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A/c Compressor in Canada

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When you are talking about automobile air conditioning, you are actually talking about a system. This system consists of components that all work together to cool the vehicle’s interior. An A/c Compressor is the most important component in the air conditioning system.

The A/c Compressor, condenser, evaporator, accumulator and orifice tube are the components that make up the air conditioning system in your vehicle. Each of these components are necessary to keep your car cool, but the A/c Compressor is often called the heart of the system as it is the most important component.

The A/c Compressor is a pump that is mechanical. This pump is driven by a belt that is attached to your engine. The A/c Compressor pumps refrigerant through your air conditioning system and absorbs the heat that builds inside the car.

Replacing the A/c Compressor is costly as it is part of a sealed system. When one part of the system breaks down you will typically need to replace other parts as well. All of the component works together which simply means they will all need to be cleaned or replaced if the air conditioning is not working properly in your vehicle.