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Distributor Rotor in Canada

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The Distributor Rotor distributes the spark from the coil to the spark plugs in your car. It does so in the correct order and time which allows your car to start. The rotor is a part of the distributor and it is found under the distributor cap.

When considering vehicle maintenance, one should have the distributor examined, the cap and the Distributor Rotor whenever you have your car tuned up. Over time the heat and high voltage can take a toll and cause the Distributor Rotor to be ineffective.

When your car has trouble starting, experiences backfiring or you hear pinging or knocking it is time to check your distributor cap and rotor. Continuing to drive your car when your Distributor Rotor or cap is ineffective will do more harm than good to your ignition system.

Often times you will find that the cap is cracked or broken. In this case the odds are good that there will be carbon buildup on the rotor as well. Replacing your Distributor Rotor can be done on your own with the use of your vehicles owner manual. You can save yourself a lot of time and money as long as you follow the manual and make sure to get the right distributor for your particular vehicle make and model.