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Brake Rotor in Canada

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The Brake Rotor is what brake pads grab onto to stop your car. It is a disc that has brake calipers that hold the brake pads on both sides of the Brake Rotor. When you step on the brake pedal inside your car, fluid is sent to the calipers, which causes hydraulic pressure to squeeze your Brake Rotor in between the pads. This literally causes your car to stop.

A good way to know it is time to have your Brake Rotor looked at is when your car starts to shimmy or vibrate when you hit the brakes. This is a sure sign that your Brake Rotor is warped. Basically this means there is an uneven spot on the Brake Rotor due to worn out pad that grind on the rotor. They wear a grove into the Brake Rotor that will need to be repaired.

Sometimes the rotor can be shaved in order to even it out, but this really depends upon how deep the grooves are. Each rotor has to remain a certain thickness (noted right on the rotor) and if shaving it will cause the thickness to fall below this number, you will need to replace the Brake Rotor completely. This is why you should always have your brake pads changed as soon as they start to show wear.