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Fog Lights in Canada

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The Fog Lights are a special lights mounted to help with visibility in foggy, snowy or misty conditions. They come in many colors although we typically see them in yellow. Virtually all cars have them as they can be crucial to navigating through poor weather.

Many people have these lights mounted on the rear of their cars. This is to assist other drivers in seeing you when the weather is bad. Suppose you are driving during a snowstorm and you are having difficulty even seeing if there is a car ahead of you. The cars behind you have the same issue. Using rear lights allows the cars behind you to see that you are there and to be able to slow down and keep a safe distance from you.

The front Fog Lights should also only be used during inclement weather. Using your Fog Lights when they are not necessary can be very distracting and dangerous to other motorists. Common sense should prevail. Refrain from using your Fog Lights unless you really are having difficulty seeing due to fog, snow, rain or misty conditions.

The Fog Lights are there to increase your safety. Using them when they are not necessary can actually put other drivers at risk.