1968 Chevrolet Corvette Electric Fuel Pump 8 Cyl 7.0L Carter

  • The Carter Fuel Systems program features unique innovation and solutions by offering premium OE fit, form, and function as well as exceptional vehicle coverage and exclusive problem-solving features.
This Part Fits the Following OEM/Substitute Numbers:
B0238E, E16470, E3542556, E84600, EFP362, SP8117

Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Block CC Engine CID
1968 Chevrolet Corvette V 6998 8 Cyl 7.0L 427
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$278.99 CAD
$334.79 CAD
Brand Carter
Part # C44P4600HP
Condition New
Warehouse B


  • Fuel Pump - Electric In Line
  • ; w/Quadra-Jet Carb., May Be Used As Mechanical Fuel Pump Replacement
  • Carter Fuel Pumps are an Original Equipment fit and form proven to save time and effort with quality and durability. Every product throughout the entire Carter fuel system line of fuel pumps and accessories is an original equipment replacement that meets or exceeds the original equipment, especially since Carter is the original equipment on a number of makes and models. Carter fuel pumps are manufactured in the USA and TS 16949 certified, which is the latest in OE quality certification.
    Carter's most popular product, of course, is the complete fuel pump module assembly, but they have hundreds of old-school mechanical fuel pumps, electric fuel pumps and fuel pump kits that come with strainers, as well as different fuel pump parts like push rods, wiring harnesses and repair kits.
    Carter Fuel Delivery is a part of the Federal Mogul family of auto parts.


    Negative Ground
    Mounting Hardware Included
    Fuel Type
    • Diesel
    • Gas
    Pump Type
    Fuel Sending Unit Included
    Pump Design
    Rotary Vane
    Connector Shape
    Outlet Outside Diameter
    Terminal Quantity
    Mounting Bracket Included
    Seal And Lock Ring Included
    Wiring Harness Included
    Terminal Type
    Terminal Gender
    Inlet Outside Diameter
    Regulator Included
    Outlet Fitting Thread Size
    3/8 - 18 Npsf
    Strainer Included
    Wire Quantity


    bar code
    package quantity
    6.37 in
    4.56 in
    3.62 in
    3.50 lb
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    1. Mister mechanic
      01 Dec, 2014
      I've used these pumps for years (Duh) and have found that when they work, they're great, but they seem to have erratic life spans.It's a really good idea to mount them for easy access and carry a spare.
    2. Kent Curtis
      04 Oct, 2014
      Works perfect on a 2006 machZ 1000sdi
    3. Bpollitz
      25 Mar, 2014
      I put this fuel pump on a 84 dodge pickup with a slightly built 360 motor and a edlebrock 650 carb, mounted on the frame rail with the included mounting bracket under the bed of the truck. it seems to be working great, no complaints for fuel delivery. But at idle i can hear this over the sound of the engine and the 3 inch glass pack exhaust. i have had several people ask what the noise is when i start it or pull into a parking spot. once im cruising you can no longer hear it do to road noise, exhaust and engine rmp. This truck is more of a hunting/ offroad truck so the noise does not bother me, but if you're putting this on a daily driver that sees a lot of stop and go traffic it may be a little noisier than you would like. performance wise i reccomend this fuel pump, noise wise be prepared to hear it.
    4. D. R.
      10 Jul, 2013
      Quiet (for an electric pump) and performs like it ought to. After going through two Holley Reds in a little over 2 years, it was time to look elsewhere. I have a Carter electric on another vehicle that is equally quiet and dependable, so I made the switch, and so far, so good. An added bonus is that the Carter is a little cheaper.
    5. Bruceg
      12 Jun, 2013
      Would be nice if that[24 volt] was in the info doesn't work for automotive this information should be listed with the description.
    6. JBB
      20 Mar, 2013
      Silent extremely good flowing pump. I used it as a diesel lift pump for a 1995 Chevy diesel, but it put out too much PSI for my use. Didn't know that the maximum amount of pressure for the injector pump was 10PSI. It can be used if a 10 ohm resistor is put in line.
    7. Tom Connor "Pilot"
      03 Mar, 2013
      Update 24 sept 13: I finally got around to using the pump to transfer fuel from barrels to an aircraft. The 1.2 gpm flow rate is a bit leisurely for a 50 gallon transfer, but better control than the 30 gpm mess I experienced with pumps designed for truck-mounted tanks that have real gas-station hoses and nozzle.The pump came with two brass 3/8" hose barbs that thread into the pump.The electrical connectors are just un-threaded studs, so you must use their proprietary push-on connectors, which are included with a retaining clip. Lose any of it and you are dead in the water.TomFrom various places on the web and the installation manual I found that the Carter P4070 pump specs are: Free Flow Rate: 72 gphMaximum Pressure (psi): 6 psiInlet Size: 1/4 in. NPTInlet Quantity: OneInlet Attachment: Female threadsOutlet Size: 1/4 in. NPTOutlet Quantity: OneOutlet Attachment: Female threads...
    8. scott vanderspool
      09 Jan, 2013
      I would recomend this fuel pump for a muscle car or any car that does not need a high pressure pump it is great for the price & is not very noisy.
    9. Brian P.
      29 Oct, 2012
      Installed in a 1984 E350 based motorhome. The old Holley gave up on a trip and after getting towed to The Ford dealer in Roswell,New Mexico I requested a similar pump. Instead they left the old pump connected and installed a small additional pump for $500. Guess what? Didn't work. Finally got home and ordered this pump, installed it in an hour (took longer to drill the frame and mount the bracket). The 4 barrel carb fueled 460 cu in engine has never run better. Need a pump for a big block? I highly recommend this one to get the job done.
    10. Daveh
      03 Jun, 2012
      Great pump, also came with all new fittings and mount. Made in the USA. Great customer service as well. It was nice to be able to call and talk to a person here in the states.
    11. David
      02 Jun, 2012
      As the description for this pump is sorely lacking here ya go. Pump is actually 24v and has 3/8 diameter fuel line connections. Other than that, its a nice pump.
    12. Rotor Wash
      20 Apr, 2012
      I bought this fuel punp for my street rod project that won't be running for some time... at my pace, but needed it now to fit to the frame as I progress. The pump is made in the USA. It's not, Cheap Chinese Communist Conscripted Child Cruelty Conflicting Capitalism Crap.What isn't shown is the mounting package that comes with the pump that includes the mounting btacket, vibration isolators, fittings, hadrware and wire leads. The pump, bracket and hardware are zinc dichromate plated which I prefer. I don't like chrome. Chrome is for fire trucks and low-performance motorcycles.
    13. jjln50
      01 Nov, 2011
      Replaced a mechanical pump on a 1979 dodge 440 motor home. Installed where the old pump connections are. 1/2 hour install and never started and ran so good. Did not use a pressure regulator. VERY HAPPY !
    14. B. Hayes
      01 Oct, 2010
      Had installed a new fuel pump last winter from kubota for their 3 cylinder gas engine on an old cub cadet tractor which cost more than $180. It lasted less than 2 months of lite use before quitting. I purchased this Carter P60504 pump, which has a 1 year warranty and it has been working superbly since, at a cost from AutoPartsWAY of under $60. I am very pleased with it, and since it is made by Carter, it has a good chance of working for a very long time. I would highly recommend it for any old engine that was designed for 3 PSI fuel pressure.
    15. G. WILLIAMS
      10 Aug, 2010
      This is a great electric fuel pump for your daily driver or high performance street machine using a carburetor. This pump has been around since the early 60's. I have had one on my 65 GTO for over 10 years now without any problems. I also have one on my 78 Ford Ranchero and have had zero problems with that one. Just make sure you mount the pump in the rear below gas tank level. You will NOT need a fuel pressure regulator with this pump. It does make a little noise but at least you will know that it is working and once the engine is running you will not hear it! Great price with free AutoPartsWAY shipping.
    16. Car Buff
      07 Nov, 2009
      I purchased this pump to replace a Wellbro unit that had failed on my '64 Pontiac. The Wellbro was noisy and difficult to install. The Carter is quiet and came with everything I needed to get it in and pumping. A great unit for the price.
    17. "Tom" Sawyer "vintage car restorer"
      16 May, 2009
      I needed a reliable low pressure pump for a vintage car. The new alcohol additive in gasoline is causing many vapor lock problems in older, carburated cars. I run a restoration shop and have used Carter products for a long time now. Having tried all the other brands, Carter is my pump of choice. This pump is exceptionally quiet, as well as having very stable pressure. Many pumps will vary pressure widely with temperature changes. This one doesn't seem to do that. If you need a 4lb pressure fuel pump, buy this one from AutoPartsWAY. I couldn't beat the price from any of my other suppliers. Avoid the cheaper pumps, you won't be happy with them. This one will run well for a long time.