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Brake Pads in Canada

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Replacing your Brake Pads when they get worn down is very important to the safety and function of your vehicle and brakes. You should replace them when necessary in order to avoid expensive damage to your brake system.

Your first clue that your Brake Pads need to be replaced will be a squealing sound when you hit your brake pedal. Usually when you are hearing this sound it means your Brake Pads are about 2 mm thick and need to be replaced quickly!

The fear is, if you wait too long and your pads wear down even further they will cause metal on metal which can do serious damage to the rest of your brake system. Worn down pads tend to wear grooves into your rotor. These grooves cause extensive damage to the rotor and will cause you to have to replace not just the pads, but the rotor as well.

Replacing Brake Pads is relatively inexpensive, while replacing a rotor is quite costly. Save yourself a lot of money and grief by getting your Brake Pads replaced the moment you hear them start to squeal. Most back yard mechanics can quickly and easily change your pads for you.