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Brake Pad Sensor in Canada

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Most of us are used to finding out our brake pads are worn and ready to be replaced by a loud screeching sound when we hit our brakes. We then know that it's time to get to the garage and change those brake pads. Times have changed however, and now we have the Brake Pad Sensor.

Your Brake Pad Sensor lets you know when your pads are worn and ready to be replaced. It is a U shaped cooper wire and it's located near brake pads in most vehicles. When your brake pads friction material gets down to 2 mm thick, your rotor cuts a small plastic sensor in half.

The Brake Pad Sensor is also connected to the dashboard. When the rotor cuts the sensor a light comes on and you can see it on your dashboard. Much like the low fuel light, or if your door isn't closed all the way, it's an indicator light letting you know that your brake pads need to be replaced.

Brake Pad Sensors can only be used once. After the pad has worn down and the rotor cuts the sensor obviously it will need to be replaced. This is easily taken care of when you have your pads changed.