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The Distributor is a crucial part of the ignition system. In internal combustion engines your Distributor routes electrical current from the ignition coil to spark plugs. This allocates an electrical charge that goes to each spark plug and allows them to fire in the right order at the right time.

Although Distributors were built to last for years, they will not last forever. Eventually they will misfire or fail completely. One of the common problems with Distributors is electrical over-arcing. This causes damage which could be as simple as replacing the rotor or cap. However, if the entire unit is damaged you will need to replace the entire Distributor as quickly as possible.

Faulty Distributor will prevent your car from starting. Make sure you have your mechanic check our cap and rotor when diagnosing why your car won't start. Keep in mind that checking your Distributor cap and rotor are not typically part of a standard tune up.

Make sure when you replace your Distributor that you get one that has the exact same specs as your old unit. This will ensure that it will work perfectly with your engine. You should also look for Distributors that come with a product warranty.