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Fuel Filter in Canada

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The Fuel Filter does exactly what it says; it acts as a filter to prevent debris and dirt particles that may be in your fuel from reaching your engine. It is an important filter and needs to be changed every year or so, more often if you live in a high pollution area.

Some ways to know if your Fuel Filter is clogged include problems starting your car, and your car stalling. Fuel needs to reach the engine in order for it to start and to continue to run. If your filter is clogged the fuel cannot reach the engine therefore the engine will not run. Even a small blockage can impact your car performance.

Sometimes you can unexpectedly buy dirty gasoline. This can cause your Fuel Filter to get clogged much quicker than normal. It is recommended to fuel up at the same place as often as possible, thereby reducing the risk of getting dirty gas from an obscure gas station.

Changing your Fuel Filter can increase your gas mileage and increase your car performance. Even if you do not notice any difference in your car's performance, you should have the filter changed when you get a tune up. You should consider changing it more often if you drive more than the average person.