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Koyo is a Japanese company established in 1956 as Ejiri Radiator in Nagoya, Japan as a radiator repair shop. Just years later, Ejiri Radiator was established as a radiator and oil cooler factory in Nagoya. Koyo then separated their production facilities from their repair facilities and began manufacturing automotive radiators. By 1970, Ejiri Radiator was renamed to Koyo Radiator Manufacturing and began expanding to branches all over Japan. Koyo quickly developed into an industry leading Aftermarket Radiator Supplier worldwide.

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Cooling System

Radiators, Coolers and Related Components

Radiators, Coolers and Related Components

Driveline and Axles

Hubs and Related Components

Service Kits

Engine Parts

Heating, Ventilating, & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

A/C Condenser and Evaporator

A/C Condenser and Evaporator

Transmission and Transaxle - Automatic