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Lexus Control Arm in Canada

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If you have a SUV or a truck odds are you have an upper and lower Lexus Control Arm. For cars with front wheel drive you may have a lower Lexus Control Arm if you are using struts instead of shocks. The Lexus Control Arm is usually a V shaped part that attaches to the front wheel of your car to the support frame. For SUV's and trucks the top V is bolted to the frame on a lower arm, while the bottom of the V is attached to the lower ball joint.

Over time you may experience some deterioration in the bushings of the Lexus Control Arm. You may hear loud knocking or clunking sounds when you go over a bump, or are driving at higher speeds. This may mean your bushings have become out of round. This is often due to exposure to environmental elements.

If you feel excessive play in the wheel while driving, this could be due to the ball joint that is connected to the Lexus Control Arm. If you experience any of these situations you should have your vehicle checked out. Never ignore strange knocking or clunking sounds. Your Lexus Control Arm is vital to the operation of your vehicle and should be treated as such.