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Axle Assembly in Canada

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Every car has an assembly of gears, rods and components that turn its wheels. This is what the Axle Assembly does in your vehicle. If you have a front wheel drive car, then you have the Axle Assembly for the front wheels. Conversely, if you have a real wheel drive, you have the Axle Assembly for the rear wheels and an all wheel drive or 4-wheel drive has it for all the wheels.

Your Axle Assembly turns as a result of the drive shaft and counter rotates the gears inside which causes your wheels to spin and turn. It is a sealed system and is bolted so that none of the components are exposed.

Problems can arise when dirt, grime and other oils or chemicals from the road contaminate the components inside the sealed Axle Assembly. This can corrode the gears. This usually occurs when you drive your car on rough terrain and your car was not designed for this kind of activity. It can also occur from bumpy city streets.

If you want to increase your car's performance there are after market performance axle assemblies available. These will allow your vehicle to have a stronger gear ratio, better response when shifting and more stability around corners. If you want a fast car this is a great option.