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Wheel Hub Assembly in Canada

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The Wheel Hub Assembly is a sealed system. You will know if you Wheel Hub Assembly needs to be replaced once you hear noises such as squeaks or moans in your tires when you are driving. Also the car may pull to one side when you hit the brake pedal. If you need to replace your Wheel Hub Assembly, you will need to replace the entire unit as it cannot be disassembled.

The average life span of the assembly is 85,000 to 100,000 miles. If you keep your car for a long time you will inevitably end up having to replace it at some point. Even if you don't get it inspected, a faulty assembly may be found during a routine brake job or during a wheel alignment.

Your Wheel Hub Assembly failure can be very dangerous as it may cause the wheel to actually separate from the vehicle or cause you to lose control of the steering. If you hear a grinding sound when turning you should have your wheel assembly checked out immediately.

Replacing the Wheel Hub Assembly really isn't very complicated, but it can certainly save your life! Have it checked out if you suspect any issues.