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The Flowtech industry manufactures exhaust products with a much better quality for the optimum performance . The Flowtech headers feature the latest and the most durable innovation and design which include the mandrel-bent tubing and the CNC-formed flanges. It has a fully welded seam and corrosion-resistant muffler for ensured longevity and toughness. The Flowtech brand has developed several header configurations that will fit different types of vehicles.

These are the smog legal shorty, the full length, the block hugger for tight spaces, and the newest innovative afterburner header that produces more power and torque for your auto. The Flowtech engineering also promotes fuel economy. These headers come with all the bolts, nuts, gaskets, and hardware for a more convenient installation procedure. The Flowtech stainless steel muffler is a more conventional high low, moderate noise muffler.

It helps to greatly regulate the tone of power in your vehicle and greatly contributes to the operation of the entire exhaust system. It features welded cases, aluminized materials, and enormous tubes, all are guaranteed of best performance by the Flowtech brand. Technically, as the Flowtech headers and the other exhaust components are important in the performance of your vehicle, they should be periodically inspected to keep your car safe. Keep in mind that carbon monoxide is a deadly substance and must not enter the interior part of your vehicle. This may happen as a result of a broken exhaust system. There may be leaks due to cracks and rust from the main frame of the exhaust. Symptoms like these will call for a new replacement to avoid any further damage and inconveniences on your part.

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