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Engine Mount in Canada

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Your Engine Mounts can also be called motor mounts. They are used to connect your car engine to the frame of your car. The number of Engine Mounts may vary depending upon the type of engine and vehicle model. The Engine Mounts used to be just metal and rubber, today they are much more complex and varied.

If while stopped you feel the engine shaking, or when you accelerate you feel the engine clunk and shudder, it's a good possibility that your motor mounts need to be tightened, replaced or at the very least checked out.

Today mounts have interlocking steel fingers that limit movement even if the rubber has worn away. Newer models now have hydraulics that use fluid forced between the chambers at the top and bottom of the mount to allow for the engine shake. These fail more often due to a loss of fluid. When the new hydraulic Engine Mounts fail you will see a more sudden and pronounced clunking than what you normally see when the older style rubber mounts begin to fail.

The Engine Mounts are not easy to check or to replace. Remember these mounts actually hold your engine in place. Typically you will need a mechanic with a fully functioning garage and tools to replace an Engine Mount.