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Valve Cover Gasket in Canada

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The Valve Cover Gasket is located at the top of the motor. It is the protective cover over the valves and rocker arms at the top of the engine. The valve covers are bolted to the top of the engine and a large gasket made of rubber or cork that seals the cover to the engine.

If you have a high mileage car you may see seepage but that is not a reason to replace them just yet. Some seepage is going to happen over time. Oil will seep out and you will see it as it accumulates in the valve cover. You should keep an eye on it though.

You will know it is time to replace your Valve Cover Gasket when you start to actually see leaking, where it is actually dripping on to the ground below your car. At that point you will need to replace it. It is relatively inexpensive plus regular oil and filter changes help to prevent oil leaks. Although replacing the gasket may not be really expensive, your engine can be seriously damaged by oil leaks and this can be extremely costly! Maintenance is your best way to avoid this type of costly repair.