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Mazda Fuel Pump in Canada

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Typically your gas tank is located on the opposite end of your car than the engine. The Mazda Fuel Pump actually draws the fuel from the tank to the engine. There are two kinds of Mazda Fuel Pumps, the mechanical pump, for cars with carburetors and electric pumps used in cars with electronic fuel injection.

Newer car models use electric Mazda Fuel Pumps as electronic fuel injection is the norm in todays world. The Mazda Fuel Pump does not use a vacuum therefore it is located inside or next to the fuel tank itself. The pump is electronic, hence it is controlled electronically.

It is quite common for your Mazda Fuel Pump to fail. If your pump fails your car will feel as if it is out of gas, even if you have a full tank. Obviously if the pump isn't pumping the fuel to the engine the engine will not run.

Replacing your Mazda Fuel Pump can be difficult depending upon where it is located, inside or next to the gas tank. In some cases the fuel has to be drained from the tank and the tank has to be removed in order to reach the pump itself. Other cars actually have an access panel in the trunk or rear of the car for easier access.