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Tie Rod End in Canada

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The tie rod transmits force from the steering center or rack gear to the steering knuckle. This actually causes the wheels to turn. Your Tie Rod End allows the tie rod to be adjustable. This is used when setting the tire's alignment.

Tie Rod Ends are threaded and then passed through drilled holes and retained by nuts that are screwed on. Tie rod placement impacts your wheel alignment. A worn tie rod can cause erratic steering, excessive wear on your tires and wandering.

You should have your steering and suspension systems checked at least once a year. When you do this you should also get a complete wheel alignment performed. If your tie rods need to be replaced you will need a new wheel alignment as well. You should also have your Tie Rod Ends greased each time you have your oil changed. If they get dry the will wear out much sooner than you realize.

If you don't take care of your tie rods and the rod ends you will not be able to steer your vehicle. A little prevention can go a long way when it comes to safety while driving your vehicle.