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Bug Shield in Canada

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Todays Bug Shield is multi functional. it certainly keeps the bugs off of your windshield but it does much more than that! Today your Bug Shield protects your vehicle and decreases wind resistance.

We have all had that awful experience of driving down the road and having bugs splatter all over our windshields. We turn on the wipers only to smear them even worse. It can actually be a real hazard as they can limit your visibility. This is the reason Bug Shields were created. It does a great job sending bugs up and over the roof of your car, keeping your windshield nice and clear. This also saves wear and tear on your windshield wipers!

In addition to being great at deflecting those pesky bugs, the Bug Shield also saves your paint job by preventing those little stones, freshly laid tar and other debris tossed up by passing cars from hitting your hood and windshield. This is especially dangerous if you travel highways on a consistent basis.

You can now get Bug Shields in clear and smoked colors to actually enhance the look of your car. They wrap completely around the front edge of the hood of your car keeping your hood and fender safe and looking wonderful.