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Air Mass Meter in Canada

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The Air Mass Meter may also be known as an air flow meter. Its purpose is to measure the weight of the air entering your engine. This information is needed in order to deliver the right amount of fuel to your engine.

Air Mass Meters actually increase your gas mileage by managing the way your engine responds to variables like altitude and humidity. Your Air Mass Meter is basically a plastic tube that is behind your airbox. Sensors inside the tube measure the air mass. There is a plug with electrical wires attached to it that actually sends the Air Mass Meter information to your car computer.

On some occasions the Air Mass Meter can become clogged and stop working. Even with an air filter, tiny particles of dust and pollen and other pollutants can build up inside the plastic tube over time rendering the sensors inoperable. This is a part that simply wasn't made to last forever.

Some places may say they can simply clean the sensors, but your best bet is to replace the tube completely. It is a relatively simple job and not very expensive to replace. You will notice a significant change in your gas mileage once the Air Mass Meter is replaced.