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Turn Signal Switch in Canada

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The Turn Signal Switch allows the driver to turn on or off the left or right turn signal lights. These are indicator lights that are universally standard on vehicles. These lights allow other drivers to know when you are going to be making a turn, thereby preventing confusion and accidents.

Depending on the model of your vehicle the Turn Signal Switch could be located on the same arm as your windshield wiper controls. Other models have the high beam switch on the same arm as the signal switch. Check your owners manual for the exact location of your Turn Signal Switch.

It is a law in almost every state that drivers use turn signals before making a turn. Additionally, drivers are required to use the signal switch to indicate that they are changing lanes on the road. This allows other drivers advance notice that you will be merging into a new lane or slowing down to make a turn.

It is not only a law, but should be considered a common courtesy to other drivers. Part of being a safe driver is being able to utilize the tools (such as your Turn Signal Switch) to keep surrounding vehicles informed of our intentions on the road.