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Clutch Kit in Canada

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When you are driving a manual transmission vehicle the clutch is what allows your car to switch gears. Your clutch is crucial to the operation of your vehicle. Today, you can purchase Clutch Kits should you run into any trouble when you try to shift gears.

The Clutch Kit usually comes standard with a clutch pressure plate, a clutch friction plate, a throw-out bearing, a pilot bushing and a clutch alignment device. Each of these things work together to make sure you are able to shift gears smoothly and keep your transmission running correctly.

When you push the clutch pedal and hear a clunking sound, it's time to check out your clutch. Ignoring this sound could end up destroying your transmission. Strange sounds or sensations when shifting should never be dismissed.

You can find standard Clutch Kits as well as performance kits depending upon your specific needs. Having a reliable clutch is of major importance to a manual transmission vehicle. You can check online for pricing based upon your specific car. Depending upon your particular vehicle model, the Clutch Kit you need may come with additional items. Make sure to shop around as pricing does vary greatly. You can also find easy to follow instructions on how to replace your clutch yourself!