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Ignition Wire in Canada

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A car requires three basic things in order to run correctly; air, fuel and spark. The Ignition Wire actually transmits electricity from your distributor to your spark plugs which provide the spark to start the car.

Ignition Wires will degrade over time and should be replaced, on average every 60,000 miles. As the Ignition Wires are responsible for transmitting electrical current from distributor to the spark plugs, if one or more of the wires is bad it will inhibit the flow of electrical current. This will cause a rough erratic engine idle.

You can also tell when your Ignition Wire is bad if your car hesitates when you accelerate. Ignition Wires can degrade internally or develop cracks and breaks in their outer coverings that can cause electrical inference. You may also notice your engine surging which is a common symptom of bad spark plug/Ignition Wires.

Typically these wires are replaced during a tune up as standard procedure. You can however, change them yourself. There are many sites online today that can walk you through the process using easy to understand terms and pictures. Check your owners manual for your particular car to get detailed information on your specific engine needs.