'm not sure but when you are a DIY'r in the middle of a shock job, you want everything to look the way it should.The other thing is that the "Does fit your car tool should be upgraded to account for the vehicles that have more than a standard suspension on them. I nearly bought the wrong back shocks just because the functionality of it will fit said the shocks would fit. The new shocks seemed to be about an inch shorter but stiffer then the ones I replaced. That makes sense.What I did like was that I got the shocks faster than I was prepared to actually install them. NICE. We'll see if the DW says anything about the ride before I spring her about the cost of the Nivomat shocks that are going to be replaced next for the rear.
    131. mechanic80
      08 Apr, 2013
      Good value for a good air shock. The plastic lines remain air tight (which is unusual) and this is a good replacement for the factory air ride system.
    132. Glen Livit
      07 Apr, 2013
      These are great replacement shocks for a 2000 Suburban 1500. I tow a boat on occasion and noticed a lot of sway with the (yes, I know) original shocks. These fixed the issue and the land yacht rides as smooth as ever even when empty and not hauling the boat. Wish I had changed them out years ago!
    133. Bernard J. Arnest
      07 Apr, 2013
      Tried to install in a 1990 colony park station wagon. The width of the coil was contacting something --I can't remember now-- and I had to return them because it didn't fit.I left 4 stars anyway, because of course, this says NOTHING about how good the shocks themselves are, and it might just be AutoPartsWAY's parts database, or a fluke that my car is the one listed model that has difficulties.But just a heads up, they are bulkier than shocks without the outer coil.
    134. Hook EM
      01 Apr, 2013
      I used these shocks to replace the original factory shocks on a 2005 Ford Freestar and a big differnce. Also, what sold me on them was the rebate. Good product would purchase again.
    135. AutoPartsWAY Customer
      30 Mar, 2013
      NOTE: This contains 2 SHOCKS, you only need to add one of this to your cart to get 2 shocks, they are SOLD IN PAIRS.That being said, I installed these on my 05 f150 to replace the OEM shocks at 107k miles. Regular unloaded ride did not change much, except for better on bumpy roads, but not any more harsh. I'd say more like the OEM ride would have been when new. Now where these excel is when you drop a trailer on the back. NO SAG at all! My trailer used to "level" my truck when hooked up, now when the trailer is on the back of the truck, you can't even tell, NO MORE SAG. Also, when towing, the trailer no longer makes the back of the pickup bounce when going over bumps, its soo solid you'd swear the trailer wasn't even back there.Easy to install, don't even need to take the tires off. Just place jack under the FRAME of the truck in the rear (do not put jack under the rear diff!!). Unbolt bottom shock bolt, then the top, and remove old shock. Bolt...
    136. BenC in AZ
      25 Mar, 2013
      I had recently acquired a mid-90's F250 that had a home-made flatbed installed, came with the 'light duty' 4 leaf rear springs from the factory. With a load of hay bales, the truck would squat down to the point that the tires nearly touched the home-made flatbed, which sits rather low compared to a factory style bed.I ordered these springs from AutoPartsWAY, they arrived quickly and once they were installed, I now have a good 3" of additional clearance carrying the same load, which means no more rubbing from the rear tires.Very happy, Monroe builds good stuff and AutoPartsWAY had the best price and always fast shipping.
    137. Denis Frederic Mitchell
      23 Mar, 2013
      Good bang for your buck. The product is a direct replacement for the original rear shocks on my 190e, and perform exactly as expected. Installation was painless and the black finish looks good.
    138. Sundance07
      17 Mar, 2013
      I had a shop tell me that my car needs shocks so I picked up the rears to start. Pretty simple to install. I didn't give them 5 stars as I am not sure they did much to improve the ride but they do the job. I installed them last week so I don't have to many miles on the car.FYI, if you are installing on a e36 sedan as I did, you need to have a jack ready when installing to raise the brake rotor to fit the shock. Also, in the trunk, you will need to pull away the carpet and foam insulation to get to the top bolts. One person can do this job.I am thinking of replacing the struts with the monroe as well, great price.
    139. James David
      17 Mar, 2013
      had original shocks on truck,which is factory lowered truck.put these on what a major difference,much more comfortable ride.highly recommend,easy to install
    140. Robert M. Nuno "robertn78"
      13 Mar, 2013
      I have had OEM, Monroe Reflex and now the Sensa-Tracs on my 99 Mountaineer (Explorer). The Reflexes handled better, but the ride was way to rough. These Sensa-Tracs are a lot softer and feel more like an upscale SUV. There was hardly any body roll with the Reflex, there is body roll with these. Overall, I like these better as a daily driver shock. I have not towed anything with these yet.
    141. kansas city bill
      12 Mar, 2013
      They arrived on schedule, and were as expected. My vehicle now rides with a positive feel like a new safari van.
    142. Literati Lexicon
      03 Mar, 2013
      It took me almost a year to get around to installing these, but they have made a much difference in the back end ride. I had very little clearance in the rear and when I ever tried to pull a trailer it rode right almost off the ground. These have made a big difference that is easy to see and feel.
    143. Dennis R. Hofferber "dennis r hofferber"
      27 Feb, 2013
      this was a easy install, perfect for my van in the front...4000lb limit...really stablised the van...will be purchasing the back ones next,30 dollars a peace
    144. Anthony
      10 Feb, 2013
      After 200,000 miles, I thought that it was time for new shocks! I didn't realize how much I needed them until these were installed. These provide a very smooth ride! The price was excellent! They installed very easily, so easy in fact, I had my 11 year old son help install them...I had to loosen and tighten the bolts of coarse :) Thanks!
    145. Drew Koballa
      04 Feb, 2013
      Very easy to install, puts the back of the Ranger quite a bit higher than old destroyed OEM shocks and handles loads really well.They don't ship compressed- however...1) bolt top of shock in place2) position floor jack under shock and jack bottom up into bracket3) insert bottom boltI'm 5 foot 3, 130 lbs, and was able to install these easily by myself.(Monroe regularly does a manu rebate in October, "shocktober")EDIT: The original Ranger that the shocks were installed on was totalled, but when I purchased another Ranger and replaced its shocks- I bought these shocks again. Solid performance, truck-like ride, and no issues from either truck.
    146. Walter F Augustine
      25 Jan, 2013
      Made my ride so much .smoother. I chose them because My car was a roadmaster wagon and i wanted to have comfort.
    147. Sheila E. Curtis "sheila metals"
      24 Jan, 2013
      These seem like a good replacement set of shocks & struts. The price quite a savings over purchasing locally. Delivery to my door is way better than driving anywhere. Unfortunately, the two struts sent to me didn't fit even though the part # was verified prior to ordering. The 2 shocks fit great. Fortunately, AutoPartsWAY took good care of arranging a return.
    148. John
      19 Jan, 2013
      This are a lot stiffer then the stock shocks, They are actually recommended for a 4x4 but great for my 2x2.
    149. Big-Foot "Randy"
      04 Jan, 2013
      I like these kits because they don't require you to perform dangerous operations with compressing the springs. Also, with the new springs, the ride height of the vehicle is restored. You may want to have the alignment checked once installing these however as there is a slight amount of play in the two bolts that connect the spindle to the strut. Also, it is possible that the increased ride height will affect camber and toe-in settings.The directions that came with the struts were printed in multiple languages and had most of the information needed for the amateur installer, however, it was missing critical information - Torque values for the bolts.
    150. Shawn
      04 Jan, 2013
      I put this on my 1990 Ram 250 4X4. This shock made a very different ride from the other shocks that were on the truck. Smoother, better control, rebound was almost not even noticed. I'm hard on a truck, and if these shock work like this in a year, I'll continue to buy them as long as they are made. Monroe lived up to their name with this one.
    151. Thomas G. Maruskanic
      01 Jan, 2013
      softer less responsive ride then KYB but at the best price they cant be beat. They were stiffer then Th set I replaced
    152. Musa A. A. Aljizani "MB-POWER"
      28 Dec, 2012
      great deal , great item , fast shipping , i love the feeling of my car with those shocks, i will advice my freinds to test it.
    153. scott
      10 Dec, 2012
      i have this shock on both my trucks. they are the best shock for the money if you ever look at a tracter trailer truck you will almost allways see the same shockes on them if its good enough for a big rig its good enough for my little pickup truck!
    154. Wesley
      05 Dec, 2012
      Replaced the racing shocks on our 74 GTO with these. Much more adjustable and seem to really help the car hook at the track.
    155. BAIT
      05 Dec, 2012
    156. Jason T
      02 Dec, 2012
      Gotta be honest I bought these because of the price point. I put these on a 1999 Crown Vic. PI. Now that I went through that trouble of replacing them and it has been a few months since I installed them. I would have bought the more expensive brand. All in all, These are not bad and if money is tight. They perform good. ride is comfortable.
    157. Jason T
      02 Dec, 2012
      These are good for the money if you are trying to save a few bucks. After having them for a couple of months they are just fine. Personally after installing them on my 99 Crown Victoria PI I would have now went with the more expensive brand. The ride is comfortable.
    158. J.T.Ward
      22 Nov, 2012
      I installed these shocks on my 1990 Chevrolet 1500 1/2 ton 4X2 recently restored pickup. Being a full sized truck and having experience with Chevy & GMC 1/2 ton trucks these are the PERFECT shocks. They are not the cheapest Monroe shock, but considering you'll be very satisfied with the performance for years to come. From the moment I had them installed and the trucks alignment done and a new set of B.F.Goodrich tires the 1990 Silverado rides as smooth as a baby's ^%$. You'll swear the truck is new, brand new. They handle with ease, and very durable and aren't scared of a bed load. Monroe is an old company in auto suspensions and these shocks live up to the pedigree. You won't be sorry with this set of shocks.
    159. bpuz
      13 Nov, 2012
      I purchased both front and rear Sensa-Tracs for a 1995 Corvette I had recently purchased. The car still still had the original shocks on it and the ride was pretty harsh. They made a dramatic difference, both in the ride and handling. I think they are worth considering.
    160. Kevin J. Riggott
      11 Nov, 2012
      I wanted to keep the Autoride system working like new on my 2002 Yukon Denali and didn't want to spend a fortune at the dealer. These Monroe shocks were exact fit replacements for the original Delphi shocks. After researching online I found these on AutoPartsWAY for about $100 less than anywhere else. They were easy to install and my Denali rides like new again.Don't be surprised if they arrive all black instead of black/orange. The picture isn't accurate (based on what I received).
    161. Redsfan73
      08 Nov, 2012
      I never realized until after I had bought these rear shocks from somewhere else that I could have bought these at AutoPartsWAY. I won't make the same mistake twice as I will buy my front Monroe Reflex shocks from AutoPartsWAY. Anyways I just put these on my 2001 Chevy Silverado 1500 and WOW what a difference. I have had Bilsteins on another truck and these are very comparable to those for much less. There is much less wheel hop and sway. I can tell especially while cornering.
    162. Gary W. Mitchell
      07 Nov, 2012
      You know that older car feeling. My 2004 Lincoln Town Car had not been responding as usual since it turned 105,000 miles. Well, after looking at a few new Lincoln models, (that MKS and MKZ are really interesting - no hybrid thank you), I started asking mechanic friends of mine what to do. They all told me that it was past time to replace my shocks. They were still the original equipment. After having a Ford dealer in Redlands tell me I needed to spend $1,900.00 on a complete new air suspension system, I was even more motivated to find another, less expensive, solution.Searching the web I researched several companies and products that would fit my Town Car. Not wanting to order the incorrect units, I spoke with a tech rep at Monroe, who told me exactly what I needed. And, Monroe currently has a buy 4 get 1 free program in effect.After further searching, once again AutoPartsWAY to the Rescue!I got four shocks for less than half what the dealer had quoted me, and had them...
    163. Jrj
      16 Oct, 2012
      The shocks work great and fit great. They came with all air lines and fitting that you need. Would defiantly buy them again.
    164. johnny
      30 Sep, 2012
      Product was as advertised, and I was able to install in my driveway in under 30 minutes, without even removing the rear tires. Only worry was when package arrived, and the two shocks were rolling around inside the larger box, with basically no packaging protection. My first thought was that they were going to be damaged when I opened the box.
    165. Steve New York
      07 Sep, 2012
      I used this shock on a 03 Yukon Denali XL. easy to replace, once on the truck all my rear suspension noises went away. The old shocks air bladder had holes in them. and if you shop it right at AutoPartsWAY, it can be bought for a real low price. Don't listen to the parts checker on AutoPartsWAY, some times it will say this part doesn't fit your car. But I called up Monroe, this part, 40032, is for the long versions of the Yukon, suburban, and Cadillacs with the Autoride/ Z55 systems.
    166. MichaelS
      23 Aug, 2012
      Well I purchased these shocks to go on to a lifted WK Grand Cherokee and they work great for that. The ride is stiffer yet comfortable and it is also very comfortable on road as off. Great for towing or having heavy loads in the back. I can put a 21 foot bayliner on the hitch and the back just stays up. No sagging at all! Good product!
    167. Stix
      23 Aug, 2012
      I have used the Monroe SensaTrac shocks on my trucks and cars for over 500,000 miles. Nothing special about them however my cars and trucks have always handled the road well and the shocks seem to last forever.
    168. babybluepinto
      12 Aug, 2012
      Bought KYB shocks first and they were no better than stock but these don't bottom out on hills like the stock and KYB did.
    169. Romby
      23 Jul, 2012
      Were easy to install on my F150 and now can pull my 5th wheel without the horrendous sag in the rear. I also cut a full load of hardwood without the rear sagging. A little stiffer ride, but hardly noticeable. Would highly recommend these shocks for anyone carrying a load and want to help with sagging.
    170. amxpress
      13 Jun, 2012
      I installed these on my 2007 RAM 2500 Cummins. The ride was slightly smoother when I wasn't towing my 11,000# 5th wheel. However, when towing, they did not provide the ride I expected. The front end does a lot of floating and is too soft.When I come to a stop, the front end will jounce excessively as though the shocks were worn.If I had to do it over, I would have gone with Bilstiens or a heavier Monroe.
    171. William P. Benner
      11 Jun, 2012
      I put these on my truck in hopes that they would maintain the ride height up to 1200 additional pounds like monroe claims. This did not happen... I think that the shocks do make the back of the truck ride an inch or two higher and they do well when loaded. I have put some pretty heavy loads on the old ranger and haven't broke anything important yet. When I say heavy, I mean where the guys at the home improvement store look at you funny when you pull up in a ranger to pick get your stuff. I usually count mudflaps touching the ground on bumps as fully loaded and I've had it there a couple of times. Like I said, it survived so I guess these shocks are worth their while...
    172. Terry
      04 Jun, 2012
      I had been looking for the right shock for my van. When I came across this item, I was very glad to the right item and find something at the right price.
    173. Gooddeal
      23 May, 2012
      I love the way these shocks handle and feel during aggressive driving. You can not go wrong with Monroe Severe Service Shocks. If anything goes wrong, there are no issues with warranty coverage.
    174. hadalok73
      01 May, 2012
      Fulfill what it promisses, all the noise i used to hear from the back of the car just disappeared with this new shock.Would recommend it!
    175. Ammo Guy
      23 Apr, 2012
      My 95 Astro van is now SAFE.The only thing better would be Monroe Reflex shocks, if you got the bucks. ;)My money was well spent.Ammo Guy 8-)Aim small, miss small.
    176. Ammo Guy
      23 Apr, 2012
      My 95 Astro van is now SAFE.The only thing better would be Monroe Reflex shocks, if you got the bucks. ;)My money was well spent.Ammo Guy 8-)Aim small, miss small.
    177. TexasNative "Jim"
      22 Apr, 2012
      Added these shocks to my lowered GMC truck for a little added rear support and softened ride. I must say that they did the job (the ride is much improved) but the supplied plastic T fitting is pretty cheap and doesn't work well at all. It's a real pain finding an air chuck that will fill them... and even then you really have to work at it to get air in. I've been looking online all over for a brass replacement with little luck.Improving that one item would make these a perfect setup! Still, they do work very well except for that.
    178. Richard A. Petrut "Safari Guy"
      17 Apr, 2012
      Great price. On time Delivery. Perfect Fit. Installed myself. This little job took about 30 minutes. The car did not have to be put up on jacks to do the install.
    179. S. Squire
      11 Apr, 2012
      I purchased these to replace my stock rear-end shocks on my 2007 Silverado Classic. I also installed the Monroe Reflex 911503 on the front-end of the truck. These are excellent shocks! They ride slightly stiffer than stock shocks but make the truck handle better than new, especially when youre trailering or hauling anything. Local autoshop wanted nearly $70 per shock for these, plus $45 for installation - I paid $45 per shock on AutoPartsWAY, free shipping, no tax and I installed them in 15 minutes.The picture is a little misleading, the shock looks like the picture but the boot isnt a rubber boot, its a hard plastic sleeve boot thats made to resemble a rubber collapsible boot similar to what offroad shocks come with.I would highly recommend these shocks and wish I had purchased and installed them sooner.
    180. Andrew
      09 Apr, 2012
      Did the install myself was very easy to do on my PT Crusier. Excellent ride car handles so much better now.
    181. bhornet_1046
      19 Mar, 2012
      AutoPartsWAY.com is the place to shop. From the Middle East, we can always rely on our orders being arrival time within 4 to 10 days from the date of order. We believe in buying USA first and this will help keep some of our people gainfully employed. The majority of Westerners believe in shopping AutoPartsWAY.com first. These shock are great and I had them installed the day they arrived. The mechanic asked me, where did I get these shocks and I told him from "America". The mechanic stated that in the 15 years he had been installing shock, he had never seen or installed shock as strong as these. My 2000 GMC Jimmy is like a new vehicle. I can take speed bumps and curves like it's a brand new vehicle. Great Shocks.
    182. 1hapiflip
      06 Mar, 2012
      It so hard to find parts for the long forgotten ford pinto. I have been working on my project for about six months now and parts are hard to come by. I found these shocks on AutoPartsWAY-did a lot of looking on ebay but wasn't impressed by the prices. I bought these because they were way below what ebayers were asking and my local auto parts store. Even lower than rockauto! I'll definitely look into AutoPartsWAY more often when I'm looking for pinto parts.
    183. Nick
      29 Feb, 2012
      Unlike the previous review my items arrived with no problems. I swapped these out on my 96 4D Explorer that I am pretty sure had the stock shocks still on it, it used to sway like a boat when I hit bumps and now it is solid, almost have to get used to driving it again but in a good way. Much improved, fairly easy swap.
    184. tessarat
      04 Feb, 2012
      I purchased a pair of these to replace the OEM ones on my Toyota Sienna. One of the OEM ones was blown out causing instability. Installation was fairly easy. My van rides smoothly and I'm happy with them.
    185. Allaa Hassan
      02 Feb, 2012
      These shocks are the best for the Crown Victoria Police Interceptor if we consider performance VS. price.I bought these shocks along with Monroe 550051 Severe Service Shock Absorbers and wow, a day night deference compared to stock shocks. The CVPI became more surefooted during acceleration and cornering and on bumpy roads (maybe they are not as good as Bilstein HD Shocks, but they are half the price) and with hauling, the CVPI does not bottom like before.The ride become more sporty, firm and rigid. Some people may consider it harsh, but I really like it this way.
    186. W. Keelin
      01 Feb, 2012
      Made the ride smooth and install was very easy. Very nice shocks for the money. I will buy these again when I need shocks.
    187. D. Cook "LamMan"
      27 Jan, 2012
      No problems with the product, shipping or arrival time. Great seller, great product. Installed them myself with no trouble. Made a much nicer ride on my Ford E-350 Class B Motor Home.
    188. Thetaguy
      12 Jan, 2012
      Purchased these for my 1998 Tacoma 2WD. Fit great. My old shocks were way past due for replacement, even so these new Monroes were an upgrade from stock OEM shocks. Much better ride and handling. AutoPartsWAY had best price around and 2-day delivery with Prime. Can't beat it.
    189. wiky86
      25 Dec, 2011
      Ordered for my 2001 PT CruiserPros-Arrived quickly-Easy to install-Greatly improved ride quality and handlingCons-None
    190. Michael Brown "zipper"
      21 Oct, 2011
      None of the airline or related parts were in the package. I am contacting AutoPartsWAY to see what they plan on doing. Planning on returning the order right now.Up Date: I contacted AutoPartsWAY concerning the parts missing, they immediately sent me a return label and sent another set of shocks the same day, which I received with all parts included this time. Great job AutoPartsWAY, shocks fit and work fine.
    191. sundog
      22 Aug, 2011
      So far this product has worked very well.Easy install. The real test will come when we tow our utility trailer.
    192. T. HALASNIK
      27 Jul, 2011
      I replaced the rear shocks on my 2000 F150 with these Monroe 58629 Sensa-Trac Load Adjusting Shock Absorber . Great ride and increased my load capacity by 1000lbs highly recommend.
    193. kingjason
      16 Jul, 2011
      Really helped my old suspension and leveled the car out. My old 67 Fastback Galaxie liked to bob up and down and get side to side before but no issues now. It did not affect the ride quality at all either.
    194. Michael M. Kraus
      24 Jun, 2011
      I am using a 2000 4x4 1/2 ton Ford pickup for a service truck for one of my machines. It is loaded with a big tool box loaded with tools, a 95 gallon diesel tank, a torch and bottles, a compressor, a generator, spare parts, motor oil, hydro oil etc. It gets to go to some road less remote job sites and the bumper and hitch were working like a plow behind the truck. I changed to these shocks and the problem was solved. The installation took about two hours with most of the time being spent getting the old shocks off. The truck sits level even when pulling a trailer. I know that a better solution would be to buy a bigger pickup; but this truck was in the fleet and is now dedicated to one machine and with these shocks it does the job.
    195. Leslie D. Cappama
      14 Jun, 2011
      I have had these shocks on for about a week now. Installation was very easy, and the ride is really nice no where as stiff as i had thought they would be. It will also be nice to be able to go on vacation and not worry about packing to much in the van.
    196. Jeep Guy
      31 May, 2011
      I bought these shocks for my 2003 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner and they were a perfect fit. After a couple of weeks of driving with them on, I do feel a noticable improvement in the ride quality. I would buy again.
    197. Brice Shephard
      28 May, 2011
      I installed these yesterday and could not have been happier. There was plenty of extra hardware in the box in-case you broke a bolt or needed a new rubber bumper or lost something during disassembly. Over all quality for the price was excellent.
    198. G.P.
      26 Apr, 2011
      I purchased these shocks as a direct replacement for my 2002 Escalade. I wanted to retain my electronic ride (Autoride) but avoid paying $600 a piece for OEM front shocks. I'm more than thrilled with the results. These shocks are a direct plug and play replacement. Truck rides like its brand new. Highly Recommended.
    199. Max Holland
      22 Apr, 2011
      I love my little 2003 Tacoma, but the ride quality was not up to par with 92,000 miles, skinny tires and worn out shocks. I could see the shiny spots on the frame where the bump stops were hitting. I put some 15 x 7 wheels and 225-70 tires on it recently, which helped with stability and ride, but the new Monroe SensaTracs really made the difference. I wanted a more stable, solid ride, with better dampening of road bumps, and that's what these provide. For this daily-driver I did not want performance handling and a buckboard-stiff ride, and these are nowhere close to that. I've used SensaTracs with success before on other vehicles, and when combined with the Buy 3- Get One free rebate, AutoPartsWAY's low price, and free shipping, they're a winner for me again. Took about 45 minutes to install. or some reason, AutoPartsWAY didn't ship the rear shocks as quickly, so I haven't put them on yet- I'm sure they'll make a positive difference as well.
    200. mrprgrmr "jfr74"
      12 Apr, 2011
      These shocks work fine in my Dodge Grand Caravan. They installed easily, but they squeak whenever we go over a bump. I've tried spraying them with lithium spray grease which helps for a short while but does not last.
    201. G. Seymour
      11 Mar, 2011
      What can I say, Shocks we worn out. Night and day difference. Feels much more solid and safe in my Jeep YJ.
    202. Rob R. Pollard
      27 Feb, 2011
      These dropped right into an '86 Caprice Classic Wagon. They did lift the back end by and inch or two, but since it was a little low anyway, no harm. Not a real significant change in ride quality. I'd buy these again in a second.
    203. Steve
      05 Feb, 2011
      Had to rate a 3 because, sent me one shock that was defective, front shock hole, for bolt was wrong. I should have opened each box and checked bolt hole size. Had to send back and get another one, already had damaged old shock getting it off, had to wait couple days with truck jacked up. If you have a problem, find the call me now option on AutoPartsWAY and get it taken care of, pretty quickly, with the INDIA accented dude. Got shock and put it on. Seems to be working OK. I was really expecting a more heavy duty shock, but it is what I ordered. Heard good things about Bilstein shocks, but these are good enough for my old truck.....
    204. lcuniversal
      25 Jan, 2011
      Well in my case i was in a low budget so i took a chance to order this item and it pay off for me the items came fast and they ware in a seal new box and the items are new as promise and they ware so easy to install just took 40min i recommend that you check monroe.com to check for the item # that will fit your car and will make it easy to find it on AutoPartsWAY just with the item # over all i highly recommend this seller and this item i save over $500 by ordering all 4 shocks and struts on AutoPartsWAY only $239.00 with free shipping hey better then pay over $800 some ware else with installation i also recommend that you order the dust covers they don't come with it but they are just a few bucks and not really need it but it can help keep a longer life and keep it clean the part. GOOD LUCK
    205. Chris
      02 Jan, 2011
      These shocks installed in 30 minutes including removing the old ones. They were a perfect fit & WOW what a difference. The ride is firm & controlled. They are also heavier duty than the regular sensor-matic shocks which will give you more load handling. If you tow anything, these are a must. No leaning & better braking & more road grip. I would definitely recommend.
    206. Timster
      22 Dec, 2010
      Good price - came in like three days .I bought expensive bilstens for the front- sorry I did not get these they see m just as good as expensive ones
    207. K. Russell "gearcogs"
      18 Nov, 2010
      Monroe makes a good shock absorber, but not a great shock absorber. Still, for the price charged, one can expect to get good service from these gas charged units. If one is looking for a more heavy duty or performance unit, look toward Bilstein, Koni, Rancho and some of the other more expensive units. I am quite satisfied with these shocks on their current usage, a stock 1988 Chevrolet K1500 (4 wheel drive) pick-up truck. I like having the ability to add a bit of air pressure to the inflation fitting so I can get the rear ride height back up to where it should be when I am towing. Then, once the towing is done, I can let the air back out and the truck rides at its normal height once again. Nice! As a bit of caution, heed the instructions and do not over tighten the tube connections. Just finger tight works. Anything more just distorts the tube and restricts air flow.
    208. 93 Wrangler
      14 Nov, 2010
      These and matching (front shocks) were purchased for a 93 Jeep Wrangler. The current OEM shocks had see better days with 70,000 miles on them. I would recommend these for the price as they brought my highway/local driving back to original ride quality. As always, AutoPartsWAY Prime shipping is quick and accurate.
    209. Bob "Cousin"
      10 Nov, 2010
      The shocks I've purchased are pretty good, good ride ,better stopping distance,and a firmer ride.. yeahhh. thank you.robert J.
    210. Juan M. Mencia
      12 Oct, 2010
      Strongly recommended for load carrying vehicles, particularly Rv's, Stepvans or Trucks. Gives you a firm controlled ride. Give it a 5 star rating. Make sure the installer has proper equipment since it has to be partially collapsed in order to mount it. If you are a Do-it-yourself, its a 2 man job, but you won't be disappointed with the result if a firm ride is what you want.
    211. James Aydlott "aerihza"
      28 Sep, 2010
      I recently had to do major car repair. The AutoPartsWAY site allowed me to configure to look to make sure parts are compatible with my vehicle. This made getting my shocks, struts and strut mounts very easy.The pricing was vastly cheaper than the auto parts store and the shipping was very fast.I have a friend with the same type of car and needs the same work done to it. I will be getting the parts from AutoPartsWAY again.
    212. TronixSage
      27 Aug, 2010
      I purchased these shocks a few weeks back for my 2003 Dodge Caravan SE and I just got around to installing them last night.Installation was a breeze and only took me a total of 30 minutes! Kudos to Dodge for making the rear shocks unbelievably easy to replace! This has got to be the easiest shock replacement I have ever done!1. Jack up the rear end and place jack stands under the axle.2. Remove tires.3. Remove upper shock mounting bolts.4. Remove lower shock mounting bolts.5. Install lower side of shock first, but do not tighten all the way.6. Place your jack on the body frame and raise the body so the upper mounting holes match.7. Install upper mounting bolts and tighten to specified torque.8. Re-tighten lower mounting bolts.9. Re-install tires10. Remove jack stands.I did notice that the height of the rear end was slightly raised, but only by an inch or two at the most.The ride...
    213. M. Kaainoa "Kekailoa"
      25 Aug, 2010
      I installed this shock on the front of my stock 1974 FJ40 and it went on easily, without problems. If you are looking for rear shocks for an FJ40, stay away from the Monroe Sensa-Trac 58497 Load Adjusting Shocks. AutoPartsWAY and Monroe say it will fit but they are at least 6 inches too long, and come fully extended. This makes them impossible to install, even with a coil spring compressor tool. You are welcome to try, but I am returning mine.The old shocks that these replaced were completely worn down. You could compress and extend them with your hands and they maintained their position. After installing these shocks the body had less roll in turns and bumps no longer caused a jarring painful jittery motion that you can feel in your spine, especially in the back. It almost rode like a newer truck. The ride is not plush, but significantly better than with the worn out leaking ones. I did some light off roading through a rutted and pitted trail, and drove over those concrete...
    214. Chris Anderson
      22 Aug, 2010
      I installed these on a 94' GMC 3/4 ton Vandura work van yesterday and really pleased with the huge improvement in ride and handling. I thought I was going to have to perform a bunch of work replacing tie rod ends and kingpins etc but these shocks seem to have remedied most of my handling issues.
    215. DKH
      21 Aug, 2010
      The shocks arrived on time and installed very easy on my 1975 K20 and it rides way better and also got a great deal on AutoPartsWAY compared to the local auto parts stores.
    216. Alex G
      02 Aug, 2010
      use this on my 2001 325xi, it feels much better. if you going to do the shocks I also recommend buying the shock mounts to.
    217. Christopher Budde
      01 Aug, 2010
      Replaced these as part of my complete overhaul. The ride and handling is great with these. I had them on in about an hour and believe me, I'm no mechanic. I had more trouble with the lug nuts! Free shipping, great price ($10 less on average) and no tax makes it a no brainer.
    218. Taegudad
      28 Jul, 2010
      Best price and free shipping made this a great value. Replaced original shocks on a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee Larado (4x4/V8). Significant improvement in ride and handling. Feels like new.
    219. A Customer
      03 Jul, 2010
      These are good Heavy Duty shocks. These are NOT for a comfortable ride, they are for heavy loads, for that they serve their purpose quite well. Good shock, but I should have bought them from a private seller, and not AutoPartsWAY.
    220. James A. Ford
      27 Jun, 2010
      Used these to replace the Envoy XL shocks at 120,000. The new Monroes seemed a bit stiff for a couple of weeks but the car rides like new now.
    221. Larry "Mac Movie Maker"
      16 Jun, 2010
      Shocks give a very nice ride but watch out on the install of the front ones. I sheared the left front shock mount off when removing the old one. I had sprayed it with PB Blaster but it still sheared off. Other side will be different, right. More PB Blaster and heat the bolt with a torch. Start turning and it's coming off like butter and then, there goes the other one too. No worries, just drill a hole in the existing stud and thread it to put a bolt in to hold the shock on snug. Watch out though, don't snap the tap off in the new hole. After one succesful adaptation that was my second mistake. Haven't corrected that yet but the shocks are great. Rears install like a piece of cake. On my 96 Ford Ranger pull the spare tire down to access the mounts easy. Great ride though!
    222. R. Hawkins
      26 May, 2010
      Had them on my pickup (front and rear) for a while now and they made a noticeable difference in the ride. Have held up to heavy loads well. Not much more to say, its a shock. Quality is what I would expect from Monroe.
    223. G. Jose "fordmexico"
      23 Mar, 2010
      Easy to Order, Received within a couple of days, Great Price. The price that I paid to AutoPartsWAY was lower than my mechanic could receive from his wholesaler!
    224. Wood Cutter "Wood Cutter"
      09 Mar, 2010
      Everything I needed was included. The installation was very easy and they work great. I pull a 10,000 lb trailer with an antique farm tractor on the back and the shocks helped with the extra tongue weight.
    225. MattA "MattArul"
      21 Feb, 2010
      I got these for my aging 2002 Toyota Sienna with 120k miles on it. Received the items within 2 days from AutoPartsWAY.It took less than 15 minutes to mount them by my Mechanic. Now I can feel the difference in handling; especially hard turns and bumpy roads. Great product and easy installation (you don't really need a mechanic to replace these. Make sure you spray some WD40 on the old nuts overnight.)
    226. Kathy "Prolific Reader"
      15 Feb, 2010
      Bought these to replace the ones i had on my 86 El Camino. They were a direct bolt on, took about 45 min total. Came with everything i needed. Work amazing, and now i can actually haul stuff and know that its not gonna bottom out or anything.
    227. TaylorScott Company "TaylorScott Company"
      05 Feb, 2010
      Beautiful job AutoPartsWAY. Great price. Packaged properly and no damage by FedEx during shipping. Also arrived exactly as stated. My guess is it would be difficult to find this shock for the same price delivered to your door. Can't wait to get the shocks installed on our Excursion. Please keep the exceptional values coming AutoPartsWAY. Your business plan and model is exceptional!
    228. S. Campbell "S Campbell"
      19 Dec, 2009
      No complaints. My stock shocks on my 2000 Ford Excursion seemed OK when I pulled them off after 90k miles, but these seem better.
    229. Ryan L. Schick
      06 Dec, 2009
      I replaced all four shocks on my 2003 Silverado 2wd with these. They work great. The ride is a little tighter, which I like. These are smooth and predictible empty or loaded. I haven't had any problems with these even while towing my camper. I would/will buy these again.
    230. Hilary Palmer "Hil"
      30 Nov, 2009
      These shocks were a replacement of the failing factory shocks in my 2001 Tahoe. Install was just a simple bolt in. The first test drive I was a little concerned with the extra bounce back the springs added, but once I put a couple hundred miles on them they are smooth again. Have not been able to test the load assist springs yet, but once summer kicks in again we will see how the truck sits with the camper attached. Was able to test the emergency maneuvers capabilities due to a deer that ran in front of me. Truck stood it's ground without much leaning or tires squealing. So far I am happy with my purchase.
    231. R. Pitts
      21 Nov, 2009
      Great shocks. Huge difference over the OEM's. Parts were missing two out of the four sealed boxes though.
    232. gandalfirons "DIYer"
      25 Sep, 2009
      I ordered these for my 1998 Toyota Sienna which was riding pretty rough on bumps. AutoPartsWAY had free shipping and it arrived earlier than expected. Installation was really simple and took about 30 minutes for both sides. Most difficult part was reaching in the back to loosen the top nut; had to stretch. I have a much smoother ride now!
    233. Drew B. Stone "catalina"
      03 Sep, 2009
      Easy install, good solid quality, fit perfectly, made a huge improvement.I installed them on my 1965 Pontiac Catalina Convertible, they improved the ride, and gave the car the stance that I wanted it to have.
    234. J. Vines
      31 Aug, 2009
      Being only 17, i've never replaced shocks I just used basic common sense and a couple hours later my classic car was raised a couple of inches with these air shocks. I love them, one side of the car was sagging then I filled em up with 80 psi and it raised right up and they feel great. It came with everything in the picture the only thing different was that instead of white they were black... not that it matters for me, they were still Monroes. 5/5* [=
    235. J. Hall
      04 Apr, 2009
      I purchased the Monroe Sensa-Trac Shock Absorbers for my Jeep Grand Cherokee. My son, a machanic, recommended Monroe Sensa-Trac because he liked to use them for all his customers because they are reliable. I checked the Monroe web site and found that they make 3 versions of the Monroe shocks for my jeep. An economy version, a street version, and heavy version for off-road. I chose the street version Sensa-Trac (front # 37161 & BACK # 37162) because that's how I drive the most and the price was good (low $40 range). I found them a good buy and easy to put on the Jeep. This is a good shock to purchase. Check around for the best price.
    236. John E. Christopher
      19 Mar, 2009
      I installed these in no time with the parts included. They came with everything you would ever need to install them. Great product does exactly what I needed them to do. Would recommend them to anyone. AutoPartsWAY is a great place to buy. I would have never though to look here for the shocks but I did a google search and here they where at a great price. Thumbs up to AutoPartsWAY again for fast excellent service.
    237. Jake
      07 Oct, 2008
      Good shocks for my 2500 HD, the ride is better, but they do not hold up to a load. The rear end will drop more than with the old wornout blistens. Great shock if you will not be hauling a load. Improves the ride making it smoother and softer, but with the softer rides comes less hauling. Should have purchased a HD shock for the load.Too bad they do not make a soft riding shock that can hanlde a load. But great if not hauling very often.Jake
    238. br
      18 Aug, 2008
      they installed fairly easily on my extended 2002 pontiac montana.the OEM airlines connected without modification.they're slightly smaller in diameter than the OEM, but that might be a good thing. i discovered that my pass-side brake line was rubbing the rubber boot (which was probably the reason the compressor ran so much).there was no airline kit included, even it's mentioned in the description.
    239. M. Ripepi "Rip"
      16 Aug, 2008
      Purchased shocks for 2002 Olds Silo. They worked great. These replacements we're slightly smaller in diameter than originals. However, they work fine.
    240. J. Gross
      16 Jun, 2008
      This part is the exact replacement for the OEM shocks. The dealer quoted me almost $700 to replace the shocks. With a little help from a friend, was able to install these in about half an hour. Now the van levels off like it's supposed to and it rides great. The web description says the hoses and fittings are included; they're not, but didn't need them anyway.
    241. J. Cox Jr.
      19 May, 2008
      01-08-2014Just recently found out that when I put the shocks on, I had turned the washers to the inside. The washers, according to the mechanic, should poit to the outside. News to me, but the guy is pretty reputableDisappointed in quality of shock. Mainly because it is made in USA and I expected better quality assurance. Also, there were sharp edges, so be careful when handling. Seems Monroe decided to make their grommets look like the original washer, so they did not include metal washers that contact frame. What I mean by that is that the upper grommets should have been sandwiched between two washers. Now the upper gromments contact right into the frame instead of sitting on another metal washer.
    242. Frank M. Centa "FMCenta"
      09 May, 2008
      Outstanding buy. They were easily installed in about 45 minutes. My S10 rides a lot better especially under load. Highly recommend this product.
    243. Steven Foat
      20 Jan, 2008
      Perfect fit for a 1989 Jeep Cherokee. Easy installation with just a few tools. Greatly improved handling in normal driving. Off road use is better but I would recommend other shocks for that purpose. I don't go off road much anyway.
    244. Your friend "Wal"
      10 Jul, 2007
      I have over 80K miles on front and rear Gas Magnums on a Dodge B150 work van. They rusted up quickly but after 7 years the brown hulks have not broken or leaked and still operate. The OEM Dodge shocks were leaking at 25K. I'm a KYB person by birth but they rust up just as fast. A Good replacement shock.
    245. Smart Shopper
      16 Mar, 2007
      Works well in most conditions. Allows a little more vibration of the back than I'd like when bed empty, but a large improvement over factory shocks.