2000 Ford Taurus Fuel Line Connector Dorman

  • Features:
    • Direct replacement - these fuel line connectors fit and function like the vehicle's original equipment connectors for reliable, leak-free performance
    • Quality construction - manufactured from premium materials for a long service life
    • Saves money - replace only the part, not the entire assembly
    • Excellent value - original equipment quality at a lower price
  • Replace only the damaged connectors instead of the entire fuel line with these direct-replacement fuel line connectors. Designed for easy installation and a precise fit, they are engineered to withstand extreme underhood conditions.
This Part Fits the Following OEM/Substitute Numbers:
3071, 3071K, E5TZ9291AF

Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Fuel Type
2000 Ford Taurus GAS
2 In Stock
Best Price:

$38.22 CAD
$45.86 CAD
Brand Dorman
Part # D18800-052
Condition New
Warehouse B


  • 3/8 In. Quick Connector, Straight with 18 In. of 3/8 In. Nylon Tube and a Union
  • Nylon Straight 3/8 x 3/8 Inlet Package Quantity: 1 Packaging Type: Bag
  • Dorman Products is one of the most versatile, innovative and interesting manufacturers in the automotive aftermarket as their strength comes in providing the auto parts and equipment that you need, are hard to find, or otherwise previously known as "dealer only". Dorman specializes in the a lot of the basic parts and tools any mechanic or do-it-yourselfer needs, like screws and bolts of all styles and shapes, including specialty automotive parts. Dorman also focuses on providing original equipment replicated parts that strictly adhere to OEM specifications, but usually go to improve durability and/or performance by using better materials or enhancing design. For nearly 100 years Dorman has been filling the needs of the auto parts world.
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    Fitting Size End 2 (in)
    3/8 In; 1/2 In; 5/8 In; 3/4 In; 1 In
    Fuel Line Connector Design
    Quick Disconnect
    Gasket Material
    Package Contents
    1 Fuel Line Repair Kit
    Fitting Size End 1 (in)
    3/8 In; 1/2 In; 5/8 In; 3/4 In; 1 In
    Fitting Attachment End Type 2
    Fitting Attachment End Type 1
    Quick Disconnect


    package quantity
    0.09 lb
    Information on technical characteristics, the delivery set, the country of manufacture and the appearance of the goods is for reference only and is based on the latest information available at the time of publication.
    1. deano of baja
      03 May, 2015
      good product
    2. riopowel
      29 Apr, 2015
      Part worked well, shipping took forever.
    3. Aroundthehouse
      19 Apr, 2015
      Good fit for replacement of OEM connector
    4. Lenny
      28 Mar, 2015
      arrived on time works fine,,,be careful when ordering size
    5. Lenny
      28 Mar, 2015
      arrived on time, works fine, be careful when ordering size
    6. joe
      17 Mar, 2015
      These things are great for connecting steel tube to nyon line
    7. Richard Cranium
      10 Mar, 2015
      The easiest way to repair nylon fuel lines. Barbed fittings require heat or special flare tools and that isn't always possible due to lack of space when repairing on-vehicle.
    8. jeffrey lay
      19 Feb, 2015
      Life saver. Fuel hose blew on dodge srt4. Dealer rush was not fast enough for bloated price.
    9. Jim McDermott
      07 Feb, 2015
      Works fine
    10. Richard Sherman
      16 Dec, 2014
      Also used this on a SAAB, replacing a Dorman bayonet-type connector that started to leak. The repair was quick and didn't require any heat (a good thing when replacing a fuel line in a car.)We'll see how it works long-term.
    11. Bruce Graham
      11 Dec, 2014
      Worked like factory units
    12. gordster
      05 Nov, 2014
      lets me splice fuel lines anywhere i need to when they get brittle and snap off as you're finsihing up the repair job.
    13. gordster
      05 Nov, 2014
      the nylon fuel lines are a pain when they get old and brittle, these let you mend them into the repair kits and make your own repairs.
    14. gordster
      05 Nov, 2014
      I buy bulk line and use these to remake the brittle nylon lines that snap off just as you finish the job.
    15. carrie
      19 Oct, 2014
      Worked to splice ford fuel line. Quick easy fix.
    16. chris jobbins
      19 Oct, 2014
    17. Mark
      19 Oct, 2014
      Perfect fix for repairing OEM lines. My Chevy steel lines are all rusted up and you cant remove the plastic quick connectorsso cut them back and splice in new nylon lines using these fittings and the steel to nylon compression fittings.
    18. Gerald H. Peterson "Jerry NJ"
      13 Oct, 2014
      These work simply enough but when using the Doman 800 nylon fuel line with these I had to use a hair dryer to force the hose over the nipple. I found the whole subject of installing a patch of hose length in an existing system to be very frustrating... go figure, looks simple enough, it isn't with these Dorman products.
    19. Dougo
      06 Oct, 2014
      Just as promised, good product.
    20. billy
      03 Oct, 2014
      Great part
    21. Shane Beeder
      01 Sep, 2014
      Works great with no leaks, but the one flaw lies in the white plastic retainer clips. They can be very difficult to remove without breaking once they have been installed. The original retainer clips I removed that worked with my old line didn't mate with these plugs, but they were a much better design, and were easy to remove.
    22. Charles Cook
      21 Aug, 2014
      Worked as expected, easy method to repair a rusted out fuel line
    23. Brandon
      21 Aug, 2014
      It certainly did the job, no leaks! However, the picture is inaccurate, that or I didn't receive the long spring in the picture as of 8/21/14. I was hoping to get that to help me bend the pipe, as I didn't feel like purchasing the pipe bender for 1 job... I managed to do the job with other tools, but it's disappointing when the picture doesn't match the product...
    24. EDS451
      17 Aug, 2014
      Easy splice for fuel lines
    25. Terry Gonyon
      11 Aug, 2014
      Awesome! works as described and I had no issue with this product. I had to remake a fuel line for a 1996 GMC jimmy and this was a better and cheaper alternative to the metal lines that rusted away.
    26. David M. Mounce
      08 Aug, 2014
      The -121 is for 3/8" fuel line. No leak problems. Make sure you use high pressure line and clamps if using on a fuel injected vehicle.
    27. B NUNALLY
      31 Jul, 2014
    28. eman
      11 Jul, 2014
      We have a 99 buick lesabre that the fuel line rusted through right by the fuel filter. I bought this repair line at a local parts store for $15 because I needed it the same day. Had to buy a new fuel filter that this line screws right into. Then you cut the fuel line at a non rusted part. Cut the repair line the size I needed to connect and the brass union connected the two lines. Awesome and easy!!!
    29. joseph rivera
      10 Jul, 2014
    30. Andrew
      26 Jun, 2014
      Bought this because I was doing a fuel line swap on my 2005 STi which does not have QD fuel fittings. I used a newer fuel rail from a newer WRX which does have QD fuel fittings. This connector mated right up to the QD line without problems.
    31. J. Hilliard
      15 Jun, 2014
      The part I needed at half the price for twice as many. Locally, one of these were double the price of this 2 pack for one piece.
    32. J. Hilliard
      15 Jun, 2014
      Less than half the price of a single one for 2. Dorman customer service is amazing as well. Had to call them for an application question and he was very informative.
    33. David Musgrove
      06 Jun, 2014
      This item (and the matching return fitting) is exactly what I needed to re-route the fuel lines for my engine swap. But, be aware some sites list this as 3/8", not 5/16". Even the package I received was printed 3/8", but the barbed section is 5/16". It seem s most listings are corrected now, and I adapted my fitting to work fine, though I would have preferred 3/8" as intended.
    34. Mhkmark
      27 May, 2014
      This is a good alternative to the complete line assemblies that are sold in the local parts store. One word of caution; there are some applications that will require you to shave the face of the fitting to clear the filter wall, however you should still be able to form a good seal. Once again Dorman (And AutoPartsWAY!) to the rescue!
    35. Mhkmark
      27 May, 2014
      This is a good alternative to the complete line assemblies that are sold in the local parts store. One word of caution; there are some applications that will require you to shave the face of the fitting to clear the filter wall, however you should still be able to form a good seal. Once again Dorman (And AutoPartsWAY!) to the rescue!
    36. Eric Bjornstad
      17 Apr, 2014
      Instructions say to place line in hot water to soften then insert brass connector. Does not work that easily. I even heated the water in the microwave and had trouble keeping the cool part of the line from bending while making the insertion. I ended up using the quick connector end and the brass insert and converting the line to high pressure neoprene fuel line.
    37. AutoPartsWAY Customer
      02 Apr, 2014
      Decided I wanted to replace my in-line fuel filter on my 03 impala. After debunking several people who said my car didn't have one, I located it under the driver side rear, near the tire. It had never been replaced in the life of the vehicle. The fuel filter uses a plastic connection on the fuel tank side which is easy peasy to remove. On the other side is a metal nut that was entirely rusted out. I decided to replace the filter and a small section of line. This kit provides the new compression fittings (to connect to the cut line) and the other end screws into your (separately purchased) new filter. I cut the fuel line with a small inexpensive pipe cutter and my local auto parts store let me use their handheld pipe bender to give it the bend it needed to snug back under the car. No noticeable difference while driving but I'm glad I changed it. Has been on there a month with no leaks.
    38. Jafir
      10 Mar, 2014
      I couldn't find the size, but it found it at doormans website. it is 14mm x 5/16In. It worked great on my Land Rover LR3, which is very Ford (and also Jaguar) underneath the hood.
    39. rip patel
      22 Jan, 2014
      I looked everywhere for these connectors to repair a nylon fuel hose on a Saab. All out suppliers said couple weeks, or they weren't sure. Looked on AutoPartsWAY and got it next day, worked like a charm.
    40. daisy
      25 Nov, 2013
      It's better to fabricate a hose with a "quick disconnect" feature in case you have to disconnect and reconnect items from a system quickly.
    41. Tim
      08 Oct, 2013
      I true do it yourself part, I was really happy with this because my mechanic said I had to get it from the dealer...
    42. william
      17 Aug, 2013
      received confirmation on item progress ,item work great ,will be buying from this shipper more often 123 auto rock's thanks
    43. Dynarider "Repairguy"
      08 Aug, 2013
      I bought these to replace the broken fuel fitting on the Harley, The stock fuel line with fitting was expensive so I went this route.Anyone that works on HD should have these in the tool box, the fitting is easily broken removing the gas tank.
    44. Joshua T. Perry "JP"
      30 Jul, 2013
      Used this to extend the line on my fuel tank when I replaced it. Make sure and by Dorman's tool that fits the lines together!
    45. jr
      14 Jun, 2013
      This little part saved my wallet. I was searching and searching for this part for over a month. The dealership wanted to replace the entire fuel line which would have been $800 or more. The local auto parts stores wanted $20 for the same part. To say the least, I bought this part snapped it on and my durango runs like a champ.
    46. Christopher Wychules
      21 May, 2013
      There is a small fuel hose that connects the fuel damper to the main lines and in turn the fuel rail on the '99 Miata. The previous owner simply cut off the plastic line and put on a short length of fuel hose. Mistake one, never use regular fuel hose on a fuel injection system, it isn't rated for the pressure, it seeped and I was always worried that one day it'd leak fuel and catch on fire. Mistake two is that you cannot simply use a section of fuel injection hose on these GM quick-connect style barbed fuel fittings; they're designed for the tubing that you have to heat shrink on. I tried sourcing new connectors through Dorman and tubing but it was going to be too expensive even if it was one of the repair kits which had way too much tubing for the short 6" section I needed to replace.Next best thing was to get two of these 5/16 connectors and a short section of Fuel Injection rated hose from the local parts store. I was lucky enough that the parts guy had a section...
    47. Dadoo
      02 Mar, 2013
      I put this on my GM 3800 after I got tired of smelling gas in the car. The part woked great but the insturctions were a little weak:1) you have to completely remove the lower plastic sleeve on the fuel rail2) measure and cut the old line off before the S-curve so the splice is in a straight line2) it is best to soak this part in boinling water and insert the metal coupling while in your house3) then take the hot water outside and slowly pour it over the end you just cut off4) quickly insert the other end of the metal coupling to the old line (especially in January)5) just to be sure, put a couple small cable ties on the spliceThe new coupling then simply snaps on the fuel rail. Done. Now I dont' get dizzy while driving and my fuel mileage has increased.
    48. gloria
      16 Feb, 2013
      very satified with this product, like very much the prize, and yes I would recommed this product to those who need this product.
    49. david "from the river"
      21 Jan, 2013
      Great part for the price (plus you get two connectors), but could not use it. I went and found one on a similar vehicle for free. You would need to wiggle you old one out, but the new one will seal great if you can the old one out.
    50. lou greco
      17 Dec, 2011
    51. Bloose
      10 Oct, 2011
      Don't really know what to say except it fit and doesn't leak. I guess you cannot ask for much more than that.