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Bertone Distributor Cap in Canada

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Your Bertone Distributor Cap is a plastic part that eventually will become defective due to heat and vibration. It could break or crack, and if the housing is intact, you could have carbon deposits and eroded medal terminals causing your Bertone Distributor Cap failure.

Some ways to know that your Bertone Distributor Cap is failing include hard starting in cold weather, stalling, backfiring and knocking or pinging. You should check your cap externally for cracks or breaks as well as gray carbon tracks. Once you remove the cap you can look inside for deposits or worn terminals and other signs of corrosion.

The Bertone Distributor Cap can be located in different spots depending upon your particular vehicle model. Consult your owners manual for the specific location of your cap. Once you locate the cap, if it needs to be replaced, remove the cap and transfer the plug wires one at a time to the new cap. Some caps also house the ignition coil which will require a few more steps to replace.

With your owners manual it is pretty simple to change your own cap. This can save you a lot of money in labor charges from your local garage. Your engine will appreciate the change and run smoother with improved gas mileage as well.

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