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Tail Pipe in Canada

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The Tail Pipe is also referred to as an exhaust pipe. It is the pipe through which exhaust gases are discharged from your engine. The Tail Pipe is an extension of the muffler.

When a car cylinders move up and down, they suck fuel and air in while pushing exhaust gases out. Your Tail Pipe is very important because if it was blocked, the exhaust wouldn't escape and would stay in the cylinders. This would prevent fresh air and fuel from being able to enter the cylinders. This in turn would cause the engine to literally stop breathing and would cause your car to simply stop running.

As the muffler works to minimize the noise from your engine, the Tail Pipe finishes the job by releasing the exhaust. They work hand in hand. Tail Pipes are typically inexpensive to replace and can be found in any auto supply store. They do tend to rust or erode due to exposure to heat and the elements of weather.

If your Tail Pipe cracks or erodes you will know. You will literally smell the exhaust coming into your vehicle. This is very dangerous to your health and should be addressed immediately.