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Wiper Motor in Canada

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In order for your windshield wipers to work on your car, two mechanical technologies are at work. It is a combination of an electric motor and a worm gear. These two mechanical technologies work together thanks to the electronic circuit that is inside the Wiper Motor.

The circuit senses when the wipers are in the down position. The circuit provides power to the wipers until they are completely in the down position and then the power is stopped in the motor. This circuit also parks the wipers between swipes while in the intermittent setting.

Whether your wipers are on low or high speed the Wiper Motor runs continuously, even when they are on the intermittent setting. Windshield Wiper Motors are designed to make the wipers swipe your windshield 1.5 million times before wearing out.

It takes a lot of force to move the wiper blades across your windshield so quickly. The way it all works together is the worm gear multiplies the torque of the Wiper Motor. Then the output of the gear operates a linkage that actually moves your wipers back and forth.

Windshield wipers are crucial to being able to drive your vehicle safely during inclement weather.