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Fel-Pro is the automotive industry's leading brand of premium replacement engine gaskets and seals and when it comes to sealing solutions for vehicle engine repair, leak repair or system specific repair for car and light and medium-duty truck applications, Fel-Pro is the brand you go to. Fel-Pro gaskets are designed by engineers dedicated to replacement products and sealing solutions for the repair environment who engineer Fel-Pro gaskets to address the unique characteristics of each application. Fel-Pro is a leader in the current leading-edge technology in sealing today's lightweight engine castings with a long-term, leak-proof seal with multi-layer steel (MLS) head gasket design. The latest MLS designs include Fel-Pro's exclusive PermaTorque MLS with LaserWeld technology that delivers a stronger, more reliable seal for a higher quality engine repair.
FelPro's most popular gaskets are the ever popular cylinder head gaskets and cylinder head gasket sets, intake manifold gaskets and value cover gaskets, and oil pan gaskets as well as dozens of other different gaskets found in and around the engine and drivetrain of the vehicle. FelPro's camshaft and crank shaft seals, as well as their valve stem seals are also quite popular.
Fel-Pro is a natural fit to go along with Sealed Power Engine Components, both of which are a part of the Federal Mogul family of auto parts.

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