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Buick Alternator in Canada

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Much like a generator, your Buick Alternator produces electricity for your vehicle. Your battery supplies some electricity but the majority of the electrical mechanisms in your car require the power your Buick Alternator provides.

The Buick Alternator provides electricity to your cooling fan, radio, air conditioning, defroster, headlights and windshield wipers. When your Buick Alternator dies or malfunctions your car will still run directly off of your battery. However, not for long! Because of this it is often hard to tell when exactly the Buick Alternator has died. One clue that there may be an issues with the Buick Alternator is a harsh noise or if your headlights start acting strange, working one moment and then not working the next, basically being intermittent.

Make sure to check that the belts on the Buick Alternator have not cracked or if they are loose before replacing the Buick Alternator completely. Many times people replace the Buick Alternator when the issue was really just a cracked belt. Obviously replacing the belt would be much easier and less expensive fix.

Many places will give you the option of buying rebuilt Buick Alternator if yours does need to be replaced. This is a safe and less expensive option. Rebuilt Buick Alternators are usually very reliable and can save you a lot of money. .