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Oil Filter in Canada

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An engine requires lubrication in order to run effectively and efficiently. The lubrication used in automobiles is oil. An oil pump circulates the oil through the working parts of the engine to keep them lubricated. Your Oil Filter protects the engine by filtering out debris and particles in the oil before they can reach the engine.

There are many varieties of Oil Filters available today. The standard filter is usually sufficient as long as you replace it every 3,000 miles or 3 months, whichever comes first. Beware of filters that include Teflon in the filter itself. Teflon is a semi-solid substance and therefore has the ability to clog small oil passages throughout your engine. There are Oil Filters that use Teflon in the gasket, and those are fine.

Changing your Oil Filter every 3,000 miles is important in order to avoid excessive clogs. A clogged filter will prevent oil from lubricating your engine which in turn will cause serious damage to your engine. Typically when you take your car in for its scheduled oil change, the mechanic will change your filter automatically, just be sure to verify this the next time you bring your car in.