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Originally known as Per-Lux, the company was founded in 1962, primarily a manufacturer of driving and fog lights for the heavy-duty market (big rig trucks).

In the early 70's, an engineer came up with the idea of an electronic ignition system that would replace the points and condenser in distributors. The Ignitor® was born and after patenting the product, Per-Lux started manufacturing systems with emphasis on the lift truck and industrial engine markets. The product gained wide acceptance with fleet managers who came to realize the dramatic improvement in reliability and reduced maintenance cost whether they were responsible for delivery trucks, school buses or generator/industrial engines.

Only a few automotive applications were available in those early years, but automotive enthusiasts began using the Ignitor for the superior performance it offered. Utilizing the Ignitor technology, complete electronic distributors were developed in 1985 for a variety of industrial and agricultural engines. Wis-Con, a major original equipment engine manufacturer, counts as a customer.

In early 1990, Per-Lux sold their lighting division and the management team lead by Tom Reh, the company's Chief Financial Officer, acquired the ignition division. The name change in 1991 to PerTronix signaled the company's total commitment to the ignition business. With the tremendous growth in the automotive performance industry, PerTronix has shifted emphasis to their automotive product offering, adding over 80 applications in the last few years.

Substantial growth along with the addition of the Flame-Thrower coils and spark plug wire product lines made it necessary for PerTronix to expand production and relocate to a brand new 22,000 square foot custom manufacturing facility in 1997. By the end of 2006, the company's Ignitor kit sales exceeded 3,000,000 units.

PerTronix has greatly expanded their ignition offering over the last few years including the addition of the Ignitor III multi-spark Ignition control module, Flame-Thrower "Stock Look" distributors, are completely new (not remanufactured) with proprietary electronic components. These distributors are perfect for the person that wants that original look but also have the benefits of modern electronics.

From classic cars to forklift trucks, PerTronix continues to supply the performance that their customers deserve.

In August 2000, PerTronix completed the acquisition of Ermie Immerso Enterprises, a 30 year old exhaust products manufacturer and SEMA member since 1974.

Under the brand names Patriot Exhaust, Thunderbird Products and Smithy mufflers, PerTronix supplies the Street Rod, Volkswagen and Muscle Car markets with headers, mufflers, side pipes and do-it-yourself header components primarily through performance warehouse distributors.

In January 2005, Doug's Headers became part of the PerTronix Performance Brand and a welcome addition to their exhaust division helping expand their product line to include many new header applications for muscle cars, SUVS, trucks and motorhomes. The original Doug's Headers was located in Whittier, California and began producing quality headers in 1958. Doug's personal motto was "the customer should only have to install the headers, not remanufacture them to fit their vehicle." Doug's Riverside manufacturing facilities have been relocated and integrated to PerTronix's Mexico exhaust plant. Exhaust products distribution and product development has now been relocated to a new 40,000 square foot facility in Irwindale, California.

In December of 2008 PerTronix announced the addition of JBA Performance Exhaust to our growing family of exhaust brands.

JBA has been a cutting edge exhaust development and manufacturing company for over 22 years, leading the industry in header and exhaust product designs for late-model emissions controlled vehicles. Their famous Cat4ward® Headers with the patented JBA Firecone® merged collectors have set the standard for late model exhaust performance improvements by greatly improving the engine's volumetric efficiency.

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